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  • Txunamy

    If you are a regular fan of Musical.ly and Instagram, then you might have heard about a number of child artists who have made it big on social media. In fact, social media is making it possible for young artists to showcase their skills to a wider audience. Some of these young artists have now earned celebrity status. One such young artist is Txunamy. She is one of the most closely followed young stars on Musical.ly and Instagram. Txunamy is of Filipino origin. She started showing interest in music at a very young age. Looking at her interest, her parents gave all their support towards her music endeavors. As soon as she was ready, she started posting some of her music videos on popular social media channels like Musical.ly and Instagram. Her Instagram account was opened in 2014 by her mother. With growing fame, she has become very famous on other social media platforms, including YouTube.


  • GamerGirl

    GamerGirl, originally named Karina Calor, is a famous YouTube gamer. She is famous on the social platform for creating fun and amusing roleplay, adventure, and mini-game videos via popular game creation platforms, such as Minecraft, Roblox, etc. She, alongside her brother RonaldOMG, also runs a joint channel titled SIS vs BRO on which they post fun and entertaining content. Known for her impressive and artistic gameplay, GamerGirl also live streams on her channel to allow her audience watch her play video games while listening to her narration. As of now, the Canadian YouTube gamer has successfully garnered over 2.1 million subscribers on her personal channel. Moreover, her collaborative channel is also incredibly popular, having over 6.2 million subscribers. In addition, GamerGirl has got an enormous fan base on Twitter too. On a personal note, the young YouTuber is a very smart and intelligent girl. A doting and caring sister, she loves spending time with her younger brother.


  • Kyrie Irving

    Kyrie Andrew Irving is an American professional basketball player who plays for the NBA team Cleveland Cavaliers. As a young boy, Irving was inspired by his father who was a professional basketball player himself. Having received both help and inspiration from his father, Irving was very active in sports during his high school days. He studied in Montclair Kimberley Academy and later, St. Patrick High School, being a brilliant player in both schools. His proficiency in basketball got him selected with the first overall pick in the 2011 NBA drafts. Over the course of his career, he has won an NBA championship and has also played for the United States national team, helping the team win the gold medal at the 2016 Summer Olympics. Other than sports, Irving has also made a few television appearances. He made a guest appearance in an episode of ˜Kickin' It', a martial arts inspired comedy TV series that aired on Disney XD from 2011 to 2015. Irving kindled controversy in February 2017 after he stated that the Earth is flat, contrary to what most people believe and what modern science claims. Later in an interview, he was less aggressive, and encouraged people to do more research into the topic themselves.

    Kyrie Irving

  • Vanessa Morgan

    Vanessa Morgan is a Canadian actress best known for appearing as Amanda Pierce in the teen comedy drama ˜The Latest Buzz' and as Beatrix Castro in MTV's teen series ˜Finding Carter'. She is also known for playing the role of Sarah in Disney Channel's movie ˜My Babysitter's a Vampire'. She currently plays Toni Topaz in CW's ˜Riverdale'. Born in Ottawa to a Scottish mother and an East African father, Morgan has today emerged as one of the most sought-after actresses of color in the industry. She is talented and has impeccable acting skills. Loved by millions of people in and outside the entertainment world, the Canadian actress is extremely gorgeous with exotic features. Morgan is an inspiration for many youngsters, especially black women, who are new to the acting field. Besides acting, she is a model as well. As a child, she had won the Junior Miss America 1999 pageant. She is well-educated and has a bachelor's degree from Queen's University.

    Vanessa Morgan

  • TypicalGamer

    Andre Rebelo aka Typical Gamer is a popular gamer on YouTube. He is famous on the social platform for producing fun and amusing roleplay and mini-game videos via game creation platforms like Fortnite, GTA 5, etc. Having started on YouTube with the game Red Dead Redemption, today Rebelo has come a long way as a game content developer. Known for his remarkable and creative gameplay, he also often live streams on his channel to allow viewers watch him playing games live with uninterrupted narration. Till date, the YouTube gamer has earned millions of admirers and followers worldwide. As of now, Rebelo has successfully garnered over 7.5 million subscribers on his gaming channel. Moreover, he has got fans on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram too. A dashing and charming guy, Rebelo has a good sense of humor that is often reflected in his videos.


  • Ayesha Curry

    Ayesha Alexander Curry is a Canadian-American celebrity chef, cookbook author, model, actress and a vlogger. Her culinary journey started in the year 2014 with her YouTube channel ˜Little Lights of Mine'. Ayesha is building an empire by posting recipes for her innumerable social network followers all over the world. She has recently published a cook book The Seasoned Life which has achieved rave reviews. She is a gifted actor and has amassed accolades for her acting skills. Recently, she has become a presenter of cooking and lifestyle tips. She also shares parenting tips in her YouTube channel and on her Food Network show ˜Ayesha's Homemade'. The show is a compilation of her cooking segments and glimpses of her life as the spouse of <a title='Stephen Curry' href='/famous/stephen-curry.htm'>Stephen Curry</a> (NBA player) and the proud mother of two adorable daughters. She constantly endeavors to bring positive vibes to her subscribers through her vlogs.

    Ayesha Curry

  • Jessica Marie Garcia

    Well known for her lead roles as Willow on Disney's Liv and Maddie and as Jasmine on Netflix's On My Block. She also was featured in numerous episodes of ABC's The Middle as Becky. 

    Jessica Marie Garcia

  • Atl Bre

    Atl Bre is an American dancer and social media personality. She gained worldwide popularity through the photo and video sharing platform, Instagram, where she has garnered over 860k followers. She is a singer as well and is known for releasing the single "Breeze. Besides being a popular Instagram personality, Bre also has a channel on YouTube where she has shared a few dance videos. As of today, she has garnered much attention because of her stunning dance moves and Dubsmash videos. Millions of people also adore her for her gorgeous looks and sense of style. An avid lover of soft toys, Bre is a very innocent and charming personality in real life. She is fun-loving and likes to explore different dance forms. A complete family girl behind the curtains, the Instagram personality often collaborates with her mother and siblings on her social media posts. Having garnered an impressive number of followers already, Bre is sure to gain more admirers on Instagram in future.

    Atl Bre

  • Hannah Noble

    Better known by her YouTube username Cybernova, she became the host of MMO Play and Toy Box Collectibles in addition to her streams for the Frag Dolls. Her channel has amassed over 470,000 subscribers. 

    Hannah Noble

  • Phoebe Tomlinson

    Phoebe Tomlinson is a social-media influencer and fashion enthusiast from England. She is the younger half-sister of 'One Direction' star <a title='Louis Tomlinson' href='/famous/louis-tomlinson.htm'>Louis Tomlinson</a>. Phoebe has a twin sister named <a title='Daisy' href='/famous/daisy-tomlinson.htm'>Daisy</a> and two elder sisters. Phoebe rose to prominence after she started performing popular tracks of 'One Direction.' She also owns a 'YouTube' channel where she posts cover versions of major hits. She has an 'Instagram' account and has earned an impressive fan base on the platform. Phoebe aspires to become a model in the future. Her blog is entirely dedicated to beauty and fashion. Apart from Louis, Phoebe has other half-siblings from her mother's former marriages.

    Phoebe Tomlinson

  • Caroline Manning

    Vlogging personality on YouTube also known for her songwriting videos. One such popular video is called "dear boys/people at my school." She has accumulated 280,000 subscribers. 

    Caroline Manning

  • Blair Gray

    Instagram user with more than 100,000 followers for her blairgrayx account. She rose to prominence as Nicolette Gray's younger sister.

    Blair Gray

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