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  • Roman Atwood

    Roman Bernard Atwood is a well known name for any regular YouTube viewer who looks for new prank videos on this video-sharing website. A famous YouTube personality, actor, comedian, prankster, director and vlogger, Atwood's popularity for his prank videos has reached new heights with his prank channel ˜RomanAtwood' which had garnered around 9.5 million subscribers and a whooping 1.4 billion views. He added another feather to his cap after launching his vlog channel, ˜RomanAtwoodVlogs' on YouTube that boasts of being one of the fastest growing vlogs with more than 9 million subscribers and more than 1.5 billion views. He is among the few who have achieved fame and popularity for both their main channel as well as their vlog channel. Now that is some feat! His video genres include sketch comedy, comedy, reality and of course prank videos that have almost become synonymous with him. Atwood is also quite popular on Instagram and Twitter with over 3.3 million followers on his Instagram account and over 1.4 million followers on his Twitter account.

    Roman Atwood

  • Cameron Boyce

    Cameron Boyce is an American actor and dancer famous for playing the roles Luke Ross on Disney comedy show ˜Jessie' and "Conor" on Disney XD live-action comedy series ˜Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything'. His first television break was in May 2008 when he appeared on the music video "That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed)" for the American rock band "Panic! at the Disco" where he played the child version of the guitarist Ryan Ross. He got his first major role on TV in July 2008 on the nighttime soap opera ˜General Hospital: Night Shift', appearing on seven episodes of the show. In August 2008, he landed his first feature film role in the horror film ˜Mirrors'. The same year, he also appeared in the mystery thriller movie ˜Eagle Eye'. He played the role of Keith Feder, the spoiled son of Adam Sandler, in the 2010 comedy film ˜Grown Ups'. He reprised his role of Keith Feder in the sequel ˜Grown Ups 2', released in 2013. He portrayed the role of Carlos in the Disney Channel Original musical film ˜Descendants', where he got a chance to show his impressive dance moves.

    Cameron Boyce

  • iAmJordi

    Singer, songwriter, dancer and social media personality who shot to fame on the app TikTok. Her unique combination of lip-syncing, comedy and transition videos have helped her earn over 1 million fans. 


  • Seth Rollins

    Seth Rollins is an American professional wrestler turned actor. He performs professional wrestling in the WWE under the RAW brand. His real name is Colby Daniel Lopez. He started his professional wrestling career in 2003 and the WWE Career in December 2012. The 6 feet 1 wrestler weighs around 216 pounds. He has been the WWE Heavyweight Champion twice. Other than this, he has won many competitions in the WWE RAW. Seth Rollins is known for his masculine look with long hair dyed black and blonde and natural dark brown eyes. His favorite finishing moves in wrestling are the Pedigree and the Curb Stomp. It is believed that his career took a major turn in the right direction when he won the ˜Money in the Bank' contract in the WWE, in 2014. In 2016, he made his film debut and is expected to appear in coming times. He made his video game debut in WWE 2K14, which was followed by three more upgrades.

    Seth Rollins

  • Alec Benjamin

    Singer-songwriter whose debut track, "Paper Crown," created a splash.

    Alec Benjamin

  • Nova

    Rapper who was the winner on season 3 of the Lifetime series The Rap Game. He has over 20,000 followers on SoundCloud. He is also known for his crowned musical.ly account TheRealestNova. 


  • Caroline Sartorius

    Caroline Sartorius is the elder sister of <a title='Jacob Sartorius' href='/famous/jacob-sartorius.htm'>Jacob Sartorius</a> “ a singer and a social media sensation with over eight million followers on Instagram. She, in her own right, is an Instagram star with over 380K followers on the app. She is also highly active on other social media platforms. She graduated from the South Lakes high school in Reston, Virginia, and began attending the Wake Forest University in 2015. Caroline has a passion for travelling and she enjoys wandering the world. Her parents run a government consulting firm called Social Impact.

    Caroline Sartorius

  • Sean O'Donnell

    Sean O'Donnell is a popular social media personality with a tremendous fan base on Instagram where he has over a million followers! A multi-faceted personality, he has tried his hands at a variety of roles in the entertainment field and continues to explore his options as a model, actor, and singer. With his bespectacled boy-next-door looks, he comes across as a regular, friendly neighbourhood guy which makes it easier for his fans to relate to him. He is a creative person and enjoys creating content for his social media posts which are generally warm and encouraging. After gaining fame as an Instagram star, he began his career as an actor with the comedy movie ˜Mamaboy' in which he played a teenage boy who gets pregnant. He also appeared in the films ˜#Speedball' and ˜The Win.' He has appeared in a number of music videos as well. Besides his career in the entertainment field, the young man is also an entrepreneur and sells t-shirts, hats, and pullovers under his own Happy clothing line. Talking of his personal interests, he is an enthusiastic amateur photographer who is devoted to constantly improving his skills in the field.

    Sean O'Donnell

  • Kylie Minogue

    siKylie Ann Minogue, the pride of Australia, is a renowned singer-songwriter and an actress. She started her career at a very young age with Australian television series like: ˜Skyways', ˜The Sullivans', ˜The Henderson Kids' and ˜Neighbor'. It was ˜Neighbor' that helped put her on the centre stage when an English record company decided to give her a break. She has given many hit albums to the world, like: ˜Kylie', ˜Kylie Minogue', ˜Fever', ˜Rhythm of Love', ˜Body Language', etc. She has worked in many movies as well. Her concerts are considered to be iconic and she is a style icon all over the world. Her energy and conformability in sexually portraying herself has led people and media to constantly compare her with Madonna. Where Madonna is known as the ˜Queen of Pop', Kylie is called the ˜Princess of Pop'. She has been a victim of breast cancer and fought with it bravely and survived. After her recovery she made it a point to talk about her fight with cancer to the media to give more courage and inspiration to the people struggling with cancer.

    Kylie Minogue

  • Daniel Veda

    Daniel Veda is one of the three members of the Pop/R&B group-˜The Bomb Digz'. The other two members are Kevin Alston and Devin Gordon. Daniel entered the music scene along with his bandmates during his teen years. The trio was guided by the Grammy-nominated producer Allstar. They started by launching their remixes on YouTube and SoundCloud. Buoyed by their popularity and following on social media, the band emerged into the music scene with their YouTube covers. Eventually, in 2015, they came up with their first original song, ˜Get Used to This'. Daniel has been one of the pillars of the teen band. Today, the band extensively travels on tours across the country, thus expanding their reach outside the virtual world as well.

    Daniel Veda

  • Karina Conti

    Karina Conti is an American social-media personality. She has gained an impressive fan following on 'Instagram,' where she posts her captivating photos. Karina often shares her fashion and makeup tips with her fans online. She is equally active on 'musical.ly,' where she performs lip-syncs. She has appeared on her boyfriend's 'YouTube' channel quite a few times. Karina has accounts on other social-media platforms such as 'YouNow,' 'Snapchat,' and 'Twitter,' too.

    Karina Conti

  • Kim Dahyun

    One of nine members of the K-pop band Twice that formed through the reality show Sixteen. They are known for albums such as The Story Begins, Page Two and Twicecoaster: Lane 1.

    Kim Dahyun

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