Famous with careers are architect
  • Fer Neyra

    Illustrator who creates architectural works of art and graphics for in development projects. His work could be found on the Instagram account fer__neyra.

    Fer Neyra

  • Hadi Teherani

    German-Iranian architect who has gained fame for designing various prestigious buildings around Germany and the Middle East. A member of Hamburg's Academy of the Arts, he founded his own self-titled architecture company in 2003 and opened branches in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

    Hadi Teherani

  • Josip Vancas

    Designed the neo-gothic Sarajevo Cathedral, Budapest's Millennial Exhibition, the First Croatian savings bank of Zagreb's palace, Osijek's Normann palace, and Ljubljana's Hotel Union.

    Josip Vancas

  • Marco Casagrande

    Environmental artist known for architectural installations such as Land(e)scape in Finland. He was named the laureate for the European Prize for Architecture in 2013 and was awarded the CICA Award of the International Committee of Architectural Critics for conceptual and artistic architecture.

    Marco Casagrande

  • Ernest Trevor Spashett

    English architect who worked for several city councils designing public houses, schools, and hospitals. His work during the post-World War II reconstruction included Alexandra Palace, Clarence House, and Osterley House.

    Ernest Trevor Spashett

  • Edward Maufe

    Received knighthood for his work on the Imperial War Graves Commission. Known for his work on memorials and places of worship, such as the Air Forces Memorial and the Guildford Cathedral.

    Edward Maufe

  • Fabio Novembre

    Italian architect and designer who designs furniture, interiors and installations. He has designed over five dozen buildings internationally, and has published several book. 

    Fabio Novembre

  • Horace Trumbauer

    Designed much of the campus of Duke University; prominent during the Gilded Age. His designs were harshly criticized during his lifetime, but achieved great acclaim after his death.

    Horace Trumbauer

  • Fernanda Marques

    Architect who has won several Italian AD awards for an Infinite Stool, wood, and a Stainless Steel Geomorph Series. She has over 280,000 followers on her fernandamarquesarquiteta Instagram account.

    Fernanda Marques

  • Sou Fujimoto

    Japanese architect who is predominantly recognized for having designed the Serpentine Gallery pavilion in London and a structure known as the Final Wooden House.

    Sou Fujimoto

  • Hans Poelzig

    Designer of the iconic I.G. Farben building in Frankfurt, Germany. He designed the set for "The Golem: How He Came Into the World," the 1920 UFA film production.

    Hans Poelzig

  • Konstantin Melnikov

    Architect and painter of the 1920s avant-garde period; perhaps unfairly linked to the Constructivists since his approach was heavily independent of a specific style.

    Konstantin Melnikov

  • Mario Bellini

    Known for his designs of Japan's Yokohama Business Park, Italy's City of Bologna Museum, and Paris' Islamic Arts wing of the Louvre Museum, he received numerous architectural awards, including the prestigious Medaglia d’Oro.

    Mario Bellini

  • Bruce Price

    Known as the creator of the Shingle Style architectural design, he also worked on institutional buildings, mansions, skyscrapers, railway stations, and hotels.

    Bruce Price

  • Julio Deutsch

    Designed Hotel Palace, originally called Schlesinger Palace, in Zagreb. He was known for his art nouveau-style building designs.

    Julio Deutsch

  • Paolo Soleri

    Italian-American architect who designed Arcosanti, a community planned for 5,000 people outside Phoenix, Arizona. He also set up the Cosanti Foundation.

    Paolo Soleri

  • Peter Eisenman

    American architect who has become one of the most well-known creators of deconstructionist architecture. Some of his most notable structures include the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Germany and the University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona.

    Peter Eisenman

  • Wilfried van Winden

    Designer of the notable Inntel Hotel in Zaandam. Also designed the De Oriënt residential complex in The Hague's Transvaal district in 2011 and Breda's De Marquant residential development in 2007.

    Wilfried van Winden

  • Victor Horta

    Prominent architect in the Art Nouveau style. He was responsible in 1892 for the construction of the Hôtel Tassel in Brussels. He was honored with the title of Baron in 1932 by King Albert I of Belgium.

    Victor Horta

  • Hans Scharoun

    Designer of the Berlin Philharmonic and Saxony's Schminke House; an advocate of expressionist and organic architecture.

    Hans Scharoun

  • Carl Koch

    Inventor of the Techcrete building system, prefabricated homes designed to be easily assembled and disassembled.

    Carl Koch

  • Vladimir Shukhov

    Engineer-polymath and scientist who was known for his designs of lightweight towers and roofs, such as Moscow's Shukhov Tower. Paved the way for such structural-engineering breakthroughs as the first hyperboloid structures, diagrid shell structures, tensile structures, gridshell structures, oil reservoirs, pipelines, boilers, ships, and barges.

    Vladimir Shukhov

  • Joaquin Torres

    Architect who has designed the homes of <a title='Madonna' href='/famous/madonna.htm'>Madonna</a>, <a title='Penelope Cruz' href='/famous/penelope-cruz.htm'>Penelope Cruz</a>, <a title='Javier Bardem' href='/famous/javier-bardem.htm'>Javier Bardem</a>, and most of the Real Madrid soccer team. He has over 50,000 followers on his acerojoaquintorres Instagram account.

    Joaquin Torres

  • Lawrence Scarpa

    Leader in sustainable architecture who designed the Solar Umbrella House in Venice, California, which was named one of the Top Ten Green Projects by the American Institute of Architects.

    Lawrence Scarpa