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  • Khloe Kardashian

    Kourtney and Kim Kardashian's younger sister who rose to stardom on the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians and co-hosted The X Factor with Mario Lopez.

    Khloe Kardashian

  • Madison Haschak

    Madison Haschak is without a doubt one of the most gifted dancers on the planet! Given that she is also one of the most popular dance stars on the site, YouTube users surely know what I'm talking about. Madison is well on her way to greatness, having won various honors and tournaments after defeating tens of thousands of people. Despite the fact that she had enjoyed dancing since she was able to walk, she never imagined she would grow up to be such a great star. Her parents encouraged her to pursue her dreams and accomplish what she was born to do the moment they saw her potential and talent. She has been dancing since she was two years old, and she shows no signs of slowing down.

    Madison Haschak

  • Lauren Jauregui

    Lauren Jauregui is an American-Cuban singer and songwriter who is a member of Fifth Harmony, a prominent American girl group. The group is known as one of the most sought upon music bands in America, having received significant public notice on the US version of the hit show 'The X Factor.' While on the show, Simon Cowell mentored the group's amateur members, and with his help, the group released their first album, "Reflection," which reached the top 5 on the Billboard charts, making The Fifth Harmony members some of the show's few constants who actually achieved success in the industry. Lauren's audition video on YouTube has already gone viral, receiving over 3 million views. Despite the fact that Fifth Harmony was ranked third on the show, poll results showed that they were the most popular competitors by the end of the season. When it comes to Lauren's personal life, her dating life has been quite the talk of the town, and she has dated a lot of individuals before ultimately admitting that she is bisexual in 2016.

    Lauren Jauregui

  • Drake Bell

    actor most well-known for playing the lead in Drake & Josh. He also had roles in the TV movie A Fairly Odd Christmas and the frequent skit Totally Kyle on The Amanda Show on Nickelodeon. He also sings, and in 2005 he put out his first record, Telegraph.

    Drake Bell

  • Andrea Russett

    Andrea Russett is an American actress and YouTuber, who runs the popular YouTube channel, 'GETTOxFABxFOREVER'. Apart from her YouTube channel, she is also active on other social media platforms, such as Instagram, Vine and Snapchat. Andrea has been a diehard Justin Bieber fan since her teens and he was also the very reason for her first video uploaded on YouTube. As a 14 year old girl, Andrea made her first video and posted it on YouTube to participate in a contest that could have given her the chance to meet Justin Bieber in person. This was the beginning of the internet career of this high school dropout who firmly believes that everybody learns differently and for her doing something is the only way to learn. She first appeared as an actress in 2014 in the teen comedy film, ˜Expelled', where she acted alongside Cameron Dallas. In 2013, she started her own clothing line named ˜FLAWD Clothing'.

    Andrea Russett

  • Helen Keller

    Helen Keller is a well-known name that has earned a place in history. There's probably no one alive who hasn't heard her name at least once in their lives. Keller was the first deaf and blind woman to make a name for herself as a writer, activist, and lecturer. She is held up as a shining example of dynamism and activism for people with disabilities. Keller is most known for her autobiography, "The Story of My Life," as well as other excellent essay collections, such as "Out of the Dark." Keller published a number of books and essays on socialist and spiritual subjects. Keller has been well-known to successive generations as a result of several film, television series, and documentary adaptations chronicling her life. Keller had been the driving force behind the American Foundation for the Blind, which she had helped generate funding for. Keller received numerous posthumous honors, including being named in hospitals and institutions for physically handicapped people. She was honored with Alabama's 50 State Quarters program after her death, was named one of Gallup's Most Admired People of the 20th Century, and a bronze statue of her was placed to the National Statuary Hall Collection. Keller was the first woman who was deaf and blind to get a bachelor's degree. Keller's name will live on in the hearts and minds of future generations, as well as in the pages of history.

    Helen Keller

  • Chandler Riggs

    He rose to prominence as Carl Grimes on AMC's television drama The Walking Dead, for which he received a Satellite Award for Best Cast in 2012.

    Chandler Riggs

  • Ed Westwick

    Peter Edward Jack Edward Ed Westwick is a well-known English actor and musician. He is best recognized for his role as Chuck Bass on the CW's adolescent drama "Gossip Girl." He's also appeared in films like 'Breaking and Entering,' 'Romeo and Juliet,' 'Freaks of Nature,' and 'Chalet Girl,' to name a few. The outstanding actor is presently starring in the comedy series White Gold as Vincent Swan. Westwick was also a member of The Filthy Youth, a British band. The actor's name and fame have grown as a result of these and other efforts. When it comes to Westwick's achievements, the British actor has won numerous honors, including the Teen Choice Awards and the Young Hollywood Awards. He was also a spokesmodel for the K-Swiss footwear company. Apart from that, Westwick has received love and admiration from individuals all around the world via social media platforms. On social media, he has a sizable following. His extraordinary internet popularity is evidenced by his 4.7 million Instagram followers, 951k Twitter followers, and over 2 million Facebook admirers.

    Ed Westwick

  • Mitchell Hope

    Mitchell Hope is an actor from Australia. He is well recognized for his role as Ben in the Disney Channel film "Descendants." Hope began her acting career with little roles in short films and television shows. Hope's first film, Earth's Last Remnants, did not receive a lot of notice. He appeared in a couple of short films, including "Down the Way" and "Yes Mum." In the miniseries "Never Tear Us Apart: The Untold Story of INXS," Hope makes a cameo. Hope intended to retire from performing after a long struggle for recognition. Around the same time, he played a role that would forever transform his career. Hope's major break came with the film "Descendants." He was cast in the sequels, Descendants 2 and Descendants: Wicked World, as a result of the film's success. Mitchell

    Mitchell Hope

  • Tobey Maguire

    Tobey Maguire is an American actor who us best known for his role as Spider-Man in the Spider-Man film trilogy. He has also tried his hand at production for a few movies and is without doubt one of the most recognized faces in Hollywood. Maguire was trained in a drama school at the insistence of his mother when he was a child and from then on he always wanted to be an actor. He initially started off an actor on television but gradually got enough chances to showcase his skills as an actor in films and he primarily played teenaged characters in the early part of his career. Maguire also suffered from alcohol abuse at a critical juncture in his career that saw him pull out of a film in which he was to play the lead role but after his return to acting he was welcomed back by film makers and in 2000 he got his biggest break with the release of the first Spider-Man film. Following the success of Spider Man; Maguire starred in the two sequels as well which were equally successful and also featured in plenty of films that got him critical appreciation from critics and the audiences alike.

    Tobey Maguire

  • Jo Frost

    Joanne Jo Frost is a British reality TV star who has worked as a childcare provider for over 25 years. She rose to notoriety after appearing as a babysitter on the reality TV show "Supernanny." She rose to fame as a result of this reality show, with her arched eyebrows, sharp English accent, and forceful demeanor. Frost has developed a few episodes in addition to working as a babysitter on television. For ITV, she presented the chat show "Family Matters." A 90-minute edition of 'Family S.O.S with Jo Frost' featured the British television star. Addiction, abuse, blended families, marital troubles, and other topics were addressed in this episode. Frost is also a published author, with six books on parenting and childcare to her credit. Supernanny: How to Get the Most Out of Your Children, Ask Supernanny: What Every Parent Wants to Know, Jo Frost's Confident Baby Care, Jo Frost's Toddler SOS, Jo Frost's Toddler Rules, and Jo Frost's Confident Toddler Care are among them. It's worth noting that the well-known nanny is also an advocate for a number of children's causes. She is, for example, a supporter of the UN Foundation's '[email protected]' campaign, which aims to reduce vaccine-preventable children illnesses and deaths.

    Jo Frost

  • Gabi Wilson

    H.E.R., RCA Records' mystery artist, is a singer/songwriter most recognized for her voice.

    Gabi Wilson

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