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  • Tana Mongeau

    Tana Mongeau has made her mark on YouTube as the laid-back vlogger who posts ˜story time' videos and rants about her social life. As a Vegas girl, Tana projects her views about various debaucheries and other social mishaps in her videos. She is also known for her collaborated videos with other YouTube fames like Gabbie Hanna and Shane Dawson. In one of her interviews, she said, My life has truly done a complete 180 since I started my YouTube channel a year ago. She initially had a lot of haters who criticized almost all her videos, although she later addressed them in her videos and wisely averted the criticism. There are talks on the internet pondering on the question - Is Tana Mongeau the new Jenna Marbles? Tana's current progress is heading towards the intended shores of much deserved fame.

    Tana Mongeau

  • Lionel Messi

    Lionel Messi is a former professional footballer from Argentina who is regarded as one of the best players in the world's history. He was the first player to win three European Golden Shoes and the only player in history to win five FIFA Ballons d'Or. He set numerous global records during his playing career, including the most goals scored in La Liga, a La Liga season (50), a calendar year (91), a single season (73), and a Champions League match (5), among others. He grew up in a football-loving household in central Argentina, where he developed an early interest for the sport and spent his childhood playing football with his siblings. He began playing for FC Barcelona's under-14 team when he was 13 years old, after joining Newell's Old Boys' youth club. Messi made his competitive debut at the age of 17 and rapidly established himself as a key member of the Barcelona team. His first major achievement came in the 2008-09 season, when he helped Barcelona win the first treble in Spanish football history. He went on to become Barcelona's all-time top scorer in official competitions and Argentina's all-time leading goalscorer with 55 goals in 112 games during the next several years. After Argentina's loss to Chile in the Copa América Centenario final in 2016, he retired. However, a push to persuade him to change his mind began soon after, and Messi later retracted his choice.

    Lionel Messi

  • Domo Wilson

    Domo Wilson is a popular social media personality known for her funny videos on Vine, Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms. Her enthusiastic and funny acts are hallmarks of her videos. Her candid approach to a variety of issues gives her films a certain freshness. Her films cover anything from lighthearted reactions to everyday circumstances, like as forgetting to take the phone to the restroom, to serious topics, such as living as a lesbian person. She and her companion Crissy Danielle have a lot of social media profiles that they share. Their three YouTube channels have approximately 3 million subscribers combined. She is a talented artist who plays live all over the United States, in addition to her massive internet following. She performs humor and music at music concerts, nightclubs, and schools, as well as giving motivational talks.

    Domo Wilson

  • Lil Drip

    Ricco is a social media figure who can be found on Instagram, YouTube, YouNow, and musical.ly. He's famous for his last mann musical.ly account, where his lip-syncs frequently include a dance. In 2016, he published his EP Single Handed on iTunes.

    Lil Drip

  • Brooke Morton

    TikTok star who became famous for posting content about being a teenage mother. She has earned more than 1.1 million followers on her brookexaloura account. Her teenage pregnancy story went viral on TikTok with over 9 million views. 

    Brooke Morton

  • Ethan Klein

    Ethan Klein is a well-known "YouTuber" in the United States. His 'YouTube' channel, 'h3h3Productions,' which he runs with his wife Hila Klein, is well renowned for his reaction videos. In 2016, 'Reddit' named the channel the 'YouTube Channel of the Year,' with over six million subscribers. Ethan also runs a podcast channel on which he broadcasts live interviews with celebrities from the entertainment world. Ethan and Hila also have a second collaborative YouTube channel with millions of followers. When popular "YouTuber" Matt Hoss accused him of plagiarism and sought a lawsuit against him, Ethan became embroiled in a dispute. The court struggle was eventually won by Ethan. Ethan is not only a successful "YouTuber," but also a humanitarian.

    Ethan Klein

  • Mindy McKnight

    Mindy McKnight is a well-known American YouTuber who rose to prominence after launching her channel, Cute Girls Hairstyles, in 2009. Mindy's husband, Shaun, was the one who encouraged her to film footage of the many hairstyles she showed on her blogs and upload to YouTube. Mindy's YouTube channel grew in popularity over time, with more than 3 million followers at the time of writing. M-Star Media Inc was founded by Mindy and Shaun McKnight to produce and manage digital content. Mindy was invited to offer her thoughts on hairstyles on famous TV shows such as 'Good Morning America,' 'ABC News' 20/20,' and 'Anderson Live,' as well as on social media platforms. She was once named one of YouTube's "Top 25 Women." Mindy has also been a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for quite some time. She and her husband live in Texas with their four daughters and two adopted children.

    Mindy McKnight

  • Nick Bencivengo

    TikTok star who has risen to fame for his self-titled channel. His dances and lip-syncs usually to popular music have helped his popularity skyrocket.

    Nick Bencivengo

  • Solange Knowles

    Solange Piaget Knowles is an American singer, music producer, model and actress. Her father, Matthew Knowles, owned a music label, which became the genesis for Solange to become obsessed with music since a very early age. She started her musical career at the age of 16, with her debut album ˜Solo Star' in 2003, whichbecame a moderate success. Before her musical debut, she had already plunged into the field of acting with minor roles in TV series like ˜Intimate Portrait' and ˜The Proud Family'. Her career frequently transitioned between her musical endeavours and her acting projects, which allowed her to become a well-known celebrity in America. This also helped her to glide out of her father's shadow and soon, she established a name for herself. Her distinct sense of music also separated her from the rest of emerging hip hop rap artists. She proved her talent further with her second album ˜Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams', which was also a success. Her subsequent works, including the extended play ˜True' and her third album ˜A Seat at the Table' also went on to become critical and commercial successes. She considers her older sister <a title='Beyonce' href='/famous/beyonce-knowles.htm'>Beyonce</a>, another popular American musician, as her biggest influence.

    Solange Knowles

  • Sunoo

    Popular pop singer who rose to fame after joining the boyband ENHYPEN and making an appearance on the reality competition series I-LAND. His admirers frequently contrast him with the rapper Kang Daniel.


  • Derek Luh

    the first hip-hop artist to sign with Fly America, the record company founded by Mark Battles. Later, he joined rapper Machine Gun Kelly on tour.

    Derek Luh

  • Jack Massey Welsh

    Jack Sucks At Life, a Minecraft-centric YouTube channel with more than 1 million subscribers, is a YouTube video provider.

    Jack Massey Welsh

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