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  • CloeCouture

    Popular YouTube beauty guru who creates videos about makeup and fashion. She has more than 4.9 million subscribers to her channel and several of her videos have earned over 5 million views. She helped spark the viral phenomenon of the 2018 "Yanny vs. Laurel" audio clip by sharing a Tweet of the clip and asking her followers what they heard. 


  • Taytum Fisher

    Taytum Fisher is one of the twins of the popular "YouTuber" couple Kyler and Madison. Taytum and her twin, <a title='Oakley' href='/famous/oakley-fisher.htm'>Oakley</a>, regularly feature on their family channel's vlogs. Their mother created an 'Instagram' page soon after they were born, and since then, they have garnered a huge fan base. Taytum has already appeared in two TV series, namely, 'Days of our Lives' and 'Pretty Little Liars.'

    Taytum Fisher

  • Brandon Awadis

    Brandon Awadis is an American YouTuber and basketball enthusiast. He is famous for uploading reactions, pranks, challenges, vlogs, and other fun content on his channel Brawadis. As an aspiring NBA analyst, he also posts basketball related content on his channel called BrawadisNBA. Awadis is an avid supporter of the basketball team Phoenix Suns and writes for the sports website VAVEL as the team's manager. Hailing from a family of internet celebrities, he is the brother of fellow YouTuber FaZe Rug and has featured him in a number of videos. Today, Awadis has achieved enormous popularity on YouTube as well as other social platforms. With over 3 million and over 177k subscribers on his primary and secondary channels respectively, he is attaining further success with every passing day. On a personal note, Awadis is a very witty and fun-loving man. He is friendly and charming, which makes his videos even more fun to watch!

    Brandon Awadis

  • Elliana Walmsley

    Graceful and nimble, Elliana made a name for herself when she won the title of ˜Miss Petite Dance America.' Following the title, she even appeared as a contestant on the popular reality dance show ˜Dance Moms' in season 6. At the age of nine, Elliana has been called one of America's most flexible and talented dancers. She has received plenty of support from her parents and her friends. She works diligently and is presently part of the ˜Adrenaline Crew.' Her moves on ˜Dance Moms' impressed us all, making her one of the best dancers on the show. She has been an inspiration to many children her age and hopes to get better and dance with bigger stars when she grows up. She is also popular on social media, with over 200K followers on Instagram, where her mother uploads pictures of Elliana with her fellow crew members or during her training sessions.

    Elliana Walmsley

  • Oakley Fisher

    Oakley Fisher is an American child actress, Instagram star, and social media personality. She and her twin sister, Taytum, have appeared in several television shows and films. A native Californian, Oakley, along with her sister, was introduced to social media and the entertainment industry by her parents, both of whom are actors. Two days after the twins were born, their parents set up their Instagram account. She subsequently made her acting debut in a Subway commercial when she was a few months old. She and her sister also portrayed the character of Holly in the popular soap opera ˜Days of Our Lives'. On their Instagram account, the twins have accumulated more than 2.1 million followers.

    Oakley Fisher

  • Tom Cassell

    Who knew that there would ever be an era where gamers would be as popular as Hollywood stars? From a normal, everyday guy to being one of the most talked about social media celebrities, Tom Cassell and his ˜YouTube' channel have been the driving forces of several gaming fanatics. Talk about being thrown into the spotlight, little did Tom know that his channel that was started with the sole purpose of entertainment, would one day fetch him nearly 10 million subscribers. And that isn't all that sounds insane- Tom, aka ˜Syndicate', his internet moniker, earns about $1 million per year for this full-time ˜gameplay' gig! With fans flocking to his channel to get a slice of his commentary and his gaming skills, Tom's enviable career is definitely reaching the stars! Quite obvious to mention, ˜Syndicate' and his booming gaming career is not going to fade away soon. His authentic and unique content is what proves that statement over and over again!

    Tom Cassell

  • Raphael Gomes

    Raphael Gomes is a London-based YouTuber known for his food and travel videos that he posts on his self-titled channel. He is also the author of the cook book ˜Epic Kitchen Adventures.' Originally from Portugal, Gomes is a very talented personality when it comes to cooking. He currently employs YouTube to share his passion for food and cooking with the world. Known for his amazing DIY cooking tutorials and brilliant food challenges, the chef cum vlogger is an online personality definitely worth following! He is also adored by his fans for his presentation style that makes his tutorials easy to follow. Gomes is a very handsome and charming young man. His charismatic personality enables him to easily connect with his viewers and interact with them. Besides YouTube, he is also active on other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

    Raphael Gomes

  • Simon Britton

    Simon Britton is one of the most loved social media personalities. Barely two years old in the profession, this YouNow superstar has more than 2 million followers who proudly call themselves Simonkey. He is all over the social media sites, be it YouNow or YouTube, Instagram or Twitter and so on. Interestingly what today seems to be the most ˜apt' profession for Simon wasn't actually a planned move. A soccer specialist, Simon tried his hand at broadcasting ˜just for fun' but he eventually found his real calling in it. He loved making others happy and smile and was bowled over the fact that the profession gave him a chance to entertain others. His videos often cast his friends and family members and are mostly family-centric. Most of the videos that he shares are relatable and jovial. Interestingly, Simon has infused a number of characters in his videos, most of which he voices for himself, be it the girl voice ˜Rachael' or nerdy guy ˜Steven'. Just two years old, his fame has caught up steadily as he walks on road to become the biggest social media star on the internet!

    Simon Britton

  • ThatGuyBarney

    Turkish-American YouTube gamer who found success on the platform with his comedic Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty content, among other games. His channel has earned over 550,000 subscribers. 


  • Laneya Grace

    Laneya Grace is grace personified. Cute and cherubic, her journey appears to be one of sheer brilliance, charisma and attractiveness from a photographer's lens. A model at three, she has since stormed the modelling industry with her photogenic looks and effervescent smile. Her green eyes spell magic and mysticism while her light brown hair and milky white complexion add a sense of simplicity and innocence to her looks. Whether it is the girl-next-door look or that of a super chic hot babe, she has nailed every appearance to perfection. It wouldn't be wrong to say that she was born with the inherent talent for modelling. She is every photographer's delight. The ease with which she performs in front of camera is commendable for her age. This early experience would surely come in handy when Laneya Grace prepares herself for the ˜big' stage in a few years. A star is born!

    Laneya Grace

  • Aaliyah Jay

    Her self-titled YouTube beauty expert channel has over 1.1 million followers. She also has a sizable Instagram following, with over 1.5 million subscribers.

    Aaliyah Jay

  • Clarissa May

    Multi-talented personality known for her online beauty and dance tutorials as well as modeling, blogging, vlogging and acting. She gained fame through her eponymous Instagram account and her YouTube channels Clarissa May, Live on Pointe, and Life With Clarissa May. 

    Clarissa May

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