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  • Jack Johnson

    Jack Johnson is a Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter, guitarist, and record producer from the United States. Despite being a former athlete, Jack rose to fame as a musician in 1999 with the song "Rodeo Clowns." His musical interests are in the soft rock and acoustic genres. For his albums 'Sleep Through the Static,' 'To the Sea,' 'From Here to Now to You,' and the all-time legendary 'Sing-A-Longs and Lullabies for the Film Curious George,' he is a four-time US Billboard 200' number one holder. Legendary performers such as Bob Dylan, Radiohead, Otis Redding, The Beatiles, Bob Marley, and Neil Young, among others, have influenced him. He is an environmentalist who works with a number of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as well as his own philanthropic foundation to promote a healthy environment. Jack's abilities don't stop there; he's also a well-known actor, documentarian, and record producer. He has earned numerous honors as an actor and singer-songwriter throughout the course of his seventeen-year music career. Jack has topped all music charts from his debut album, Brushfire Fairytales, until his sixth album, From Here to Now to You. His seventh studio album, titled Untilted, is set to be released in 2017.

    Jack Johnson

  • The Undertaker

    The Undertaker is an American professional wrestler who is a four-time WWF/E Champion and a three-time World Heavyweight Champion. Considered to be one of the most popular wrestlers in the world today, he began his wrestling career with World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) more than three decades ago. He became associated with the WWE in 1990 and has worked there since then, becoming WWE's longest-tenured performer. Born as Mark William Calaway in Texas, he was a tall and well-built boy who took a special interest in sports. He played basketball for his high school team and also played college basketball while studying at the Texas Wesleyan University. He ventured into wrestling in 1984 and over the next few years adopted a variety of gimmicks and ring names in order to create a successful image for himself. He took the ring name of The Master of Pain in 1989 and eventually started calling himself The Punisher. While working with the World Championship Wrestling (WCW), he adopted the ring name Mean Mark Callous, a name devised for him by Terry Funk. However it was only after joining the WWE that he finally took the identity, The Undertaker”the name that would catapult him to international fame and glory, and make him one of the most popular wrestlers in the world.

    The Undertaker

  • Peyton Manning

    Peyton Williams Manning is an American football quarterback who plays for the National Football League's Denver Broncos (NFL). Prior to that, he spent fourteen seasons with the Indianapolis Colts, where he was a great quarterback. He began his career playing collegiate football for the University of Tennessee before being drafted by the Indianapolis Colts. Despite some small setbacks in his rookie year, Manning went on to become arguably the game's best quarterback and the face of a high-powered Colts club that frequently competed for the NFL's best record for the next 13 years. In 2011, he underwent neck surgery to alleviate neck problems and arm weakness before signing a five-year, $90 million contract extension with the Colts. However, he did not play for the entire season due to his condition, and the Colts dismissed him the following year, allowing the Broncos to sign him. Before the 2013 season was even over, he was crowned Sportsman of the Year by Sports Illustration. Manning is also a published author, having written and co-authored two books with his father, retired NFL quarterback Archie Manning, and brother, New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning.

    Peyton Manning

  • Tyler Toney

    Tyler Toney is one of the five co-founders of the tremendously popular YouTube channel ˜Dude Perfect'. Known for specializing in amazing trick shots and comedy videos, the channel is a complete sports and entertainment hub. Toney is one part of this channel with the others being his former college roommates Cody Jones, Coby Cotton, Cory Cotton and Garrett Hilbert. Being the most subscribed YouTube channel in America, the most subscribed sports channel on the social platform, and the 5th most-subscribed channel in the world, Dude Perfect has garnered over 34 million subscribers till date (as of September 2018). Toney, one of the major reasons behind this channel's success, is a very talented guy who always strives to develop unique and entertaining content. His passion for sports as well as video filming is the main reason behind his name and fame. On a personal note, the YouTube personality hails from Prosper, Texas. He is a married man and has one baby.

    Tyler Toney

  • Jim Parsons

    Jim Parsons (born James Joseph Parsons) is an American actor best known for portraying Sheldon Cooper in the famous comedy series "The Big Bang Theory." This portrayal has brought him not just international acclaim, but also numerous important accolades. The CBS comedy is directed by Mark Cendrowski and follows four nerdy individuals living in California whose lives are turned upside down when a waitress and an aspiring actress move into an apartment next from them. Parsons was born in Houston, Texas, in the United States, and began acting at a young age. Inspired by sitcoms like "Three's Company" and "The Cosby Show," he decided to pursue a career as an actor. He traveled to New York shortly after graduating from the University of Houston, where he worked in theater at first. He achieved the pinnacle of his career with his appearance in 'The Big Bang Theory,' after minor roles in the sitcom 'Judging Amy' and the film 'Garden State.' Throughout his career, he has received several honors, including four Emmy Awards, one Golden Globe Award, and one Teen Choice Award.

    Jim Parsons

  • Jonathan Jafari

    Jonathan Jafari, better known online as JonTron, is a YouTube personality who has established himself as one of the most popular gamers and movie fans. Jafari's remarkable abilities are unrivaled, with reviews that will have you laughing till you cry and even leading you into a whole new area of knowledge. It won't take long for you to discover how timeless his wonderful videos are the moment you open his channel, and you'll be a subscriber in no time! His rise to stardom, from a sluggish start to over 3 million followers, is not only inspiring but also motivating. And don't worry if you're not a gamer or interested in gaming-related topics. This young man and his hilarious video mix will keep you entertained for hours! Go ahead and see it for yourself!

    Jonathan Jafari

  • Toni Romiti

    Antoinette Nicole Romiti-Coleman is an American singer. She is more popular by her stage name, Toni Romiti. After earning her initial popularity on social media, she garnered mainstream recognition when her single, ˜Nothin on Me', went viral. A native of Chicago, she grew up with dreams of success in the music industry. She always wanted to sing and was inspired not only by the likes of Michael Jackson, the Beatles, Britney Spears, and Chris Brown but also by her late father who was a musician as well. As a teenager, she posted cover songs on various social media platforms before she started writing her own music. Besides music, her other passion during those years was basketball. However, after ˜Nothin on Me' made her a singing sensation overnight in 2013, she quit basketball and decided to focus on her career as a singer. In the ensuing years, she has released two extended plays, ˜Lemonade' in 2015 and ˜Just Like You' in 2016. Romiti later signed with RCA Records and put out her first major-label EP, ˜Tomboy.'

    Toni Romiti

  • Reuben De Maid

    Reuben De Maid is a Welsh singer and makeup artist. After gaining initial fame on social media, he became a mainstream celebrity following his appearance on ˜The <a title='Ellen DeGeneres' href='/famous/ellen-degeneres.htm'>Ellen DeGeneres</a> Show' in April 2017. A native of Cardiff, the capital of Wales, Reuben first became interested in music when his mother bought him a karaoke machine. Since he was a child, he had been constantly bullied for his love for makeup by other students at his school. He set up his YouTube channel in May 2013 and began uploading content about a year later. His early posts were exclusively covers of popular songs but later, he started uploading other types of videos as well. Having been featured on ˜The <a title='Ellen DeGeneres' href='/famous/ellen-degeneres.htm'>Ellen DeGeneres</a> Show', Reuben went on to also appear in the British television program ˜This Morning' and the talent show ˜Little Big Shots'. Reuben is quite popular on other social media platforms as well. Besides YouTube, he is the most active on Instagram, on which he accumulates thousands of likes on each of his posts.

    Reuben De Maid

  • Harry Houdini

    Harry Houdini, also known as Erik Weisz, was a world-famous magician who wowed audiences with his daring and incredible escapes. By claiming to be free of any type of jail, leg-iron, steel lock, and chain, this Hungarian-born American escape artist knew how to attract attention. Fascinated by the French magician Jean Robert-Houdin, Harry Houdini not only stepped into his shoes, but also took on his surname, launching a successful and lucrative career. This master of illusion became famous across the world for his ability to escape from various closed containers, including prison cells, milk cans, and airtight coffins. His incredible stunts added to his illustrious illusion career, with his underwater box escape being one of his most impressive feats. The Daily Mirror challenge, milk can escape, Chinese water torture cell, and buried alive prank were among his other notable deeds. Aside from his near-death experiences and adrenaline-pumping stunts, he tried acting and directing but failed miserably. He also became the first person to fly a plane in Australia after purchasing his own plane as a keen aviator. He preferred to be recognized as an aviation pioneer rather than a famous escapologist.

    Harry Houdini

  • Valentin Chmerkovskiy

    Valentin Chmerkovskiy is an American“Ukrainian professional dancer who is best known for winning the American dancing reality show ˜Dancing with the Stars' twice. He was born into an upper middle-class family in Odessa, Ukraine. Shortly after the country's separation from the USSR, the family moved to the US. Valentin began training in a dance studio that his parents owned. By the time he turned 12, he had already become skilled enough to perform in various overseas dance competitions. At age 15, he won his first international dance competition, the ˜IDSF World Championship.' He became the first American professional dancer to win the honor. Over the years, he has become the ˜US National Latin Dance' champion 14 times. He has also won several other national and international dance championships. He has participated in the American version of the dance reality show ˜Dancing with the Stars' 13 times and has won the title twice, paired opposite Rumer Willis and Laurie Hernandez, in the twentieth and the twenty-third seasons, respectively. He also runs a dance studio and is a part-time rapper with the stage name Val C.

    Valentin Chmerkovskiy

  • Tommy Hilfiger

    Founder of one of the world's most premium luxury lifestyle brands, Thomas Jacob Hilfiger is the creative genius behind the billion dollar enterprise, the 'Tommy Hilfiger Corporation'. His label has enjoyed tremendous success for over 25 years, all over the world. He has launched men's and women's clothing lines, collection of fragrances, sportswear, home furnishings, accessories and denims. He went on to become one of the wealthiest designers in the market, catering to the needs of hip-hop artists and music industry biggies. His innovative and loud advertising campaigns went a long way in helping him establish in the fashion industry. No other American designer of his time, managed to prominently put their name and logo on clothes, like the way he did. This caught the attention of the urban youth and he soon opened up a number of stores and franchises across the world. Born in Elmira, New York, Hilfiger displayed creative abilities even as a teenager, buying jeans, remodelling them and selling them. He began his career with the opening of his store, ˜People's Place', after the success of which, he went on to pursue a career as a full-fledged fashion designer.

    Tommy Hilfiger

  • Mary Berry

    Mary Berry, whose real name is Mary Rosa Alleyne Hunnings, is a well-known food writer and TV presenter. Her appearances on the series "Woman's Hour" and "Saturday Kitchen" have made her famous. She's also the author of more than a half-dozen cookbooks. She was born in Somerset, England, and showed an early interest in cooking. Her domestic science teacher noted her cooking ability in class and pushed her to seek a career in the culinary arts. She was inspired and enrolled in the Bath College of Domestic Science. In 1970, she released her first cookbook, "The Hamlyn All Color Cookbook." Years later, she and her daughter Annabelle created their own product line. She rose to fame as a television personality after acting as a judge on 'The Great British Bake Off.' 'The Greatest British Food Revival' included her as well. She eventually launched her own solo show, Mary Berry Cooks, which premiered in March 2014.

    Mary Berry