Famous cartoonist, Celebrity Birthdays

  • Raina Telgemeier

    Raina Telgemeier is an eminent cartoonist from the USA. She is best known for her autobiographical webcomic ˜Smile' as well as its follow-up ˜Sisters'. She is also famous for writing the graphic fiction novel titled ˜Drama'. Her other popular works include graphic novel adaptations of ˜The Baby-sitters Club' series, ˜Take-Out' and ˜X‘Men: Misfits'. Telgemeier has received tons of awards, honors, and nominations for her work. She received the 2003 Friends of Lulu's Kimberly Yale Award under the category ˜Best New Talent'. She earned the 2015 Eisner Award for the Best Writer/Artist. The skilled cartoonist has been nominated twice for Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards. Not just this! She was once nominated for an Ignatz Award as well. Telgemeier's books have also won several titles. Her graphic novel ˜Smile,' based on her webcomic of the same name, won the 2010 Boston Globe-Horn Book Award as well as the 2010 Kirkus Reviews Best Book title. It also earned the title of the 2011 ALA Notable Children's Book and even won the 2011 Eisner Award for the Best Publication for Teens. Her fiction novel ˜Drama' was selected for the title of the 2013 Stonewall Book Award. Her second autobiographical novel ˜Sisters' became New York Times Editor's Choice for the year 2014.

    Raina Telgemeier

  • Edd Gould

    Best remembered for his popular Eddsworld web-based flash cartoons, Gould also contributed to the TomSka YouTube cartoon series as both an animator and a performer and to the Slomozovo, Action Bunnies, Skeff, and InkyKeyboard/Matt Lobster series as a voice actor.

    Edd Gould

  • Matt Groening

    Matt Groening is a popular American cartoonist, animator, writer, producer and voice actor. He was an avid cartoonist from an early age but never seriously considered it as a career option; he wanted to become a writer. Later in life, while he was struggling to find employment, Matt Groening revived his old interest and began creating comic strips on the basis of his experiences. This was a turning point in his life and Matt Groening began publishing his own comic strips titled ˜Life in Hell' in the newspaper. Later he went on to create some of the most popular cartoon series like ˜The Simpsons', a show that earned the reputation of being the longest run American television series and ˜Futurama'. His work has been well appreciated and he has won many prestigious awards. Matt Groening has stated that many of the characters that he created have been named after his own family members. In the course of his career, he has also got the opportunity to play cameo roles in films and documentaries and to do voice acting.

    Matt Groening

  • Charles Schulz

    Peanuts cartoonist who created characters Charlie Brown and Snoopy. In 1962, he won the Humor Comic Strip Award from the National Cartoonist's Society.

    Charles Schulz

  • Lincoln Peirce

    He created the Big Nate comic strip, which was syndicated to over 300 newspapers. He is also remembered for his animated shorts for Nickelodeon.

    Lincoln Peirce

  • Gene Deitch

    Award winning animator, who, in 1981, won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short for his work on the film Munro.

    Gene Deitch

  • Monty Oum

    After being nominated for a Producers Guild of America Award for his work on the web series Red vs. Blue, this popular animator won both a Streamy Award and an International Academy of Web Television Award for his work on another internet series, RWBY.

    Monty Oum

  • Robert Williams

    American painter and cartoonist who founded Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazine and was known for such paintings as <a title='Oscar Wilde' href='/famous/oscar-wilde.htm'>Oscar Wilde</a> In Leadville and Appetite for Destruction. He was part of The Art Boys, which included <a title='Matt Groening' href='/famous/matt-groening.htm'>Matt Groening</a>, <a title='Mike Kelley' href='/famous/mike-kelley.htm'>Mike Kelley</a>, and Neon Park.

    Robert Williams

  • Jim Davis

    Jim Davis was a prominent American actor and is best remembered for his ˜cowboy' acts in several movies and also for his role in the TV series ˜Dallas'. Davis's career had a modest beginning and he initially worked as a tent-rigger in a circus. Fortunately, his job as a salesman took him to Los Angeles, where he could pursue an acting career. A screen test for ˜MGM' did open a few doors for him, but he was only cast in minor roles. After six years of virtual anonymity, he finally broke through with a starring role in the film ˜Winter Meeting'. Although his performance in the film received negative reviews, the film led to a series of substantial roles in ˜B' rated films. With his height, his nonchalant demeanour and his horse-riding skills, Davis perfectly suited the role of a cowboy. He was cast in many prominent TV shows as well, and made countless guest appearances. His most famous role arrived right at the twilight of his career with the series ˜Dallas' in which he fittingly played a Texan. Even when he was terminally ill, he kept working and was amply rewarded for his roles, which are cherished by his fans.

    Jim Davis

  • Hajime Isayama

    Best known for his work on the popular Attack on Titan manga series, this Japanese artist was the 2011 recipient of the prestigious Kodansha Manga Award.

    Hajime Isayama

  • Quentin Blake

    Artist who illustrated the classic children's books of <a title='Roald Dahl' href='/famous/roald-dahl.htm'>Roald Dahl</a> and other authors. He was awarded the biennial international <a title='Hans Christian Andersen' href='/famous/hans-christian-andersen.htm'>Hans Christian Andersen</a> Award in 2002 and was the first British Children's Laureate from 1999 until 2001.

    Quentin Blake

  • Andreas Deja

    Andreas Deja is one of the most well-known and respected animators of our time. His unique combination of expert Disney knowledge, extensive study of Disney's original animators work, and personal artistic skill has led to his numerous impressive and iconic works. He has been dedicated to the idea of working for Disney since he was eleven years old, and he has been able to fulfill his childhood dreams by creating his own Disney characters. He is most remembered for his distinct creations of some of Disney's most iconic villains: Gaston, Jafar, and Scar. He has also worked on some of Disney's most beloved heroes including Hercules, Lilo, and Mickey Mouse himself. His influence continues to inspire animators to this day as his work provides the best example of the original Disney animator's work being crafted into a more modern, yet classic, style. His prolific art demonstrates an ideal representation of each individual character's expressions, emotions, though processes, and movements. He has always believed that Disney's best work is all about the hand-drawn animation, and since the recent move towards CG animation he has backed off of his 30 year Disney career. He continues to work privately on his own animations, but he will always be known as one of Disney's great character creators

    Andreas Deja

  • David Firth

    Animator, artist, filmmaker, and musician most recognized for his surreal comedic series' Salad Fingers and Burnt Face Man. He has also worked for the BBC comedy website.

    David Firth

  • Steve Ditko

    Comic book artist who co-created The Amazing Spider-Man and Doctor Strange comics, as well as The Creeper. In 1963, he won the Alley Award for Best Adventure Hero Comic Book for The Amazing Spider-Man.

    Steve Ditko

  • Bill Watterson

    Bill Watterson is a renowned cartoonist, most popularly known for his creation ˜Calvin and Hobbes'. He began drawing as a child and continued contributing to school and college magazines and papers with his artwork. Even as a child, Bill Watterson had decided that he would pursue a career as a cartoonist. Post his graduation he immediately began work as one, but he failed to get success as an editorial cartoonist. Bill Watterson rose to fame with his comic strip ˜Calvin and Hobbes' in 1985. The comic strip was syndicated for ten years from 1985 to 1995 at the end of which he announced his retirement from cartoon work. Post 1995, Bill Watterson has been taking more interest and time in painting. He has collaborated with other artists and supported various humanitarian causes with his paintings. He is known to be an extremely private person and seldom gives interviews. Bill Watterson is known for his strong negative opinions on comic syndication, licensing, and merchandising of his cartoon characters.

    Bill Watterson

  • Jeff Smith

    Cartoonist who became famous for his self-published series Bone, which won 10 Awards. He is also remembered for his series RASL, which chronicled an art thief who hopped through dimensional barriers and hid in parallel worlds.

    Jeff Smith

  • Jim Benton

    Children's author and illustrator known for the It's Happy Bunny series and the Dear Dumb Diary series; he was also a two-time National Cartoonists Society Reuben Award nominee.

    Jim Benton

  • Josh Hara

    Artist who uses Starbucks cups as his canvas for humor, often referencing celebrities or currents in lively cartoons. He made headlines in 2014 by drawing 100 cartoons on 100 different coffee cups during the calendar year. 

    Josh Hara

  • Rube Goldberg

    Reuben Garrett Lucius also known as Rube Goldberg was an American cartoonist, author, engineer and sculptor. He got interested in drawing from a young age and wanted to pursue a career in the field of arts. However, he pursued a degree in Engineering following his father's advice. Very soon, Rube Goldberg followed his passion and began a career as a cartoonist, and garnered a huge fan following. He was popular for his political cartoons as well as satirical work on the obsession people had with technology during that period. Rube Goldberg's cartoons had such a wide reach, that during the World War II he received death threats for his political cartoons. It is considered that he created around 50,000 cartoons in the span of his career. Rube Goldberg was proclaimed as the ˜Dean of American Cartoonists' during his lifetime. He was awarded the prestigious Pulitzer Prize in 1948 for his cartoon titled ˜Peace Today', which depicted caution against atomic weapons.

    Rube Goldberg

  • Sarah Andersen

    Known for her semi-autobiographical webcomic Sarah's Scribbles. On March 8, 2016, she had her first full length book of comics published called Adulthood is a Myth.

    Sarah Andersen

  • Jhonen Vasquez

    The creator of the super hit animated series ˜Invader Zim', Jhonen Vasquez, the cartoonist and comic book writer holds a very special place in the hearts of his millions of young fans who relive their lives through the adventures of their comic book superhero. He considers himself lucky that he gets to do what he loves for a living. Drawing is definitely his first love. Even as a school student he spent much of his class time in drawing and sketching. He frequently drew for his high school's student newspaper and created his comic character Johnny C during this time. He submitted comic strips for publication in the school newspaper and created comical characters and stories for his friends. He was an avid reader of superhero comics and was especially influenced by ˜Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' comics by Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman. A highly creative individual, he enrolled at De Anza College to study films but soon quit to become a professional cartoonist. His first comic book was ˜Johnny the Homicidal Maniac' which was about the adventures of a young man named Johnny C. Jhonen went on to produce other comic books before moving on to create animated television series ˜Invader Zim' which airs on Nicktoons.

    Jhonen Vasquez

  • William Hanna

    Along with <a title='Joe Barbera' href='/famous/joseph-barbera.htm'>Joe Barbera</a>, he and his partner created The Flintstones. The duo won seven Academy Awards and eight Emmys for their work.

    William Hanna

  • John Kricfalusi

    Created the famous Ren and Stimpy show and its successful spinoffs, Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon", The Ripping Friends animated series, and Weekend Pussy Hunt.

    John Kricfalusi

  • Frank Miller

    Frank Miller is a writer, artist and film director of American origin. He is popular for his dark comic book stories and graphic works of Ronin and Batman : The Dark Knight Returns. Due to rising popularity of his comic series Sin City, he directed and produced an eponymous crime thriller film. He also wrote the script of Hollywood's science fiction action films ˜RoboCop 2' and ˜RoboCop 3'. He is against the idea of combining naturalism in comic art. Darker themes and stories were the noteworthy features of his work on Daredevil, a fictional superhero. During the publication of miniseries Ronin, he proved his ability as a multitalented person by acting as a writer, penciller, editor, designer and supervisor at the printer. The adult-themed Ronin became more popular than his Batman series. His four-part storyline Batman: Year One proves his ability as an innovative comics artist. His influential art style has been adapted into a sequence of an episode of ˜Batman: The Animated Series'. Inspired by the 1962 film ˜The 300 Spartans', he created 300, a comic book miniseries. Due to its popularity, director Zack Snyder adopted the story of 300 into a successful film.

    Frank Miller