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  • Brooklyn McKnight

    Brooklyn McKnight is no stranger to fashion and all things related to fashion. She is famous for featuring in her mother, <a title='Mindy McKnight' href='/famous/mindy-mcknight.htm'>Mindy McKnight</a>'s YouTube page ˜CuteGirlsHairstyles' alongwith her sister, <a title='Bailey McKnight' href='/famous/bailey-mcknight.htm'>Bailey McKnight</a>. She also has her own YouTube channel called ˜BrooklynAndBailey' which she shares and operates with her twin sister. Just like her mother, she uploads a lot of cute hairstyling videos which are always a massive hit with her subscribers. She along with her sister generally create content revolving around lifestyle, vlogs, crafting, fashion and beauty. Currently, they have around 3.2 million subscribers and have one of the most popular YouTube channels out there.

    Brooklyn McKnight

  • Max Mills

    People may now easily connect with one another because to the widespread use of social media. People have also become sudden celebrities thanks to social media. Many brilliant young individuals who are still in their teens can use social media to advance their careers. Max Mills is one such gifted child who became an immediate social media celebrity. Max Mills began his musical career at a young age, alongside his twin Harvey. His parents encouraged him to start learning music when he was young. At the age of five, he began taking music instruction (as soon as he started his schooling). He had begun to solely perform on guitar by the time he was eight years old since he was drawn to it. Despite his concentrate on the guitar, he continued to sing. He proceeded to sing and play guitar at the same time. After mastering music, the two brothers created a YouTube channel with the goal of broadcasting all of their music videos.

    Max Mills

  • Harvey Mills

    The Musical.ly star Harvey Mills is a member of the popular team Max and Harvey, who have garnered millions of admirers on Musical.ly and YouTube. Harvey and Max are identical twins who have been harmonizing on songs since they were five years old. Harvey rose to prominence after collaborating with his brother, Max, on Musical.ly to create lip-synched videos. The brothers didn't start creating Musical.ly videos with the intention of earning a living off of it. The brothers' earliest productions were just expressions of their mutual enthusiasm for music, but the success of those videos propelled them to stardom. After gaining a sizable following on Musical.ly, they decided to launch their own YouTube channel, Max and Harvey, in April 2016, which has amassed a sizable following in just a year. Harvey did not limit himself to the realm of music; he also dabbled in acting at a young age. On TV shows and ads, he is a familiar face. In addition, he has appeared in West End Theater performances. In 2017, he published his debut single alongside his brother, Max, on iTunes.

    Harvey Mills

  • Gabby Douglas

    Gabrielle Christina Victoria 'Gabby' Douglas is an artistic gymnast from the United States. She helped the US Women's Gymnastics Team win many gold medals at the 2012 Olympics, earning the nickname "Fierce Five" from fans across the world. She did equally well in the single rounds and team contests, gaining a large fan base in her own country. She competed for her country in the World Gymnastics Championships in 2011 and 2015, winning gold medals in team events and a silver medal in individual events. Her winning run was unstoppable, and she was a member of the Final Five that won a gold medal in the team competition at the 2016 Summer Olympics. Gabby is recognized for being the first African-American woman to win an Olympic all-around medal and the first American woman to win both a team and an individual medal at the same time. When her true tale became the inspiration for the 2014 film The Gabby Douglas Story, she reached the pinnacle of her celebrity. Aside from that, she is a regular on reality television, with her family appearing in the series "Douglas Family Gold."

    Gabby Douglas

  • Bailey McKnight

    Bailey McKnight is a famous YouTube star who posts videos on YouTube regarding fashion, beauty, crafts and vlogs. She and her twin sister Brooklyn use their mother's channel named ˜CuteGirlsHairstyles' and also their own channel ˜BrooklynAndBailey' to post these videos. Her mother Mindy used the same channel to post videos of Bailey and Brooklyn with creative hairstyles when they were aged only 18 months. This channel has been the most popular channel on hair styles for some time now. Bailey has also appeared on the show titled ˜The Today Show' in which Matt Lauer was the host. The twin sisters Bailey and Brooklyn are sometimes referred to as ˜the dynamic duo' as they appear together in their video posts.

    Bailey McKnight

  • Psy

    International satirical pop singer whose smash tune "Gangnam Style" received the MTV Europe Award for Best Video in 2012 and went viral on YouTube.


  • Donald Trump Jr.

    The renowned first child of the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, is an executive vice president of his father's business, The Trump Organization.

    Donald Trump Jr.

  • Sharky

    Sharky is a YouTube gamer and comedian who is most known for his soccer-related vlog entries and FIFA gaming videos on his Sharky channel. Later on, he would extend his offerings to include challenge videos, pranks, and more.


  • Jacy July

    Jacy July is a YouTube celebrity and beauty blogger known for her eponymous YouTube channel and blog. She has over 57,000 followers who watch her videos religiously, which include several hairdo instructions and black empowerment. She started the channel in 2011, but it wasn't until 2014 that she released her debut video. Some of her most popular videos include How To Make Box and Crochet Braids? and How To Wrap A Turban? She has given curly hair a whole new meaning. She's one of those beauty bloggers that does all the labor for her readers, so all they have to do is follow the guidelines to get the best appearance. She is known as YouTube's hair guru. Curly hairs, whether you like them or not, are a major worry, but Jacy July has a solution for all of your curl-related problems. Her immense popularity stems from her ability to provide excellent solutions for taming curly hair.

    Jacy July

  • Emily Paulichi

    American video content creator who became a celebrity after launching her self-titled YouTube channel. She posts a combination of travel vlogs, routines and lifestyle clips for more than 390,000 subscribers.

    Emily Paulichi

  • Victoria Bachlet

    Social media star who has gained fame for her self-titled TikTok channel. She has risen to massive popularity for her comedic dubbing and lip-syncing.

    Victoria Bachlet

  • Steven He

    Nora from Queens, a television actor and humorous social media personality, is known for his roles in Dinosaur World and Awkwafina. Throughout his career, he has made two television appearances. On his steven he TikTok account, he has over 4.6 million subscribers.

    Steven He