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  • Sam Golbach

    Part of the dynamic duo ˜Sam and Colby,' Sam Golbach is the fair-haired partner of the two. Together with fellow schoolmate and current roomie, <a title='Colby Brock' href='/famous/colby-brock.htm'>Colby Brock</a>, Sam took Vine by storm. The platform, which featured short format video hosting, made the two quite popular through their prank videos. Sam, like several others of his generation, has made a career out of producing funny, user engaging short videos to be posted on the Vine app. After Vine shut down, Sam moved his considerable talents to YouTube where he continued his prank videos. In the short time since he has moved his platform, he has acquired close to 73K subscribers. His fans love catching glimpses of his charmed life through his Instagram account which has about 274K followers. Even his Twitter posts reflect his funny side and 87.6K fans hang on to all his jokes there. With so much adoration from his fans and his videos being highly popular on social media platforms, Sam enjoys his fair share of revenues and also makes a living appearing in commercials and adverts. He, along with his partner/friend Colby, has moved to LA in order to advance their budding careers after graduating High School.

    Sam Golbach

  • Bill Nye

    William Sanford ˜Bill' Nye, is an American television artist, host and entertainer, known popularly as ˜Bill Nye the Science Guy'. He was born and brought up in Washington D.C. to World War II veterans. His interest in science was initiated by his father who was a sundial enthusiast. He graduated from the Cornell University in mechanical engineering and began his science career at Boeing, Seattle where he developed a hydraulic pressure resonance suppressor. He is a big fan of speading science education through entertainment and for that he began his entertainment career with small gigs at the comedy theatres, working as an assistant on the show ˜Back to the Future: The Animated Series' and eventually bagged the most famous role of his life, ˜Bill Nye the Science Guy'. Besides these shows on the television and doing science miniseries for The Discovery Channel, Nye partook in every opportunity to spread the message on restoring energy and environment and teaching small children and sometimes the mature audience the importance and role of science in day to day life. He has been honored by many universities with several doctorates because of his contribution to science with his acting skills and talent on the television.

    Bill Nye

  • Bruce Lee

    Joe Lewis quote, If Bruce Lee wasn't the greatest martial artist of all time, then certainly he is the number one candidate suffices Bruce Lee's contribution as a martial artist to the world. A film actor and instructor of the combat practices, he gained a worldwide status in a short span of life and soon became one of the most influential martial artists of all time. Born in an affluent family, Lee gained entry into films long before he realized the same and soon became a famous child actor. Acting and martial arts went hand in hand as he turned to a martial art instructor. However, it was his relocation to Hong Kong and association with films that elevated the popularity of both him as an actor and martial arts as a combat practice. His films created box office records, eventually changing the way martial arts and films related to it were looked upon by the world. Lee is accredited with the formulation of Jeet Kune Do, (The Way of the Intercepting Fist), a new form of martial art which was quite different from the traditional and rigid form in matters of practicality, flexibility, speed, and efficiency. A further reading will brief you about his life and profile in detail.

    Bruce Lee

  • blackbear

    Matthew Tyler Musto, known professionally as Blackbear, is a well-known American hip-hop singer, songwriter, and record producer. His first solo album was ˜Deadroses' which had a set of ten tracks. The lead single ˜Idfc' was a huge success, earning a lot of popularity and appreciation. Following the success of his debut album, he released multiple other albums, the latest one being ˜Cybersex'. This album was an average success, peaking at the 47th position on the US Billboard 200. He has also released a few EPs, such as ˜Afterglow' and ˜Foreplay.' In his career so far, he has collaborated with several well-known artistes, such as Hoodie Allen, Justin Bieber, James Black, and <a title='Pharrell Williams' href='/famous/pharrell-williams.htm'>Pharrell Williams</a>. He was a co-writer of the song ˜Boyfriend' by Justin Bieber; the song was a huge hit and peaked at the 2nd position on the Billboard Hot 100. In 2014, he began to monetize streaming on SoundCloud, becoming one of the first independent artists to do so.


  • Bonnie Hoellein

    Bonnie Hoellein is an American YouTuber known for posting family-oriented videos on her self-titled channel. Her content is based on the daily lives of her family members and focuses on the milestones in the lives of her four children. In addition, her channel has several beauty and makeup tutorials as well. Hoellein likes to capture every moment of her life with the camera. She does so not just for the sake of her YouTube career but also because she wants these clips to act as mementos in her later life. The American YouTube momma loves her life to the core and wants to share her joy and happiness with the world around. Through her videos, she has got immense popularity on the social platform. As of March 2018, Hoellein has earned over 853k subscribers on her channel. She is moderately famous on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well. On a personal note, she is a charming, strong, sweet, and independent woman whose priority in life is her family.

    Bonnie Hoellein

  • Chanyeol

    Park Chanyeol, the lead vocalist and rapper of the boy band EXO, was born in South Korea. In 2012, the group's single "Mama" peaked at number one.


  • Quinton Price

    Point-of-view variety content creator best known for his qpricee TikTok account. His relatable personality has helped him to build a fanbase of more than 500,000 followers. He often features friends in his comedy videos. 

    Quinton Price

  • Amanda Todd

    She sadly committed suicide when she was 15 after releasing a video about being blackmailed and tormented by her classmates.

    Amanda Todd

  • Jimi Hendrix

    Jimi Hendrix is widely regarded as one of the finest electric guitarists in the history of music. He created songs that blended heavy rock, jazz, and blues into heartfelt, memorable performances. Many aspiring artists have found inspiration in his style of music. He began his musical career by creating The Jimmy Hendrix Experience, a band in which he played the guitar and sung lead vocals. Hey, Joe, his debut hit, was a worldwide sensation. After his memorable performances at the Woodstock Festival in 1969 and the Isle of Wight Festival in the 1970s, he became a household name. In 1968, he published Axis: Bold as Love, his second album, and in the same year, he released Electric Ladyland, his final album. The hit song All Along the Watchtower was featured on the album. In 1969, the band disbanded shortly after. Blues performers such as B.B. King, Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Albert King, Elmore James, and rhythm and blues guitarists Curtis Mayfield and Steve Cropper impacted him greatly. Wes Montgomery, a jazz guitarist, also influenced his work. On September 18, 1970, at the age of 27, this lead guitarist passed away.

    Jimi Hendrix

  • Julia Gisella

    An illustrator and TikTok celebrity, she is well-known for her artistic art films in which she sketches and mashes up famous people. Her self-titled TikTok account has 10 million followers.

    Julia Gisella

  • Stephanie Soo

    Her self-titled YouTube channel has made her a social media celebrity. Her mukbangs, culinary tastings, and vlogging have amassed over 168 million views. She also has a MissMangoButt YouTube account.

    Stephanie Soo

  • Bhushan Kumar

    Film producer who became the CEO of India's leading music company after taking over his father's T-Series record label.

    Bhushan Kumar