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  • Samuel Johnson

    Samuel Johnson was a prolific English writer, poet, essayist, critic, biographer and lexicographer. After attending a year in Pembroke College Oxford, he dropped out owing to financial constraints. However, he still went on to make an impact as a teacher and writer in his early career. He wrote several articles and biographies in ˜The Gentleman's Magazine', and later wrote poems and the famous play ˜Irene', but one of his most notable works came after an endeavour of nine years, when his book ˜A Dictionary of the English Language' was published, the first of its kind to precede ˜The Oxford Dictionary' which was published nearly 150 years later. Towards the latter end of his career, he became more of a literary critic and an essayist. Since childhood he suffered from the ˜Tourette Syndrome' that caused frequent involuntary tics and odd physical gestures, yet his talent and wit transcended such physical barriers. He is also proclaimed as the greatest literary critic of all time.

    Samuel Johnson

  • Megan Brown

    Baseball blogger and creator behind the online brand of 'thatgirlmegan.' She has been an official fan blogger of the AAA team the Indianapolis Indians as well as the lead writer for the MLB's Milwaukee Brewers.

    Megan Brown

  • Hayley Hubbard

    Blogger and social media superstar best known as the author and founder of The Vogue Trip, a lifestyle and travel blog. She has also become incredibly popular on social media, with more than 110,000 dedicated followers just on her Instagram account.

    Hayley Hubbard

  • Brendon Burchard

    Author specializing in motivation and inspiration. He is both a New York Times and Wall Street Journal #1 best-selling author.

    Brendon Burchard

  • Gary Russell

    Screenwriter and child actor, most known for working on the popular series, Dr. Who.

    Gary Russell

  • Ashley Collins

    On her health food blog Nourish Me Mum, a Canadian foodie presents gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined-sugar-free dishes. She has also worked as the editor of The Feed Feed, a cookery website.

    Ashley Collins

  • Elle Stanger

    Adult entertainer and feminist writer. She has worked as a freelance writer for Men's Health Magazine, Thrillist, and Romper.com. She earned 70,000 followers on Instagram.

    Elle Stanger

  • Guri Alfi

    Screenwriter and actor who received a nomination from the Israeli Film Award Ophir Awards for Best Supporting Actor for The Personal Manager's Journey in 2010. He has more than 70,000 followers on his alfiguri Instagram account.

    Guri Alfi

  • Michael Hartnett

    Important twentieth-century Irish poet who wrote in both the English and Gaelic languages. His best-known literary works include Inchicore Haiku, Poems to Younger Women, and A Necklace of Wrens.

    Michael Hartnett

  • Jaya Kaur Bagri

    Founder of the lifestyle blog All Things Jaya, which is an insight into her travels adventures, tips, and advice.

    Jaya Kaur Bagri

  • Lulu Fernandez

    Creative director for a blog called The Lady Posh whose interests reside in fashion, fitness and travel. Her work also includes being an editorial director for La Revista Colección 15 Años and an art director for La Revista del Mundo de las Novias.

    Lulu Fernandez

  • Charles K. Eastman

    An American author and screenwriter, he is remembered for works such as Memories of an Indian Boyhood and The Madness of Bald Eagle.

    Charles K. Eastman

  • Bernard Werber

    A well-known French science fiction author whose work is read all over the world. His Les Fourmis trilogy is his most well-known work.

    Bernard Werber

  • William March

    An American author of The Lost Generation, he is known for Company K, The Bad Seed, and other works of psychological fiction. Several of his short stories, including The Little Wife, The Last Meeting, and A Sum in Addition, received the prestigious O. Henry Award.

    William March

  • Valeria Nardilli

    Italian blogging personality who has gained fame for her Il Diario di Valeria blog. She has garnered acclaim for her style, beauty, media, and travel entries, while also modeling on her self-titled Instagram account. 

    Valeria Nardilli

  • Lynn Abbey

    An American fiction writer, she is best known for Daughter of the Bright Moon (a 1979 novel) and for her contributions to the Thieves World anthology. Her novels often focus on the plight of anti-heroes.

    Lynn Abbey

  • Olga Nolla

    Puerto Rican poet, author, and academic known for her historical and feminist-themed works. Her works include El Castillo de la Memoria (historical novel), De lo familiar (poems), and Unicamente mio (poems).

    Olga Nolla

  • Milan Rakic

    Serbian poet known for his use of dodecasyllable and hendecasyllable rhyme schemes in works such as "A Desperate Song" and "An Honest Song." Collections of his poems were published in both 1903 and 1912.

    Milan Rakic

  • Erika Gentille

    Brazilian blogger and journalist who has gained fame writing for HuffingPost and posting to her blog IxiGirl. She covers lifestyle, food, and travel.

    Erika Gentille

  • Bernard Kangro

    Estonian poet and writer who was a member of the Arbujad shamanic artists' group in the twentieth century. Reheah, Tulease, and Suvihari are some of his poetry books.

    Bernard Kangro

  • Renee Byrd

    Health blogger who is famous for her Will Frolic for Food blog. She has gained massive popularity for sharing her favorite plant-based recipes and holistic wellness entries, as well as lifestyle advice for highly sensitive people. 

    Renee Byrd