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  • Scott Disick

    Scott Disick is a Jewish-American reality television personality and entrepreneur. His incomplete schooling was followed by a brief assignment as a model for a young adult book series ˜Heartland', after which he tried his hand at various business ventures creating products in the healthcare sector - some of them being Monte Carlo Perpetual Tan, Rejuvacare, QuickTrim, and Amidren by Scott Disick. He also invested in a Japanese restaurant ˜Ryu' in New York City, but it failed and hence, was shut down after few months. Apart from his assorted business endeavors, he has gained considerable popularity as the boyfriend of reality TV star, <a title='Kourtney Kardashian' href='/famous/kourtney-kardashian.htm'>Kourtney Kardashian</a>, since 2006. Moreover, his make-ups and break-ups have been a highly televised affair, especially on the Kardashians' family shows “ ˜Keeping Up With The Kardashians' and ˜Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami'. Besides, he has made appearances on other American TV shows as well. Also, he enjoys a high reputation for donning expensive and trendy clothes, apart from choosing his wristwatches very carefully, according to the occasion of the day. Of recently, he is heard of launching his own fashion brand. He has been in controversies due to his anger issues and public flare-ups with Kourtney.

    Scott Disick

  • Niomi Smart

    Niomi Smart is a well-known English fashion and lifestyle blogger and YouTube star who covers a wide range of themes in her writings and videos. She began her online career as a blogger and now operates a well-known self-titled blog with sections dedicated to each of her passions: food, health, travel, fashion, and beauty. Despite the fact that she started her YouTube account in 2011, she did not begin posting until 2014, by which time she had already established herself as a prominent fashion and lifestyle blogger. It's no wonder, then, that her blog's admirers greeted her YouTube videos with open arms, and within two months of publishing her first video, she had amassed over 400k subscribers! As of June 2017, the gorgeous internet sensation has over 1.7 million YouTube subscribers, 1.1 million Twitter followers, and 1.8 million Instagram followers! She also has a sizable Facebook following. She is a best-selling author of the book Eat Smart, a guide to eating well and staying active, in addition to being an internet personality. She is a popular YouTuber who frequently collaborates with other YouTubers and has been on Marcus Butler's, Jim Chapman's, and Alfie Deyes' channels.

    Niomi Smart

  • Scrubby

    YouTuber Scrubby, who reacts to the newest viral clips, music videos, and online personalities on his channel Scrubby.


  • Levi Underhill

    Levi Underhill is an American social media influencer who is best known for his musical.ly (TikTok) account, where he posts lip-sync videos. He has a number of videos on YouTube that feature songs by well-known artists such as Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake. Levi Underhill is also active on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, and Twitch, among other social media networks. He has thousands of fans across social media platforms, with over 65,000 followers on his Instagram page alone. Levi Underhill has attended conventions and conferences such as 'Playlist Live' and 'VidCon' as an internet celebrity. He is the older brother of Jesse Underhill, a popular musical.ly artist with over 2.3 million followers.

    Levi Underhill

  • Helena Bonham Carter

    Helena Bonham Carter, a British actress, was born into a prominent political family and had to deal with her parents' illness as a kid. Her debut film, Lady Jane, as well as her parts in Merchant-A Ivory's Room with a View and Howards End, cemented her reputation as an Edwardian heroine. Richard Corliss, a critic, described her as a "contemporary antique goddess." To avoid being labeled, the actress began to work in more popular roles, collaborating with commercially successful but artistically recognized filmmakers such as Tim Burton, who would later become her partner. Burton's friendship benefited her both personally and professionally. She appeared in a number of Burton films, including 'Planet of the Apes,' 'Big Fish,' 'Sweeny Todd,' and 'Alice in Wonderland.' She also appeared in multiple Harry Potter films as the crazy witch Bellatrix, the innkeeper Madame Thnardier in the big-budget musical Les Miserables, and Miss Havisham in Great Expectations. In the films 'Wings of the Dove,' as the manipulative Kate Croy, 'The King's Speech,' as Queen Elizabeth, and 'Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street,' she gave three memorable performances. She has demonstrated her ability to represent totally contemporary characters as an actress, and she has always brought value to every film in which she has starred.

    Helena Bonham Carter

  • Raina Telgemeier

    Raina Telgemeier is an eminent cartoonist from the USA. She is best known for her autobiographical webcomic ˜Smile' as well as its follow-up ˜Sisters'. She is also famous for writing the graphic fiction novel titled ˜Drama'. Her other popular works include graphic novel adaptations of ˜The Baby-sitters Club' series, ˜Take-Out' and ˜X‘Men: Misfits'. Telgemeier has received tons of awards, honors, and nominations for her work. She received the 2003 Friends of Lulu's Kimberly Yale Award under the category ˜Best New Talent'. She earned the 2015 Eisner Award for the Best Writer/Artist. The skilled cartoonist has been nominated twice for Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards. Not just this! She was once nominated for an Ignatz Award as well. Telgemeier's books have also won several titles. Her graphic novel ˜Smile,' based on her webcomic of the same name, won the 2010 Boston Globe-Horn Book Award as well as the 2010 Kirkus Reviews Best Book title. It also earned the title of the 2011 ALA Notable Children's Book and even won the 2011 Eisner Award for the Best Publication for Teens. Her fiction novel ˜Drama' was selected for the title of the 2013 Stonewall Book Award. Her second autobiographical novel ˜Sisters' became New York Times Editor's Choice for the year 2014.

    Raina Telgemeier

  • John Wayne

    John Wayne was an American actor and director who went on to become one of Hollywood's greatest stars over the course of a long career. Wayne did not set out to be an actor, but a series of events led to him beginning his career as an extra in movies, and from there he rose through the ranks to become one of the industry's greatest stars, specializing in classic Westerns. John Wayne struggled at first because he had to play bit part roles, but that all changed when he appeared in the film 'Stagecoach,' and over the years he appeared in such classic films as John Ford's 'Cavalry Trilogy,' and the 1956 film 'The Searchers,' which is regarded by movie buffs as his best performance. During WWII, John Wayne wore the director's hat and starred in a number of films designed specifically to entertain the troops on the front lines. John Wayne created a body of work that will be cherished by cinema fans for the rest of their lives and loved by people of all ages.

    John Wayne

  • Lauryn Hill

    Lauryn Noelle Hill is a well-known American hip-hop female musician who dabbles in singing, songwriting, rapping, production, and acting. She came from a modest middle-class family in New Jersey. Hill's musically oriented parents provided her with ample motivation to embrace music totally. She was well-known at her school for her singing abilities, and she quickly founded the Tranzlator Crew with her classmates Michel and Jean. She began her career doing Off-Broadway, which led to roles in Hollywood films. Following that, she and her band, The Fugees, recorded their first professional album. She has also released a number of solo albums and singles throughout the years. She has received numerous honors, including six Grammy Awards and four American Music Awards. She's dubbed the "Mother of Hip-Hop Invention." The singer of 'Killing Me Softly' is also noted for her tumultuous relationship with one of the band members, Jean, which is rumored to be the reason for the band's breakup. She was recently convicted of tax evasion and sentenced to prison for several months as a result. She has five children with Rohan Marley, Bob Marley's son; the couple never married.

    Lauryn Hill

  • Stevie Nicks

    Stephanie Stevie Nicks is a singer-songwriter known for her career with Fleetwood Mac which gave the band their only U.S. No.1 hit, ˜Dreams'. She changed the fortune of the band for the better after joining in 1974. She created history with her second album with the band, ˜Rumours' which won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year and went Diamond in the U.S. After a very successful stint with the band, she decided to go solo. Her debut album, ˜Bella Donna' charted at No.1 on the U.S. Billboard and went Multi-Platinum within months of its release. Her second album, ˜The Wild Heart' also went Multi-Platinum establishing Nicks as a solo artist. She had many friends in the music industry, and she invited them to play music for her albums. Her next album, ˜Rock a Little' was also a huge hit and went Platinum like its predecessors. However, the stress of working so hard had a toll on her mental and physical well-being, and she developed a drug addiction problem. The talented singer struggled hard to overcome her substance abuse and was eventually successful in leaving this troubled part of her life behind. A highly prolific performer, she is credited to have produced more than forty Top 50 hits with a sales figure exceeding 140 million albums.

    Stevie Nicks

  • TriggeredTro

    Triggered Tro is an American YouTube star known for his humorous, often cantankerous, commentaries on the latest viral stories that he publishes on his channel. He also runs a second channel called ˜Chill Tro' on which he posts gaming and other random videos. Known for his one-of-a-kind humor, the YouTuber showcases it in almost all his videos. Besides being funny, his content is unique and entertaining enough to turn anyone's bad day into a good one. The best part of his videos is that they are made just for the fun factor and not to hurt people's sentiments. Currently, Triggered Tro is one of the most popular young YouTubers from the U.S, having millions of subscribers on his main channel. He also has a decent following on his second channel. Although he hasn't appeared in any of his YouTube videos, his unique way of making videos is simply worth praising. On a personal note, Triggered Tro is a crazy man who loves to have fun most of the time.


  • Lola Flanery

    Actress who rose to prominence in 2017 for her appearances as Seelie Queen in Shadowhunters, Lila DeWitt in The Mist, and Cambie in Mary Kills People. She would go on to have a recurring role on The 100 as Madi.

    Lola Flanery

  • Amy Pohl

    Amyepohl, a TikTok celebrity who has garnered fame for her vlogs on her life with chronic disease on her amyepohl channel. On the app, she has over 310,000 followers thanks to her videos.

    Amy Pohl