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  • Ali Gordon

    Mens lifestyle and fitness blogger known for captaining his self-titled blog and Instagram where he has accumulated more than 340,000 fans. He has cultivated a balance of fitness tips, food ideas, grooming routines, and travel adventures on his incredibly popular blog.

    Ali Gordon

  • Karen Wazen Bakhazi

    Blogger who runs the blog Karen's choice where she displays all her fashion choices. She has 5.2M followers on her karenwazenb Instagram account.

    Karen Wazen Bakhazi

  • Alexandra Grant

    Blogging personality who is famous for her To Vogue or Bust lifestyle blog. She has gained popularity across social media and on her site for her travel, fashion, and lifestyle blogging content. 

    Alexandra Grant

  • Richard Peck

    American writer of young adult fiction and 2001 winner of the Newbery Medal. His best-known works include A Year Down Yonder, A Long Way from Chicago, and The Ghost Belonged to Me.

    Richard Peck

  • Sandro Rasà

    Fashion, fitness and lifestyle blogger on the website The Modern Man who is also well known for his sandro Instagram account, which has accrued more than 440,000 followers.

    Sandro Rasà

  • David Adler

    Famous for his Cam Jansen mystery books, this New York-based children's writer also penned the Bones and Andy Russell series, as well as The Number on My Grandfather's Arm (1987) and other Holocaust-themed works.

    David Adler

  • Lew Wallace

    An American lawyer, Union general, politician, and author, he wrote the novel Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ, which was later adapted into four films.

    Lew Wallace

  • Eric Knight

    British novelist and children's author best known for his 1943 work Lassie Come-Home. His other works include This Above All and The Flying Yorkshireman.

    Eric Knight

  • Anne Lamott

    An American author of fiction and non-fiction, she is known for works such as All New People (1989 novel) and Traveling Mercies: Some Thoughts on Faith (1999 non-fiction book). Her work commonly focuses on topics such as alcoholism, depression, Christianity, and motherhood.

    Anne Lamott

  • Vivien Madai

    Hungarian editor and television presenter who founded the honest maternity blog, LA Mome.

    Vivien Madai

  • George Lippard

    An American novelist, playwright, and journalist, he was one of the most popular writers in antebellum America. He is known for works such as The Quaker City and Blanche of Brandywine.

    George Lippard

  • Bella Akhmadulina

    Pushkin Prize-winning, Russian New Wave poet known for her apolitical, relationship-themed poems. Her most famous poetry collections include Music Lessons, Fever, and The String.

    Bella Akhmadulina

  • Nick Santora

    Screenwriter and producer, who is best recognized for his work on The Sopranos and Beauty and the Geek.

    Nick Santora

  • Tara Milhem

    Nutritionist and foodie known for sharing her original recipes and food photographs on her wellness blog TheWholeTara. Her blog has also expanded to include posts about travel and lifestyle. 

    Tara Milhem

  • Gregory Nava

    Award-winning screenwriter, most recognized for his critically-acclaimed screenplay, El Norte.

    Gregory Nava

  • Adrian Henri

    Founder of a poetry rock band known as The Liverpool Scene. He was also a contributor to The Mersey Sound, an important poetry anthology.

    Adrian Henri

  • John Milo Ford

    A science-fiction writer, commentator, and all-around wit, he is known for Web of Angels, The Dragon Waiting, and other works. In addition to writing novels, he designed science-fiction-themed games.

    John Milo Ford

  • Iza Warszawska

    Polish fashion, food, and lifestyle blogger known for her blog Warszawska Lala. She is known to document her daily style and original recipes on the popular blog.  

    Iza Warszawska

  • Dani Shapiro

    Known for several novels, including Picturing the Wreck and Fugitive Blue, she also published two bestselling memoirs: Devotion and Slow Motion. Also a journalist, she wrote pieces for such publications as Vogue and The New Yorker.

    Dani Shapiro

  • Maggie Dallospedale

    Blogging personality who is famous for her Indian Savage personal blog. She has also earned massive renown as a fashion and lifestyle blogger to her Fashion Diary on the Bloglovin' site. 

    Maggie Dallospedale

  • Paul Theroux

    A popular fiction author and travel writer, he is best known for his 1975 work, The Great Railway Bazaar, which details his four-month train trip across Asia. For his 1981 novel, The Mosquito Coast, he received the James Tait Black Memorial Prize.

    Paul Theroux

  • Charles Leavitt

    Screenwriter who is best recognized for penning the 2006 blockbuster, Blood Diamond.

    Charles Leavitt

  • Martin Waddell

    Northern Irish-born children's author best known for his Little Bear books. He is also known for a 1973 novel entitled In a Blue Velvet Dress.

    Martin Waddell

  • John M. Ford

    John M. Ford is remembered as the drollest and the most scholarly author in America. He was a regular contributor to several online discussions and composed countless poems, particularly in blank verse. During his life, he also wrote a number of lampoons and parodies of the works of many known writers. He was also a regular at science fiction conventions and is remembered today for his good-humor, sprightly spirit and his striking aura, that attracted a number of fans. His works were mostly written in the ˜science-fiction' and ˜fantasy' category and two of his best-known works include ˜The Last Hot Time' and ˜Growing up Weightless'. Apart from these two works, he has also penned a number of reviews and has authored short-fiction works such as ˜Scrabble with God', ˜Street of Dreams', ˜This, Too, We Reconcile' and ˜Walkaway Clause'. Most of his novels were speckled in setting and style, but he used the ˜Bildungsroman' setting for a great number of his works. Apart from writing, he helped design a number of games including ˜The Yellow Clearance Black Box Blues', ˜Star Trek III' and also wrote Klingon manuals and several RPG articles.

    John M. Ford