Famous birthday by date
  • TheMyth

    'TheMyth' is the online alias of popular online gamer Ali Kabbani. He first gained prominence as a 'Twitch' streamer and later established himself as a gamer. He is the captain of the ˜Team SoloMid,' an American eSports organization. He is primarily famous for his survival game plays, especially the ones for 'Fortnite.' He joined the 'Fortnite' squad as a player, and in no time he became the captain of the team. All the credit goes to his remarkable gaming strategies. One can find his gameplay videos on his 'YouTube' channel which has more than two million subscribers.


  • G-Eazy

    Gerald Earl Gillum, popularly known by his stage name G-Eazy, is an American rapper and record producer who got his big break with the mixtape 'The Endless Summer', which he self-released on the internet for free. He got recognition for the song 'Runaround Sue' which featured 'American Idol' contestant Devon Baldwin in the music video. G-Eazy, who doesn't consider himself a "natural" rapper who would nail it in the first try, had the passion and the entrepreneurial drive to make it big in the music industry. Even before releasing his first full-fledged album, he spent almost a decade in polishing his art and building a fan base. He has always dreamed big and aspired to reach heights that icons like Elvis Presley or Tupac achieved. Learning from his experience on the huge number of tours he has been a part of, he built up his brand from the ground up, emerging as a hip-hop heartthrob inspired by the style of the early 1950s and 1960s. His image, with black leather jackets and James Dean haircut, is reminiscent of the American Gangster era.


  • Carter Reynolds

    Carter Reynolds is a well-known American Social Media Personality, YouTuber and Vine Star most popular for his Vine videos. This teenage cute guy with the boy-next-door looks shot to fame for his Vine videos and as a member of ˜Magcon'. He specially executed a Twitter follower campaign, #CarterTo200k, which aided him to garner 200,000 followers by January 2014 and within four months the count reached one million. His Vine account ˜Mr_Carterr' has over 4.6 million followers. He left ˜Magcon' in April 2014 and after a couple of months launched ˜The Carter Tour'. That year he started dating fellow video star Maggie Lindemann but broke up later. Everything seemed to be hunky-dory in his glorious life until June 2015 when the meteoric rise of Reynolds received a jolt when he and Lindemann came to national spotlight following a scandal that erupted after a private sex video of the two surfaced on Tumblr. He was highly condemned for his action in the video. He later apologised for such action and although he did not lose much of his fan following, the fact remains that he has a long way to go winning back the hearts!

    Carter Reynolds

  • Christian DelGrosso

    Since its launch in 2012, video-sharing platform Vine has unearthed an array of exciting young talents “ from musicians to stand-up comedians to actors and models. Among the handful of names that first come to mind when one thinks of this crop of ˜internet celebrities' is Christian DelGrosso “ a Canadian Viner cum actor whose 7.6 million strong fan following is something even many popular Hollywood bigwigs and pop stars haven't been able to match. If that sounds implausible, here is another detail you might find hard to digest “ Christian DelGrosso is just 23! If you're not well-acquainted with the Vine subculture, you may find it hard to wrap your head around these facts. Thankfully, you're in good hands here! Read on to find out about the rise and rise of one of the most popular Vine stars around.

    Christian DelGrosso

  • Tydus Talbott

    Tydus Talbott is the first-born child of the popular "YouTuber" couple Travis and Corey. The couple manages their family 'YouTube' channel, 'Trav and Cor,' which showcases their lives. Tydus is better known as "Mini <a title='Jake Paul' href='/famous/jake-paul.htm'>Jake Paul</a>" and has appeared in several impersonation videos posted on the channel. Tydus has an 'Instagram' page of the same name as his pseudonym, which is managed by his father. He is also part of two other 'Instagram' pages: the family's main account and the account that Tydus shares with his younger sister. The little 'YouTube' star made headlines when he was clicked with the legendary Hollywood actor Bill Murray.

    Tydus Talbott

  • Queen Victoria

    Her reign as the Queen of United Kingdom is known as the Victorian Era, for it was her stern and rigid view on morality, and the urge to watch United Kingdom ascend and become supreme and powerful on the world stage that helped define the age! Queen Victoria was one of the most prolific monarchs of the country. She became the longest reigning monarch in England, British and Scottish monarchy, a record that stands till date. It was during her succession to throne that the United Kingdom experienced a massive expansion in almost every sphere - be it technological, communication or industrial. The underground railways that have become an integral part of British transportation system have its foundation dating back to the Victorian era. Similarly, loads of bridges, roads and rail lines that are present today first came into form under her rule. Industrial and technological feats apart, she worked to transform the face of United Kingdom by eradicating poverty and diminishing class difference. The literacy rate also experienced a massive rise during her reign.

    Queen Victoria

  • David Lopez

    David Lopez is a Vine star, with over 7 million followers. He is very popular on Vine and other social media. Known for his inventive skits and performances, he is adept at humor and parody, and references a variety of celebrities and current issues. He has created the character of Juan for his videos on Vine. His performances incorporate elements of slapstick and situational comedy. He modifies and varies his appearance to suit the characters he creates for his videos. He is very entertaining and lets viewers experience his viewpoint, on a variety of issues, and social life in general. David Lopez has even parodied some popular superheroes. He incorporates a strong sense of ethnic identity and religious beliefs into his videos.

    David Lopez

  • Jayla Vlach

    Jayla Vlach is an American YouTube personality best recognized for being a part of the family vlogging channel ˜SmellyBellyTV' on which she appears alongside her younger sisters Aydah and Rory. Known as one of the most viewed kids' channels on the social platform, this channel was created by Vlach's parents with the aim of capturing their daughters' lives. With passing time, the channel became a great source of entertainment for viewers. Today, it has successfully accumulated more than 1.7 million followers and over 7 billion views. Talking about Jayla Vlach, she has become one of the main attractions of the channel. The young YouTuber is highly adored for her amusing and fun personality. Her mature yet crazy side is what pleases the audience. On a personal note, Jayla is a family girl. She loves being in front of the camera and doesn't shy away a bit from it. She is a student of a local middle school and likes to spend her free time with her parents and siblings.

    Jayla Vlach

  • Lohanthony

    Individuality and a person's ability to flaunt is something rather rare. We blindly follow the set social norms and never really bother to give them a good thought. Anthony Quintal is one of those fearless individuals who are proud of what they are and present to the world their undiluted version. He calls his online persona Lohanthony, which is a combination of his own name Anthony with the last name of his favorite celebrity Lindsay Lohan. Lohanthony is one of the most popular social media celebrities of today with millions of followers and subscribers on both Twitter and Instagram. With constantly increasing numbers of views on his YouTube channel and other platforms, his social footprint is enormous. Viewers love his attitude and swear by his fashion sense. He connects with his audience with everyday struggles of a kid's life like school, bullying and acute fashion crisis. He is an inspiration to many, for the way he has embraced his struggles and has remained his characteristic boisterous self. Lohanthony is one of the most coveted social media influencers that brands are vying to partner with making his net worth shoot up in several millions.


  • Matt Stonie

    Famous for his participation in Major League Eating events, he earned the title of second-best MLE eater in the world and, as of 2015, held eight world records for competitive eating. In 2013, he ate a five-pound birthday cake in just under nine minutes; a year later, he consumed forty-three Slugburgers in ten minutes.

    Matt Stonie

  • Bob Dylan

    One of the major figures of the folk and pop music movement in the United States, Bob Dylan is not just a singer or song-writer”he is an institution in himself. With a career spanning over five decades, Dylan has been the darling of generations of music lovers. Maybe that's why he refuses to associate his name with the music of any particular generation. Breaking into the folk music scenario during the 1960s, he strived to make not just enjoyable, foot-tapping music, but endeavored to create social and political awareness through the lyrics of his songs. A rebel, he was not someone to conform to the existing norms of popular music of his era. Instead he chose to experiment with his music and lyrics and revolutionized the genre of pop as well as folk music. His works cover a wide range of musical genres”blues, country, gospel, folk, and rock and roll. The talented musician is also a multi-instrumentalist who can play the guitar, keyboards, and harmonica. He is a versatile singer though his biggest contribution to the world of music is considered to be his songwriting. His songs revolve around the issues facing the common man, be they social, political, or philosophical. The musician also loves to paint and his works have been displayed in major art galleries.

    Bob Dylan

  • Darren Espanto

    There is a reason why Darren Espanto is often hailed as 'The Total Performer' - not just by his bevy of fans, but by the media as well. The 15-year old is a top-notch pop singer, a pianist, drummer, and saxophonist. A musical journey that began at talent shows has taken him to the peak of the teen pop music world. Today, Darren Espanto is one of the most sought-after and bankable teen pop stars around, and his fan base is not limited to his homeland Philippines or his adopted motherland Canada. In the United States and across the world, Darren has a devoted fan following - loyal legions of 'Darrenatics' - who make sure that every concert of their favourite star is packed and every album a chartbuster. So, what's the allure of this youngster who has captivated the world in the course of his artistic journey? Let's try to demystify the phenomenon that Darren Espanto is!

    Darren Espanto