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  • Ross Lynch

    Ross Lynch is an American actor, singer, and musician who rose to prominence after starring in the television series Austin & Ally. The show, in which Lynch starred as Austin Moon, was a smash sensation, winning multiple accolades and gaining international acclaim. He's also renowned for his part as Brady in the Disney Channel Original Movie "Teen Beach," which debuted in 2013, and its sequel "Teen Beach 2," which debuted in 2015. He has a terrific singing voice and is also skilled at playing the guitar and keyboard. He is one of the members of the pop rock band R5 and is well-known for his musical abilities. He also sang "Heard it on the Radio" for the soundtrack of the television program "Austin & Ally." Lynch, while being only a young adult, has accomplished a lot in his life thus far, earning him a following base of over three million online. He utilizes his social media celebrity to inspire his followers to achieve their ambitions no matter how difficult life gets or how many challenges they confront. He has demonstrated to his admirers how far desire, perseverance, and commitment can go you.

    Ross Lynch

  • Paris Berelc

    Paris Berelc is one of the most accomplished members of America's youthful army of performers. She is a powerhouse of skill, as a champion gymnast, dazzling dancer, supermodel, and, of course, an artistically accomplished actor. The most impressive element of Berelc's career as an entertainer is that she has excelled at everything she has attempted, whether it was as a gymnast, a model, or an actor. When Berelc began gymnastics, she quickly rose through the ranks to become one of the country's best gymnasts. However, this was only one facet of her profession; she was also a successful model. Starting with Kohl's, Boston Store, Sears, and K-mart, she was the face of key companies and services. Not only that, but she was also featured in a variety of retail signs and posters. But, just when it appeared like Berelc was destined for a career in gymnastics or modeling, she took a detour and discovered her true vocation in acting. This Capricorn star phenomenon appears to be unstoppable today. She has accomplished a lot in her short career and appears to be hungry for more. Truly, a multi-talented player in the making!

    Paris Berelc

  • Dylan Hartman

    Over 20,000 people follow social media sensation and wannabe musician Dylan Hartman on TikTok. He participated in the Boys of Summer Tour in 2018 and supported Mark Thomas on his tour. 2019 saw the debut of his "Love Like Us" and "End of the Night" songs.

    Dylan Hartman

  • Dylan Minnette

    actor most known for playing Clay Norman in the TNT drama Saving Grace. His portrayal of Clay Jensen in the Netflix original series 13 Reasons Why helped him become even more well-known. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, Goosebumps, and more movies are among his filmography.

    Dylan Minnette

  • Jordan Clark

    Jordan Clark is a well-known Canadian dancer and actor. Despite her beginnings as an actor, she rose to prominence as a dancer. Jordan Clark began dancing at an early age and swiftly advanced in his skills. She won the fourth season of Canada's popular dance-based TV competition, So You Think You Can Dance Canada. Later, she was cast in a dance-based TV show called 'The Next Thing.' Her performance in the show received a lot of praise. Jordan Clark's mind-bending dancing techniques set her apart from other dancers as a contortionist. She also enjoys teaching and choreographing others whenever she has the chance. Jordan Clark describes herself as a perfectionist who strives to enhance her dance abilities. She specializes in modern and hip-hop dance techniques, and the majority of her performances revolve on them.

    Jordan Clark

  • itsbambii

    Everything in our cosmos has a definite function and significance. We have a tendency to make distinctions between things that do not fit our concept of normal. Personality on social media Itsbambii is a transgender woman who has surmounted adversity to find a self-identity that she is proud of. She reveals in the video "My Coming Out Story" that she has known she is lesbian since kindergarten. Itsbambii's worst year was sixth grade, when her classmates ridiculed her about her color and cruelly informed her she wasn't entirely black. Young Bambii struggled to socialize because she was self-conscious about her race. She didn't seem to fit in with anyone. She also had a great deal of discomfort when others publicly referred to her as lesbian, and she was bothered by it for the rest of the day. The brave girl could never tell her mother the truth because she was afraid she would lose her mother's love if she did. Despite these harsh realities, Itsbambii embraced herself for who she was and proceeded to create her life without regard for others.


  • Rachael SSG

    Rachael SSG is an internet sensation who, together with her older sister Katherine, has made waves in the virtual world with their YouTube channel, SuperSevenGirls or SSG. Rachael was born in London, England, on December 29, 2002, to a younger sister, Grace, and two older siblings, Katherine SSG and Tommy. She became a prominent YouTube celebrity after joining SSG (SuperSevenGirls) with Katherine in 2011. Rachael also did chorus and track in the beginning. The sibling duo auditioned for the Super Awesome Kids but did not make the cut before heading to SSG. Both of them are now celebrities in their own right, with millions of followers on YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

    Rachael SSG

  • Nick Merico

    Nick Merico is an Argentine television actor best known for his role as Daniel Miller in the Nickelodeon sitcom "Every Witch Way" from 2014. He is a singer who enjoys writing his own songs in addition to being an actor. Merico has been singing since the age of eleven and is incredibly gifted and enthusiastic in both acting and singing. He also has a YouTube account with the same name, where he uploads cover songs and other videos. Nick Merico is now one of the most popular social media personalities, with thousands of admirers and followers. This youthful personality is well-known not just on YouTube, but also on other social media sites. On Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, he has a sizable fan base. When it comes to his personal life, the online celebrity appears to be a fairly sober individual. He is, however, a jokester and a lot of fun to be around. And this is what his followers admire the most about him!

    Nick Merico

  • Ella Noel

    Actress, model and social media star. She has appeared in commercials and the 2020 short film The Color of Red. 

    Ella Noel

  • Jane Marczewski

    Pop singer well-known for her debut on America's Got Talent season 16 She passed away from cancer in February 2022, and friends and family grieved for her.

    Jane Marczewski

  • Jude Law

    British actor who starred in the Sherlock Holmes movies and AI. He was honored with a BAFTA in 2000 for his performance in The Talented Mr. Ripley. He appeared in the comedy Spy in 2015.

    Jude Law

  • Minatozaki Sana

    Twice is a K-pop group made up of nine females who have published a mini-album named The Story Begins. The group came together as a result of the reality show Sixteen.

    Minatozaki Sana