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  • Melanie Martinez

    Melanie Martinez is a popular American singer-songwriter, music video director and photographer. She rose to stardom after appearing as a contestant on the American reality show ˜The Voice'. Melanie went on to choose <a title='Adam Levine' href='/famous/adam-levine.htm'>Adam Levine</a> as her coach and became the sixth finalist on the show before being eliminated by public votes. She is known to be one of the most successful products of the reality show. Her debut single ˜Dollhouse' is her highest rated single until today and is certified Platinum by ˜RIAA'. So far she has launched one album ˜Cry Baby' and two EP's ˜Dollhouse' and ˜Cry baby's Extra Clutter' and all have been a hit on music charts. She is presently signed with ˜Atlantic Records'and her second untitled album is due to release in 2018. Most of her songs reflect a large part of her personal experiences mostly cantered on coming-of-age themes, romance and family disputes. The twenty-two year is quite a style icon and is quite famous for her two-toned hair. She recently teamed up with the cosmetic brand ˜Lime Crime' to endorse ˜blue' and ˜brown' lipsticks under their elite collection.

    Melanie Martinez

  • Jessica Alba

    Jessica Alba is an American actress who gained fame for her outstanding role in the television series ˜Dark Angel'. A prolific actress today, Alba had wanted to become an actress from an early age,. She was only five when she decided to pursue her passion for acting! At 11, she won an acting competition which earned her a scholarship for acting classes. This marked the stepping stone of Alba's career which led her to fulfil her dreams. Her breakthrough roles in both films and television came in early. In 1994, at just 13 years of age, she bagged a small role as Gail in the feature film ˜Camp Nowhere'. Around the same time, she picked up a recurring role as Jessica in the Nickelodeon comedy series ˜The Secret World of Alex Mack'. Over the years, Alba has polished her acting skills greatly which is visible in her work. Interestingly, she hasn't limited her work to a single genre and repeatedly experiments with her roles and characters. She has acted in a diverse array of film genres including horror, supernatural, thriller, romance, drama and comedy. Furthermore, she has made her presence felt both in films and television with her versatile acting skills.

    Jessica Alba

  • Louise Pentland

    The name Louise Pentland may not ring a bell immediately when you hear it, but if you are a regular in YouTube and is a fashion and makeup enthusiast, chances are you have come across her super successful channel Sprinkle of Glitter. Her channel has over 2.5 million subscribers with number of views in the billions. Her accounts in other social media platforms are just as sought after as her YouTube account. Both her Instagram and Twitter currently have followers in the range of 2 million and over. She has been a fashion and beauty blogge for quite some time and recently she has transitioned into the role of author and fashion consultant. She is the poster girl of plus-sized women and has been the perfect advocate of women with different body type. She has casted herself perfectly into the various roles she has embraced and her channel have seen a totally bold makeover over the years which the viewers have embraced whole-heartedly. She has maintained her blog for quite some time and it has given plus-sized fashion addicts. She has ridden high on the peaks of success with multiple tie-ups with fashion ranges, makeup franchises and lifestyle brands apart from her earnings from YouTube. Her current net worth is somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.8 million and is all set to go up in near future.

    Louise Pentland

  • Robert Jay Perez

    Robert Jay Perez is an American YouTuber who is the creator of the channel 'Kubz Scouts' which is popular for its video gaming content. Better known online as Jay, Perez is notable for his Yandere Simulator Myths series. He is also a comedian who makes people laugh with his fun commentaries. Born in Virginia, the YouTube gamer is a well-travelled man. He makes use of his experiences to entertain others and make his audience laugh. He also likes to make new friends on YouTube and treats all his fans and followers with great respect. Perez is extremely talented when it comes to presentation and creating gaming content. His videos are brilliant and enjoyable. Besides YouTube, the American gamer is also popular on Twitter and Instagram. Talking about his personality, he is an extremely cool and funny man. He is a caring boyfriend who loves spending quality time with his sweetheart when he gets some leisure time.

    Robert Jay Perez

  • Capron Funk

    Capron Funk is an American social media star and professional scooter rider. He is one of the members of the famous YouTube channel ˜Funk Bros.' The channel has gathered more than three million subscribers, and is considered one of the fastest growing YouTube channels in the US. Since they post fun-filled videos, their channel is particularly popular among youngsters. Capron and his ˜Funk Bros' members have also faced several controversies as many other YouTubers have accused them of plagiarism. Nevertheless, the trio has managed to silence many haters and critics. Apart from posting videos on YouTube, Capron has also gained prominence as a rider. He has taken part in several national and international scooter championships. His flips are highly popular and are collectively known as ˜MCFLIP.' Capron is also famous on other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

    Capron Funk

  • Ethan Hughes

    Sketch comedy content creator who is recognized for sharing short form videos on his ethannhughess TikTok account. He frequently made videos with his friends and has amassed more than 950,000 fans on the platform.

    Ethan Hughes

  • Louis Cole

    Louis Cole is a British film-maker and YouTuber who loves travelling and making videos on the go. He is known for posting vlogs on his channel ˜FunForLouis' that documents his life and travel adventures. With ˜Peace out, enjoy life and live the adventure' as his motto, Cole makes video blogs with the aim of giving positive messages to his viewers. The social media personality initially found fame after filming eating stunts on his former channel ˜FoodForLouis'. However, after getting heavy warnings from RSPCA for violating certain acts by eating live creatures on camera, he took the food videos down and moved on to form another channel. Since then, he has been encouraging people to go out and enjoy life. With his interesting and inspirational videos, Cole has gained a huge fan following. Today, he has over 1.9 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Not just this! He is extremely popular on Twitter and Instagram as well. As of now, he holds about 872k and 1.5m followers on Twitter and Instagram respectively.

    Louis Cole

  • Harry Shum Jr.

    Harry Shum Jr. is a Chinese“American actor, singer, dancer, and choreographer, best known for his starring role in the successful musical series ˜Glee.' Born in Costa Rica and raised in California, Harry devoted a lot of time to extracurricular activities while in school. He played football and performed in school plays. Harry made his on-screen debut as a dancer in the 2004 dance film ˜You Got Served.' He then did a lot of minor roles as a dancer in films such as ˜Stomp the Yard' and ˜Center Stage: Turn It Up.' In 2009, he had a major career breakthrough when he bagged one of the main roles in the musical comedy“drama series ˜Glee.' In the series, he played the role of ˜Mike Chang,' a footballer who later discovers his talent in dance. He then played major roles in the series ˜Mortal Kombat: Legacy' and in the crime-drama film ˜Revenge of the Green Dragons.' He has been actively involved with a few web series such as ˜Caper' and ˜Single by 30.'

    Harry Shum Jr.

  • Penelope Cruz

    Ask a movie buff what is common between the films, ˜Open Your Eyes', ˜The Girl of Your Dreams', ˜Vanilla Sky' and ˜Blow' and without a second to spare, out would come the reply, Penelope Cruz! A truly charismatic Spanish actor of substance, Penelope Cruz cruised her way to the big screen with her exceptional talent, captivating appeal and skilled approach. Right from a young age, she indulged in re-enacting actors which built the foundation to take up acting as a career option. However, en-route pursuing her dreams, she faced a lot of rejections initially but did not lose her vision of becoming a top actress. Resultantly, all her hard work, willpower and determination paid off when she was cast in the movie, ˜Jamon, Jamon' in 1992. Her artistic talent was recognized as she earned nominations for Best Newcomer and Best Actress in her debut year in Goya Award, Spain's equivalent of Oscars. Thus, started a career that was destined for greater glories! After making her presence felt at the Spanish movie circles, she moved to Hollywood to make her mark at the world forum. She earned critical acclaim and recognition for her work and became the first Spanish actress to be conferred upon with an Academy Award and a star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In the following lines, we have provided detailed sketch of her life, childhood and profile. Read on.

    Penelope Cruz

  • Drew Scott

    Home expert who became known for hosting Property Brothers and Buying and Selling.  In 2017, he became a contestant on ABC's Dancing with the Stars alongside dancing pro <a title='Emma Slater' href='/famous/emma-slater.htm'>Emma Slater</a>.

    Drew Scott

  • Lucci Smith

    Lucci Smith is an Instagram personality who has achieved fame on the platform via his short dance videos and lip-syncing clips. He is also notable for sharing his personal photographs on the platform. Smith has achieved online fame quite fast. He is a young teenager who has already gained thousands of fans across various platforms of social media. The number of fans on his Snapchat account is also substantial. Known for his extremely curly locks, Smith has truly taken social media by storm with his stunning hair and gorgeous eyes. Given his exotic looks, it comes as no surprise that the good-looking young boy has numerous female fans! His unique personality is a bonus for his followers! On a personal note, he is a funny person who loves doing all sorts of weird and crazy activities. His youth, coupled with his innocence, makes his stand out from the hordes of other Instagrammers. A brother of two, Smith often collaborates with his siblings for his Instagram posts.

    Lucci Smith

  • Skye Hitchcock

    Social media star who has gained popularity for the pregnancy and lifestyle videos she posts to her skyehitchcock TikTok account. She has accumulated over 320,000 followers on the video platform. 

    Skye Hitchcock

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