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  • Shannon Hale

    Mormon author who won the prestigious Newbery Honor for her young adult fantasy book, Princess Academy (2005). Seven years later in 2012, she released the book's sequel, Palace of Stone.

    Shannon Hale

  • Lindsey Jean

    Blogger who founded the website Sports Bras and Spice after experiencing a longstanding battle with health and weight issues. Her blog is designed as a health and wellness guide and resource for others experiencing similar issues.

    Lindsey Jean

  • Rick Ross

    Famous drug dealer and Amazon bestselling author of Freeway Rick Ross: The Untold Autobiography, co-written by Cathy Scott. He is also an advocate speaker for the youth, detention centers, prison inmates, and schools. In 2018, he was released after serving over 20 years in federal prison for the sales and distribution of drugs.

    Rick Ross

  • Cheyanne Lent

    Fitness advocate who lost more than sixty pounds on the weight loss and dating reality series Fat Chance. She later created her own fitness blog as well as a YouTube channel, Living Fit & Fabulous in LA: Chey's Way!

    Cheyanne Lent

  • May Miller

    African-American poet and playwright associated with the Harlem Renaissance. Her poetry collections include Dust of Uncertain Journey and The Ransomed Wait; her dramas include Stragglers in the Dust and Nails and Thorns.

    May Miller

  • Tijan Serena

    Known for her Tijan Serena Loves fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog. She has also operated her own eponymous YouTube channel, where she has frequently posted beauty tutorials and makeup advice.

    Tijan Serena

  • Bob Thomas

    American journalist who began writing for the Associated Press in 1944. He also wrote several notable biographies of Hollywood figures, including Abbott and Costello.

    Bob Thomas

  • Nick Flynn

    A Massachusetts-born writer and poet, he is known for his PEN/Joyce Osterweil Award-winning poetry collection, Some Ether (2000). His popular 2004 memoir, Another Bullshit Night in Suck City, was adapted into a film.

    Nick Flynn

  • Kat Farmer

    Style blogger who created the blog Does My Bum Look 40 In This? as a place to write about fashion trends for women approaching middle age. She has collaborated with brands like House of Fraser and Debenhams. 

    Kat Farmer

  • Mary Mapes Dodge

    An American children's writer and editor, she is most famous for Hans Brinker, or the Silver Skates (1865), a novel that presents a portrait of early nineteenth-century Dutch life.

    Mary Mapes Dodge

  • Paris Gerrard

    Famous for having created the fashion, lifestyle, and art-based blog Charcoal Alley. She has subsequently gained massive popularity to her charcoalalley Instagram account for her lifestyle and artistic photoblogging.  

    Paris Gerrard

  • Morena Diaz

    Swiss blogger who runs Morenitta, a lifestyle blog featuring topics like health, travel, fashion and self-love. She works as a primary school teacher. 

    Morena Diaz

  • Armand Gatti

    A French film director, playwright, screenwriter, poet, and journalist, he was also a French Resistance fighter during World War II. Although he is considered by French film critics to be one of the most important 20th-century filmmakers, he and his work are little known outside of his native country. 

    Armand Gatti

  • Alfred J. Goulding

    Australian-born film director and screenwriter, most famous for scripts like By the Sad Sea Waves (1917), Bliss (1917), and All Aboard (1917).

    Alfred J. Goulding

  • Marissa Anwar

    Blogging personality who has gained fame for having founded the hugely popular Darling Escapes blog. She has led her site to be profiled in BuzzFeed, Teen Vogue, Forbes, and The Huffington Post for her luxury travel tips and information largely aimed at millennial women. 

    Marissa Anwar

  • Maggie Kern

    Fashion and organizational blogger behind her website, Polished Closets. She's best known for sharing her personal style, organizational tips and lifestyle related content.

    Maggie Kern

  • Alvi Syahrin

    Author who is known for specializing in Young Adult novels. He is most recognized for his 2013 novel Swiss: Little Snow in Zürich. He is also known for sharing additional poetry, Q&A's, and photo driven content to his Instagram for his over 90,000 followers.  

    Alvi Syahrin

  • Philip Jose Farmer

    An American author of science fiction and fantasy novels, he is best known for World of Tiers and the popular Riverworld series. He wrote under numerous pseudonymns, including Kilgore Trout and Cordwainer Bird.

    Philip Jose Farmer

  • Janet Newenham

    Journalist who runs the travel blog Journalist on the Run, where she chronicles her adventures around the world and the growth of her career. Her stated goal with the blog was to visit 50 countries before the age of 30. 

    Janet Newenham

  • Marie Saba

    Blogger and chef who is known for having written cook books and specializing in baked goods and other shareable family food. She shares both cooking tips and photos of her completed meals through her self-titled blog and Instagram for her over 40,000 followers. 

    Marie Saba