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  • Camila Mendes

    Camila Carraro Mendes is an actress and model from America. She gained fame for portraying Veronica Lodge on The CW's teen drama television series ˜Riverdale'. A native of Virginia, she grew up moving from one place to another, with a considerable amount of time spent in the state of Florida. Mendes made her acting debut in a commercial for IKEA. In 2016, she landed her breakout role as Veronica Lodge in ˜Riverdale'. As the show became an international teen culture sensation, Mendes' performance in the show received positive reviews. She made her cinematic debut in 2018 with the romantic comedy ˜The New Romantic' and has appeared in two music videos, ˜Maggie Rogers: Give A Little' and ˜The Chainsmokers Feat. Emily Warren: Side Effects'. Mendes is also an aspiring singer and has contributed several songs to the ˜Riverdale' soundtrack. Since she has been cast in the show, her popularity on social media has skyrocketed. She has over 1.8 million followers on Twitter and about 140 thousand followers on Facebook. On Instagram, Mendes has almost 12 million followers.

    Camila Mendes

  • Zion Kuwonu

    Zion Kuwonu is a Canadian pop singer, dancer and Instagram star. He is best known as one part of the Los Angeles-based five-piece American-Canadian pop boy band, ˜PrettyMuch,' also stylized as ˜PRETTYMUCH'. Zion started to upload singing covers and dancing videos on his Instagram account and with time garnered hundreds of thousands of followers. He posted performing covers, which later caught attention of English reality television judge and producer <a title='Simon Cowell' href='/famous/simon-cowell.htm'>Simon Cowell</a>. This landed him up with a successful audition for ˜PrettyMuch' formed by Cowell. Zion became the only non-American member of the band that also includes Nick Mara, Austin Porter, Brandon Arreaga, and Edwin Honoret. Zion gradually rose to fame along with the band. The band's discography includes the EP, ˜PRETTYMUCH an EP,' and singles like ˜Would You Mind', ˜Open Arms' and ˜10.000 Hours' among others.

    Zion Kuwonu

  • Joel SmallishBeans

    If playing video games is all that is on your mind right through the day, then Joel Smallish Beans is one guy you are bound to bump into. With over nine lakh subscribers and way more than 18 million views Joel has carved a phenomenal niche for himself, establishing himself as one of the best gamers of his generation. He is a pro at nearly all adventure and simulation digital games like ˜Minecraft' and ˜BeanCraft'. Joel is pretty active on nearly all social networking sites and has an account on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Twitch with a substantial number of followers on each platform. The amount of popularity this 23-year-old gamer has garnered ever since he stepped into the world of YouTube has been enormous. Apart from being one of the most popular gamers, he is also a role model for all those who aspire to turn online gaming into their profession. The impact Joel has on the youth of today is seen by the huge number of fans he has and the enormous number of views his every clip get. Here is a sneak-peak into the life of this cute little gamer, a must read for all his fans.

    Joel SmallishBeans

  • Dom Zeglaitis

    Dom Zeglaitis is a Lithuanian-American YouTube star, hip hop artist and social media influencer. He has gained fame for his self-titled YouTube channel on which he has about 560 thousand subscribers and over 36 million views. A native of Lithuania, he later relocated to Chicago in the United States of America. Initially, his aspiration was to attain success as a rapper and he was known as Durte Dom across various social media platforms, especially YouTube. A member of the popular YouTube ensemble Vlog Squad, he has been with the group's founder David Dobrik since the beginning and has been featured in Dobrik's videos since the inception of his channel. Zeglaitis set up his own YouTube channel in February 2013 and the oldest video there dates back to November 2016. Over the years, Zeglaitis has been the subject of several controversies, including one in which he was accused of filming a 15-year-old girl who was dancing suggestively at a party. He later issued an apology for the incident.

    Dom Zeglaitis

  • Nicole Scherzinger

    Nicole Prascovia Elikolani Valiente, popularly known as Nicole Scherzinger, is a well known American recording artist, actress, and TV personality. Born in Hawaii in the United States, Nicole initially gained fame as a participant in the reality TV show ˜Popstars'. She later became the lead singer of the musical group ˜Pussycat Dolls' which eventually became one of the world's most popular and best selling girl groups. Till date, the group has released two hit albums, ˜PCD' and ˜Doll Domination.' After the disbanding of the group, she was seen in the American dance competition series ˜Dancing with the Stars', as well as in an American singing competition ˜The Sing-Off'. Her debut studio album ˜Killer Love' was released in 2011. With hit singles such as ˜Poison', and ˜Don't Hold Your Breathe', the album was a commercial success, and became the year's twentieth best selling album by a female artist. She is also known for her charitable activities. Deeply involved with the UNICEF, she was honored with the ˜Global Gift Philanthropist Award' at the Global Gift Gala. In addition to her singing career, she has appeared in films such as ˜Men in Black 3', and ˜Moana' as well.

    Nicole Scherzinger

  • Colette Butler

    Colette Butler is an American YouTuber best known for being a part of the famous Shaytards family that is generally considered YouTube's First Family. Also known as Katilette as well as MommyTard, Butler is the wife of fellow YouTuber Shay Butler and the mother of his five children. The couple's fourth kid, Brock, is regarded as the web's "first Truman baby as all the major moments of his life since birth have been captured and documented. Before her rise to fame on social media, Butler was an exercise trainer. She joined YouTube in late 2007. Since then, she has been sharing personal vlogs and other entertaining content with the audience. Butler is a very strong and charming personality. She is sensitive and deeply cares about her family. She is a multitalented diva who has been blessed with a wonderful voice. Her passion for music is reflected in her music videos. A responsible wife and a doting mother, Colette Butler is an inspiration for many other women.

    Colette Butler

  • Kawhi Leonard

    Kawhi Leonard is an American professional basketball player. He is currently playing for the team, ˜Toronto Raptors,' of the ˜National Basketball Association.' He is one of the most valuable players of the ˜NBA.' Leonard was interested in playing basketball, from his school days. In his senior year in school, he won the title of ˜California Mr. Basketball.' Leonard started his amateur career with the ˜San Diego State University' basketball team, ˜Aztecs.' He gave an exceptional performance, and was selected as the 15th overall pick in the ˜2011 NBA Draft,' by the ˜Indiana Pacers.' Later, he was traded to the ˜San Antonio Spurs,' and remained with the team, for a long time. Leonard was selected to the ˜NBA All-Rookie First Team,' in the first year of his professional career. He was named as the ˜NBA Finals Most Valuable Player,' and also won the title of ˜NBA Defensive Player of the Year,' in two consecutive years. After some tremendous performances, Leonard's game was shadowed by some injuries. He suffered an injury to his quadriceps, and missed some games. Leonard was traded to ˜Toronto Raptors,' and is currently playing for the team.

    Kawhi Leonard

  • Kia Pegg

    Kia Pegg is a British actress who ventured into the field of acting, from a very young age. She is best known for her portrayal of ˜Jody Jackson,' in the British children's show, ˜Tracy Beaker Returns.' Pegg made her debut in acting, with a small role in the sitcom, ˜The Legend of Dick and Tom.' Pegg received her stage training from a young age. But she preferred being in front of camera, to being on stage. Pegg appeared in the movie, ˜Toast.' She performed as ˜Vicious Vicky,' in the children's movie, ˜Horrid Henry: The Movie.' It was the portrayal of ˜Jody Jackson,' that helped Pegg to earn name and fame. Later, she was offered the same character, in ˜The Dumping Ground,' which was a spin-off of the ˜Tracy Beaker Returns.' For her convincing performance, Pegg was nominated for the ˜BAFTA' children's award. Pegg has performed as ˜Jody Jackson,' in several video games too. She was a guest in the children's comedy talk show, ˜Hacker Time.' Kia Pegg is an energetic youngster, who is aiming to reach great heights in her acting career.

    Kia Pegg

  • Ellie Ana

    Ellie Ana is a well-known child YouTube star. She, along with her sister, <a title='Emma' href='/famous/emma-emmaandellie.htm'>Emma</a>, runs a YouTube channel on which they share videos on crafts, DIY's, dance, pets, fun, and All-star cheerleading. This 7-year-old YouTube personality started her career at a very young age and became an All-Star Cheerleader at the tender age of three! With more than 490K subscribers on her channel, Ellie Ana got popular within a few months of her joining YouTube. She is extremely enthusiastic and loves making videos on an everyday basis. Supported by her mother who is often seen in the vlogs, Ellie put her 100% on the task she is allotted. Besides making videos, this sweet little girl loves to sing, dance and hang out with friends. Ellie, who herself has a famous channel with her sis, would love to work with the Bratayley siblings “ another popular set of YouTube siblings just like Ellie and <a title='Emma' href='/famous/emma-emmaandellie.htm'>Emma</a>. Note that Ellie is not only famous on YouTube, but on other social networking platforms as well! She and <a title='Emma' href='/famous/emma-emmaandellie.htm'>Emma</a> also have Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram accounts, all of which have considerable number of followers.

    Ellie Ana

  • Jordan Jones

    Australian rules footballer who debuted in 2010 for the West Coast Eagles. He played two games before being de-listed at the end of the 2011 season. He became a financial consultant for Vystal property group.

    Jordan Jones

  • Oliver Tree

    Singer and artist who is known for his music as well as his creative approach to style, art, and more. His music is available on YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, and more. 

    Oliver Tree

  • Charlamagne Tha God

    American radio and television personality who is known as one of the hosts of the Power 105.1 show The Breakfast Club with <a title='DJ Envy' href='/famous/dj-envy.htm'>DJ Envy</a> and <a title='Angela Yee' href='/famous/angela-yee.htm'>Angela Yee</a> and appeared on the VH1 show The <a title='Wendy Williams' href='/famous/wendy-williams.htm'>Wendy Williams</a> Experience.

    Charlamagne Tha God

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