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  • James Charles

    James Charles is an American internet personality, makeup artist and model who became the first male CoverGirl spokesperson on October 11, 2016. The next month, he appeared in a commercial for their new product, 'So Lashy! BlastPro' Mascara, alongside other CoverGirl brand ambassadors including celebrities like Katy Perry and Sofia Vergara, Muslim beauty blogger Nura Afia, DJ Amy Pham and R&B duo Chloe x Halle. Later that month, he made guest appearance on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' to talk about his experience of becoming the first male CoverGirl ambassador. In January 2017, he and actress and singer Zendaya took a CoverGirl Makeup Challenge. In October that year, during the Los Angeles Fashion Week, he walked the ramp for MarcoMarco's Six 1/2 collection. Charles, who is openly gay, rose to fame on YouTube as a male makeup and beauty guru and later became popular on other social media platforms as well. He also sings for several a cappella groups and often shares such videos on YouTube and Instagram.

    James Charles

  • Jason Nash

    Jason Nash is an actor, writer, comedian, and YouTube personality from the United States. Only a few creative people have made it far enough in the age of digital media to be deemed celebrities, and Jason Nash is one of them. Jason began his career in stand-up comedy and was a semi-finalist on NBC's "Last Comic Standing." Since then, he has gone a long way and made a name for himself in the internet media world. Frustrated with the lack of innovation in the system, he took matters into his own hands and turned to the internet, where there was no restriction and no one to stop or lead him. Talent finds a way to shine, and he now has over a million internet fans. He admitted that he aspired to be a director like Woody Allen. Jason is also known for his very successful web series "Jason Nash is Married," which has been labeled the "most successful web series of all time." He's been selling ideas to MTV and producing internet series for GQ, Regal Cinema's "Date night disasters," and Comedy Central since he first appeared on the entertainment scene.

    Jason Nash

  • Little Kelly

    Little Kelly is an Irish YouTube sensation who rose to stardom after launching her own channel, Little Kelly Minecraft, in 2015. She uses the channel to share Minecraft School games and CrazyCraft videos. Her first videos were favorably appreciated by the audience, and the channel gained half a million members in less than six months after its introduction, prompting her to start a second channel, Evil Little Kelly, in 2016. In 2017, this gifted gamer launched two new channels: Little Kelly Plays and Little Kelly Roblox. Kelly and David Vlogs is her sixth channel, which she began in 2018. Little Kelly claims that all of her channels are 100% kid-friendly and appropriate for viewing as a family. She is a part of the Little Club, an Irish YouTube Minecraft gaming community with their own Minecraft channels. This young lady is also well-known on social media. She started using Twitter in February 2015 and now has 32k followers. As of June 2018, her Instagram account had a total of 331k followers.

    Little Kelly

  • Aaron Hull

    On the TikTok account aaronhullll, he became well-known for his roleplaying videos. His charisma and a wide range of different kinds of videos have helped him gain over 700,000 followers.

    Aaron Hull

  • CurlyHeadJJ

    CurlyHeadJJ is a social media celebrity who is most known for making lip-sync videos on the video social networking app. He is so well-known on the internet that he has several fan pages spread across several social media platforms. CurlyHeadJJ has a large female fan base and is frequently adored by his fans and followers due to his captivating appearance. Everything about CurlyHeadJJ is geared to captivate girls, whether it's his green eyes or his very curly hair. His followers couldn't get enough of him, even after spending hours looking at his photos and videos, so it didn't take him long to become a social media sensation. He's also worked with a slew of other social media stars and is friends with Tre Brooks and Childnoah, both of whom are stars.


  • Gavin Free

    Gavin Free is a British actor, director, cinematographer, and online personality most known for his work with the Texas-based production firm Rooster Teeth. When Rooster Teeth engaged him to helm the comic science fiction web television series Red vs. Blue, he was a svelte 21-year-old. Gavin was also a former creative director for the aforementioned production business, where he worked on a variety of projects. Gavin and his friend Daniel Gruchy started a YouTube account called "Slow Mo Guys," where they began a web video series of the same name. The channel has been a tremendous popularity, and it was named the winner of YouTube's "On the Rise" competition, which celebrates up-and-coming YouTube partners. Along with Daniel, he has been cast in the YouTube Rewind series several times. Gavin is also a well-known cinematographer who has worked on films such as Snow White and the Hunstman, Dredd, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, and Hot Fuzz. He specializes in slow motion-cinematic shooting. He earned an award for cinematography for overseeing the production of slow-motion footage for Top Gear. He has appeared in a number of music videos, short films, feature films, and mini-series, and his name has been suggested for a Webby Award for "Best Web Personality."

    Gavin Free

  • Kervodolo

    Popular social media personality and content producer best known for his kervo.dolo TikTok account, where he creates comedy videos and skits with his buddies. On the video platform, he has over 4.9 million followers.


  • Trinidad Cardona

    Trinidad Cardona is an American R&B singer and social media personality. He gained fame after his song ˜Jennifer' went viral. A native of Arizona, Cardona had an unconventional childhood. Even though his father was in prison, his lesbian mothers provided him with a happy household where he could flourish and pursue whatever he wished. However, he was constantly bullied at school because of the sexual orientation of his parents. He had harboured a deep love for music since he was a child and later started singing and posting his tracks online. In early 2017, he uploaded ˜Jennifer' on Facebook and within a few hours, it garnered several million views. He has since put out several other singles and has plans to be a professional musician. Cardona has become incredibly popular on various platforms of social media. He has about seven thousand followers on Twitter, 157 thousand followers on Instagram, and 231 thousand followers on Facebook. Furthermore, he has 353 thousand subscribers on his self-titled YouTube channel.

    Trinidad Cardona

  • Darren Liang

    TikTok star and stylish lip-sync content maker recognized for delivering hot performances on his lildarbear account. On the site, he has over 900,000 loyal fans.

    Darren Liang

  • Keilly.aox

    She is most well-known for co-founding the YouTube series Keilly and Kendry Adventures with her brother. They'd work together to make slime, complete challenges, and record vlogs.


  • Bray Wyatt

    Bray Wyatt is a well-known American professional wrestler who is currently under contract with WWE and can be seen on Raw. Along with Matt Hardy, he is also a member of the current Raw Tag Team Champions. Bray was born and reared in Florida, although wrestling was not his first interest as a child. He excelled at football and continued to play throughout his school years. He dropped out of college owing to bad grades and opted to pursue a career as a wrestler. His grandpa and father were both professional wrestlers, and he is the third generation in his family to do so. He was drafted to the FCW, one of WWE's development territories, after joining with the company in 2009. After that, he entered the NXT. He debuted in the main WWE rooster in 2013, and began his official WWE career the following year, becoming one of the most popular wrestlers in the process. He has won two WWE Championships and two SmackDown Tag Team Championships, the first with Randy Orton and the second with Luke Harper. In 2017, he and Matt Hardy established a tag team and won the Raw Tag Team Championship.

    Bray Wyatt

  • Lena Meyer-Landrut

    Lena Meyer Landrut is a well-known singer and composer from Germany. When she won the Eurovision Song Contest, in which she represented Germany, she drew the attention of music fans all throughout Europe. Meyer's songs for the competition all became great hits in Germany. Lena Meyer became a household name in the German music industry as a result of her amazing success. Her singles and albums received a lot of positive feedback. Meyer served as a judge on 'The Voice Kids,' a German children's music talent competition. She has also narrated a number of audiobooks and animated films. Her endearing demeanor has helped her establish herself as a fashion star. She represents L'Oral as a brand spokesperson.'

    Lena Meyer-Landrut

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