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  • Ashley Nichole

    Ashley Nichole is one of YouTube's up and coming Lifestyle vloggers. Her YouTube channel ˜xoMissAshleyNichole' has received rave adorations from the viewers within a very short period of time. Her channel has over 700k subscribers and deals with daily lifestyle, fashion along with several DIY and life hack tips thrown in the mix. Her videos have millions views, which stands as a proof to her popularity on the platform and genre. She also has a second channel, exclusively for personal vlogs that depicts the exciting events in her life as a YouTuber. Ashley Nichole is also popular on other social media platforms. Her Instagram account has similar number of followers as her main YouTube channel. On micro-blogging site Twitter, she has over 89K followers. She is doing quite well through her YouTube career, and as of April, 2017, her net worth is close to 50,000 USD from her earning through the platform and several other endorsement deals.

    Ashley Nichole

  • Justin Trudeau

    Justin Pierre James Trudeau, the leader of the Liberal Party is the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada. His father, Pierre Trudeau was the former prime minister of Canada. At 43, Justin became the second youngest Prime Minister of Canada. Before joining politics actively, he was a teacher and chaired the board of Katimavik, a project taken up by a family friend. He first gained public exposure at his father's state funeral, where he delivered a moving eulogy. He was first elected in the 2008 federal election in which he represented Montreal's Papineau riding. In the following years, he became Liberal Party's critic for a number of departments like Youth and Multiculturalism, Citizenship and Immigration, Secondary Education, Youth and Amateur Sport. While seeking the position of the Prime Minister in 2015, Justin Trudeau promised a lot of unconventional changes in fields like abortion rights, marijuana legalization, tax payment. His campaign was positive, enhanced by Trudeau's remarkable oratory skills. Liberal Party's victory was unprecedented when it moved from 36 to 184 seats through the earnest efforts of Trudeau. The handsome Trudeau has starred in a TV movie ˜The Great War' and is also famous for his boxing skills.

    Justin Trudeau

  • Bobbie-Jo

    Bobbie-Jo is an English TikTok star and social media influencer. She has gained fame for her TikTok channel, ˜bobbiebxtch', where she regularly posts videos and has garnered 5.5 million fans and about 200 million hearts. A London native, Bobbie-Jo set up her account on TikTik, which was known as Musical.ly back then, in 2015. As the channel grew over the course of the ensuing years, she found popularity on other social media platforms as well. She has more than 220 thousand followers on Instagram. On Facebook and Twitter, she has a few hundred followers each. Bobbie-Jo created her YouTube channel in March 2018 and posted her first video there a few days later. As of late 2018, she has accumulated over 51 thousand subscribers and more than three million views.


  • Daysha Taylor

    Daysha Taylor is an American rapper as well as a social media influencer. She is known for being a part of Taylor Girlz, a rap-dance/R&B duo, alongside her sister, Ti Taylor. Inspired by their rapper father, the sisters started their music career with another girl, Tiny, who later left the group. The sisters then went on to form a girl group which eventually garnered attention with their "Woozie" dance video. Daysha Taylor and her sister Ti are also known for releasing the hit tracks "Hillary and "Steal Her Man. Today, they have emerged as one of the upcoming rapper duos in USA. Born in Alabama and raised in Atlanta, Daysha Taylor is also an online personality and has millions of fans across various social media platforms. Currently, she has almost a million followers on Instagram. She has hundreds of thousands of fans on YouTube as well. Daysha Taylor is a multitalented ambitious woman who has set her eyes on becoming one of the best known female rappers in the male dominated music field.

    Daysha Taylor

  • Alexander Rusev

    Professional wrestler who previously competed as a powerlifter and a rower. He became the first Bulgarian to wrestler for World Wrestling Entertainment in 2010.

    Alexander Rusev

  • Emma Slater

    Emma Louise Slater is a British professional dancer, choreographer and TV personality, known for her appearances on the American version of the dance reality show, ˜Dancing with the Stars.' Born and raised in Staffordshire, England, she was keen on dancing from a young age and started learning ballet at the age of 4, and participated in Latin American and Ballroom dance competitions from 10. During her teen years she appeared in George Michael's music video, ˜Round Here.' Soon after that, she began performing in such stage shows as ˜Simply Ballroom,' ˜Burn the Floor,' among others and travelled around many places with these shows. Slater has also won dance competition titles, such as ˜British Under-21 Latin American Championship' and was ranked in the world's ˜Top 20' for under-21 Latin American dancing. Slater performed in the ˜Universal Pictures' movie ˜Mamma Mia!' where she worked with Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan. She received invitation to participate in the season 14 of ˜Dancing with the Stars,' and joined as a troupe member. Slater, along with her partner Rashad Jennings (NFL star), won the season 24 of the show. She is married to dancer Sasha Farber.

    Emma Slater

  • Damon Blake

    Damon Blake is an American social media sensation who is much popular on the Musical.ly app and also on YouTube. His videos set to popular songs on Musical.ly have earned him an attentive audience and his personal musical.ly account has 118.4K fans and 860.1K hearts. As a YouTuber, he is a part of the YouTube channel ˜Blake Boys', alongside his friends, the popular twins <a title='Justin' href='/famous/justin-blake.htm'>Justin</a> and <a title='Danny' href='/famous/danny-blake-musical-lystar.htm'>Danny</a> Blake. Their channel has over 66K subscribers as of May 2017. A proud female-to-male transgender, Damon is a source of inspiration to his fans, many of who belong to the LGBTQ group and are often subjected to bullying and discrimination because of their sexual identities and orientation. All the three members comprising the ˜Blake Boys' are transgender and are committed to share their own stories of struggles and triumphs with their fans who might be going through similar issues of sexual identity.

    Damon Blake

  • Annie Lennox

    Ann Annie Lennoz is a singer known for her innovative musical style and sweet, melodious voice which enabled her to become one of the most loved female British singers of the contemporary times. She rose to prominence as a musician when she collaborated with fellow singer David A. Stewart to form the duo Eurythmics. The duo achieved great success not only in Britain but also in the international scenario. David and Annie had begun their careers with a musical group called The Tourists which was a minor success. After the break-up of this band, the duo created their own group Eurythmics which became an international sensation with the release of their singles ˜Sweet Dream (Are Made of This)', ˜Love Is A Stranger', and ˜The Miracle of Love'. The duo achieved great success worldwide and split up after a decade of working together though they still reunite from time to time for their performances. Annie went to pursue a solo career with the release of her debut album, ˜Diva'. The album peaked at No.1 in the U.K. and was accredited multi-platinum in the U.K and the U.S. Her music is critically acclaimed and she is the recipient of several prestigious awards including eight Brit Awards. She is also well known for her philanthropic works.

    Annie Lennox

  • Sam Shoaf

    Singer best recognized for competing as a member of <a title='Sarah Geronimo' href='/famous/sarah-geronimo.htm'>Sarah Geronimo</a>'s team in the inaugural season of The Voice Kids (Philippines). He later went on to host the show Team Yey.

    Sam Shoaf

  • Jorgie Porter

    Television actress best known for her portrayal of Theresa on the BBC Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks.

    Jorgie Porter

  • Jimmy Buffett

    James William Buffett, popularly known as Jimmy Buffett, is an American musician and songwriter best known for his hit songs ˜Margaritaville' and ˜Come Monday'. He started his musical career as a country artiste in the 1960s, and released his first album, ˜Down to Earth' in 1970. His unique music combines elements of the country, rock, and pop genres of music with coastal and tropical lyrical themes. He formed the touring and recording band of singers and songwriters called Coral Reefer Band. He has released over 30 albums, of which many have been certified gold or platinum. In 2003, he bagged his first Country Music Award for his song ˜It's 5 O'clock Somewhere'. An accomplished writer as well, Buffett has written three best-sellers”˜Tales from Margaritaville', ˜Where Is Joe Merchant?' and ˜A Pirate Looks at Fifty'. With his daughter Savannah Jane Buffett, he also co-wrote two children's books”˜The Jolly Mon' and ˜Trouble Dolls'. The multi-talented Buffett is also an actor. He has made several cameo appearances in films like ˜Repo Man', ˜Hook', ˜Cobb', ˜Hoot', ˜Congo', and ˜From the Earth to the Moon'. He has produced a number of musicals including ˜Escape to Margaritaville.' He collaborated with novelist Herman Wouk and produced a musical based on Wouk's novel ˜Don't Stop the Carnival'. He is also a successful businessman, with two restaurant chains named after his best-known songs.

    Jimmy Buffett

  • Max Gonzalez

    Let's Play commentator and former Machinima director known as Gassy Mexican. He was a member of the group known as The Creatures.

    Max Gonzalez

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