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  • Salish Matter

    Jordan Matter's daughter is well known for being a photographer and novelist. Her father's Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube have all featured her. She also has her own Instagram account, saysaymatter, which has over 350,000 followers.

    Salish Matter

  • Chadwick Boseman

    Actor best recognized for his roles of baseball star Jackie Robinson in the film 42 and R&B musician James Brown in the 2014 movie Get On Up. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he also played the superhero Black Panther, most notably in the 2018 movie Black Panther. He appeared in the 2019 film 21 Bridges.

    Chadwick Boseman

  • Laura Marano

    Laura Marano is an actress, singer, composer, and model from the United States. The 20-year-old has been performing for 15 years, beginning with Stage Door Theater when she was five years old. Since then, her career has taken off in leaps and bounds, with appearances in television shows, movies, and sitcoms. She rose to stardom as an adolescent actress after starring in the Disney Channel Original Series Austin and Ally, in which she played Ally Dawson. Despite her hectic filming schedules, she did not attend a set school and instead went to a conventional high school. Vanessa Marano, who played April in 'Gilmore Girls' and presently plays Bay in ABC's 'Switched at Birth,' is Laura's older sister. Laura Marano is a musical artist for Big Machine Records, as well as the owner of her own fragrance line.

    Laura Marano

  • Keemokazi

    Rapper and bedroom hip-hop artist whose viral tracks "Foreign," "Feel," and "Philosophy" catapulted him to popularity. A lot of blog sites have endorsed his music.


  • Russell Wilson

    Russell Carrington Wilson is an American football player for the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League. Russell began his professional career in college, first at North Carolina State University and subsequently at Wisconsin University, and has since progressed to become one of America's most popular athletes. However, at 5'11, he was deemed unsuited for such a harsh sport as football, especially as a quarterback, and endured rejection early in his career, but his abilities finally triumphed, and he became a key member of the popular NFL team Seattle Seahawks. He also played baseball in college and was originally undecided about which sport to pursue as a career, ultimately opting for football since it appeared to be more hard. After being chosen in 2012, he immediately displayed his speed and strength in the opening game of the season and proceeded to impress throughout the tournament, eventually winning the NFL Rookie of the Year award in his first season. The next year, he guided his squad to victory in the NFL 2013. Russell became the highest-paid NFL player in 2015 when his deal with the Seahawks was extended for USD 87.6 million.

    Russell Wilson

  • Howie Mandel

    Howard Michael Mandel is a Canadian actor, comedian, producer, and television host. He is regarded as one of the world's top 100 comedians. He has hosted the NBC game show 'Deal or No Deal' in both the United States and Canada. He's also supplied his voice to a number of characters in shows and films such as 'Muppet Babies' and 'Gremlins.' He has been in television episodes such as 'Good Grief,' 'Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman,' 'Bobby's World,' and 'St. Elsewhere,' where he played the infamous intern Dr. Wayne Fiscus. Mandel has also starred in films such as 'Walk Like a Man,' 'Hansel and Gretel,' and 'Killing Hasselhoff,' among others. He has worked as an executive producer for a variety of projects, including Bobby's World, The Howie Mandel Show, and Deal with It, in addition to being an outstanding performer. He is one of the judges on America's Got Talent, a tremendously popular show.

    Howie Mandel

  • The Game

    Born Jayceon Taylor, he is an American rapper who released three #1 albums between 2005 and 2011. He became a leader in the West Coast hip hop scene.

    The Game

  • Reginae Carter

    Reginae Carter, the daughter of famous rapper <a title='Lil Wayne' href='/famous/lil-wayne.htm'>Lil Wayne</a> and reality television star Toya, is a popular American R&B and hip-hop singer. She had been part of the teenage girl group OMG (Officially Miss Guided) for a brief period of time. In 2009, she appeared on the documentary, ˜The Carter', which was based on her father's life. She has made appearances in a number of her mother's reality TV shows, such as Tiny and Toya (2009-10), Toya: A Family Affair (2011) and My Super Sweet 16 (2014). In February 2013, she became a signed artist for her father's record label Young Money Mini. She launched her first clothing line, "Reginae Carter Collection", in November 2013. In February 2015, she re-launched her clothing collection titled "Shut Up", as part of the ServedFresh anti-bullying campaign. In late 2016, it was revealed that she would return to reality television as part of the show Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta which will premiere in 2017. She has been a Junior Brand Ambassador for Hairfinity.

    Reginae Carter

  • Tiffany Del Real

    YouTube found itself a lively and beautiful YouTuber in Tiffany when she joined her boyfriend and created a channel with him called ˜Tiff&Case.'Tiffiny had a rough time settling down in life after the birth of her son, her responsibilities doubled. However, everything fell into place when she came across someYouTubers at a concert and was inspired by their creativity. And before she knew it, she became a YouTuber herself. She is today an actress, producer and vlogger under the banner of ˜Justkiddingfilms', ˜Justkiddingnews' and ˜Justkiddingparties.' She has massive followings on all other social media accounts as well. On Instagram she has 252K fans, while on Twitter she has more than 40K followers. She has several pages on Facebook dedicated to her work, with over 20K fans there as well.

    Tiffany Del Real

  • Zoie Burgher

    Zoie Burgher is an American social media sensation, who is known for her Twitch broadcasts. However, she is now permanently banned from the Twitch community because her overtly sexual content, which was against the community's terms and policies. Zoie came under the spotlight after she started broadcasting live ˜Call of Duty' game and twerking simultaneously while exposing her body a bit too much. She built a huge fan base due to her provocative videos, which have got her in trouble quite a few times. A self-proclaimed ˜star bikini twerk-streamer,' Zoie refers her fan community as 'Zoidberg Nation'. She is the owner of the girl gaming brand, ˜Luxe' and produced a web reality show, Luxe House. This controversial social media girl has a huge fan following on Instagram and Twitter, while her self-titled YouTube channel has crossed a million subscribers mark.

    Zoie Burgher

  • Kennedy Cymone

    Kennedy Cymone is a YouTube beauty and lifestyle consultant who rose to prominence thanks to her channel FabulousInMaking. Cymone, a strong and ambitious young woman, launched her YouTube channel in 2011 with little idea that it would transform her life. She made her debut video in May 2012 and hasn't looked back since. Her channel presently contains a series of cosmetic lessons, followed by wardrobe videos, hauls, and DIYs. Her strong attitude and camera-friendly nature show through in all of the videos. Cymone, who is still in her teens, understands how to manage fame and success and hasn't allowed it get the best of her. She is grounded and humble. What's even more amazing is the'real self' she portrays in all of her videos. Off camera, Cymone is shy and quiet, and she takes a long time to mix with others, despite the fact that she appears to be an extrovert and gregarious person. Unbelievable for someone who is a social media celebrity and well-known personality!

    Kennedy Cymone

  • Emma Morano

    Supercentenarian who became one of the oldest persons still alive in the world as well as the oldest person still alive in Italy. She credited her ability to live a long life on eating raw eggs and not being in a relationship since 1938.

    Emma Morano