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  • Oprah Winfrey

    Oprah Winfrey is an internationally influential self-made billionaire African-American woman. Born to an unwed mother who had a short relationship with a soldier stationed nearby, Oprah grew up in dire poverty, and was primarily raised by her grandmother. Sexually abused and mistreated as a child, Winfrey rose above adversity to focus on her primary and high school education. After developing a close relationship with a young man and winning a local beauty pageant got her a chance to shine at a local radio station, Winfrey knew that she wanted to work in the broadcast industry. Despite failing one key interview, she persevered and moved across the country to secure a job as a television reporter. Although she never quite adapted to the job, and was later fired, she gained enough experience to be given her own morning talk show. After Winfrey delivered solid ratings, she moved across the country to host a new talk show. After the ratings exploded, she was given control over her own show, which soon became a wildly popular national phenomenon. Winfrey rapidly expanded her media network, launching a magazine, television channel and radio network, and is now considered to be one of the most influential and powerful women on the planet

    Oprah Winfrey

  • David Spencer

    David is known to most millenials as the pro Minecraft player who often cheers people up by streaming his games on YouTube. He streams video game walkthroughs since 2012. He found that his streams could be more fun so he stepped his game up working on cheesy vlogs and some really creative Minecraft plays. David Aka Squid was then recognized as a YouTube partner on 25th September 2012. Squiddy focuses mainly on Open-world, sandbox games like Ark, Sims and Skyrim. He's known for his signature Hello everybody opening, which instantly brightens up your day. He often hosts ˜challenges' within the games and in real life. These challenges are a lot of fun to try among friends or even at a party.

    David Spencer

  • Harriet Tubman

    Escaped slave who became an abolitionist and Union spy during the Civil War and rescued over 300 slaves using the Underground Railroad, a network of secret routes and safe houses that aided runaway slaves. She also fought for women's suffrage after the end of the Civil War.

    Harriet Tubman

  • Adam Lambert

    Adam Mitchell Lambert is a gifted American singer, songwriter and stage actor who came to limelight after he was declared the runner-up in the American Idol's 8th season. However, Lambert's professional career took off when he was a 10-year old youngster having featured in local theatrical productions including ˜You're a Good Man', ˜Camelot', ˜Grease', ˜Hello' and ˜Charlie Brown'. He performed as an understudy or covering actor in the touring Broadway musical ˜Wicked' and shared the stage with Val Kilmer in the opening show of the musical theater ˜Ten Commandments'. Adam also took to honing his singing and music composition skills along with his friends from an early age, under the sobriquet ˜The Citizen Vein'. Following his successful run in the American Idol summer tour, he collaborated with RCA Records for launching his first album, ˜For Your Entertainment', which opened at the third position on Billboard 200. One of the singles from the album earned him a Grammy nomination under the category ˜Best Male Pop Vocal Performance'. His sophomore album ˜Trespassing' followed three years later and despite the LP charting to the top on Billboard 200, was not as commercially successful as his first. Adam has featured many times in subsequent seasons of American Idol including his appearance as a panelist in the 14th season. He fronted as the lead vocalist for ˜Queen' during one of its nationwide music tours, substituting late Freddie Mercury. ˜Original High', Adam's 3rd studio release, once more opened at number 3 on US Billboard 200.

    Adam Lambert

  • Sondre Rodriguez

    Sondre Rodriguez is a rising musical.ly personality who has amassed 650,000 fans on musical.ly- one of the fastest growing social network in the world that is meant for music and lifestyle. The social media personality has proved that lip-syncing could be a profitable exercise if taken seriously. Apart from his interest in music, the boy also likes to play soccer, which he has been playing since childhood. The musical.ly star has attracted several followers on his social media accounts. On Instagram he has more than 70,000 followers, 9242 subscribers on YouTube, 1159 followers on Twitter, and 659 followers on Vine and the number is growing as the days pass. Many of the solo videos of the teenager on Social networking site ˜VK' are characterized by close up shots of him with a lot of hand movement as well as soft music in the background. The boy tries out a number of looks in his photographs but in many of his videos he looks the same.

    Sondre Rodriguez

  • Tom Selleck

    Thomas William "Tom" Selleck is an actor made famous by his portrayal of the private investigator Thomas Magnum in the television series, Magnum, P.I., with his serious looks, stern demeanor and the trademark moustache, he makes a good choice to play cops and investigators roles he had often been offered to portray. Keeping up with his image, he played the Police Chief Jesse Stone in a series of television movies based on Robert B. Parker novels. The talented actor had been in show business for long before he actually got noticed. He had appeared in minor roles in a number of films and television productions before Magnum, P.I., happened and made him a household name. After that role he began receiving more substantial parts in television series and films and landed a role in the movie Three Men, and a Baby which went on to become a huge commercial hit. Acting seemed to be an unlikely profession for the athletic basketball player who majored in business administration. He took up acting on the advice of a drama coach. Starting from small roles he eventually rose to become the award winning, much sought after actor that he is today. A sportsman during his younger years, he is also an accomplished beach volleyball player.

    Tom Selleck

  • TwoSync Chris

    TwoSync Chris is a YouTube gamer who earned popularity after featuring with his brother in number of videos. He and his brother started the YouTube channel and sharing videos about games. But before gaining popularity Chris used to appear in series known as ˜Join Me For Tea' which was a comedy chat show. In this chat show, Chris used to discuss real life topics. But later he collaborated with his brother and started making videos on their channel ˜TWOSYNC'. Unlike other YouTubers, they only focus on football and other games. Their content does not vary and mainly circles around only games. One can find the brothers discussing soccer and their favourite football stars in the videos. Also, like other YouTubers, Chris takes a Q & A session with his fans. Here, the fans get an opportunity to get to know their favourite YouTuber.

    TwoSync Chris

  • Riff Raff

    Riff Raff is an American rapper from Texas, known for his successful rap album ˜Neon Icon.' He started rapping in 2005, and as he could not afford to produce beats of his own, he rapped over other musicians' beats. He then ventured into creating several mixtapes of his own and slowly climbed the ladder. Eventually, he was hired by the rap group ˜Three Loco.' After working with many record labels over the years, he finally settled with well-known DJ and music producer Diplo's ˜Mad Decent.' Riff recorded his debut studio album ˜Neon Icon' and released it in 2014. The album enjoyed enormous success. Soon, he was inspired to start his very own music label, ˜Neon Nation Corporation,' which somehow fell apart later. In June 2015, he geared up for the release of his second studio album, ˜Peach Panther.' The album kept running into trouble ever since its announcement and it was finally released, to moderate critical and commercial acclaim, in June 2016. Riff tried acting too, on several occasions, and made appearances in a variety of series, such as ˜Major Lazer' and ˜One Life to Live.'

    Riff Raff

  • Rag'n'Bone Man

    Rory Graham, better known as Rag'n'Bone Man, is a musician who rose to fame after releasing his singles "Hard Came the Rain" in 2014 and "Healed" and "Human" in 2016. His music video for "Human" had received more than 7 million views within its first three months on YouTube.

    Rag'n'Bone Man

  • Brinley Rich

    Member of the YouTube vlogging family The Riches, she appears alongside her parents and siblings on their popular channel The Rich Life. The family has gained more than 550,000 subscribers documenting their everyday life. 

    Brinley Rich

  • Joel Conder

    Popular YouTuber from the United Kingdom who runs the channel DadvGirls with his family. His YouTube channel features family vlogs and challenges and has amassed over 23 million views to-date. 

    Joel Conder

  • JT Casey

    Dance and lip sync content creator who is recognized for sharing videos on his jtcasey TikTok account, which has earned over 2.6 million followers. He frequently posts videos with other members of the TikTok community including Rhys Dawkins. 

    JT Casey

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