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  • Tal Fishman

    Tal Fishman is a famous YouTube star with over 15 million subscribers; he is best known for his channel "Reaction Time." He has a number of other YouTube channels where he posts comedic contents including reaction videos, skits, sketches, funny Q&A videos and vlogs. His video named Don't Judge Me Challenge Reaction went viral and contributed to his popularity a lot. He also reacts to other YouTubers as well as pop stars like <a title='Selena Gomez' href='/famous/selena-gomez.htm'>Selena Gomez</a> and <a title='Ariana Grande' href='/famous/ariana-grande.htm'>Ariana Grande</a>. But some things people don't see behind the camera is that Tal is a good person around everybody

    Tal Fishman

  • Kamri Noel McKnight

    Kamri Noel McKnight is a well-known social media celebrity and YouTuber. Her YouTube channel has over a million subscribers, and she has over 900,000 Instagram followers. It seemed only natural for Kamri Noel McKnight to follow in the footsteps of her father, who runs one of the most successful YouTube channels in the world. Mindy McKnight, her mother, had the wonderful idea of launching a YouTube channel where she would try out new hairstyles for kids and teens. Kamri Noel's elder twin sisters launched their own lifestyle channel, 'Brooklyn and Bailey,' a few years later. Both of these channels have a sizable audience and millions of views. As a result, social media has always been in Kamri Noel's blood. Kamri Noel's channel was destined to be popular, thanks to her family's firsthand knowledge. In less than a year, the number of subscribers has surpassed a million. She also has a large following on other social media channels.

    Kamri Noel McKnight

  • Kristina Pimenova

    The word "supermodels" used to conjure up images of glossy dolls like Tyra Banks and Cindy Crawford. It appears that things have changed, and it's almost unbelievable to see little children as young as 4 or 5 years old working in the fashion sector and displaying splendor. Kristina Pimenova is without a doubt one of the most successful younger supermodels. And what is it about her that makes her so unique? Kristina is just 11 years old, yet she has already made waves in the media! This stunning little woman, flawless and poised and a sight to behold, understood more about the fashion industry even before she turned eight. Kristina appears to be on the right track, with a legion of friends and lovers on social media, and many of her well-wishers are just wishing for more accolades in her entertainment career.

    Kristina Pimenova

  • Timothée Chalamet

    Actor who received an Academy Award nomination for his first leading role in the 2017 film Call Me by Your Name. He portrayed Finn Walden in the Showtime series Homeland and is also recognized for his recurring role as Luke in Royal Pains. Other notable film credits include Interstellar, Lady Bird and Hostiles. 

    Timothée Chalamet

  • Briar Nolet

    Briar Nolet is considered a modern day dancing queen, who is waltzing her way to success. At a very young age, she is captivating the world with her incredible dance moves and acting skills. As a rising star in the show biz world, Briar Nolet is gaining popularity and fame for her exceptional on-screen presence, and flawless dance moves. Proving to be an inspiration for the youth of today, Briar's passion for dance is backed up by her undying dedication and commitment. She is a role model for many, as she grabs on to every opportunity that hones her talent, particularly by taking on roles which are challenging and rigorous. She is also known for her performance in the ˜Family Channel' show, ˜The Next Step'. Miss Nolet is a living proof that talent, coupled with dedication, is all that it takes to make it big in the entertainment industry.

    Briar Nolet

  • Salman Khan

    Bollywood actor who starred in over 80 Hindi Films and won the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. He set a Bollywood record by appearing in the highest-grossing film of the year on nine separate occasions.

    Salman Khan

  • Hayley Williams

    As the main vocalist of the iconic alternative rock band Paramore, Hayley Williams has smashed glass ceilings. And for music fans who can't get enough of Paramore and Hayley's pop-orange hair color, there's no need for an introduction to show her magnificence. Songs like 'Decode' and 'Ain't it fun' are still at the top of her fans' favorite lists, and if her success continues at this rate, they will be for a long time! As one of the few female-fronted bands, Paramore has been lauded by numerous top musicians as one of the most raw and real, with some even describing it as "young sounding." Hayley is not just a vocalist who is changing the face of music, but she is also adored by the general public for her tough, non-spunky demeanor. This is your signal to check out her songs if you want a peek of this immensely talented vocalist and her kickass persona!

    Hayley Williams

  • Sydnastical

    Sydney Herz is an American gymnast, social media celebrity, and aspiring singer who goes by the moniker Sydnastical. She is most known for uploading videos to her YouTube channel, Sydnastical, which has over 216,000 followers. She uploads a wide range of videos, including challenges, cover songs, vlogs, and lessons. On her YouTube videos, she often includes her twin brother Luke Herz. Sydney is also well-known on the picture and video-sharing platform Instagram, where she has over 679,000 followers. She now resides in Baltimore and wants to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry in the near future. Sydney is also a philanthropist, going out once a month to give the money she earns from her YouTube channel. Continue reading to learn more about Sydney's upbringing, social media career, and personal life.


  • Maddie Core

    TikTok content maker and social media star who grew to recognition by releasing original comedic material on her mpcore account, generally in the form of POV videos. Before her account was deleted, she had garnered over 500,000 followers on the network.

    Maddie Core

  • Josh Leyva

    Josh Leyva is a popular vlogger in the United States who is recognized for his amusing and bizarre videos on his 'YouTube' channels. Josh's primary channel, which has over 2 million followers, is primarily dedicated to bizarre comedic videos. Pranks, sketches, and challenges are featured in his comedy videos. His second channel is solely dedicated to vlogging. Josh's Instagram account also has a sizable following. He has also participated in a few acting productions. He also made headlines after his breakup with Chachi Gonzales of the I.aM.mE dance group. Josh has been linked to Nikita Dragun, a transgender beauty guru.

    Josh Leyva

  • Bill Goldberg

    William Scott Goldberg, more popularly known as Bill Goldberg, was one of the most respected and renowned professional wrestlers in the 1990s. ˜Goldberg', as he fashioned himself in the ring, is mostly known for his famous undefeated streak extending from 1997 to 1998. This was also the most illustrious phase in Goldberg's wrestling career. His foray into the ring was largely accidental as he wanted to pursue American Football. Initially picked up by the Los Angeles Ramos in 1990, he subsequently played for Sacramento Gold Miners and Atlanta Falcons in the National Football League. He moved to Carolina Panthers later, but his dream of a career in football was cut short by an injury. He turned to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) while recovering from injury and would achieve fame with his newfound talent. He soon entered the World Wrestling Entertainment and had a successful and controversial career. He defeated some of the most successful wrestlers including The Rock and Lance Storm. After retiring from the ring, he took on the role of a ˜color commentator' in MMA tournaments. He was recently inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

    Bill Goldberg

  • Peanut

    Level 10 gymnast who may be seen on the Peanut and Amanda's Life YouTube channel.