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  • Ariana Greenblatt

    The bubbly and energetic Ariana Greenblatt is the heart of Disney's ˜Stuck in the Middle' show. She plays a major role in the television show and has won over mothers and kids all over the globe. Nine-year-old Ariana is a talented actress and dancer; she has the perfect blend of cuteness and intelligence. She has identified her role brilliantly in the show and portrays her character with sheer ease. She also shares a splendid rapport with her co-stars on the Disney set.She is also active on social media, which is monitored and run by her parents who regularly update latest events and pictures of Ariana. On these accounts she has quite a decent fan following with 319K followers on Instagram and more than 3700 supporters on Twitter, she even has an official Facebook page dedicated to her that has over 12,500 fans who adore her to bits.

    Ariana Greenblatt

  • Akeila Collins

    Social media starlet who has risen to fame for her It's Akeila YouTube channel. She has earned more than 175 million views for her Roblox roleplays and speed builds.

    Akeila Collins

  • Alexa PenaVega

    In the Spy Kids flicks, she played Carmen Cortez, the older sister. Her other films include The Devil's Carnival, The Clockwork Girl, and Machete Kills.

    Alexa PenaVega

  • Aaron Paul

    Aaron Paul Sturtevant is an award-winning American actor who is most known for his role as Jesse Pinkman, a crystal meth dealer on AMC's criminal drama series "Breaking Bad." For his performance, he has received three 'Primetime Emmy Awards' and three 'Saturn Awards,' among others, making him the only actor to accomplish both accomplishments in the respective categories. To make it simpler for casting directors to pronounce his name, he omitted his last name early on. He began his career as a day actor, performing in minor appearances in movies and as a guest on numerous television shows until landing the lead part in 'Breaking Bad' and becoming the show's driving force. He had a big part in the HBO series 'Big Love' before landing this job. Following his breakthrough on television, he was cast in films such as 'Smashed,' 'Need for Speed,' and 'A Long Way Down.' He next starred as Joshua, a Hebrew slave, in the historical epic 'Exodus: Gods and Kings,' with renowned director Ridley Scott and highly acclaimed actor Christian Bale. He is now working on the television series 'The Path,' which he also produced, and has recently featured in the film 'Triple 9'.

    Aaron Paul

  • Jenna Ezarik

    Jenna Ezarik is a YouTube celebrity from the United States who is renowned for releasing videos that show off her personality, her passion for animals, her trips, and everyday occurrences. She used to go by the handle ItsMeJennaE on YouTube, but now she goes by her true name. Ezarik, the younger sister of YouTube celebrity and presenter iJustine, is a huge fan of vlogging. She is enthralled by the prospect of sharing her own life tales with the public and establishing connections with individuals all around the world. The young YouTube star is not just attractive but also intelligent, having studied forensics and investigative sciences at West Virginia University. She has a great personality and is multitalented in different professions. Justine and Breanne, Ezarik's parents and sisters, are her favorite people to hang time with. She is a video game aficionado who adores all things technological. Jenna is a talented, motivated, and diligent YouTuber who is slowly creating a reputation for herself and is on her way to a million followers!

    Jenna Ezarik

  • The Great Khali

    The Great Khali is the ring name of Dalip Singh Rana, who is an Indian American professional wrestler, actor, and promoter. He is presently affiliated with the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). In a career spanning 17 years, he has used several ring names, the most prominent of which is ˜The Great Khali. Coming from a humble background, Rana initially did some odd jobs to make the ends meet before becoming an officer with the ˜Punjab State Police'. He began to workout at the local gym in his leisure time and honed his wrestling skills. He travelled to the US for specialised wrestling training and for better opportunities. With a 2.16 m frame, he soon caught the attention of multiple promotions. He was initially trained by the California-based promotion ˜All Pro Wrestling' (APW) and accumulated further experience by working for the ˜World Championship Wrestling' (WCW) and ˜New Japan Pro-Wrestling' (NJPW). His debut on WWE television came about in 2006, making him the first-ever Indian-born professional wrestler to do so. During his first run with the promotion that lasted till 2014, he wrestled and beat the likes of <a title='The Undertaker' href='/famous/mark-callaway.htm'>The Undertaker</a>, Big Show, and John Cena. In 2017, he made his WWE return on the ˜SmackDown' Pay-per-view event, ˜Battleground'.

    The Great Khali

  • Sebastian Bails

    Sebastian Bails, more popularly known by his TikTok name Itzsoseb, is an American social media celebrity who grew to fame through the popular app TikTok. He joined TikTok in May 2016 and accrued over 1.6 million fans within a short span of time. He is also very active on Instagram and YouTube. In his videos, he dresses up as different characters, and his most popular avatar is his character as the mother. His humor and charisma contributed to his popularity. He started his social media career with only a handful of followers but after his tryst with TiKTok, he became popular on YouTube and Instagram as well. He has also collaborated with other popular musers, such as Nick Pallauf, Danielle Cohn, Nicolette Gray, and Jazmine Lucero. He was also seen at the Coachella Festival and the TanaCon convention. He currently lives in Los Angeles and hopes to make it big in the industry as an actor.

    Sebastian Bails

  • Paul Reubens

    Pee-wee Herman in the 1985 film Pee-Big wee's Adventure and on the children's television show Pee-Playhouse wee's made him a household name. He's also starred in movies like Mystery Men, Matilda, and Blow.

    Paul Reubens

  • DfieldMark

    Just Dfield is a Filipino-American Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Minecraft YouTuber as well as a Twitch live streamer.


  • Alexander Stewart

    Alexander Stewart is a Canadian singer and YouTube personality. He is known for his vocal covers of popular songs that he uploads on his eponymous channel on YouTube. Some of his best known cover songs are "Let Me Love You" by <a title='DJ Snake' href='/famous/william-grigahcine.htm'>DJ Snake</a> and Twenty One Pilots' "Heathens". Passionate about singing from an early age, Stewart is an extremely talented singer who has gained a massive fan following both on social media and otherwise. His vocal skills are impeccable and so is his style of performance. Till date, he has covered songs of many renowned artists, all of whom are worth listening to. Despite being so young, Stewart has achieved a lot and the popularity of his YouTube channel says it all! A doting brother and a caring son, Stewart is a charming and down-to-earth young man. He is always busy composing songs and music. In his free time, he loves to hang out with his friends, many of who are also social media personalities.

    Alexander Stewart

  • Stefanie Giesinger

    Winner of the reality competition series Germany's Next Topmodel in the show's ninth season. She was a cover girl on the June 2014 edition of German Cosmopolitan magazine.

    Stefanie Giesinger

  • Jay Mills

    Jay Mills is a YouTuber, Instagrammer, and social media influencer from Canada. He is well-known as the younger brother of YouTube sensation Elle Mills, whose Elle OfTheMills channel has over 1.5 million members and 130 million views. In July 2014, Jay made his debut appearance on his sister's YouTube channel in a video titled "Broken Telephone Game." In the years since, he's amassed a sizable following of his own, prompting him to join social media. He has a sizable fan base on Instagram and is also reasonably popular on YouTube. Some of his sister's most popular films are "I Threw a Goodbye Roast for My Brother" and "Slumber Party with My Brother and All His Exes."

    Jay Mills