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  • Bebe Rexha

    Bebe Rexha is an American multi-talented composer, singer-songwriter and record producer. She has written chart-topping songs for famous artists like Tinashe, Pitbull, Nick Jonas, and Selena Gomez. Bebe has co-written the hit song ˜The Monster' with stars like Eminem and Rihanna and has collaborated with Nicki Minaj and released the single ˜No Broken Hearts'. She always wanted to be an artist from her early childhood. Bebe's parents were very supportive of all her creative endeavours. She decided that she would first try to establish herself in the industry by performing behind-the-scenes as a songwriter and instantly became well-known in the industry. The recognition she received as a writer opened huge opportunities for her and gave a big push to her singing career. Bebe Rexha has collaborated with celebrities like The Chainsmokers, Pitbull, and Lil Wayne etc. to release popular albums and is famous for her singles, albums and EP'S.

    Bebe Rexha

  • Cameron Diaz

    Very few Hollywood actresses have been as lucky as Cameron Diaz, who got the opportunity to make her Hollywood debut with the big-budget mega hit movie ˜The Mask'. The movie catapulted her career and she reached the heights of stardom and went on to appear in box office hits such as ˜My Best Friend's Wedding'. With her enchanting looks, blue eyes and blonde hair, Diaz won the heart of millions of people around the world and was soon hailed as a powerful performer. She delivered brilliant performances in movies like ˜My Sisters Keeper', ˜There's Something About Mary' and ˜Vanilla Sky'. She has also made appearances on ˜Saturday Night Live', ˜Top Gear' and was a guest judge for the television show ˜The X factor'. Diaz began her career in the entertainment industry as a young model, who by the age of sixteen had already appeared in popular commercials, for brands like Calvin Klein and Levi's. With her stellar performances, this Californian beauty has established herself as one of the A-listers in Hollywood. She has also been voted the best looking female star by many prominent magazines. To learn more interesting facts about her childhood, personal life and professional achievements, scroll down and continue to read this biography.

    Cameron Diaz

  • Tatiana McQuay

    What do you do when you realize you're too young to join a dance studio that could mold your hobby into a career? You might wait till you're eligible whilst working hard for this new found passion. But according to a recent interview, here's what Tatiana McQuay claims to have done at age 3, when she found out that the criterion to join was age 4 and above - she pretended that her birthday was months earlier than her date of birth. Yep. Shocking that a young child could think this way, (Or could it be an insider job done by her folks?) but talk about wanting something so bad that you're not going to let your age stop you. Tati, as she is also called, first stepped into the world of dance at the age of 2. Her impressive dance moves forced her mom to find the right dance studio so Tatiana could one day perform on International stage. And now this little queen of Hip Hop is doing just that. Way to go, Tati!

    Tatiana McQuay

  • Mikey Manfs

    Mikey Manfs is a famous YouTube scooter rider from the USA. He is known for his eponymous YouTube channel on which he posts scooter riding videos, challenge completions, general vlogs, pranks, and other fun entries. He also has a second channel titled ˜Mikey Manfs Too' on which he posts random videos. Manfs, who has a deep interest in scooter riding and video making, dreams of becoming one of the most successful YouTubers. He already has over a million fans on YouTube and is trying hard to attract an even bigger fan base. Extremely talented, crazy, and humorous, Manfs loves making his viewers laugh. He wants them to experience the fun and joy of riding scooters through his entertaining videos. On a personal note, the YouTuber lives with his mother, known as Mama Manfs on the web, and brother Tyler. He has a few good friends who often feature on his channels. He is a big foodie and loves to gorge on his favorite dishes whenever he gets the chance! He also loves to sleep, as he himself states in one of his videos.

    Mikey Manfs

  • Trevor Jackson

    Trevor Jackson is an American actor, singer, songwriter, and dancer. He has released several singles, an EP, a mixtape, and one studio album in his singing career so far. As an actor, he has appeared in the Broadway musical ˜The Lion King' as well as the science fiction TV series ˜Eureka'. Jackson, who was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, developed an early interest in the performing arts and began working on honing his skills from a young age. At just the age of eight, he earned the role of Young Simba in a national tour of the musical ˜The Lion King'. After his role in the play proved to be successful, he moved to television playing a role in the crime TV series ˜Cold Case' in 2010. He made his film debut the same year in ˜Albert! Or, My Life in the Ocean'. He continued to appear in several movies in the ensuing years, his most recent work being the 2018 action crime film ˜Superfly' where he played the lead role. The film was an average success commercially while the reviews were mixed. The same year, he also released his first studio album ˜Rough Drafts Pt. 1'.

    Trevor Jackson

  • Ryan Ross

    George Ryan Ross III, popularly known as Ryan Ross, is an American singer, songwriter, and musician, who is best known for his work with the band ˜Panic! at the Disco'. The band, which also had his friends Spencer Smith, Brent Wilson, and Brendon Urie as members, has released a total of five studio albums till date. Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the United States, Ross aspired to be a great singer from his childhood. He started practicing music at the age of 12 after he received a guitar as a Christmas present. His career began officially in 2004 after he formed the band ˜Panic! at the Disco' along with his best friend Spencer Smith. After having worked on two studio albums with the band, he later joined the band ˜The Young Veins'. The band's debut studio album ˜Take a Vacation!' was released in 2010. After he left ˜The Young Veins', he decided to start a new chapter in his life by beginning a solo career. Since then he has released a few songs through his official SoundCloud page.

    Ryan Ross

  • Sean Ryan Fox

    Some people achieve success at a very young age and become millionaires even before they cross the age of 20! One such actor who got famous at an early age is Sean Ryan Fox. He was born in Riverside, California, which is very close to Hollywood. Sean is one of the four children born to his parents. He started displaying his talents as a toddler and his parents realized that he had a taste for performing. He used to sing songs at the age of two on his sister's Karaoke machine. Noticing his talent, his parents gave him all the necessary support to enable him to grow up to be a talented performer. By the age of six, he was entertaining his family and school friends by writing and performing his own plays. When he was eight years old, he has outgrown the small town he was born in. Observing the need for professional help in giving a boost to his career, Sean Fox's parents took him to Hollywood. In Hollywood, he was assigned to an experienced agent. From then on he never looked back in his acting career.

    Sean Ryan Fox

  • Quisha Rose

    Quisha Rose is a British YouTuber, TikTok star, and social media influencer. She has gained fame through her YouTube channel ˜Quisha,' on which she posts a variety of videos, including makeup tutorials and personal vlogs. She set up her channel in January 2014 and posted her first video there in May 2017. Since then, she has amassed several thousands of subscribers and nearly two million views on the channel. Her popularity on YouTube has found its way to other social media platforms as well. She is a crowned user on TikTok with an impressive number of fans and more than five million hearts. She has numerous followers on Instagram and Twitter as well. She also has a secondary YouTube channel, under the username ˜morequisha,' which is moderately popular.

    Quisha Rose

  • Tom Harlock

    Tom Harlock is a Bristish YouTuber. He is also a former Viner who first gained recognition through his Vine videos. Currently, he is active on YouTube where he posts fun vlogs on his self-titled channel. With over 686k subscribers on his channel, Harlock has gained considerable popularity on the social platform. In the past, he was incredibly popular on Vine where he had more than 1.3 million followers. Charming and handsome, the English YouTube personality grew up alongside his four siblings. He worked at a local hospital in the past, prior to starting his online career. Talking about his personality, he is funny, smart and straightforward. He likes to do crazy and amusing activities with his buddies. Harlock loves his family and friends to the core and cannot imagine his life without them. He is also close to his niece Lilli-Mae Lacy, a popular Instagram personality. He genuinely cares about his audience and often makes an effort to reach out to them through his videos on YouTube and posts on other social media platforms.

    Tom Harlock

  • Matt Shea

    Matt Shea is a Canadian gamer known for creating unique gameplay and roleplay videos using the gaming platforms Sims and Grand Theft Auto. He started off as a gamer by playing Minecraft. His interest then expanded to other games such as Sims. Today, Shea is one of the most popular Canadian gamers on YouTube. His methods of playing the games are unique and so are his video presentation and commentaries. Having earned around 2 million followers on his gaming channel, Shea has already tasted much success online. As a gamer, his dream is to collaborate with the top video game developers in the country. A charming and fun-loving guy in real life, the Canadian gamer is a married man. Whenever he is not playing video games, he loves to relax and spend time with his wife. Shea also likes to travel occasionally.

    Matt Shea

  • Camilla Poindexter

    Camilla Poindexter is a model and reality TV personality from the United States. Several TV series, including 'Momma's Boys' and 'Bad Girls Club,' catapulted her to celebrity. Poindexter was also one of the top 20 finalists on the reality show "America's Next Top Model." She wanted to be a model since she was a youngster. During her adolescent years, she was quite engaged in dance and modeling. She was raised by a single mother and developed into a strong individual with her own opinions. This personality attribute helped her stand out in reality shows. She's presented special shows for the Bad Girls Club, such as 'Making It To The Mansion.' Poindexter has appeared in a number of films and shorts, including "Blame It on the Streets." She's also starred in a number of ads. Despite being a single mother, Poindexter is able to balance her work and personal obligations.

    Camilla Poindexter

  • Shannon Carpenter

    In her own words, Shannon Carpenter is "the unknown sister" of <a title='Sabrina Carpenter' href='/famous/sabrina-carpenter.htm'>Sabrina Carpenter</a>, the star of the Disney Channel series Girl Meets World. While she has appeared with her family a few times on her youngest sister's television show, she is known to her fans as a dancer. Like her sisters, Sarah and Sabrina, she too has an impressive social media presence. She has a YouTube channel titled "Shay Car" which she created back in May 2009 to primarily upload her dancing videos. However, she is not very active on her YouTube channel. Rather, she updates her Instagram and Twitter accounts more frequently. While her YouTube account didn't get much love, she has huge fan following on Instagram. Shannon aims to become a successful choreographer.

    Shannon Carpenter

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