Famous with careers are animator
  • Emanuele Colombo

    Italian animator and motion designer from Milan, Italy. He's worked as a freelancer, but also founded his own animation studio called Antimatter. 

    Emanuele Colombo

  • Vernon Manlapaz

    Visual effects wizard working in 3D animation manager notable for bringing inanimate objects to life. 

    Vernon Manlapaz

  • Loren Bouchard

    Animator who has gained widespread acclaim for creating the hugely popular animated TV comedy Bob's Burgers. He won his second Primetime Emmy Award for outstanding animated program in 2017, and earned his fifth Critics' Choice TV award nomination for best animated series in 2018. 

    Loren Bouchard

  • Art Babbitt

    Walt Disney animator who created Goofy and worked on "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" and "Fantasia." He worked for UPA after leaving Disney following his service in World War II; he was also still stinging from the infamous studio strike of 1941.

    Art Babbitt

  • Nicolas Villarreal

    Award-winning animation director, character designer and visual development artist for animation and video game productions. He co-founded Red Clover Studios and became the Director of the Visual Development Department at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

    Nicolas Villarreal

  • Jack Sachs

    Illustrator and animator who rose to fame for his comedic and absurdist animations. His unique animations have earned him work with brands like Spotify, Nickelodeon, The New Yorker, and numerous other companies. 

    Jack Sachs

  • John Hench

    Animator, storyboard artist, special effects artist, and art director who worked for The Walt Disney Company for six decades. He was Mickey Mouse's official portrait artist and was responsible for the mouse's official 25th, 50th, 60th, 70th, and 75th birthday portraits.

    John Hench

  • Marco Mori

    3D motion design animator who worked in freelance while doing his master thesis in animation at HS Augsburg.

    Marco Mori

  • Nick Murray Willis

    English animator who is known for his unique concept videos where he utilizes audio mash ups featuring sound from sports, movies, and TV which he then animates to. He shares his works through YouTube where he has earned over 110,000 subscribers. 

    Nick Murray Willis

  • Gray Haddock

    Known for his time as the head of animation for Rooster Teeth Productions. He has also garnered popularity for voicing various characters in Rooster Teeth series, including RWBY, Red vs. Blue, and X-Ray and Vav.

    Gray Haddock

  • Carl Jones

    Artist and writer most well known as one of the illustrators behind the original Boondocks comics and the resulting animated series on Adult Swim. He has also done a great deal of voice acting for the series.

    Carl Jones

  • Gavin Strange

    British animator better known under the alias JamFactory, who's popular for his toy design, filmmaking, illustration, and photography projects. He co-founded the contemporary creative company, Strange. He also authored the book, Do Fly.

    Gavin Strange

  • Esteban Bravo

    Co-director of the viral animated film In a Heartbeat that was made as his and filmmaking partner <a title='Beth David' href='/famous/beth-david.htm'>Beth David</a>'s senior thesis at the Ringling School of Art and Design in Florida. The film was praised for featuring LGBTQ characters as the protagonists.

    Esteban Bravo

  • Julia Pott

    Animator and illustrator who is best known for creating the Cartoon Network original series Summer Camp Island. She is also known for having worked as an animator and staff writer on the series Adventure Time. 

    Julia Pott

  • Clau Murra

    Animator who is best known for her stop motion techniques as seen in commercials for renowned brands such as Apple, Lancome, Philips, Fanta and HP, among others. She also works as a designer and cartoonist; her short animations have earned her over 60,000 Instagram followers. 

    Clau Murra

  • Doug TenNapel

    Artist and animator most widely known for the Earthworm Jim franchise which spawned a video game series, cartoon show, and toy line. He has also written for well-known series like Adventure Time, Veggie Tales, and Spongebob Squarepants.

    Doug TenNapel

  • Yotam Perel

    Israeli animator who has found popularity online with animated series like Nameless, Lazy Writing and Yotam & Fantasia. He is known for his association with Albino Blacksheep Studios and has worked as animator on the Comedy Central series TripTank.

    Yotam Perel

  • Bethany Radloff

    Freelance animator and designer who has made a name for herself with her distinctive artwork. She has worked with companies like HBO, Disney and Marvel. She also vlogs on her popular YouTube channel called BethBeRad.

    Bethany Radloff

  • Arlene Klasky

    Animator and producer who won three Primetime Emmy Awards for her work on "Rugrats." Animation Magazine included her on its 1999 list of the Top 25 Women in Animation.

    Arlene Klasky

  • Glen Keane

    Disney animator who worked on "The Little Mermaid," "Aladdin," "Beauty and the Beast," and "Tangled." He was awarded the 1992 Annie Award for character animation, the 2007 Winsor McCay Award for lifetime contribution to the field of animation, and became a Disney Legend in 2013.

    Glen Keane

  • Mary Blair

    Concept artist and animator who worked for the <a title='Walt Disney' href='/famous/walt-disney.htm'>Walt Disney</a> Company. She was named a Disney Legend in 1991.

    Mary Blair

  • Lee Hardcastle

    Animator that specializes in adult-themed claymation. In 2012, he received his break in filmmaking, when he was chosen to animate one segment of the horror anthology film, The ABCs of Death.

    Lee Hardcastle

  • McKenzie Atwood

    Animation enthusiast and video editor who's most popular for her multimedia work on the animated series Steven Universe. She's also known for her work with the Cartoon Network Studio, including designing the Powerpuff Girls pop-up shop. She features much of her work on her YouTube channel, MKatwood.

    McKenzie Atwood

  • Loish

    Freelance illustrator and animator best known for her expressive character drawings. She has commissioned work for clients such as Guerrilla Games and Youdagames.