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  • Carson Lueders

    "Feels Good," "Remember Summertime," and "Silver Bracelet" were all big songs for the singer-songwriter and guitarist. In 2015, he released the EP All Day. He debuted as Ace in the Brat web series Chicken Girls in 2017. In 2018, he began appearing in the show Dirt. In 2019, he secured a record contract with Def Jam Recordings.

    Carson Lueders

  • DerekTrendz

    Comedic personality who has gained fame on TikTok where he has garnered more than 4.7 million followers. He is known as DerekTrendz across all of his social media accounts. He has a popular YouTube channel where he primarily posts pranks and challenges.


  • Elizabeth Gillies

    Elizabeth Egan Gillies is an actress and singer from the United States. She is a well-known figure who has been in several advertisements and television shows. She made her Broadway debut at the age of 15 in the musical 13, in which she portrayed Lucy. She obtained her first major part at the age of 17 in the sitcom 'Victorious,' in which she portrayed the character 'Jade West,' which rocketed her to popularity. She presently stars in the comedy series 'Sex&Drugs&Rocknroll' on the FX channel. Aside from that, she has voiced the character "Daphne" in a variety of television programs, including The Black Donnellys (2007) and, most recently, the Winx Club (2004), an animated series in which she provides her voice. She's been in television programs including White Collar (2009) and Big Time Rush (2009). She's also appeared in films including The Clique (2008) and Harold (2008). She is well-known for her incredible singing, in addition to being an actor. She began playing the piano at a young age and has recorded renditions of well-known songs such as John Lennon's "Jealous Guy," The Rolling Stones' "Wild Horses," Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car," and Cat Stevens' "Father & Son."

    Elizabeth Gillies

  • Kate Beckinsale

    Kate Beckinsale was born in London, England, and was exposed to films and performing at a young age, since both of her parents were performers. Beckinsale was a good student at Oxford University who eventually dropped out to focus on her acting career. She made her acting debut in 'Much Ado about Nothing,' but it was her performance in the BBC television comedy film 'Cold Comfort Farm,' that got her attention by critics and viewers. She went on to star in a number of films before relocating to the United States for her big break in Hollywood. Beckinsale rose to stardom after starring opposite Ben Affleck in the financially successful picture 'Pearl Harbor.' She was praised for her performance in 'The Last Days of Disco.' There was no turning back after the picture, which opened the road for a successful career. She quickly rose to prominence thanks to her action part in her husband's 'Underworld' series. Beckinsale has created a name for herself in Hollywood, with multiple hit films to her credit, and reviewers have frequently lauded her for her flawless performances. She currently lives in Venice, California with her daughter and has a number of exciting projects in the works, but she still has a long way to go in the entertainment industry! Continue reading to learn more about this fascinating guy.

    Kate Beckinsale

  • Kristina Kika Kim

    Social media personality known primarily for posting POV, lip sync, dance and comedy videos on her kikakiim TikTok account. She has accumulated over 27 million followers on the platform.

    Kristina Kika Kim

  • Michael Campion

    Right now, Michael Campion is one of the hottest new kids on the street! He is most known for his role as Jackson Fuller in the 'Full House' spin-off, 'Fuller House.' He booked his first professional acting role when he was barely eight years old. He had desired to be a successful actor since he was a child, and as a result, he persuaded his parents to allow him pursue his goals, and they fully backed him. He has been in numerous local and national commercials, which have shaped and sharpened his acting abilities, allowing him to land future professional acting roles. Campion has worked in a few other films before being cast in 'Fuller House,' but his part as Jackson Fuller is his largest to date! He couldn't believe he got to be a part of such a renowned show at such a young age, exactly like his humble and grounded role on the show!

    Michael Campion

  • Sandra Bullock

    Sandra Annette Bullock is a multiple award winning Hollywood actress turned producer. So far this very successful lady has appeared in a number of high grossing films like ˜Gravity', ˜The Blind Side', and ˜The Heat' which rank her among the most bankable celebrities. Daughter of an opera singer, her parents ensured she attended music and dance classes as a young girl. She played small roles in her mother's opera's productions and developed a love for the performing arts. She sang with a children's choir and actively took part in stage productions while in high school. Deciding to pursue a career in acting, she studied drama in college and appeared in several student films. Success however did not come easily to her in spite of her good looks, poise and talents. For a while she supported herself by working as a bartender and waitress. She started her career by acting on the stage before moving on to films. She worked in a string of independent films which led to her being cast in mainstream Hollywood fare. One of the top actresses of the 1990s, she is the recipient of several prestigious awards including an Academy Award for the Best actress and a Golden Globe.

    Sandra Bullock

  • Stormzy

    Stormzy, born as Michael Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr., is an English rapper. He has released one mixtape, one studio album, two extended plays and seven tracks till date. In February 2017, he released his debut album titled ˜Gang Signs & Prayer' that peaked at # 1 on the UK Albums Chart, making it the first ever grime album to reach the position on the chart. He is also known for winning the ˜Best Grime Act' at the 2014 and 2015 MOBO Awards. Stormzy started out as a road rapper, rapping in a way closer to hip hop than grime. He then started making videos for YouTube but it wasn't until the rapper began posting his Wicked Skengman freestyles that he attracted much wider attention. Eventually, he became a household name and joined the music industry. Since then, Stormzy has become one of the most influential artistes to look out for. His most successful single till date is "Shut Up", a BPI platinum-selling track which was initially released on YouTube. The song was then officially released and soon it went on to reach #8 on the UK Singles Chart. Stormzy is presently in a relationship with the UK presenter Maya Jama. He calls himself "a child of grime" who is influenced by the likes of the artistes Skepta and Wiley.


  • Erica Delsman

    Erica Delsman is a teen who has recently found the joys of Musical.lys and is capturing the attention of musers with her creative uploads. Musical.ly is a relatively new social networking app that is quite popular among tweens and teens, for those who aren't familiar with it (obviously been living under a rock). You'll be making short lip sync videos and sharing them on every social media platform you can think of. Erica appears to have perfected the art of consistently uploading a slew of cool Musical.lys. Musical.ly is her strong suit, and she uses it to keep her fans engaged in her music and comedy videos. Her Musical.lys has more than 220K followers. Thousands of Instagram followers are also eager to get a look into the life of this lovely 12-year-old. Erica Delsman is her YouTube channel, however she isn't very active there.

    Erica Delsman

  • Lala Sadi

    Relatable TikTok content creator and social media personality who became known for publishing videos about life as a teenager. She has 11 million followers on the platform. She has also been active on her Lala TV YouTube channel.

    Lala Sadi

  • Scott Cawthon

    Scott Cawthon is an American video game designer, developer and animator best known for the 'Five Nights at Freddy's franchise'. If you are a video games enthusiast then you would have probably landed upon playing one of the games of the ˜Five Nights at Freddy's' indie video game series. The series and eventually the media franchise often abbreviated as ˜FNaF' was created, developed, designed and published by Scott Cawthon. The game designer and animator, however, met with little success initially. He was even criticized by notable reviewers for incorporating animatronic machine like characters in his games like ˜Chipper and Sons Lumber Co.' Although such criticisms marred his spirits initially, Cawthon later resolved to use such characters in his future gaming endeavours. This saw the evolvement of ˜Five Nights at Freddy's', the first game of the successful franchise marking his big break into the world of gaming. Its success and popularity not only saw development of five more games in the series but also the novel ˜Five Nights at Freddy's: The Silver Eyes'. Upcoming books associated with the franchise includes another novel ˜Five Nights at Freddy's: The Twisted Ones' and an official guidebook to the series titled ˜The Freddy Files'. The series is also planned for a film adaptation. Other notable games and animations of Cawthon, who also remained associated with ˜Hope Animation' that delves in developing animated films aimed at disseminating the teachings of Lord Jesus, are ˜There Is No Pause Button!', The Desolate Hope and ˜The Pilgrim's Progress' to mention a few.

    Scott Cawthon

  • Amanda Steele

    YouTube has really revolutionized our online entertainment! It is the most popular way to put oneself in the spotlight, voicing one's opinions and showcasing one's talents, hoping to reach the millions that log on every day. Tutorials are one of the top viewed content on the site, with people guiding you, step by step, from opening a soda bottle to building a car from scratch. Among girls and women, makeup tutorial videos incite much excitement. Such channels are one dime a dozen, with practically everyone having one. In this immensely competitive arena, to set apart your own identity is a feat in itself and 17-year-old Amanda Steele has achieved just that! Her YouTube channel MakeupByMandy24 is a huge success with over 2.8 million subscribers and over 227 million views. She started out with makeup tutorial videos but her channel has evolved to be more of a video catalog of her daily life. She has a second YouTube channel Maaannndddyy, which she uses to post random snippets of her life that doesn't involve beauty and fashion. We would say 600K subscribers and 21 million views are quite impressive numbers for a secondary channel! Amanda's Instagram account has over 2.7 million followers who tune in to check out her latest fashion adventures. From crazy to edgy to cute to glam, she seems to rock it all and we know why her fans are going gaga!

    Amanda Steele

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