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  • Jeff Hardy

    Jeffrey Hardy is an American professional wrestler with numerous prestigious titles to his credit. He is currently signed to WWE on the Raw brand. His tag team with his brother Matt is called The Hardy Boyz and critics refer to them as one of the most exciting tag teams in wrestling history. Before joining WWE, Hardy performed for OMEGA, an independent wrestling promotion organization he ran with Matt. After signing with WWE, he initially worked as a jobber, before gaining prominence in the tag team division. Holding a total of 25 championships, Hardy is still acknowledged for his initial work during his first run with WWE. He took the wrestling world by storm, and is best known for his daredevil series of TLC matches. During his early stints, Hardy was known for his rebellious personality, but the controversial wrestler has now cleaned up his act, say critics. He is also known for his performances under the Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), now known as Impact Wrestling. After almost a decade of absence from the organization, he returned to WWE”with whom he has a love-hate relationship”in 2017. Hardy is multi-talented. Besides wrestling, he has many other interests like riding bikes, writing poetry, playing guitar and drums. He also formed a band called Peroxwhy?gen.

    Jeff Hardy

  • Chloe Ferry

    MTV's ˜Geordie Shore', a drama-packed British reality television show has given us several glamorous beauties like Holly Hagan and Charlotte Crosby, but Chloe Ferry tops the list with her sensuality, charisma and over-the-top dresses that portray her as a peppy, funny but notorious college girl. Chloe, who earlier worked as Chloe November”theseductive club hostess”usedher connections with show biz lothario Scotty Timlin to reserve her spot in˜Geordie Shore's glitzy cast. Thanks to a schedule of junk food, booze and limited exercise, Ferry, who was a skinny teenage sportsenthusiast, went from size 8 to size 14. This called for a wardrobe makeover, and thanks to her voluptuous figure, Chloe Ferry found her biggest celluloid break at the age of 21. Today, she's the sexiest, wildest and trendiest girl of the ˜Geordie Shore' show. Her semi-nude selfies and almost ˜open' tops on Instagram have fetched her around 2 million followers in the virtual world. She is also quite active on Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and Pinterest.

    Chloe Ferry

  • Taylor Skeens

    Taylor Skeens is an American social-media personality. She is best known for her 'musical.ly' posts that have earned her millions of fans on the platform. Her 'YouTube' channel mostly features content about her failed marriage, her ex-husband, her relationships, and stories of her being bullied. Taylor often displays her love for hair colour and makeup through social media. Taylor's younger sister has inspired her to become a social-media influencer. Taylor believes that her career has given a new direction to her life and has helped her a lot in combating life struggles.

    Taylor Skeens

  • Megan Stitz

    The vibrant, chirpy and bubbly Megan Stitz is one of the most cute and adorable YouTube stars and social media personalities best known as a member of the popular YouTube channel ˜TheCheernastics2'. She embarked into this video sharing website along with her twin sister Ciera Stitz and cousin Maggie Atcheson at the verge of attaining her teenage. A competitive gymnast herself, she enjoys cheerleading in high school during spare time. The YouTube channel of these lovely ladies that they fondly named ˜TheCheernastics2' predominantly posts videos associated with fitness, cheerleading and of course gymnastics. The exclusive, lively and fun videos whether on gymnastics, cheers and fitness uploaded on ˜TheCheernastics2' by the three damsels have remained a hot favorite for many who eagerly wait for their upcoming posts. They have garnered huge subscriptions as well as viewership, which is continuously soaring up the popularity quotient of members of the channel including Megan with each passing day.

    Megan Stitz

  • Jason Maybaum

    Jason Maybaum is an American TV and film actor who is best known for playing ˜Jed' in the dark comedy ˜Bitch' and ˜Levi Grayson' in the sitcom ˜Raven's Home.' He forayed into acting as a child artist and has featured in several commercials, TV series, and films. He guest-starred in the American series ˜Blunt Talk' and appeared in the TV movie ˜The Perfect Stanleys.' He made his big-screen debut with the role of ˜Jed' in ˜Bitch.' One of Jason's most notable roles has been that of ˜Levi Grayson' in ˜Raven's Home.' He has also appeared as ˜Fletcher Blake' in the TV film ˜Freaky Friday.' Jason has also been part of the film ˜Desperate Waters' and the series ˜Workaholics' and ˜Teachers.'

    Jason Maybaum

  • Ciera Stitz

    Ciera Stitz is an American YouTube star, gymnast, cheerleader, and social media influencer. She is one of the three influencers who run the cheer, gymnastics, and fitness YouTube channel TheCheernastics2, along with her twin sister Megan and their cousin Maggie Atcheson. An Iowa native, Stitz has been interested in gymnastics since she was a child. She started taking lessons sometime in 2008, three years before they set up their channel. In October 2011, the girls came together to create TheCheernastics2 which essentially became a place to explore the things they all loved: gymnastics and cheerleading. In the ensuing years, the channel has grown exponentially and as of 2018, it has accumulated over 1.7 million subscribers and more than 400 million views. They have also set up an equally popular website through which they sell their merchandise. Besides being one of the co-runners of a successful YouTube channel, she is also a competitive gymnast and school cheerleader.

    Ciera Stitz

  • Chris Tucker

    Christopher Tucker, popularly known as Chris Tucker, is an American actor, stand-up comedian and humanist. Tucker would perform in front of his friends, family members and he even took part in talent competitions while in school. His classmates gave him the Most Humorous Prize for his performances. Being inspired by Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor and Robin Harris in movies and television, he decided to take up comedy as his career. Tucker moved to Los Angeles at the age of 19 to establish himself as a comedian and stayed in his friend's living room floor. After performing locally he got the opportunity to showcase his talent as a stand-up comedian in Def Comedy Jam HBO television series. He was appreciated for not using any swearing word or talking about race or sex explicitly while entertaining. Tucker has acted in films like ˜House Party111', ˜Friday', ˜Dead Presidents', ˜The Fifth Element' and ˜Money Talks' and is predominantly famous for his role as detective James Carter in the box office smash hits like Rush Hour, Rush Hour 2 and Rush Hour 3.

    Chris Tucker

  • Ashton Chavis

    Popular social media celebrity and content producer best known for his TikTok channel, thefamoussashtonchavis, where he publishes lip-sync videos, which he typically films with his ring light. On the app, he has over 180,000 followers thanks to his videos.

    Ashton Chavis

  • Joe Budden

    American rapper with the group Slaughterhouse who is best known for his solo single "Pump It Up." He is known to television audience for co-starring on the VH1 reality show Love & Hip Hop: New York.

    Joe Budden

  • Malinda Panton

    YouTube vlogger who is widely known for her Panton's Squad channel. She has gained popularity there for her couples' pranks and challenges alongside her husband <a title='Don Panton' href='/famous/don-panton.htm'>Don Panton</a>. 

    Malinda Panton

  • Jaylen Barron

    Actress known for her recurring roles as Mary on See Dad Run and as Dominique on Shameless. She also played Lauren Dabney on the series Good Luck Charlie in 2013 and Zoe in the Netflix original Free Rein in 2017.

    Jaylen Barron

  • Thalia Bree

    Thalia Bree is a Canadian social media influencer best known for her YouTube channel ˜HeyItsThalia.' The primary content of her channel is fashion and beauty-related videos, for which it has so far gathered more than 19 million views. Thalia is also known for posting pictures and video clips on her Instagram page, which has more than 334,000 followers. She also has a secondary Instagram page that has amassed over 43,000 followers. Apart from being an internet star, Thalia is also an entrepreneur as she owns an online clothing site, which sells jackets, bikinis, accessories, etc. Continue reading to know more about Thalia's professional and personal life.

    Thalia Bree

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