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  • Zach Herron

    Zach Herron is on a roll! His transition from an internet sensation to an up-and-coming singer-songwriter has been nothing short of phenomenal. The youngster from Texas, who has close to 700k followers on Instagram (and is an active presence across all social platforms) released two singles in 2016 and topped it off with the launch of his boy band, 'Why Don't We'. As Herron continues making big strides in his journey as a pop artist capturing the hearts of teens around the world, let's revisit the story of his rise into prominence.

    Zach Herron

  • Mark Anastasio

    Dance, lip-sync and comedy video creator on TikTok who is often seen collaborating with his friends Maximo Rivano and Luca Lombardo. His self-titled TikTok channel has earned more than 7 million fans. 

    Mark Anastasio

  • Royalty Brown

    Royalty Brown is the first and only child (so far) of the world famous hip hop and R&B artist, <a title='Chris Brown' href='/famous/chris-brown.htm'>Chris Brown</a>. Despite being just a toddler as of 2017, Royalty has gained a huge fan following in such a short time. She owes her fame to her father, who has been deemed a legend in the space of hip hop music. Chris is a proud father and has even claimed that Royalty has given him unconditional love, strength, and a purpose in life. Of late, she is rising as a star on various platforms of social media, wherein numerous people share her pictures and videos on a daily basis. In Chris' ever so turbulent world, Royalty has given him a much-needed sense of stability and is well appreciated by his fans for it.

    Royalty Brown

  • Princess Mae

    Princess Mae is a Filipino Instagram sensation and the younger sister of Bretman Rock, a Vine star and vlogger. Her Instagram feed is followed by almost 1.1 million people. After appearing on her brother's YouTube channel, she rose to notoriety. Bretman is a well-known social media sensation who is generally attributed with Princess Mae's social media success. She is also highly active on Twitter, with over 60,000 followers. Cleo, her daughter, was born in the year 2016. Cleo is frequently featured in Mae's social media posts.

    Princess Mae

  • Blippi

    Blippi, a children's educational YouTube channel, was created by Stevin John. His portrayal of the same-named figure has garnered him over 2.4 million followers, and he is recognized for teaching children anything from the alphabet to nursery rhymes.


  • Patrick Huston

    Social media influencer and Instagram personality who is recognized for sharing lifestyle and fashion photos on his patrickhuston account. He became a member of The Hype House collective and has amassed more than 90,000 followers on Instagram. 

    Patrick Huston

  • Kat Zoe Clark

    Australian TikTok star known for posting health and fitness content. Her videos often feature her children and updates from their lives. She has earned more than 1.2 million followers on her katclark86 account. 

    Kat Zoe Clark

  • Chris Colfer

    Chris Colfer is an American actor, singer and writer who came to limelight for his role of Kurt Hummel in the super hit television series ˜Glee'. Recipient of a Golden Globe and Screen Guild Award each and three People's Choice Awards, Colfer was named in the Time's list of the 100 most influential people in 2011. His exceptional acting skills have been praised by critics who found a special talent in him. He has an incredible ability to put soul into his character. While Colfer's role as Hummel made him a household name in America, it was his book series ˜The Land of Stories' that gave him worldwide popularity. His first ever book ˜The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell' went on to earn him a New York Times number-one bestselling author title. The book earned #1 position on New York Times Best Seller list in Children's Chapter Books category and remained there for two weeks. The book series already has had five instalments with the sixth soon to be released in 2017. Apart from his work as an author and actor, Colfer has capped the hat of a producer, director and script writer as well. His hands are full with future projects in television, film and fiction.

    Chris Colfer

  • Lisa Lopes

    Lisa Nicole Lopes was a well-known American rapper, hip-hop singer, songwriter, and producer who went by the stage name Left Eye. Along with Tionne Watkins and Rozonda Thomas, she was a member of the girl group TLC. She was a rapper and backup vocalist for the group, as well as a writer for the majority of their songs. She was always interested in music and began writing songs before the age of ten. She and her siblings established a musical trio and performed gospel music at neighborhood festivals and churches. She went on to form the TLC group with Tionne Watkins and Rozonda Thomas. With time, the group grew in popularity, scoring nine top-ten hits on the Billboard Hot 100. She earned four Grammy Awards during her time with the band. The album CrazySexyCool, which won them their first Grammy Award, is one of their most renowned works. Creep, No Scrubs, and Unpretty are some of their most popular singles. The gifted vocalist had a promising career ahead of her, but fate had other ideas. She was tragically murdered in a vehicle accident while she was only 30 years old.

    Lisa Lopes

  • Natalie Neidhart

    Natalya is the ring name of a member of the Hart family. She was cast in the reality TV show Total Divas in 2013.

    Natalie Neidhart

  • Connor Lee

    Also known as Cxnlee, he is a lip-sync, comedy and dance video creator on TikTok who has earned more than 44 million likes to his connor5lee account. 

    Connor Lee

  • Makeupslay.Zoe

    Aspiring cosmetics artist and Instagram influencer with over 550,000 followers.