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  • India Westbrooks

    India Westbrooks is a young American internet personality and a reality TV star. She is best known for her appearance in the reality TV series ˜The Westbrooks' that revolves around India and her sisters Brooke, Morgan, Bree, and Crystal. Prior to getting a reality TV series of their own, the sisters had gained much popularity as internet personalities, with each of the girls having her own vast fan base on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. India is the youngest of the five sisters and despite her youth, she is the biggest star of ˜The Westbrooks!' She began her online career while still in her early teens by creating her first Tumblr in 2011. Naïve and inexperienced as she was back then, she wasn't able to garner much attention. However, she didn't give up and continued to be active online, posting her glamorous pictures on various social media platforms. Eventually she started gaining attention and was soon catapulted to the status of an upcoming social media star.

    India Westbrooks

  • Sydnie Avery

    Sydnie Avery is an American blogger and Instagram star. She is best known as elder sister of the rising pop singer and songwriter <a title='Jack Avery' href='/famous/jack-avery.htm'>Jack Avery</a>, famous as a key member of the five piece American pop man band ˜Why Don't We'. Apart from garnering attention due to her brother's popularity, Avery has also thrived in carving her own entity with her own blog and a clothing store called ˜Sweet Girl'. She also started making her presence felt in social media where she posted several of her pictures on Instagram. With time her popularity in different social media platforms, particularly on Instagram and Twitter bolstered garnering her thousands of followers. On the personal front, this gorgeous damsel has started dating pop artist and Instagram, Vine and YouTube star Devin Hayes. The two often post their pictures together online.

    Sydnie Avery

  • Perez Hilton

    Perez Hilton is the stage name of Cuban-American blogger, columnist and television personality Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr., who gained notoriety for his celebrity gossip blog PerezHilton.com. Soon after he started the blog, it became one of the most hated websites for his unapologetic endorsements of certain celebrities and unreasonable criticism of others. He is just as famous for his gossip-mongering as he is for the numerous lawsuits against him by several paparazzi photographers and celebrities, who claim that his fame and fortune is built upon the work of others as he very often uses copyrighted materials without taking permission. Even though he has been very vocal about gay rights as a gay person himself, he has drawn the ire of many gay rights activist for his controversial comments and behaviors, including his attempts at ˜outing' gay celebrities like former 'N Sync member Lance Bass and actor Neil Patrick Harris. Perez Hilton, who claims to have created an empire through his eponymous blogging website, record label Perezious Music, fashion website CoCoPerez.com and bestselling books among other things, intends to become the gay Latino Oprah.

    Perez Hilton

  • Rebecca Felgate

    English blogger known for running her self-titled blog, which covers topics like food and theatre. She's also been a presenter for the YouTube channels Inform Overload and Most Amazing Top Ten.

    Rebecca Felgate

  • Rylee Green

    Fashion editor/stylist and creator of the blog Fashion Doctor Now. She is also a talented singer and songwriter.

    Rylee Green

  • LadBaby

    Dad blogger behind the blog Ladbaby, who documents his honest approach into first time parenthood alongside his wife, <a title='LadBabyMum' href='/famous/ladbabymum.htm'>LadBabyMum</a>. He's also a self-proclaimed entrepreneur and inventor of the Toolbox Lunchbox. 


  • Laila Swann

    Also known as Laila Daho, she is a blogger and social star known for covering fashion, beauty, and traveling on the blog Laila Loves. She's earned the distinction of being voted one of the top travel bloggers in the UK. 

    Laila Swann

  • Haley Orona

    Gained fame as one half of the fashion blogging and vlogging duo Haley and <a title='Jordan' href='/famous/jordan-orona.htm'>Jordan</a>. She shares her YouTube channel and blog with her older sister, <a title='Jordan' href='/famous/jordan-orona.htm'>Jordan</a>, and the two have gained 10,000 subscribers posting lookbooks, makeup tutorials, routines, and more. 

    Haley Orona

  • Itodo Nelson Obinna

    Itodo Nelson Obinna is an Nigerian Blogger, He hails from Enugu State, Nigeria. He was born on 1st November, 2001. He studied his primary school at St. John’s nursery and primary school Umuadogwa, Umuida, Enugu Ezike and further his secondary school at Nsukka High School Nsukka and his high education at University of Nigeria Nsukka.

    Itodo Nelson Obinna

  • karinnofficial

    Real name: Karina Redajuva Merdjanova Pseudonym: Karinnofficial Date of birth: 30.12.2000 Place of birth: Ukraine


  • Garrett Gee

    Entrepreneur, travel journalist and creator behind the blog The Bucket List Family, sharing his adventures around the world with his 230,000 Instagram followers and counting. He started the million dollar company Scan.

    Garrett Gee

  • Doug DeMuro

    Known for his auto blog PlaysWithCars, where he documents various aspects of the automotive industry. He has also maintained his own eponymous YouTube channel which includes vlog entries of him reviewing various car models and features. 

    Doug DeMuro

  • Courtney Quinn

    Blogger who has found fame through her fashion blog Color Me Courtney. The blog, along with her popular Instagram account, documents her colorful style as well as her daily adventures as a New Yorker. 

    Courtney Quinn

  • KayKay Blaisdell

    Part of the fashion blog Sugar & Spice with her friend <a title='Madeline Becker' href='/famous/madeline-becker.htm'>Madeline Becker</a>, which they collaborate on due to their fashion differences. KayKay makes up the "spice" of Sugar & Spice, describing her clothing as more edgy than Madeline's.

    KayKay Blaisdell

  • Jacey Duprie

    Fashion, travel, and decor blogger otherwise known as Damsel In Dior. The blog's success has earned her features in everything from The Huffington Post to Vanity Fair.

    Jacey Duprie

  • Jennie Sofie

    Beauty blogger, YouTuber, and Instagram star with more than 250,000 followers on the photo sharing app. She's become incredibly popular for her makeup tutorials, style tips, and food recommendations.

    Jennie Sofie

  • Camila Cabello

    Blogger and Instagram star also known as Milla on the Road. She shares her traveling and modeling photography often featuring a tan, taupe, and brown color aesthetics with her over 100,000 Instagram followers. 

    Camila Cabello

  • Komal Pandey

    Personal style blogger who founded the brand The College Couture. Her TCC Instagram account has accrued more than 320,000 followers. 

    Komal Pandey

  • Indy Blue

    Nomadic traveler, blogger, and videographer who founded her eponymous site, Indy Blue. She has amassed over 160,000 followers and counting on her Instagram account, which is an extension of her travel blog.

    Indy Blue

  • Kelly Rizzo

    Foodie and music enthusiast who founded the blog Eat Travel Rock and later expanded it into a web series under the same name. She's also been a contributing host at NBC5 Chicago and VH1.

    Kelly Rizzo

  • Brynn Elliot

    American blogger and stylist who has become renowned for her fashion and photography blog Being Elliott. She has been a contributing writer for publications like Lucky, LOLO and Lifestyle + Charity magazine.

    Brynn Elliot

  • Sazan Barzani

    Beauty and lifestyle blogger known for her self-titled blog, she began a YouTube channel to accompany the incredibly popular blog in 2014. She has since gained an audience of more than 370,000 YouTube subscribers and well over 1 million Instagram followers.

    Sazan Barzani

  • Adventurous Miriam

    Danish travel blogger known as Adventurous Miriam who has shared her experiences visiting more than 50 countries.

    Adventurous Miriam

  • Amie Jay

    Blogger who won over fans by her honest, unglamorized approach to writing about marriage and motherhood on her popular blog Mommy's Inside Voice. Her blog experienced a surge of attention in 2017, when her post "I Looked Like Quasimodo On My Wedding Day" was reposted by outlets like Yahoo! and Diply. 

    Amie Jay