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  • Niana Guerrero

    Niana Guerrero is a rising YouTube sensation known for her musical.ly and dance videos. When it comes to dancing, she is energetic, witty, and a little insane. Her YouTube dancing videos demonstrate her dedication to the art form; she can dance to a wide range of songs. Ranz Kyle, Niana's younger brother, is also a YouTube sensation. They may be seen dancing to songs like "Despacito," "Shape of You," and "Lean On" in her videos. With videos like 'Juju on that Beat' and 'Trumpet Challenges,' they rose to notoriety. Niana's vivacity is also apparent in her prank and challenge films. Niana is one of the most well-liked YouTube personalities, which is one of the reasons why her channel has over 2 million subscribers. Niana's metamorphosis from a shy kid to a social media sensation is amazing.

    Niana Guerrero

  • Nicole Skyes

    Nicole Skyes is a YouTube sensation renowned for her odd and eccentric make-up lessons and hacks, which she broadcasts on her own channel. She is also well-known for her series of make-up tutorials titled "Beauty Hack or Wack?" Nicole, unlike other make-up artists, is a master at creating an illusion with her abilities. Thousands of people have liked her films on Halloween make-up, cracked doll face make-up, and 3D art make-up. She also publishes beauty hacks, online challenges, and creative DIY videos in addition to make-up tutorials. 'Hundred Layers of Everything Challenge' is her most popular challenge video to date. Nicole has a separate YouTube account called Nicole Skyes VLOGS that she uses for chats, vlogs, and story time videos. Nicole and her longtime boyfriend, Jay, are engaged. They've been in a number of Nicole's videos together. She adores animals and has a plethora of them in her home.

    Nicole Skyes

  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    What would you call a child who started composing at the age of five and made public appearances at the age of eight? A prodigy isn't it? Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart sits at the top of the list of music composers who hold a special place in the realm of music. In a short span of 35 years, he became the most celebrated musician, writing almost 600 musical pieces all of which are hailed as master pieces. Throughout his life, Mozart travelled all over the world, composed in abundance, remained a voracious student of music, explored and experimented with almost all genres of music. His works are considered to be the pinnacles of symphonies, operas and chamber music. The final phase of his life was very productive, as some of his best known operas, symphonies and concertos belong to that period. His friend Joseph Haydn wrote, ˜posterity will not see such a talent again in 100 years'. Scroll down and learn all about the childhood, life and career of Mozart.

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

  • Madi Monroe

    Madimonroeee, a social media celebrity, actress, singer, and dancer, is most known for her TikTok account madimonroeee, which has over 210,000 followers. Revenge! (2017) and My Two Left Feet are two short films in which she has appeared (2018).

    Madi Monroe

  • Benny Soliven

    Vlogger with over 130,000 subscribers on YouTube who also publishes challenges, pranks, and other films with family and friends.

    Benny Soliven

  • Eric Ochoa

    The character eGO the Cholo is played by YouTube comedian SUPEReeeGO, who is best known for his Cholo Adventure Series on that platform. Additionally, he has a hit television show called "You Know You're Mexican If..."

    Eric Ochoa

  • Squeezie

    Lucas Hauchard, popularly known as Squeezie, is a French YouTuber, who gained fame after posting videos of gameplay on YouTube and live streaming gameplay on Twitch. He is one of the top three French YouTubers in the world with his channel having more than 9.4 million subscribers. He is also associated with the channel ˜CyprienGaming' in association with French comedian Cyprien. The channel has over 4.5 million subscribers. Some of the most viewed videos on YouTube are on his channel and these include ˜9 Trucs Chiants Quand T'es Sur L'ordi', ˜Overwatch Rap Battle', and Quand J'étais Petit Et Innocent!' etc. Besides gaming videos, many of his videos are characterized by self-mockery, parodies, and funny skits. He is especially known for his ˜Let's Play' gaming videos and commentary on ˜Crysis 2', ˜Call of Duty: Black Ops', ˜Alien Isolation', and ˜Until Dawn' etc. His popularity on YouTube is replicated on other social media platforms. On his Instagram channel ˜xsqueezie', he is followed by 2.3 million followers and by 4.8 million followers on Twitter.


  • Logan Moreau

    Logan Moreau is an American child actor best known for portraying Toby Duncan in the Disney Channel sitcom Good Luck Charlie's fourth and final season. He portrayed the part between 2013 and 2014, and at that time he also starred as Toby Duncan in the episode "Good Luck Jessie: New York City Christmas" of the TV series Jessie. In the episode "The Nazi on the Honeymoon" from the TV series Bones in 2013, he played Michael Vincent Hodgins. In 2014, he appeared in an episode of Team Umizoomi, a Nickelodeon instructional cartoon series for preschoolers. Logan has been photographed by Nicole Benitez, a California-based photographer, who has a number of photo shoots available on his website. He also has a Twitter and Facebook account, both of which are managed by his parents.

    Logan Moreau

  • Ansley Minor

    Her ansleyyminor TikTok channel has made her a social media sensation. She has risen in popularity for her musical montages and skits often centered around dating.

    Ansley Minor

  • Lucki Starr

    Lucki Starr is an American singer and songwriter. She has gained popularity owing to her posts on YouTube and Sound Cloud. She was passionate about music from a young age and began performing in her early childhood. She has mentioned that among her musical inspirations are late artists like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston as well as current celebrities like Beyonce and Jazmine Sullivan .In 2017, she released her single 'Make Me', which according to her is about ˜empowerment and knowing one's self worth'. She has over 20000 followers on her Vine channel. Her music updates, pictures and covers have earned her much fan following on Instagram and Musical.ly as well. Her work is managed by her mother Shana Gordon.

    Lucki Starr

  • Braeden Lemasters

    He is most known for his role as Albert in the comedic TV series Men of a Certain Age, which he co-starred in with Ray Romano. He starred in the Hulu miniseries 11.22.63 in 2016.

    Braeden Lemasters

  • John Witherspoon

    Grandad Freeman's voice in the series The Boondocks, as well as Pops on the television program The Wayans Bros.

    John Witherspoon