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  • Esther Earl

    YouTube vlogger and online personality who became a member of the Harry Potter and Nerdfighter online communities. She became posthumously famous for the New York Times bestselling series, This Star Won't Go Out, a compilation of her online writings.

    Esther Earl

  • Jodie Wood

    Blogger and model renowned for her self-titled fashion and lifestyle blog. She is also a qualified nutritionist and often blogs about healthy recipes and fitness routines.

    Jodie Wood

  • Max Landis

    Renown screenwriter known for his work on the 2012 thriller Chronicle directed by <a title='Josh Trank' href='/famous/josh-trank.htm'>Josh Trank</a> and the 2015 comedy American Ultra starring <a title='Jesse Eisenberg' href='/famous/jesse-eisenberg.htm'>Jesse Eisenberg</a> and <a title='Kristen Stewart' href='/famous/kristen-stewart.htm'>Kristen Stewart</a>. He also penned Good Time Gang, a script written for actors <a title='Mark Wahlberg' href='/famous/mark-wahlberg.htm'>Mark Wahlberg</a> and <a title='Chris Evans' href='/famous/chris-evans.htm'>Chris Evans</a>.

    Max Landis

  • PD James

    An English crime writer, she is best known for her popular mystery series featuring the poetic detective, Adam Dalgliesh. Her non-serial works include Innocent Blood (1980), The Children of Men (1992), and Death Comes to Pemberley (2011).

    PD James

  • James MacGregor Burns

    Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer who received the National Book Award in History and Biography for his book Roosevelt: The Soldier of Freedom. He gained additional recognition for his writings on leadership theory.

    James MacGregor Burns

  • Kevin Sullivan

    Best known for writing the screenplay to the 1998 romantic drama How Stella Got Her Groove Back.

    Kevin Sullivan

  • Antwone Fisher

    American screenwriter, director, author, and film producer who most notably wrote the screenplay to the 2002 film Antwone Fisher, which was based on his life.

    Antwone Fisher

  • Rupert Brooke

    Rupert Brooke was an English poet who is widely known for his poem ˜The Soldier', which was a part of five war sonnets. His father was William Parker Brooke, a Rugby schoolmaster at the Rugby School and his mother was Ruth Mary Brooke. He passed out from his father's school and then went to King's College, Cambridge. Already blessed with boyish good looks, he proved to be highly intellectual and extremely athletic and became quite known in the college. While, and after studying, he established friendships with contemporaries and became a part of numerous literary groups including the Bloomsbury group, the Georgian Poets and the Dymock Poets. On the other hand his love life remained in tandem with his social life and he had affairs with several women. While writing his poems he eschewed from Victorianism; poems from the early part of his career revolved around love which gradually developed into love for the country as his short career unfolded. He volunteered for service in the First World War, but hardly saw any action in Antwerp. He soon started suffering from war-time illnesses and developed sepsis from an infected mosquito bite. His health declined considerably and the young and charming literary genius bid adieu to the world at the age of 27

    Rupert Brooke

  • Lilli Promet

    Estonian writer who rose to prominence during the second half of the Twentieth Century. Her literary works include Meesteta Kula and A Summer's Painting and Other Stories.

    Lilli Promet

  • Shakeel Badayuni

    Urdu-language poet and lyricist who won three Filmfare Best Lyricist Awards during the early 1960s. His acclaimed songs include "Chaudvin ka chand ho" and "Kahin deep jale kahin dil."

    Shakeel Badayuni

  • Sruti Sethuraman

    UK-based fashion, lifestyle and fitness blogger and Instagrammer with a website called Love and Blossoms whose priority as an online personality is to share all the ways to avoid animal cruelty in the ways we live our lives. Her l.o.v.e_and_b.l.o.s.s.o.m.s Instagram account earned 80,000 followers.

    Sruti Sethuraman

  • The Domestic Diva

    Beauty and lifestyle blogger who founded The Domestic Diva. She is a self-proclaimed makeup addict whose best known for sharing her beauty tips and DIY projects while juggling the daily chaos of being a mom. She has been a blog ambassador for online campaigns such as Velveeta Kitchenistas, Sharpie Squad and Walmart Moms.

    The Domestic Diva

  • Gudrun

    Belgian food, fitness and health blogger behind The Fittest You. Her blog offers recipes, along with tips and tricks about nutrition and exercise to encourage those to be the best version of themselves.


  • Angelo Pizzo

    Screenwriter who is most most famous for penning the classic 1986 basketball film, Hoosiers.

    Angelo Pizzo

  • Jim Stovall

    Famous for his bestselling work The Ultimate Gift, Stovall later penned a sequel to the book, The Ultimate Life, along with a dozen other popular titles. Two of his books -- The Lamp and The Ultimate Gift -- were adapted into films.

    Jim Stovall

  • Lauren Liebenberg

    A South African writer, she is especially known for her 2008 debut novel, The Voluptuous Delights of Peanut Butter and Jam. The work was nominated for the prestigious Orange Prize For Fiction.

    Lauren Liebenberg

  • Alejandro Alcondez

    Mexican screenwriter known especially for the films, Impacto de Muerte and Furia Salvaje, among others.

    Alejandro Alcondez

  • ugur arslan

    Turkish poet and television producer best known for working on a range of networks such as Channel 7 and Star TV. He is also known for publishing his popular poetry books Vefa in 2009 and Cross Sections in 1999. His most popular show is Seda Sayan'la which is broadcast on the Show Turkish television network. 

    ugur arslan

  • Arielle Lorre

    Author of the blog The Blonde Files who posts content relating to food, fitness, fashion, beauty and traveling. 

    Arielle Lorre

  • Maguy Kabamba

    A Congolese writer and translator, she is best known for her novel La Dette Coloniale, published in 1995. The work critically examines the common African belief that a better life exists in Europe.

    Maguy Kabamba

  • Lorna Burford

    Award-winning fashion blogger known for her personal style blog Raindrops of Sapphire. She also founded a non personal blog, The Fashion Supernova (TFS) as well as the Fashion Runway, which is a luxury and designer based blog. She has been featured in LOOK magazine, ASOS, InStyle and Elle Korea.

    Lorna Burford

  • Claire Menary

    English travel and lifestyle blogger and Instagrammer who has gained a following thanks to her iswas London blog. Her topics regularly cover travel, her favorite restaurants, and more.

    Claire Menary

  • Yina Goh

    Blogger who has written under her site Yina Goes and then her other site The Velvet Dolls starting in 2010. She has over 50,000 followers on her Instagram account. 

    Yina Goh

  • Diane Wakoski

    Confessional and deep image poet known for The Motorcycle Betrayal Poems, Emerald Ice, and other works. An acclaimed author, she received Fulbright, Guggenheim, and National Endowment for the Arts grants.

    Diane Wakoski