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  • Laura Marano

    A girl of many talents, Laura Marano is an American actress, singer, songwriter, and model. The 20-year-old has been acting for 15 years of her life, starting with Stage Door Theater at the age of five. Ever since, her career has grown by leaps and bounds, with several roles across television series, movies, and sitcoms. As a teen star, she shot to fame with the Disney Channel Original Series, ˜Austin and Ally', in which she played the role of Ally Dawson. However, despite her busy shooting schedules, she did not attend a school on set but instead attended a regular high school. Laura has an elder sister Vanessa Marano, who starred as April in ˜Gilmore Girls', and currently stars as Bay in ABC's ˜Switched at Birth.' Laura Marano is currently a recording artist for the label Big Machine Records and also has her own fragrance line.

    Laura Marano

  • Howie Mandel

    Howard Michael Mandel is a Canadian television host, comedian, producer and actor. He is considered as one of the top 100 comedians of all time. He has hosted NBC's game show ˜Deal or No Deal', not only in the USA but also in Canada. He has also lent his voice for multiple characters in shows and movies like ˜Muppet Babies' and ˜Gremlins'. He has acted in TV shows like˜Good Grief', ˜Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman', ˜Bobby's World' and ˜St. Elsewhere', in which he played the notorious intern, Dr. Wayne Fiscus. Mandel has also appeared in a number of movies like ˜Walk Like a Man', ˜Hansel and Gretel' and ˜Killing Hasselhoff'. Besides being an accomplished actor, he has also worked asan executive producer for a number of shows like ˜Bobby's World', ˜The Howie Mandel Show' and ˜Deal with It'. He is one of the judges in the hugely popular show, ˜America's Got Talent'.

    Howie Mandel

  • Russell Wilson

    Russell Carrington Wilson is an American footballer who plays in National Football League for Seattle Seahawks. Starting his career in college, first in North Carolina State University, then Wisconsin university, Russell has come a long way to become one of America's most popular sportsperson. However, standing at 5'11, he was considered unfit for as brutal a game as football, especially as a quarterback and faced rejection in early phases of his life, but eventually his skills toppled all and he ended up as one of the leading players in the popular NFL team Seattle Seahawks. He also played baseball briefly in college and was initially confused about which sport to pursue as his career, eventually choosing football as it seemed more ˜challenging'. After being drafted in 2012, he showed his speed and strength from the very first game of the season and continued his startling form throughout the tournament, eventually winning the honour of ˜NFL Rookie of the Year' in his debut series. In the very next year, he led his team to achieve victory in NFL 2013. In 2015, Russell became the highest paid NFL player upon the contract extension with Seahawks for USD 87.6 million.

    Russell Wilson

  • Kennedy Cymone

    Kennedy Cymone is a beauty and lifestyle guru who gained fame with her YouTube channel ˜FabulousInMaking'. A confident and ambitious young girl, Cymone first started her channel in 2011 little knowing that it would change the course of her life. In May 2012, she posted her first video and has since then never looked back. A series of makeup tutorials followed by outfit videos, hauls and DIYs is what currently features in her channel. What shines bright in all the videos is her confident personality and her camera-friendly self. Though hardly out of her teens, Cymone knows how to handle stardom and success and hasn't let the same get into her skin. She is humble and grounded. What is ever more astonishing is the ˜real self' that she brings in all her videos. Though one may think of Cymone as an extrovert and outgoing person, off camera, she is quite shy and reserved and takes long to mingle with people. Quite unbelievable for a person who is a social media star and famous personality!

    Kennedy Cymone

  • Chadwick Boseman

    Chadwick Boseman is an American actor best known for playing <a title='Jackie Robinson' href='/famous/jackie-robinson.htm'>Jackie Robinson</a> in the flick ˜42' and the R&B singer <a title='James Brown' href='/famous/james-brown.htm'>James Brown</a> in the movie ˜Get on Up'. He is also known for appearing as Black Panther in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film franchise surrounding the character, including ˜Captain America: Civil War' and ˜Black Panther'. He was born as the only child of African American parents Carolyn and Leroy Boseman who encouraged him to pursue his passion for acting. After completing his studies, he began his acting career by doing a number of TV programs. Soon, he ventured into films as well. For his brilliant acting performances, the actor has won many award nominations till date. Besides acting, he enjoys playing basketball, the sport he played while growing up in South Carolina. Today, he still enjoys pick-up games and plays them whenever he gets some leisure time. The American artiste has worked as a drama instructor as well. Coming to his personal life, he is a very simple and cheerful man who loves engaging with his fans.

    Chadwick Boseman

  • The Game

    Born Jayceon Taylor, he is an American rapper who released three #1 albums between 2005 and 2011. He became a leader in the West Coast hip hop scene.

    The Game

  • Reginae Carter

    Reginae Carter, the daughter of famous rapper <a title='Lil Wayne' href='/famous/lil-wayne.htm'>Lil Wayne</a> and reality television star Toya, is a popular American R&B and hip-hop singer. She had been part of the teenage girl group OMG (Officially Miss Guided) for a brief period of time. In 2009, she appeared on the documentary, ˜The Carter', which was based on her father's life. She has made appearances in a number of her mother's reality TV shows, such as Tiny and Toya (2009-10), Toya: A Family Affair (2011) and My Super Sweet 16 (2014). In February 2013, she became a signed artist for her father's record label Young Money Mini. She launched her first clothing line, "Reginae Carter Collection", in November 2013. In February 2015, she re-launched her clothing collection titled "Shut Up", as part of the ServedFresh anti-bullying campaign. In late 2016, it was revealed that she would return to reality television as part of the show Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta which will premiere in 2017. She has been a Junior Brand Ambassador for Hairfinity.

    Reginae Carter

  • Tiffany Del Real

    YouTube found itself a lively and beautiful YouTuber in Tiffany when she joined her boyfriend and created a channel with him called ˜Tiff&Case.'Tiffiny had a rough time settling down in life after the birth of her son, her responsibilities doubled. However, everything fell into place when she came across someYouTubers at a concert and was inspired by their creativity. And before she knew it, she became a YouTuber herself. She is today an actress, producer and vlogger under the banner of ˜Justkiddingfilms', ˜Justkiddingnews' and ˜Justkiddingparties.' She has massive followings on all other social media accounts as well. On Instagram she has 252K fans, while on Twitter she has more than 40K followers. She has several pages on Facebook dedicated to her work, with over 20K fans there as well.

    Tiffany Del Real

  • Dianna Williams

    Dianna Williams is a Dancer and Choreographer who rose to prominence after the Lifetime network dance reality TV show ˜Bring It!' went on to become a huge hit. Known to her students and fans as Miss D, Dianna is the owner of the ˜Dollhouse Dancing Factory' in Jackson, Mississippi. She founded ˜Miss D's Dancing Dolls' in 2001 and the reality show is based on the performances of her protégés against various challengers. A lifetime native of Jackson, Mississippi, Dianna dedicated her life into perusing dance after college. Having perfected her dance moves through training in varied genres, she decided to compete in various dance competitions before establishing her own hip-hop dance troupe. She is known to push her ˜dolls' to extreme limits just to bring out the best in them. Yet the viewers seem to love this side of her personality which is evident from her huge online following in Twitter and Instagram.

    Dianna Williams

  • Zoie Burgher

    Zoie Burgher is an American social media sensation, who is known for her Twitch broadcasts. However, she is now permanently banned from the Twitch community because her overtly sexual content, which was against the community's terms and policies. Zoie came under the spotlight after she started broadcasting live ˜Call of Duty' game and twerking simultaneously while exposing her body a bit too much. She built a huge fan base due to her provocative videos, which have got her in trouble quite a few times. A self-proclaimed ˜star bikini twerk-streamer,' Zoie refers her fan community as 'Zoidberg Nation'. She is the owner of the girl gaming brand, ˜Luxe' and produced a web reality show, Luxe House. This controversial social media girl has a huge fan following on Instagram and Twitter, while her self-titled YouTube channel has crossed a million subscribers mark.

    Zoie Burgher

  • Jayingee

    Roblox gamer notable for his trolling, pranking and overall funny videos featuring gameplay from the popular massively multiplayer online role playing game. He would earn 320,000 subscribers.


  • Anna Faris

    One of the most promising and emerging Hollywood stars of the 21st century, Anna Faris is hailed by ˜The New Yorker' as ˜Hollywood's most original comic actresses'. She had a passion for acting from the tender age of 9, and performed in the play titled ˜Danger: Memory!' She gained fame and came into the spotlight with the horror-comedy-spoof film ˜Scary Movie', which elevated her status as a comedy actress in Hollywood. Some of her most notable film performances include, ˜The Hot Chick', ˜Lost in Translation', The Academy Award and Golden Globe winning film ˜Brokeback Mountain' and her voice role in the films ˜Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel' and ˜Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked'. This ˜Scary Movie' franchise star is known for her trademark silly expressions and an innocent on screen persona. Her charming personality and energy, combined with her exquisite looks can surely brighten up any dull moment on screen. She has an estimated net worth of $14 million and is one of the most evolving comedy actresses in Hollywood.

    Anna Faris

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