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  • Tyler Kirkham

    New York Times best selling artist and comic book author whose worked for DC Comics, Marvel and Image for titles such as Green Lantern, Tomb Raider, Transformers, Amazing Spiderman, X-Men, and Teen Titans.

    Tyler Kirkham

  • Joie Susannah Lee

    Actress and screenwriters who gained fame for appearing in the <a title='Spike Lee' href='/famous/spike-lee.htm'>Spike Lee</a> films School Daze and Mo' Better Blues.

    Joie Susannah Lee

  • Nikita Gill

    Poet who is best known for her compilation of poetry entitled Your Soul is a River. She has over 390,000 followers on her nikita_gill Instagram account. 

    Nikita Gill

  • Angie Sage

    Novelist and illustrator best known for her Septimus Heap series. She has authored and illustrated a number of toddler and chapter books throughout her career.

    Angie Sage

  • Nicholas Rowe

    British poet, playwright, and author known for Ode for the New Year MDCCXVI and The Ambitious Stepmother. His other works include The Fair Penitent and The Biter.

    Nicholas Rowe

  • Trumbull Stickney

    Swiss-born poet and scholar who is best known for his sonnets. He published his Dramatic Verses in 1902; two posthumous collections of his poems appeared in 1905 and 1973.

    Trumbull Stickney

  • Rachel Vincent

    Young adult author widely known for the Soul Screamers series. She has also authored several adult series including Shifters and Unbound. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America and part of the group of well known authors the Deadline Dames.

    Rachel Vincent

  • Vikram Seth

    Vikram Seth is an Indian novelist, poet, and travel writer, best known for his epic novel ˜A Suitably Boy'. He has been in the field of writing for more than three decades and is regarded as one of the most influential writers of the modern era. Vikram Seth was born in Kolkata, India and studied at some of the best schools in the country before going to England for higher studies. He graduated from Corpus Christi College, Oxford and did his master's in economics from Stanford University, U.S.A. before embarking on a literary career. His first book, a collection of poems, titled ˜Mappings' did not get much attention but he came into attention with his second book ˜From Heaven Lake' which chronicled his journey from China to India. The novel ˜The Golden Gate' published in 1986 made him one of the most highly acclaimed novelists of his time and the book won him plenty of accolade from readers as well as critics. However, it was his novel ˜A Suitable Boy' that really catapulted him into the league of the most well known novelists of his time and remains his most famous work. The novel is one of the longest novels written in the English language and is regarded as a modern classic due to the range of topics that it touched upon.

    Vikram Seth

  • Lillian Hellman

    Lillian Hellman is regarded as one of the most important American playwrights. She also penned screenplays of many films. Her career began when she became a reader with MGM. Writer Dashiell Hammet became her companion and critic, and encouraged her writings. While on a visit to Germany, she got her first taste of the anti-Semitic policy of the Nazi party. Some of her works, the plays, ˜Watch on the Rhine' and ˜The Searching Wind', and her screen play for ˜The North Star', reflected her anti-Fascist stance. In her country, she was viewed with suspicion for her admiration for Communist causes. Post WWII, America was gripped by an anti-communist hysteria. She had been a member of the Communist Party, but had become disillusioned by its functioning. Despite being boycotted by the film industry, she never divulged the names of fellow Communists, and found it hard to meet financial commitments. Her successful plays include ˜The Children's Hour', ˜The Little Foxes', ˜The Autumn Garden', ˜The Lark', and ˜Toys in the Attic'. She wrote about lesbianism when it was still taboo, and did not believe in the institution of marriage. The three volumes of her memoirs that she published were well-received. She is remembered as someone who was much ahead of her times.

    Lillian Hellman

  • Brooke O'Keefe

    Australian fashion and lifestyle blogger who is known for having founded the online fashion retailer Runway Brooklyn. Her website combines her passion for fashion with her admiration of Australian designers. 

    Brooke O'Keefe

  • E Lynn Harris

    A Michigan-born author, he is known for his books about African American men and homosexuality. His best-known works include Invisible Life and Just As I Am.

    E Lynn Harris

  • Enn Vetemaa

    Twentieth-century Estonian writer who became a master of the Estonian Modernist novella. He is perhaps best known for Monument, a work published in 1966.

    Enn Vetemaa

  • Ivonne Herder

    German blogger who has gained a large following thanks to her self-titled blog and Instagram. She regularly posts about topics such as travel, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and more.

    Ivonne Herder

  • Robert Crais

    An American author known for his award-winning detective novels, he is most famous for The Monkey's Raincoat (1987), Sunset Express (1996), and The Watchman (2007). He also had a screenwriting career; his television credits include episodes of Miami Vice, Quincy, and Hill Street Blues.

    Robert Crais

  • Mal Peet

    Famous for his Carnegie Medal-winning young adult historical novel Tamar (2005) and for his Guardian Prize-winning work Exposure (2008), he is also remembered for his 2014 adult work The Murdstone Trilogy.

    Mal Peet

  • Paul Muldoon

    Irish, Pulitzer Prize-winning poet known for such collections as Moy Sand and Gravel, Meeting the British, Horse Latitudes, and Hopewell Haiku. He taught poetry at Oxford University from 1999-2004.

    Paul Muldoon

  • Chantelle Ellem

    Award-winning blogger and creator of the popular lifestyle site, Fat Mum Slim. She is also a photographer who founded the photography app, Little Moments. She has been featured in numerous media outlets and a brand ambassador for companies such as Olympus, Coles and Nissan.

    Chantelle Ellem

  • Ashley Marquez

    Elementary school teacher who's authored the popular teaching blog and companion Instagram Teach Create Motivate. She offers helpful tips on teaching as well as shares her own experiences. She's amassed over 120,000 followers on the Instagram.

    Ashley Marquez

  • David Parcerisa

    Spanish blogger, researcher, artist and YouTube phenomenon who has earned over 1 million subscribers to his RIMBEL35 channel. He has dedicated his career to studying UFOs, parapsychology and the mysteries of ancient cultures.

    David Parcerisa

  • Carmen Leenen

    Blogger who is known for sharing a range of fashion inspired outfits through her account and website Selected by Carmen. She is both the owner and influencer for the blog and shares additional modeling shots through her Instagram for her over 180,000 followers. 

    Carmen Leenen

  • Charles W. Chestnutt

    An American author and political activist, he wrote novels dealing with the theme of race. The Marrow of Tradition remains one of his most famous works.

    Charles W. Chestnutt

  • Amos Tutuola

    Twentieth-century Nigerian author who is best known for his 1952 novel The Palm-Wine Drinkard. Many of his works, including My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, were based on folk stories of the Yoruba people.

    Amos Tutuola

  • Öykü Dogan

    Co-founder of the popular blog Oi The Blog where she shares traveling and lifestyle related content. She is known for frequently writing about her traveling experiences and has explored countries ranging from Paris to Norway to Italy and Finland. 

    Öykü Dogan

  • Stanley Burnshaw

    American poet and author who is most known for a 1970 work entitled The Seamless Web. His other works include The Iron Lands, Heartbeat Obbligato, and End of the Flower-World.

    Stanley Burnshaw