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  • Mariah Carey

    Mariah Carey is regarded as one of the most prominent singers and songwriters of the 21st century. During a career spanning across 20 years, she has established her name as a vocal virtuoso, who has taken music to greater heights. This songbird possesses a five-octave vocal range and she has the ability to hit notes even beyond the 7th octave, which can even shatter glass. Her use of melisma and the whistle range have continued to awe and inspire artists since the last two decades. Her body of work includes song writing, singing, and production, not to mention the introduction of new sounds with each album. Her music styles range from Motown soul to R&B to Hip Hop and Pop and she can easily glide from a soulful ballad to hip-hop songs with élan. Although, this star had a troubled childhood, suffered emotional breakdowns but, she stood the test of time and emerged successful. Worldwide sales of her dozen studio albums have managed to surpass the 200 million mark, making her one of the most successful recording artists of all time. The passion for music in this immensely talented star is so visible in each of her performances that audiences from across the world respond with unbridled enthusiasm to her singing. To learn more about this true diva, scroll further.

    Mariah Carey

  • Jessie J

    Jessica Ellen Cornish, popularly known as Jessie J, is a well-known English singer and songwriter. Known for her unconventional music styles which mix soul vocals with pop, electropop, and hip-hop, Jessie has garnered much fame at a young age. She has also earned several awards and nominations, such as the '2011 Critics' Choice Brit Award' and the 'BBC's Sound of 2011.' Her career began at the early age of 11, when she was cast in 'Whistle Down the Wind', a musical by the English composer Andrew Lloyd Webber. Later, she joined the National Youth Music Theater and appeared in ˜The Late Sleepers', a production of theirs which premiered in 2002. She came to mainstream fame in 2011, with her debut studio album 'Who You Are', which released on February 28. The album was a huge success, selling 105,000 copies in the UK, and 34,000 in the US, within the first week itself. It also debuted at number two on the UK Albums Chart, and at number 11 on the US Billboard 200. Jessie is also known for her charity works, and has been involved with charities like 'Children in Need', and 'Comic Relief'.

    Jessie J

  • JesserTheLazer

    Jesse Riedel aka JesserTheLazer is a well-known basketball enthusiast and YouTube personality. He is famous for creating content related to real-life NBA action as well as the video game NBA 2K. He also runs a secondary channel titled ˜JSR' on which he posts Fortnite Battle Royale content. Known for his unique gameplay skills and techniques, Jesse kicked off his YouTube career in 2012. After getting good initial response, he continued posting content on his channels with a renewed passion to stay connected with his audience and to keep them entertained. Today, the gamer is happy on the platform, developing and sharing entertaining and exciting videos routinely. He is also satisfied with the fact that he is much loved by his viewers. With over 1.7 million and over 624k subscribers on his channels respectively, Jesse is gaining momentum every day. On a personal note, he is a very funny and charming guy who loves entertaining people.


  • Lisa Manoban

    Lisa Manoban is a Thai rapper and dancer. She is a member of the South Korean girl band, ˜BlackPink.' She won the ˜YG Entertainment' auditions in Thailand at the age of 14, and relocated to South Korea. She trained with the company for five years before making her debut with the girl band, ˜BlackPink,' when they released their first album titled ˜Square One.' She is the group's youngest member and has established herself as their lead rapper, vocalist and dancer. Her hit singles include ˜Boombayah,' ˜Whistle' and ˜Dhu-Du Dhu-Du.' She has won a number of awards, including the ˜New Artist of the Year' and ˜Bonsang Award' at the ˜Seoul Music Awards,' ˜Best of Next Artist Award' at the ˜Mnet Asian Music Awards,' and ˜World Rookie Award' at the ˜Gaon Chart Music Awards.' She speaks fluent Thai, Korean, Japanese, and English, and is fond of western food and culture. However, she often mentions missing her parents and original Thai food.

    Lisa Manoban

  • Fergie

    Fergie Duhamel (Stacy Ann Ferguson) is a singer, performer, actress, and composer from the United States. She starred alongside future stars Mario Lopez, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Martika in the Disney Variety TV program "Kids Incorporated." Ferguson was a member of the teen-pop girl band Wild Orchid, which she established with childhood friend Stefanie Ridel and Renee Ilene Sandstorm, who played Renee in the film Kids Incorporated. The band's self-titled debut album was published in 2001, and they went on to release more albums. During this time, Fergie developed a crystal meth addiction and told friends and family about it. She successfully overcame her addiction and contacted will.i.am for her idea since she is a strong-willed individual. William made her an even better offer: she could join their Black Eyed Peas band as a solo female singer and sing the hit tune "Shut Up." Fergie provided them with major successes like 'Lets Get It Started,' 'My Hump,' and 'Where Is The Love,' and so became the band's mainstay performer. She is also known for her financially successful solo first album, The Dutchess.


  • Brenda Song

    A former teen icon, a very popular actor and model, Brenda Song started her career as a child fashion model. She is also involved in film production and is widely regarded as an upcoming Hollywood diva. The American media is in quite awe of her and includes her in the ˜rising Hollywood stars' list, time and again. Brenda started her acting career with kid's shows and TV commercials. In the mid 90s, she appeared in ˜Fudge', which was her debut on the medium and continued working in TV shows and also appeared in a few films around that time. She was given the ˜Young artist award' in 2000 and soon after, made a switch to Disney channel, where her popularity would cross the national borders, making her an international celebrity. But the most defining role of her career came in form of ˜The Suite Life of Zack and Cody', where she played a spoilt brat, a little slow of mind. The show was a massive success and she became a fan favourite immediately, and her character ˜London Tipton' from the show soon became one of the longest appearing characters in the Disney history. Her popularity led her to Hollywood and she starred in films such as ˜The Social Network', a film by maverick director David Fincher.

    Brenda Song

  • Franny Arrieta

    Franny Arrieta is a social media influencer and cosmetics artist. Her self-titled YouTube channel, where she regularly produces beauty and lifestyle videos as well as personal vlogs, propelled her to fame. She is now a well-known cosmetics and beauty consultant on social media, constantly offering her expertise in the domains of beauty and fashion. Arrieta is a YouTube vlogger who is passionate, brave, and humorous. Kian Lawley, a renowned YouTube celebrity with whom she frequently appears in her videos, is her boyfriend. She frequently shares her own life tales with her followers since she enjoys interacting with them. Her channel has a wide range of engaging content, from beautiful house tours to collaboration films with her friends and boyfriend. When it comes to her personality, Arrieta is a self-sufficient, fun-loving, honest, and responsible lady. She is quite attractive and trendy. She is also renowned for releasing musical stuff on her channel, since she is a huge music fan. Arrieta enjoys relaxing, shopping, and pampering herself when she is not working on her films.

    Franny Arrieta

  • Christine Sydelko

    Christine Lauren Sydelko is a social media celebrity and YouTube star from the United States. She began her social media career with a Vine account and quickly developed a large following. By the time the app was shut down, she had 500k followers. She also has a large following on Instagram, with over a million followers. She has a sizable following on Twitter as well. Christine rose to prominence after she teamed up with fellow comic Elijah Daniel to launch the popular YouTube channel "Elijah & Christine." She also has her own self-titled vlogging channel, which has a sizable following. A t-shirt with the motto "Don't Mess With Texas," a jacket, a pink headband, and green crocs or Birkenstock sandals are among the comedian's characteristic ensembles. Christine has been fat-shamed for being overweight and has been the subject of internet abuse. In a series of tweets, she highlighted the daily hardships that plus-size women experience, as well as how verbal abuse affects their life in the long run, leading to numerous attempts at suicide.

    Christine Sydelko

  • Nique

    Social media sensation most recognized for her kissmyspiffyness Instagram account, where she creates and uploads videos of herself dancing. The account is followed by more than 130,000 people.


  • Manuel Neuer

    Goalkeeper who won the Golden Glove Award while leading the German national team to a World Cup Championship in 2014. He was named ESM Goalkeeper of the Year in 2012 for Bayern Munich and he played for FC Schalke 04 from 2006 to 2011. 

    Manuel Neuer

  • Demi Rose Mawby

    Demi Rose is a well-known model and internet personality from the United Kingdom. After uploading a series of selfies on Instagram, the curvy young girl became well-known. With over four million followers on Instagram, she is one of the most popular models in the United Kingdom. Mawby made a great impression as a lingerie model after becoming a social media star at a young age, conducting photo sessions all over the world and appearing in various high-end publications. She has appeared in the publications 'Nuts,' 'FHM,' and 'Zoo.' Before she started working with Taz's Angels, the doll-like beauty gained the attention of the American publicity organization through her Instagram images. Demi Rose had dreamed of becoming a top model since she was a youngster, and she had always enjoyed posing for the camera. She never anticipated to be able to start her modeling career at all, being only 5 feet and 2 inches tall! Her family and friends, on the other hand, pushed her to pursue her love no matter what. Demi Rose is now one of the most well-known supermodels in the United Kingdom, and her photos can be seen all over the internet.

    Demi Rose Mawby

  • Amelie Zilber

    Model and social media influencer best known for having received representation from the LA Models agency. She's also well-known for posting fashion and modeling-related images on Instagram, where she has over 40,000 followers.

    Amelie Zilber

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