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  • Michael Jackson

    When they say the sky is the limit, to me that's really true, these lines by Michael Jackson beautifully suffice his life and his love for music. A music aficionado and enthusiast, Jackson changed the way people looked on to music and created a never-ending craze with his chartbusters and best-sellers. He gave pop and rock its life and blood and wrote chapters in the history of music that would long live for centuries to come. A music propeller in the truest sense, it was his outstanding gift and prodigious talent that made him a sensation globally. His countless awards and honorific titles, such as ˜King of Pop' and ˜Artist of the Decade, Generation, Century and Millennium' are a glaring testimony to his enthralling musical career. His supremely endowed music won the hearts of millions worldwide, making him a global figure in the popular culture for almost four decades. While his distinctive sound and style has been of great influence to numerous hip hop, post-disco, contemporary R&B, pop, and rock artists, it was his angelic dance style that continues to be one of the popular styles of dance. He was the man behind today's popular dance styles, moonwalk and robot, both of which bear the name MJ style. It was for his relentless contribution to music, dance and fashion that he was named ˜the most successful entertainer of all time'.

    Michael Jackson

  • Liam Payne

    Liam Payne is an English singer and songwriter best known as a member of the immensely popular Britishpop boy band˜One Direction'. Since childhood, his talent in music and performing arts was apparent; however, he wanted to become an Olympic athlete and trained regularly at Wolverhampton and Bilston Athletics Club. Nevertheless, fate had other plans and he failed to get selected for the Games and decided to pursue music more passionately. He was determined to make it big and made his debut as a solo singer at the age of fourteen in the British television talent competition ˜The X Factor'. Though he performed well, Judge Simon considered him too young to win. Not to be dejected so easily, he trained harder and auditioned again after two years. The second time around, he received better response to his talent and got noticed by all the judges. They clubbed him with four other participants <a title='Niall Horan' href='/famous/niall-horan.htm'>Niall Horan</a>, <a title='Louis Tomlinson' href='/famous/louis-tomlinson.htm'>Louis Tomlinson</a>, <a title='Harry Styles' href='/famous/harry-styles.htm'>Harry Styles</a> and Zayn Malikto form the boy band ˜One Direction'. Though the group didn't win the competition, realising their huge potential they were signed to Simon's Syco Entertainment. Apart from being a vocalist, Payne was also one of the principal writers in the band. The group's debut album was a huge commercial and global success and since then they have won several notable music awards. Their latest album, ˜Made in the A.M.', was released in November 2015. Payne continues to evolve as an artist, writer and a successful musician within the band.

    Liam Payne

  • Lucas Cruikshank

    Lucas Cruikshank is an American YouTube personality who has played a vital role in popularizing the video sharing platform. At the age of 13, he created and played the character of Fred Figglehorn, a 6 year old boy with anger management issues, and released the videos on YouTube. These videos got quick popularity which encouraged him to start a video series on an exclusive Fred channel in 2008. This channel was the first YouTube channel to get over 1 million subscribers. Banking on the huge popularity of Fred, Nickelodeon, a satellite television network currently owned by Viacom, aired spin-off shows of Fred between 2010 and 2012. At present, the Fred channel is out of new production but the old videos still enjoy a considerable number of views. Lucas Cruikshank currently runs his own YouTube channel by the name Lucas and apart from creating and posting YouTube videos he is also exploring a career in mainstream acting and dancing.

    Lucas Cruikshank

  • Lea Michele

    Lea Michele is an American singer, actress, writer and songwriter. She is known for her acting in the musical show ˜Glee'. She began her career since early childhood and went on to become a great success. She has received awards like the People's choice Award and Satellite Awards. Along with fame, she is an active philanthropist and is seen supporting gay rights and animal rights extensively. She was associated with her co-star Cory Monteith. She is popularly known for her albums ˜Louder' and ˜Places'. She had been a hot topic in the media in years during 2010-2012. She has written several books and her books, Brunette Ambition and You First are quite famous. She is known for her wide vocal range from Eb3 to D6. She is classified as a belter and soprano. She worked at Broadway when in high school. She was also associated with Theo Stockman for some months.

    Lea Michele

  • Mateo Bowles

    Mateo Bowles is a famous American dancer and YouTuber. Dance is a universal language and dancers manage to convey extreme emotions with relative ease that is difficult with mere words. Michigan-native Mateo Bowles aka Teo found his passion for dance when he was 5 years old and has been fluent in the language ever since. Together with his older brother <a title='Ayleo' href='/famous/ayleo-bowles.htm'>Ayleo</a>/Ayo, he has built an exclusive genre of his own that has gone viral over the internet. The two brothers have started YouTube channel ˜Ayo & Teo' to showcase his dance prowess and irresistible funk-quotient since March 2011. The channel has amassed over 700,000 subscribers and an astonishing 126 million views. Mateo and his groove are viral over other social media platforms as well. His account in Instagram has over 1.8 million followers till date and they are dying to get the smallest glimpse of Mateo's cool quotient. Currently, Teo has become a known name in the dance circuit and is travelling the length of the country to perform in events with the big names.

    Mateo Bowles

  • Khia Lopez

    Gone are the days when your ticket to being a successful model was to cross paths with the right model scout. Gone are the days when you had to deal with n number of middlemen till you are introduced to the right modeling agency. Model scouts, start counting days. Why you ask? One word: Instagram. In this age of smartphones and abundant internet access, Instagram is the go-to social media network for people craving instant exposure. Most modeling agencies now have an online scout who stomps through Instagram accounts and hand-picks beauties like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. The key to get noticed is to introduce a bit of individuality and a lot of your personality into the pictures. Like most of her tech savvy, selfie-clicking and iPhone brandishing peers, Khia Lopez took to the social media network and she seems like the perfect answer to fashion's fickle whim. Her 209K followers will tell you how much they love Khia. This tween beauty has a passion for dance also. Her musical.lysare followed by more than 600K fans.She is new to YouTube, and posts videos of her shoots and television appearances. She also plans to make videos of her makeup and hair regimes which we are sure to gain a lot of appreciation by young girls.

    Khia Lopez

  • Ceyoncebaby

    Ceyoncebaby is a social media star who rose to prominence after posting a series of short films on Musical.ly, a video making, social networking, and live streaming app. This young lady was destined to be a star and has been dancing since she was a toddler. Another of her passions is gymnastics. She began to add gymnastics aspects into her dance as her enthusiasm for the sport increased and she learned more about it. She is a tremendous lover of the artist and entertainer Beyonce, as her moniker suggests! In fact, most of her posts have hip-hop or R&B music playing in the background. She also enjoys singing, and she can be seen singing along to songs by Beyonce, Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, and others in several of her videos. She is a true multi-talented young lady.


  • William Levy

    William Levy, born as William Levy Gutiérrez is a Cuban American actor as well as former model. He is famous for playing the lead characters in the TV shows ˜Mi vida eres tú', ˜Olvidarte jamás', ˜Sortilegio' and ˜El camion de Joe'. His other projects on television include ˜Pasión', ˜Cuidado con el ángel', ˜Acorralada', ˜Triunfo del amor' and ˜La Tempestad'. In addition, the actor was a participant in the reality dancing competition ˜Dancing with the Stars' for the 14th season. Besides the small screen, Levy has contributed to the big screen as well. He has worked in several films, such as ˜The Single Moms Club', ˜Addicted' and ˜Resident Evil: The Final Chapter', to name a few. The talented actor has also appeared in a music video, featuring in Jennifer Lopez's song ˜I'm Into You'. He has done theatre work as well, by participating in the play ˜Un amante a la medida'. Apart from being an actor, Levy is a former model who had earlier served as one of the faces for the Next Models agency.

    William Levy

  • Khalil Underwood

    Khalil Underwood is an American recording artist and YouTuber. Known for his channel KhalilsWorld, he posts music videos, skits, and funny content on it. As a singer, he has released several original singles till date, such as "All About You, "Get Away and "Be Mine. Talented and passionate, Underwood has a great sense of humor that is well showcased in his comedy videos. He likes to make his audience laugh and strives to keep them entertained by providing them with meaningful and fun content. Underwood is a quick rising web star who is incredibly popular on Instagram. Extremely passionate about music and making videos, the American artiste dreams of becoming one of the top social media influencers. On a personal note, he is a crazy and fun-loving guy. Known for his beautiful blue eyes, he has got numerous female fans on social media. He is the boyfriend of model Corie Rayvon, who is herself a popular social media personality.

    Khalil Underwood

  • Matt Sohinki

    Matt Sohinki is an American video game enthusiast and YouTube gamer. Better known as just Sohinki on the web, he is notable for being a former member of the famous YouTube channel Smosh Games. Currently, he has a self-titled channel on the social media platform and is also a part of a collaborative channel called Toaster Ghost. A man with a charming personality and good looks, Sohinki is known for his incredible game hosting skills. His way of talking and presentation style is unbeatable and this is what makes him standout from other gaming hosts. He is also a comedian who occasionally uploads comedic content. As an avid video gamer, he has posted a variety of gameplay videos on his personal channel as well. He is well educated and is a graduate of Syracuse University. Much beloved as a social media star, he is followed by millions of people all over the world. Besides being known as Sohinki, the YouTuber is also popular by the names EndlessM1ke, Piere La Piere, Dadâ„¢ and Kiki on social media.

    Matt Sohinki

  • Nathaly Cuevas

    Video content creator who became widely recognized for her self-titled YouTube channel. She posts a variety of material including routines, shopping vlogs and Drive with Me's for over 400,000 subscribers. 

    Nathaly Cuevas

  • John McCain

    Senator John McCain of Arizona was an American politician who served in the United States Senate. In the 2008 presidential elections, he was the Republican Party's presidential nominee. He was born into a military family and attended the United States Naval Academy, eventually becoming a naval aviator. He served in the Vietnam War and was nearly murdered when his jet was shot down and he was taken prisoner while on a bombing mission over Hanoi. John McCain's near-death experience in Vietnam did not stop him from returning to service. He entered politics after retiring from the navy. He was twice elected to the United States House of Representatives and four times to the United States Senate. For openly disagreeing with his party on certain subjects, he has acquired the moniker of "maverick" politician. In the 1990s, he was instrumental in the restoration of diplomatic ties with Vietnam. From 1987 until 2018, he served as a US Senator for Arizona. In 2000, he ran for president against Texas Governor George W. Bush, and in 2008, he ran against Democratic nominee Barack Obama in the US presidential elections, but lost.

    John McCain

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