Famous birthday by date
  • Eva Gutowski

    Eva Gutowski is a well-known vlogger and beauty guru who has become a YouTube sensation with her channel ˜MyLifeAsEva'”where she posts videos on things associated with beauty and fashion”and her vlog Channel ˜Eva Marisol'. Although as a young girl she aspired to become a screen diva or a psychiatrist, destiny had something else in store for her and gradually she got drawn towards becoming a reporter and entertainment host. She served in a mom and pop pizza shop as cashier before landing up as a beauty guru and vlogger in YouTube with her beauty and fashion makeup tutorials that eventually garnered immense popularity. These videos are primarily addressed to young adults and teens and encompass tutorials on fashion, hair and makeup. The accomplishments of this young diva as a YouTube entertainer are far-reaching. Till date her YouTube channel has garnered more than 7 million subscribers. While still in her early twenties she has achieved several feats including being marked as one of the fastest growing stars of YouTube; being ranked at number 4 on the Famechangers Digital Star Ranking list of ˜Variety' magazine; and being included in the Social Media Stars list in Billboard.

    Eva Gutowski

  • Owen Bodnar

    Owen Bodnar is an American internet celebriy who became popular on the video creation and live broadcasting platform 'Musical.ly' for sharing his lip-sync videos to a number of hit pop songs, including Justin Bieber's 'Memphis'. He is also an athlete who plays starting quarterback for select tackle football teams in North Texas. He is a basketball player as well, and starts for his middle school basketball team. He was one of the Musical.ly stars who appeared on the 2017 TV series 'Follow Me', which provided a glimpse into the lives of some of the famous musers. In early 2017, he went on the Weekend Rush tour. On January 05, 2018, he held a 'Meet and Greet' at the 'Good Times Live' event at Kimpton Hotel in Palomar, Chicago.

    Owen Bodnar

  • Kade Speiser

    Kade Speiser is an American photographer turned filmmaker who gained popularity for his involvement with Jake Paul's 'influencer squad', 'Team 10'. However, after several other Team 10 members left it in May 2018, he sparked rumors of cutting his ties with the team as some fans noticed that he had dropped the mention of Team 10 from his Twitter bio. Speiser, who loves to vlog, independently produces, shoots, and edits the majority of his footage, and has amassed over 1.8 million followers on his Instagram profile and has over 1.16 million subscribers to his eponymous YouTube channel. Known for his adventurous nature, he is currently traveling around the world with his girlfriend Mackenzie Altig, and regularly posts updates on his social media feeds. He has previously worked as the head of content at the startup TeamDom. He has endorsed many prestigious brands like Levi's jeans, Adidas, Lucky Brand, GOAT, U.S. Polo Assn. and Sperry. He also has official merchandise available from the Fanjoy website. He has been nominated for the 10th 'Annual Shorty Awards' in the category 'Vlogger of the Year', results of which will be out on August 29, 2018.

    Kade Speiser

  • Olivia Rouyre

    Olivia Rouyre is a Belgian-American YouTuber and social media personality. She is known for her self-titled YouTube channel where she uploads beauty, fashion, health, and lifestyle videos. She is also known as a former member of a collaborative channel called ˜The Rad And Reckless,' which she ran alongside Elizabeth and Tatiana Ringsby. Today, Rouyre has emerged as a popular social media influencer for various beauty brands and products. Besides YouTube, she has successfully earned a good fan base on Instagram as well. Born in Belgium and currently residing in USA, Rouyre is an extremely talented diva who is familiar with a variety of concepts related to beauty and fashion. Besides vlogging on YouTube, she is interested in acting as well. Being an avid traveler, she loves the idea of sharing exciting vlogs from her vacations with her audience. She is a friendly, cheerful, and optimistic person who believes in the power of positive thinking.

    Olivia Rouyre

  • Amy Lee33

    Amy Lynn Hartzler, professionally known as Amy Lee, is an American singer-songwriter. She is the founder and lead singer of the rock band, ˜Evanescence'. She is a classically trained pianist and has been greatly influenced by Mozart and modern artists such as Bjork, Plumb and Tony Amos. She boasts of a powerful mezzo- soprano vocal which infuses more energy and emotion into the song. She makes her own fashion statement with her Gothic makeup and Victorian“style clothing, corset, long skirts and knee high boots. One of the most refreshing things about her, which she has stated in many interviews, is the fact that she has consciously avoided skin flashing. She has never engaged in any publicity stunt and feels that celebrities use fashion to appeal to an audience because they have nothing to offer through their work. She has won awards in a range of categories including vocals and songwriting. She has put her stardom to good use as the chairperson of ˜Out of the Shadows', an organization that aims to educate people about epilepsy. Though her band continues to remain united, she has felt the need to pursue a solo career as touring with the band was getting monotonous.

    Amy Lee33

  • Dak Prescott

    Dak Prescott is an American football quarterback who plays for the ˜Dallas Cowboys' in the ˜National Football League' (NFL). Born and raised in Louisiana, Dak always loved playing football. He had inherited the love for the game from his mother and was a star in his high-school football team. He played a crucial role in ˜Houghton High School's 2010 ˜District 1-AAAA' title win. He enrolled at the ˜Mississippi State University' and carried his stardom to college, too. He made several records while playing for the ˜Mississippi State Bulldogs.' By the end of his term with the university, he had played in 49 games and had scored 70 touchdowns. He was selected by the ˜Dallas Cowboys' in the fourth round and played 16 games for them as a rookie. He ended his first year with 23 touchdowns, and in his second season, he scored 22 touchdowns. In 2016, he won honors such as the ˜NFL Rookie of the Year' and the ˜Offensive Rookie of the Month.' He also featured in the ˜Pro Bowl.' He reached number 14 on the list of the ˜NFL Top 100 Players of 2017.'

    Dak Prescott

  • Olivia Olivarez

    Daughter of featured muser <a title='Ashley Soto' href='/famous/ashley-soto.htm'>Ashley Soto</a> who has become popular creating lip sync videos on her own musical.ly account, olivia_olivarez_. She is popular for her comedic lip syncs, which have earned her more than 390,000 followers. She has been featured in <a title='Kaydin Fritcher' href='/famous/kaydin-fritcher.htm'>Kaydin Fritcher</a>'s YouTube covers before.

    Olivia Olivarez

  • Joey Essex

    Joey Essex is a renowned British actor who has worked in several famous television projects. He first shot to fame with his role in the 2nd and 3rd seasons of the series ˜The Only Way Is Essex'. Very soon he was seen in several reality shows such as ˜I'm a celebrity¦Get me out of here!' and others. Joey grabbed the attention of a lot of television viewers with his 2014 show ˜Educating Joey Essex' which was aired on the channel ˜iTV2'. The popularity of the show prompted the makers to present a second season for the viewers. Like many other celebrities, he too has also been in the news for several link-ups. For instance, his affair with former ˜Miss Universe Great Britain', Amy Willerton, was talked about quite a bit. Joey Essex and Amy courted for a while and as per Joey's claim they even slept together. Joey's childhood was scarred due to his mother's suicide. It is amazing as to how he has bounced back strong from such a difficult phase of his life and achieved so much.

    Joey Essex

  • Saud Alhomud

    Vlogger on YouTube who earned an astounding 320 million total video views by featuring his daily adventures with both family and friends. 

    Saud Alhomud

  • Promise Phan

    Well known for her two incredibly popular YouTube channels dope2111 and Promise Phan. She is a transformative makeup artist and beauty guru who makes herself look like various celebrities.

    Promise Phan

  • Eliana Jones

    Pop singer and member of the pop-rock band SM6 which consists of her and her five siblings. She plays the Tamborine and shakers. 

    Eliana Jones

  • Michael Holt

    Michael Holt, who is popularly known as 'Molt' on social media, is an American full-time YouTuber, as well as a part-time graphics designer. He initially gained popularity for his gameplay videos and tutorials on games like 'Clash of Clans' and 'Clash Royale' on his gaming channel 'GAMINGwithMOLT', even though he later began creating content for other mobile games as well. He also has a secondary gaming channel, 'MoltPlays', in which he mostly plays Xbox games like 'OverWatch' and 'Call of Duty'. He recently shifted his vlogging channel from 'Michael Holt' to a new one called 'The Holts' due to technical issues, and posts daily videos with his wife, Rachel. He often collaborates with other YouTube gamers like 'nickatnyte', 'Orange Juice Gaming' and 'Chief Pat', and also does sponsored videos for new and upcoming games. He has a sponsorship deal with G FUEL energy drinks. Alongside his YouTube career, he is also serving as the Head of Graphic Design at Pinckney Marketing since May 2011. His job responsibilities include hiring and managing a small team of graphic designers. He had a crucial role in the designing of an 'Addy Award' winning advertisement.

    Michael Holt