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  • Carrie Fisher

    For all those who swear by the Star Wars series to be the most eminent science fiction movie franchise ever cannot continue with the admiration before mentioning the excellence of Carrie Fisher in portraying the character of Princess Leia Organa in the series. Born to musical superstar Debbie Reynolds and iconic actress, Eddie Fisher, Carrie Fished was destined to make a career in Hollywood. She made her debut with the film, ˜Shampoo' and two years later delivered her magnum opus with the ˜Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope'. Ever since then, her artistic abilities and skilful rendition of characters brought her fame and love from both audience and the critics. But just when everything seemed to be smooth sailing for Fisher, the turbulence in her personal life affected her professional life as she sought to drugs and the like. The weaning popularity however was rebuilt when she released her debut novel, ˜Postcards from the Edge'. The novel became a hit and was adapted into a movie starring Meryl Streep. Following this, she continued to pursue her writing career by penning novels and revising Hollywood scripts. Additionally, she also featured in a number of movies in supporting roles. To know further about life and childhood of Carrie Fisher, read on.

    Carrie Fisher

  • Louriza Tronco

    Louriza Tronco is a Canadian actress who is popularly known for playing the character of ˜Jodi' in the Canadian musical comedy television series ˜Make It Pop'. Tronco has been part of the series as one of the lead characters since 2015. She started her journey quite early in her life by taking part in children's' choirs. She later worked on her acting skills by appearing in a number of theater productions. She eventually made her foray into television. She has mostly worked in small roles in television shows and has also appeared in several television movies over the years. Some of her notable projects include ˜The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story', ˜Zapped', and ˜My Boyfriends' Dogs'. She also appeared alongside Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson in the 2014 film ˜Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb'.

    Louriza Tronco

  • Ashley Liao

    Best known for booking the role of Lola in the Netflix revival of Full House, titled Fuller House, she would soon after be cast as Manda in the 2016 film Jessica Darling's It List.  

    Ashley Liao

  • Sarah Rayson

    Young British starlet who landed the role of Floss Guppy on the BAFTA award-winning series The Dumping Ground.

    Sarah Rayson

  • Mona Lisa Biswas

    Indian actress also known as Mona Lisa who is primarily known for her appearances in more than Bhojpuri films. Some of her most popular films include Tauba Tauba, Jackpot and Blackmail.

    Mona Lisa Biswas

  • Amanda Arcuri

    Well known as the character Lola Pacini, who is seen in the Degrassi franchise. She has appeared as the character in Degrassi: Minis, Degrassi: Don't Look Back, Degrassi: The Next Generation, and Degrassi: Next Class.

    Amanda Arcuri

  • Blanca Suarez

    Spanish film and television actress who became known to American audiences for her performance in the 2011 film The Skin I Live In. In 2013, she appeared in I'm So Excited!

    Blanca Suarez

  • Nakia Burrise

    Famous for her portrayal of Tanya Sloan in the mid-1990s Zeo and Turbo editions of the Power Rangers television franchise, she is also notable for her role as Nikki in the Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse web series, as well as for her recurring role as Joy on Moesha. 

    Nakia Burrise

  • Helene Joy

    Canadian actress who has played roles in various television series such as An American in Canada and Pearlie. She won a Gemini Award in 2008 and Leo Award in 2005.

    Helene Joy

  • Georgia Brown

    British-born actress and singer who earned Tony nominations for her performances in the Broadway productions of Oliver! and The Threepenny Opera.

    Georgia Brown

  • Charlotte Sullivan

    Actress best known for her role as Gail Peck in the television series Rookie Blue. She also starred in the movie Harriet the Spy and appeared on the TV series The New Ghostwriter Mysteries.

    Charlotte Sullivan

  • Camille Felton

    Quebecois actress known for her role as the titular Noémie in Noémie: Le Secret. She's also appeared in the Canadian TV shows Trauma and Fan Club.

    Camille Felton

  • LaTanya Richardson

    LaTanya Richardson is an American actor and producer who started her career at a very early age with off-Broadway productions and eventually graduated to doing films and TV, mostly in guest appearances. She also happens to be the wife of prominent American actor Samuel Jackson. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, LaTanya was always interested in acting, particularly stage performances but somehow, after doing that for a few years, she made her film debut with ˜Hangin' with the Homeboys' and since the early 90s, she is regularly appearing in many big and small roles in various films. Her very recent films were ˜Blackout' and ˜Mother and Child' in the late 2010s. Talking about television, she signed her first TV show ˜A Man called Hawk' in 1989 and subsequently appeared in a couple of episodes of ˜Law and Order', which made her a little bit more popular with the TV productions and since then, she has appeared in more than 40 TV shows, with ˜Grey's Anatomy' being currently on air. One of the biggest character actors of this generation, she has earned a Tony award nomination for her performance in a stage play.

    LaTanya Richardson

  • Joyce Randolph

    Became known for playing Trixie Norton on The Honeymooners. She also appeared on Everything's Jake.

    Joyce Randolph

  • Ana Walczak

    Actress who is known for her career throughout TV and film. She has appeared as a guest star in the TV series Criminal Minds and Masters of Sex, as well as the titular character in the 2015 short film Hot Ghost. 

    Ana Walczak

  • Natasha Bassett

    Rocketed to fame playing Gloria DeLamour in the 2016 film Hail, Caesar! She also had recurring roles in the television series Rake and Camp. 

    Natasha Bassett

  • Vivian Pickles

    English actress who starred in Jean's Plan and director George More O'Ferall's BBC film, Alice in Wonderland.

    Vivian Pickles

  • Derya Artemel

    Turkish serial star best recognized for bringing to life Melek in the 2010 series Bitmeyen sarki. She would later join the cast of the popular 2015 show Kirgin Çiçekler. 

    Derya Artemel

  • Edna Purviance

    American silent film actress who was known as the leading lady in <a title='Charlie Chaplin' href='/famous/charlie-chaplin.htm'>Charlie Chaplin</a>'s films appearing in thirty roles since 1915.

    Edna Purviance

  • Patti Davis

    Daughter of U.S. President <a title='Ronald Reagan' href='/famous/ronald-reagan.htm'>Ronald Reagan</a> who appeared on shows like The Love Boat and Fantasy Island.

    Patti Davis

  • Melora Walters

    Actress who played major roles in the 2004 film The Butterfly Effect and the 2003 film Cold Mountain.

    Melora Walters

  • Sangeetha

    Indian TV actress referred to as Rasika in the Malayalam movie industry. She is best known for her roles in the films Khadgam, Pithamagan, Uyir and Dhanam. She is also a playback singer and Bharatanatym dancer.


  • Ilaria Latini

    Italian voice-over artist best known for her work on the popular Tweety Bird cartoon character. She also voiced roles on such series as Rugrats and Sonic X.

    Ilaria Latini

  • Priya Blackburn

    British actress who is best known for appearing in the film Bohemian Rhapsody. She played the part of Kashmira Bulsara in the movie. 

    Priya Blackburn