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  • Case Walker

    Case Walker is a celebrity who has over 650k followers on his account case.walker. He first joined the app in the summer of 2016, and immediately climbed to prominence through's linked live broadcasting platform,, where he amassed a significant following in a short period of time. Case Walker has evolved as a teen online star since then, and he now has accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. He is a kind little boy who has captured the hearts of millions of people across the world by utilizing his abilities to aid autistic children. Singing, dancing, and playing the piano are all things he enjoys doing. He's also a hard worker who enjoys rock climbing.

    Case Walker

  • Noah Jupe

    Noah Jupe is an English actor who has been in television shows such as "The Night Manager" and "Houdini and Doyle." He is also well-known for his role in the comedic film Suburbicon. He has also appeared in a variety of other films and shorts, including 'The Man with the Iron Heart,' 'That Good Night,' 'Wonder,' and 'My Pretty Pony.' He was raised in the entertainment industry as the son of a filmmaker father and an actress mother. He began acting when he was approximately 10 years old and has since been in several television and cinema roles. Jupe, a talented young actor, was nominated for the London Critics Circle Film Award in 2018 in the category of "Young British/Irish Performer of the Year." On a personal level, the English actor is a kind, engaging, and sweet individual. Jupe is a family man who lives with his parents and siblings. When he is not shooting, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

    Noah Jupe

  • Roy Purdy

    Roy Purdy is a musician and social media figure from the United States. He is recognized for his self-titled YouTube channel, where he posts music videos and vlogs. Purdy, who is from Appleton, Wisconsin, began writing music when he was eleven years old. He began really studying music in high school and has been writing unique compositions ever since. He is an incredibly brilliant musician who is trained in piano and guitar. His singing abilities are exceptional, as are his abilities to play numerous instruments. Purdy continues to thrill his YouTube audience with his one-of-a-kind musical material, with the goal of being one of the top music producers in the future. He also often uploads vlogs to keep his followers up to speed on his personal life. The YouTuber, who is known for his bright, vivid clothing and brilliant fashion sense, has always enjoyed being in the spotlight. He's always desired to amuse and perform for others. Purdy is the older brother of one of his siblings. He enjoys participating in daring activities like skateboarding.

    Roy Purdy

  • Tony Perry

    Tony Perry is an American guitarist, and musician. He is the leading guitarist of the rock band, ˜Pierce the Veil.' Born to Mexican parents, Perry was interested in music right from his childhood days. His grandfather was his first music teacher and taught him to play guitar. When Vic Fuentes and Mike Fuentes formed the rock band, ˜Pierce the Veil,' Perry joined them, as their lead guitarist. After Perry joined the band, they released their first album which was titled, ˜A Flair for the Dramatic.' It was received well by the music lovers in the United States. This was followed by several other albums, such as ˜Selfish Machines,' and ˜Misadventures.' Perry has conducted his music tours across continents such as Australia, Asia, and Europe. He has performed at several music festivals, including ˜Soundwave Festival,' and Slam Dunk Festival.'

    Tony Perry

  • Ric Flair

    Popularly known by the moniker ˜The Nature Boy', Ric Flair is a retired professional wrestler most famous for his extravagant lifestyle with an addiction to alcohol and women. He was once the face of National Wrestling Alliance (NWA ) and World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and is regarded as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. The first ever WCW champion, Flair has held the World Championship for a record 16 times. His tumultuous life involves strained relationship with his adoptive parents, multiple injuries, four failed marriages, and the heart-breaking loss of a son. In a career spanning over 40 decades, he has broken several records and created new records by winning numerous championships. Flair has seen the highest of highs and the lowest of lows in a wrestlers' career but is still unwilling to ˜retire' from this sport as he considers wrestling to be his first love. It is his sheer passion for wrestling that prompted him to wrestle for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) even years after officially retiring from wrestling. However, he later admitted that wrestling for TNA was his ˜number one' regret of his career. Flair is now often seen in WWE in support of his daughter Charlotte.

    Ric Flair

  • Jakob Greer

    Comedy content creator who is known for posting short form videos on his greerzy TikTok account. His close-up selfie style videos have garnered him more than 2.6 million fans on the platform.

    Jakob Greer

  • George Harrison

    George Harrison, sometimes known as the Quiet Beatle, is still a household name today. Harrison was a significant contribution to the world of music during his career, holding the titles of musician, composer, vocalist, and guitarist. He was fascinated by the beauty of music from an early age and worked tirelessly throughout his life to raise the quality of harmony. It's worth noting that Harrison used the power of music to spread awareness about spiritual life and genuine calling across the world. He was a fervent lover of Indian culture and spirituality and was highly influenced by Hinduism. The same could be seen in much of his work, which was heavily influenced by his love of Eastern music and instruments. While Harrison was surrounded by geniuses like McCartney and Lennon, his brilliance and skillfulness as a musician did not go unnoticed, and he gained widespread fame and critical praise. While he performed admirably during his post-break-up connection with the Beatles, he quickly emerged from the shadows of his band members to expose himself as a deeply spiritual lyricist with a broad sense of melody. He is still recognized for introducing Eastern religion and musical influence to the whole 1960s generation.

    George Harrison

  • Joe Santagato

    Joe Santagato is a YouTube sensation most known for his weekly podcast, "The Basement Yard." Fullscreen, an online network of content providers, produced the podcast, which quickly rose to the top of the iTunes Chart. He's also famous for his self-titled YouTube channel, where he regularly uploads funny content. He used to be a member of the YouTube channel "Settle Down Kids," but he departed to focus on his own channel. He hosted a series of videos on Dwayne Johnson's YouTube channel dubbed "Rock, The Promo," in which he collaborated with professional wrestler and actor Dwayne Johnson (a.k.a. The Rock). After the legalization of homosexual marriage in the United States, he created the video "Gay Marriage Is Legal," in which he questioned why it was outlawed in the first place.

    Joe Santagato

  • Isabelle Fuhrman

    Isabelle Fuhrman is an American actress best known for her roles as Clove in The Hunger Games and Esther in Orphan, a horror/thriller film. She is also known for her roles as Tessa Johnson and Gretchen Dennis on the TV programs "Masters of Sex" and "Ghost Whisperer." She has been in television movies such as "Children of the Corn" and "Pleading Guilty." Sammy's Adventures: The Secret Passage, From Up on Poppy Hill, Snow Queen 2, Adventure Time, Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey, Hitman: Absolution, and Let It Die are just a few of the projects she's worked on as a voice artist. Fuhrman is associated with various organizations and has done advertisements for Kmart and Pizza Hut, as well as magazine spreads for Teen Vogue, Marie Claire, and Vanity Fair. She is involved with groups such as the Love & Art Children's Foundation and the Save the Children Foundation, and she contributes to their programs on a regular basis.

    Isabelle Fuhrman

  • Lovevie

    Lovevie is an English beauty vlogger known for delivering themed makeup lessons, fashion suggestions, cosmetic equipment reviews, and other similar content on YouTube. Her vlog channel, Lovevie, also features vlogs about her daily life. The channel currently has around 230k subscribers and over 16 million views (as of March 2018). Aside from YouTube, the English beauty fanatic is well-known on Twitter, where she has around 11.4k followers. Lovevie is a pleasant and fun-loving girl on a personal level. She adores all things relating to beauty, fashion, and living a healthy lifestyle. She comes from a lovely and caring family and enjoys spending time with them. She also enjoys spending time with her friends and partner. Lovevie is sure to soar to new heights in the near future, thanks to her flawless cosmetic abilities, exquisite fashion sense, and optimistic attitude.


  • Kamryn Beck

    Kamryn Elizabeth Beck is a dancer from the United States. Her appearance on Season 4 of Lifetime's reality television series "Dance Moms" made her famous. She has been dancing since she was three years old and grew up within a few miles from the Abby Lee Dance Company. When she and her mother learned about the ALDC's junior select ensemble competition team audition opportunity, they decided to take a chance and Kamryn stepped in for an audition. She was chosen and named as Chloe Lukasiak's competitor shortly after. She has also performed with Krystie's Dance Academy, Studio Bleu Dance Center, and Pulse Dance Studio in the years since. She has been perfecting her technique since her participation on Dance Moms in 2014, and has amassed a moderate following on numerous social media sites. She has over 7,000 Twitter followers, over 2,000 Facebook followers, and a whopping 330 thousand Instagram followers.

    Kamryn Beck

  • Tony Oller

    Tony Oller, born as Anthony Michael Oller, is an American actor, singer, and songwriter. He is famous for being the one-half of the pop duo MKTO along with <a title='Malcolm David Kelley' href='/famous/malcolm-kelley.htm'>Malcolm David Kelley</a>. They have released a self-titled album as well as an EP till date. As a singer, Oller has also released a number of singles such as "Thank You", "God Only Knows", "American Dream", "Bad Girls", "Shadow", "Here I Go", "Could You Be the One" and "Live Without You," to name a few. As an actor, he has appeared as Danny on Disney Channel's ˜As the Bell Rings' and as Walt Moore on Teen Nick TV's ˜Gigantic'. Besides these, Oller has done a number of movies, television films, and web projects, including ˜The Purge', ˜Beneath the Darkness', ˜Field of Vision', ˜Unanswered Prayers' and ˜Relationship Status'. Talking about his honors and achievements, the American artiste was once featured in Cosmo Girl's "Hot 100" list and twice featured in Teen's "50 Hottest Male Stars". Oller, who is also a part of The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), has four belts in karate.

    Tony Oller

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