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  • Lonzo Ball

    Lonzo Ball is a well-known American basketball player. He is a basketball genius and his accuracy in throwing the ball remains unmatched. Lonzo is also known for the energy he brings to the game. He played with the ˜UCLA Bruins' in college before he was selected for the ˜Los Angeles Lakers' of the ˜National Basketball Association.' He was selected in the ˜2017 NBA draft.' He was the second overall pick. He was also selected for the ˜2017 NFL.' He was the third pick for the ˜Lakers' after D ˜Angelo Rusello and Brandon Ingram. Currently, he is the point guard in the ˜Lakers.' Amongst his numerous awards and honors, he won ˜Mr. Basketball USA' in 2016. He was also awarded ˜Wayman Tisdale Award' for being America's top freshman of 2016. As a freshman, he broke the ˜UCLA's old record of most assists in a season. He also endorses various sports brands, including ˜Nike,' Adidas,' and ˜Under Armour.'

    Lonzo Ball

  • Charlie Lenehan

    Charlie Lenehan is an English singer who forms one half of the popular pop-rap duo Bars and Melody (B.A.M., for short) along with rapper Leondre Devries, with Charlie representing the Melody and Leondre, the Bars. The popular young singing sensation rose to mainstream fame after participating in the eighth series of the reality talent show ˜Britain's Got Talent' with Leondre. Even though the boys cleared the semifinals, they could not win the series. Though placed third behind Lucy Kay and Collabro, they had managed to thoroughly impress the judges and audience. So impressed was judge Simon Cowell that he signed the boys to a £500,000 record deal with his record label. Just in their mid-teens when they first tasted success, the boys continue to hone their musical skills with the passage of time. After releasing a series of hit singles and EPs, Bars and Melody brought out their debut album ˜143' in 2015. The album was a hit, peaking at No. 4 on the UK albums chart. In addition to his musical career, young Charlie also sells a range of merchandise. The talented singer is also a budding entrepreneur it seems!

    Charlie Lenehan

  • Cullen Cullen & Katie

    Cullen Byington is an American YouTube star, Instagram star, and social media influencer. He has gained fame as the patriarch and co-runner of the Byington family YouTube channel ˜Cullen & <a title='Katie' href='/famous/katie-cullen---katie.htm'>Katie</a>' along with his wife, <a title='Katie' href='/famous/katie-cullen---katie.htm'>Katie</a> Walker Byington. His family is originally from Alabama, where he currently resides. However, he has spent a considerable amount of time in Florida as well. Cullen and <a title='Katie' href='/famous/katie-cullen---katie.htm'>Katie</a> married in May 2007 and went on have two children, a daughter named Macey and a son named Brooks. It was <a title='Katie' href='/famous/katie-cullen---katie.htm'>Katie</a> who originally set up the channel under the username bamachick1101 in September 2006 but did not start posting consistently until 2010. In time, the channel gained traction and as of 2018, it has accumulated about 550 thousand subscribers and 180 million views.

    Cullen Cullen & Katie

  • Theodore Roosevelt

    Theodore Roosevelt was one of the most eminent politicians of United States who went on to serve as the 26th President of the country. It would be surprising to know that during his early days, Roosevelt primarily remained sick with asthma attack and chronic illness and was advised to take up desk job to live a healthy and long life. Interestingly, he lived up till 61 years of age and all through remained hyperactive with his political pursuits. Had it not been for his willingness to go beyond the boundaries America would not have had its first ever truly modern President. Roosevelt, during his term in office, changed what it meant to be a President by expanding the power of the presidency, through his proclamations, acts and policies. It was his foresightedness that allowed America to enter the new century with newer vision and greater power. During his rule, the country transformed much, dealing with several issues related to civil rights, racial discrimination and women suffrage. Adorned with two of the highest decorations, Nobel Peace Prize and Congressional Medal of Honor., Roosevelt was one of the most significant leaders of America who changed the face of the nation throughout the world. With this article, learn some more interesting facts about this charismatic and exuberant personality.

    Theodore Roosevelt

  • ClickForTaz

    Poet turned social media star best known under the moniker Click for Taz. She's popular for her spoken word poetry and "Taz Talks" videos on her YouTube channel, which now boasts over 500,000 subscribers as well as 30 million views.


  • Casey Moreta

    Casey Moreta is an American guitarist and vocalist. He is currently affiliated with the pop rock band, Hey Violet. A native of California, Moreta always harboured musical aspirations. He started singing and playing the guitar quite early in his life. In 2012, he met the rest of the members of Hey Violet at Fusion Music Festival. He joined the band as a temporary guitarist after the departure of Julia Pierce from what was then a hard rock band named Cherri Bomb. Moreta was brought in as the group was undergoing the rebranding process. Soon after, in March 2013, he was made a permanent member of the group. In 2017, the band released a new album, ˜From the Outside', under the new name. Moreta is quite popular on various social media platforms. He has over 241 thousand followers on Instagram and 214 thousand followers on Twitter.

    Casey Moreta

  • Canon Ryder

    On TikTok, he is a comedic content producer renowned for posting relatable skits and lip-sync performances. On his canonryder account, he has almost 4.4 million loyal followers.

    Canon Ryder

  • Casanova

    Brooklyn rapper known as Casanova who became popular for producing catchy street bangers such as his debut single "Don't Run." He is also known for his song "It Go Down When You Trappin," featuring Big BZ and Preston Waters.


  • Matthew Noszka

    Wilhelmina signed model who has worked with some of the top fashion designers such as Tom Ford, <a title='Hugo Boss' href='/famous/hugo-boss.htm'>Hugo Boss</a>, Astrid and Anderson, <a title='Calvin Klein' href='/famous/calvin-klein.htm'>Calvin Klein</a> and Moncler.

    Matthew Noszka

  • Captain James Cook

    James Cook was a famous British explorer who discovered New Zealand and surveyed and mapped features and coastlines, especially the Pacific Ocean in great details and on a scale hitherto not achieved. His adventures on his ship, the ˜HMS Endeavor' and his discoveries have steered generations of voyagers, explorers and cartographers. Born in the Scottish countryside, Cook began his tryst with the ˜unknown' when he started off as the Captain of the Royal Navy and took command of the first scientific manned expedition to the Pacific. He returned victorious, discovering New Zealand and the Great Barrier Reef of Australia; the two places still considered some of the most dangerous areas ever navigated by a human. Since then, he undertook a number of expeditions; from Antarctica to New South Wales and present-day Tonga to the legendary continent, ˜Terra Australis'. Cook was a man of perseverance and was responsible for not just pushing himself into the unknown but a horde of others, who dived into the depths of the indefinite along with him. However, he was scoffed by many for his hygiene measures and the stringent diet that his men had to follow in order to avert the deadly gum disease; scurvy. His coastal charting is still considered one of the most advanced at his time and has helped in many present-day discoveries. If you would like to learn more interesting information about Captain James Cook, scroll further.

    Captain James Cook

  • Ivy Mae

    International fashion model and cheerleader who has teamed up with brands such as Rebel Athletic. She is also known through her ivymaemae Instagram account.

    Ivy Mae

  • Ethan Bradberry

    Etayyim, or as he is better known, Ethan Bradberry, is an American YouTube star and social media personality. He and his brother, Mohammed or Moe, run the infamous channel MoeAndET (formerly OckTV), known for its pranks and social experiment videos. Hailing from a family of Palestinian immigrants, Ethan always had a penchant for jokes and he would often compete with his brother to see who could pull off the worse prank. They set up their channel in March 2014 and soon gained notoriety for their controversial content. They have been accused of racism and their pranks and social experiments have been dubbed as redundant, obnoxious, unintentionally funny, and even fake. Despite this, the Bradberry brothers have accumulated over two million subscribers on their channel and have fans all over the world who are willing to support them.

    Ethan Bradberry

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