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  • Azzyland

    Azzyland is a Canadian internet celebrity with a huge fan base, thanks to her cosplay vlogs which she posts on her self-titled YouTube channel. This young internet star is also a cosplay model and gamer. Her channel has more than three million subscribers. After getting famous on the internet, she tried her hand at hosting. She has now emerged as one of the top presenters of the annually organized YouTube show, ˜Before They Were Famous.' As a gamer, she is closely associated with the famous video game series, ˜The Legend of Zelda.' Azzyland has also created a record on the internet by twerking for 24 hours!


  • Jenna Arend

    There's no way you haven't heard of Jenna Arend if you're a YouTube video fanatic. She is one of the most popular teenage YouTubers, with more than 90,000 subscribers on her own channel. She's also one of the seven members of the massively successful YouTube channel "SevenSuperGirls," which has over 6 million followers! Jenna had no intention of becoming a teen YouTube sensation. She was just another adolescent girl going to school, having fun with her friends, and enjoying her life as any other adolescent girl when she and a few pals decided to upload films online for fun. Jenna's career and reputation as a prominent teenage social media star and celebrity were reinforced by this pivotal move, which led to the birth of "SevenSuperGirls."

    Jenna Arend

  • Nyema

    Comedic Instagram personality known for her trademark green hair who publishes dance videos, memes, and pictures to her pyt.ny_ account. She has more than 430,000 followers.


  • Dakota Fanning

    Hannah Dakota Fanning is an actress from the United States who began her career in movies at the age of five. She began her acting career in television advertisements and live performances, but eventually shifted her attention to commercial films. Dakota Fanning has taken on modeling jobs in addition to performing. She began her career as a kid artist and came to stardom in 2001, having worked with a number of high-profile stars. Dakota Fanning has been gravitating toward more adult parts in films since 2007. Dakota Fanning is a multi-talented actress who can dance ballet and play the violin and piano. Horseback riding and knitting are two of her other interests. Dakota Fanning is not on social media because she believes it is more essential to live in the present than to indulge in social media and judge events based on the quality of photographs taken. She is descended from German, English, Irish, and French ancestors.

    Dakota Fanning

  • Emily Blunt

    Emily Blunt is a British-American actress who has starred in films such as 'The Devil Wears Prada,' 'The Girl on the Train,' and 'Edge of Tomorrow,' among others. She used to stutter as a child, but she gradually got over it. At the age of 18, she landed the role of Juliet in a theatrical rendition of the classic Shakespearean tragedy Romeo and Juliet, thanks to a strong passion for performing during her childhood. Soon after, she made her professional debut in Dame Judi Dench's Dame Judi Dench's Dame Judi Dench's Dame Judi Dench's Dame Judi Dench's Dame Judi Dench's Dame Judi Dench's Dame Judi Dench's Dame Judi Dench's Dame Judi Dench's Dame Judi For her performance of Gwen Cavendish in the play, she received the Evening Standard's 'Best Newcomer' award. She received her first significant break to perform on the small screen when she was offered a position in the British TV film Boudica after acting in a number of previous theatrical shows. She also landed the part of Catherine Howard in the drama film Henry VIII, which was adapted for television. Soon after, she made her big screen debut in the film 'My Summer of Love.' Emily went on to feature in a number of films, TV shows, and episodes after that, for which she has received a number of major accolades and nominations.

    Emily Blunt

  • Darian Orlando

    Darian Orlando is the older sister of Johnny Orlando , a famous YouTuber and pop singer. Her parents as well as siblings are popular on Instagram and other social media platforms. Darian has appeared in a number of videos posted on her siblings' YouTube accounts. Johnny has spoken about Darian's contribution towards his successful career. She has written many of Johnny's songs including ˜Replay', ˜Summertime,' and ˜Never Give Up.' Darian frequently updates the family's account with videos.

    Darian Orlando

  • DJ Panton

    DJ Panton is a well-known youngster YouTuber from the United States. He is well known for his self-titled YouTube channel, where he and his sister Yaya post challenges and vlogs. He's also a part of his parents' YouTube channels, 'Pantons Squad' and 'Panton Kids,' which are run by Don and Malinda Panton. For his age, he is incredibly inventive and intelligent. DJ has appeared in a variety of kid-friendly videos, including challenges, games, product reviews, vlogs, hauls, and more, since he was a child. He is already fairly popular on YouTube, despite the fact that he is only a youngster. 'Dj Panton,' 'Pantons Squad,' and 'Panton Kids,' his joint channels, have amassed millions of views and subscribers. When it comes to his behind-the-scenes character, the young YouTube sensation is a very calm and serene young man. His sincerity has earned the hearts of millions of people throughout the world.

    DJ Panton

  • Sarah Urie

    Sarah Urie is the wife of <a title='Brendon Urie' href='/famous/brendon-urie.htm'>Brendon Urie</a>, a famous singer and multi-instrumentalist, who is part of the band, ˜Panic! at the Disco.' Sarah herself is a star on social media with more than 650,000 followers on her Instagram account. Sarah is also a Vine star and has over 100,000 followers on the video hosting service. She has also stepped into the field of acting with a television series titled ˜Good Cops.' Being a fashion and beauty enthusiast, Sarah also shares skin and hair care tips through her Instagram account. She uses her account for philanthropic purposes as well.

    Sarah Urie

  • Clay LaBrant

    Clay LaBrant is a well-known Vine and Instagram celebrity who rose to prominence thanks to his joint videos with the famed Vine band, Dem White Boyz. Cole LaBrant, one of the members of 'Dem White Boyz,' is his brother. Clay was born into a household of social media addicts, and as a result, he was exposed to it at a young age. Many of his relatives are active on social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter. Clay's father, Ken LaBrant, has a YouTube channel of the same name on which Clay has featured on multiple times. His mother, too, is active on social media and has been on a reality show. Clay has a YouTube account with over 20,000 subscribers, which he shares with his partner Julia.

    Clay LaBrant

  • Josh Gad

    Joshua Ilan Gad, better known by his stage name Josh Gad, is an American actor, voice actor, and singer. He is well recognized for his performance as Elder Arnold Cunningham in the Broadway musical "The Book of Mormon." He is also recognized for portraying the animated character Olaf in the Disney film Frozen. He has also appeared in a variety of other episodes, including ER, Modern Family, Bored to Death, The Daily Show, New Girl, and Number3rs, to mention a few. Gad has also appeared in a number of movies. 'The Internship,' 'Jobs,' 'Pixels,' 'The Rocker,' 'A Dog's Purpose,' 'The Angry Birds Movie,' 'The Wedding Ringer,' and 'Beauty and the Beast' are some of his most well-known film productions. In addition to Frozen: Olaf's Quest, MIB: Alien Crisis, and Disney Infinity 3.0, the gifted actor has worked on video games such as Frozen: Olaf's Quest, MIB: Alien Crisis, and Disney Infinity 3.0. The Grammy Award-winning musician has also appeared in a number of comedic productions. Gad is now one of Hollywood's most in-demand actors and voice performers. He has millions of supporters all across the world, which is unsurprising.

    Josh Gad

  • Olivia Palmer

    Her self-titled YouTube channel has made her a YouTube sensation and mommy vlogger. Her vlogs documenting her life as a teen mother have won her a following there.

    Olivia Palmer

  • Skylar Grey

    Skylar Grey, born as Holly Brook Hafermann, is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer. She has released three studio albums and five extended plays (EPs) till date including 'Like Blood Like Honey,' 'Don't Look Down', 'Natural Causes' and ˜Holly Brook EP'. Also, she has released twenty-one singles including "C'mon Let Me Ride", "Dance Without You", "Room for Happiness", Final Warning", "Wear Me Out", Shot Me Down", "Come Up For Air" and "Lemonade. As a songwriter, Grey has contributed to numerous songs. In addition to Rihanna and Eminem's super hit single "Love the Way You Lie", she has written/co-written many other successful tracks, such as "Done With Like", "She Said", "Coming Home", "Castle Walls" ,"Clarity" , "Only You" and Bed of Lies", to name a few. The American artiste has done numerous music videos as well, both as a lead and featured artist. She has also made many television appearances on shows like ˜Saturday Night Live', 'The Today Show' and 'The Late Late Show with James Corden'.

    Skylar Grey

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