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  • Steven Fernandez

    Steven Fernandez is a professional skateboarder who became famous for videos that showed various tricks which he performed on the skateboard. He made a large number of videos in which he gave hints on how to perform the many tricks that he could on the skateboardbefore he opted to become a professional skateboarder. He appeared in a feature film titled ˜Search Party' which was produced by Universal Films. He promotes the products of various brands while wearing them during his skateboarding videos. He uploads these videos continuously on his YouTube channel so that they can be seen by the public. Recently his popularity has taken a beating when he was arrested by the police for getting involved in a case of sexual harassment of young girls.

    Steven Fernandez

  • JWoww

    Jennifer Lynn Farley, best known by her stage name JWoww, is an actress, entrepreneur, and television personality from the United States. Her appearance on the reality TV show "Jersey Shore" made her famous. She had never considered pursuing a career in the entertainment industry despite being born and raised in New York. She was a computer nerd as a teenager and aspired to be a digital designer. She went to the New York Institute of Technology to study graphic design after graduating from high school. On the side, she started her own graphic design agency. She received an offer to star in the first season of the reality show 'Jersey Shore' when she was in her final year of school and accepted it right away. At the age of 23, she dropped out of college. When she was one of the eight contestants on the show, she gained national attention. She was noted for her self-assurance and was involved in various fights during the show. As a result, she became one of the show's most popular contestants. She's also appeared on shows like 'Disaster Date' and 'Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars,' among others.


  • Elizabeth Taylor

    Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor and her life are best described by the description "gifted beauty." While it was her incredibly gorgeous face and irresistible appeal that lured her to show business, it was her terrific performance, extraordinary talent, and innate originality that propelled her to a six-decade career. Acting was inextricably linked to the personality of this stunning actress, who was born a performer. Even before she became ten years old, she donned the robes of an actor, and the rest, as they say, is history. By the time she reached adolescence, she was already a celebrity in her own right, with the year's biggest single, "National Velvet," under her belt. While newspapers dubbed her the "golden pearl of Hollywood," directors and co-stars dubbed her "One-Shot Liz" because of her ability to shoot a sequence in a one take. What's notable about her career graph is that, unlike other artists, she made a smooth and seamless transition from child actor to adolescent star, and then from adolescent star to popular actress. In all three periods of her career, she made an indelible impact with films that have attained cult status and are now considered "classics."

    Elizabeth Taylor

  • James Yammouni

    James Yammouni is a YouTube sensation from Australia. He is a former member of the comedy channel The Janoskians, which he ran alongside his friends Beau, Daniel, Jai, and Luke. Currently working as a DJ, Yammouni also runs a self-titled channel on the platform where he shares music videos and other entertaining content. He is also active on other social media sites and has a sizable following on other platforms. Yammouni, a two-year-old brother, is devoted to his sisters and parents. Just like a good friend should, he takes care of his pals and is always with them in times of need. When it comes to the personality of the young YouTuber, he is dashing and appealing. He has a laid-back attitude about life and doesn't believe in taking things too seriously. He aspires to be one of the country's most recognized DJs, and he is extremely ambitious and brilliant.

    James Yammouni

  • Theo Stevenson

    Theo Stevenson, born as Theodore John Stevenson, is an English actor best recognized for playing the lead role of Horrid Henry in the flick ˜Horrid Henry: The Movie'. He is also famous for starring in ˜Streetdance Juniors' (later renamed as ˜All Stars'), the secondary school version of the movie ˜Streetdance.' He has done a handful of other films as well, such as 'Fred Claus' and 'In Bruges.' On television, the actor is known for appearing as Craig in the sitcom ˜Millie Inbetween' and as Toby in the sci-fi drama ˜Humans'. In addition, Stevenson has acted on stage, in famous plays like ˜Member of the Wedding' and ˜The Human Comedy'. On a personal note, the English artiste is a sweet and charming boy who lives with his parents and twin sister. Stevenson, who is active on Twitter, is incredibly popular among his followers. As of now, he has hundreds of thousands of fans on the social networking platform.

    Theo Stevenson

  • Peter Andre

    Peter Andre is an English musician, songwriter, television personality, and businessman who was born Peter James Andrea. 'A Whole New World,' 'Revelation,' 'Accelerate,' 'The Long Road Back,' 'Angels & Demons,' and 'White Christmas' are just a few of his albums. He has a slew of successes under his belt, including "Mysterious Girl," "Flava," "Behind Closed Doors," and "Gimme Little Sign," to name a few. Andre is also recognized for his appearances with his ex-wife Katie Price in the 'Katie & Peter' franchise, which comprises various fly-on-the-wall reality series. 'Odd One In,' 'Your Face Sounds Familiar,' 'Sunday Scoop,' '60 Minute Makeover,' and 'Give a Pet a Home' are just a few of the programmes the artist has hosted on television. He has also appeared on the 13th season of Strictly Come Dancing and the third season of I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here. When it comes to Andre's accolades and distinctions, he once won an ARIA Award for his hit "Gimme Little Sign," which was named the year's best-selling Australian single.

    Peter Andre

  • Rozonda Thomas

    Rozonda Thomas is an award-winning American singer and songwriter. The multi-faceted personality has also proven her worth as a dancer and actress. She is best known for her work in the female pop group TLC. The group was very successful during the 1990s and had also scored several hits on the Billboard Hot 100. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, she joined the TLC at the age of twenty. She performed under the nickname Chilli. Over the next few years, the group found huge success and also became one of the bestselling girl groups of all time. Thomas has won multiple Grammy Awards for her work with the group. She has also made guest appearances on several TV shows such as ˜The Parkers' and ˜Strong Medicine'. She appeared in a minor role in the comedy film ˜Snow Day' as well. More recently, Thomas played a supporting role in the biographical film ˜Marshall'. It was based on the life of Thurgood Marshall, the first African-American Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.

    Rozonda Thomas

  • Lindsey Morgan

    Lindsey Morgan is an American actress best known for her part in the science fiction television series "The 100." She was born and raised in Houston, Texas, and has always wanted to be an actress. She moved to Los Angeles after graduating from the University of Texas to pursue a career in professional acting. She began her career as a print model, appearing in a number of ads. She first appeared on television as an extra in the show 'Friday Night Lights.' She started out in modest roles on TV shows like "A Thin Line," "Supah Ninjas," and "How I Met Your Mother." She began her acting career at the same period, with appearances in films including "Detention" and "DisCONNECTED." When she played Kristina Davis in the drama General Hospital, she made her first significant career break. She was only on the show for roughly a year. Her career took a big step forward in 2014 when she was cast as Raven Reyes, a mechanic in the science-fiction series The 100. Her character was originally a recurring character, but in the most recent seasons, she has emerged as one of the main characters.

    Lindsey Morgan

  • Josh Groban

    Joshua Winslow Groban, popularly known as Josh Groban, is an American singer, songwriter, and actor with several multi-platinum albums to his credit. Although he is best known for his romantic ballads songs, he also likes to perform opera and classical songs in Italian, Spanish, and French. Groban was inspired by music at an early age, but he did not take it up seriously till he was in the seventh grade and auditioned for a school event. Although his teacher was impressed with his voice and allowed him to perform a solo, he did not become popular with the kids who loved to listen to rap. He initially studied acting and decided to pursue a career in singing only later. Groban, who did not want to limit himself to one particular musical style, came to prominence with his debut album in 2001, and became the best-selling new male artist. In fact, his first four solo albums were super hits, and were certified multi-platinum. In 2007, he was the number one best selling artist in the United States. Besides his singing career, he has appeared in four films and about 22 TV series till date. Also a philanthropist, he is a member of Americans for the Arts Artists Committee, and has set up the Find Your Light Foundation to make young people aware of arts and culture.

    Josh Groban

  • brenttelevision

    TikTok sensation known for his comedy videos. His account has gained over 5 million followers and more than 181 million likes.


  • Whitney Simmons

    Health vlogger and Gym Shark athlete who rose to fame on her eponymous YouTube channel. She has gained popularity for documenting her fitness journey to more than 1.3 million subscribers and growing.

    Whitney Simmons

  • Kate Mara

    On the Netflix series House of Cards, she plays Zoe Barnes. She's also appeared in Fantastic Four, Brokeback Mountain, Shooter, The Open Road, Transcendence, and The Martian, among other films. She made her acting debut in FX's Pose in 2018.

    Kate Mara

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