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  • Ellie Thumann

    Ellie Thumann is an American YouTuber best known for running a beauty channel and a vlogging channel on YouTube. Her content covers varied topics, such as beauty, lifestyle, fashion, shopping, and travel. Obsessed with fashion and beauty from childhood, Thumann became active on YouTube in 2014 when she was just a young teenager. Today, she has gained much fame on the social media platform, sharing her knowledge in these very fields. Known for her classic and chic makeup, beauty, and fashion videos, Thumann is one of those upcoming beauty gurus who believe in creating unique and valuable content for their audience. The young American beauty is also a model, currently signed to Next Management. On a personal note, Thumann is a very sweet and loving girl. Despite being a teen, she looks quite mature for her age. Incredibly gorgeous, she is classy and has a great sense in fashion.

    Ellie Thumann

  • Bob Ross

    Bob Ross was a celebrated, creative American painter and an art instructor. He developed an interest, and a taste for art during his early military career when he attended an art class at the Anchorage USO Club, which led him to find his real calling in life. From being a break-time painter during military service to a full-time art instructor on television, Ross's interest and dedication brought him fame and glory. The magnum opus of his career came with his flagship television program ˜The Joy of Painting' that aired for more than a decade from 1983 to 1994 in US, Canada, Latin America and Europe. What gave his show an edge over others was that it was interactive, interesting, creative and entertaining! He adopted and popularized a 16th century painting technique called ˜alla prima' or ˜wet-on-wet' painting, which he was introduced to on television by a German Painter, Bill Alexander. He was an inspiration for not just the pre-internet generation of artists who followed him religiously, but also the post-internet generation of artists who consider him an iconic celebrity painter. Aspiring artists of today, look up to his works and shows on YouTube and other web portals. Though Ross died at an early age, his legacy continues to live through his works.

    Bob Ross

  • Ruel

    Up-and-coming singer who first rose to fame for the 2017 collaborative single "Golden Years." The soulful singer would follow-up that same year with "Don't Tell Me." 


  • Gabrielle Union

    Gabrielle Union is a popular American actress, activist and author who is noted for her roles in various films and television series. She began her career as a model and went on to obtain minor acting roles in some of the most popular sitcoms and teen-comedies of the 1990s. She made her breakthrough through her roles in the acclaimed medical drama series ˜City of Angels' as well as the 2002 film ˜Bring It On'. Union received wide critical acclaim for her role in the film ˜Neo Ned'. She is also an author and entrepreneur, having her own clothing line as well as a range of cosmetics and watches. Her book ˜We're Going To Need More Wine' was judged the ˜Best Book by a Black Author' for that year. She is an activist and advocate for survivors of assault. She has also campaigned for Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and President Barack Obama.

    Gabrielle Union

  • Winona Ryder

    Winona Ryder is a versatile actress who had won several awards and accolades for portraying a variety of roles over a wide genre of films that include comedy, horror, drama, and science fiction. She entered Hollywood as a teenager and made her debut in the film ˜Lucas'. As a young woman, she gained the reputation for taking on quirky roles in films like ˜Heathers' which dealt with teenage suicide and the horror film ˜Bram Stoker's Dracula'. As she matured she expanded her horizon and began accepting different and challenging roles. She is one of the few actresses who successfully made the transition form being a teenage wonder into a mature character actor. Her versatility and penchant for playing diverse roles ensured that there was never a shortage of interesting roles for her to choose from. The daughter of a video producer, she developed an early fascination with cinema and started attending acting classes when she was 12 years of age. She found her first film role as a teenager when she was chosen to play Rina in the film ˜Lucas'. Even though her big screen debut was not considered a hit, it sure became the launch pad for her career. Bigger roles soon followed and soon Winona made a name for herself in Hollywood.

    Winona Ryder

  • Johannes Bartl

    Vegan fitness model and athlete who is also well known as a social media star, YouTuber, and actor. He has earned more than 1.7 million followers on Instagram and 430,000 subscribers on YouTube. 

    Johannes Bartl

  • Tove Lo

    Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson, renowned by her stage name Tove Lo, is a Swedish songwriter and singer. Her stage and nickname was suggested by her grandmother for her love for lynxes signifying ˜Tove' for lynx in Swedish and ˜Lo' an indication for singular. She began her musical journey as a member of a short-lived band ˜Tremblebee' writing songs and performing live onstage at different venues. The Math rock-band released some songs independently before getting disbanded. Tove decided to pursue a solo career and concentrated on pop-music. She started to work on her debut record writing, producing and developing it while living in her shed which she turned into her studio. During that time she did session singing assignments to make some money. Her demo was appreciated by A&R and next she earned a publishing deal with Warner/Chappel music and an opportunity to work with producers and song writers Max Martin, Xenomania, Shellback and Alexander Kronlund and started to release her compositions independently online amassing notable following. Due to her fan following and powerful content, Tove was signed to Island and Polydor label and released her first EP Truth Serum and breakthrough album Queen of the Clouds.

    Tove Lo

  • Fleur East

    Fleur East is an English singer-songwriter, dancer, rapper, and fitness model. Her first tryst with fame came through in 2005, when her group ˜Addictiv Ladies' participated in the television singing competition ˜The X Factor.' She went solo with the record label ˜Strictly Rhythm.' She again participated in the eleventh edition of ˜The X Factor' in 2012 as a solo artist and claimed the runner-up title. Despite being the runner-up, Fleur attracted huge attention as an upcoming international star as well as a new style icon. Fleur's performance to ˜Uptown Funk' in the show made her the first X Factor contestant to top the charts on the ˜UK iTunes Store' chart. In 2015, she was part of the ˜The X Factor Live Tour' and in the same year, she collaborated with Syco Music to launch her first full-length album ˜Love, Sax and Flashbacks.' In 2016, Fleur debuted on the US television space with her single ˜Sax,' which at number three on the UK musical charts. Fleur East is currently working on her latest album, which she apparently plans to release independently by late 2018.

    Fleur East

  • Grace Conder

    YouTube star who appears on her family's YouTube channel Dad V Girls, where she competes with her sisters against their father in various games and challenges. Their YouTube channel has amassed over 350 million views to-date.

    Grace Conder

  • Ian Haueter

    Member of the popular musical.ly account haueterfamily in which he appears on with his siblings and parents. His mom <a title='Kara Haueter' href='/famous/kara-haueter.htm'>Kara Haueter</a> manages the account, and he himself would be featured more than 10 times on it.

    Ian Haueter

  • Brad Leman

    Brad Leman is a British YouTuber and gamer best known for his YouTube channel ˜TheGamingLemon.' He mostly publishes videos related to the popular video game ˜Grand Theft Auto.' He has also posted ˜Let's Plays' and Minecraft' gameplay videos in the past. Brad's videos usually have a hint of humor which brings in an extra dose of entertainment for the viewers. His video editing skills and funny comic gameplay videos have helped him garner huge fan following over social media. His YouTube channel has over 3.8 million subscribers while his twitter handle has more than 290 thousand followers. Brad owns a Facebook page as well. He also owns two online stores, where he trades his signature line of clothing.

    Brad Leman

  • Astrid Smeplass

    Astrid S is a Norwegian singer, model, and actor, who rose to fame following her stint with the Norwegian edition of singing reality show ˜Pop Idol.' Born and raised in Rennebu, Norway, Astrid fell in love with music at an early age and started playing the piano as a kid. Her love for music intensified at the age of 15, when she was gifted a guitar by her parents. She started writing her own songs and practiced them on her guitar, eventually attracting the attention of a few talent managers who showed her the way toward stardom. She ended up at the fifth spot in the finals of the Norwegian version of ˜Pop Idol,' which helped her gain a massive fan following. Following her stint at ˜Pop Idol,' she released a song titled ˜Shattered,' which was a hit. In May 2016, she released a self-titled EP, which received critical and commercial success, and then released another EP, ˜Party's Over.' She won an ˜MTV Europe Music Award' in 2015.

    Astrid Smeplass

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