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  • Zach Clayton

    Social media has revolutionized the way people connect with each other. A new development in social media is making it possible for people to webcast themselves live so that they can interact with others on a real-time basis. One platform that has made real-time webcasting popular is YouNow. It allows artistes to give live performances and politicians to address geographically displaced crowds at a single point of time. Many artists have taken advantage of this unique platform to improve their popularity. One such artiste who has grown popular on YouNow is Zach Clayton. He started developing interest in social media when he was a child and most of his family members including his father and mother are also into social media. Initially, he was attracted towards microblogging sites like Instagram and Twitter. But he later moved towards video based social networks. He started posting his comedy videos on YouTube and other social networks like Facebook and Vine. These channels quickly grew in popularity and helped in increasing his image.

    Zach Clayton

  • Yammy xox

    British gamer, vlogger, and blogger who primarily plays the game Minecraft on her Yammy YouTube channel. She has amassed over 2 million subscribers there for her Let's Plays and gaming commentaries. 

    Yammy xox

  • Angelic

    Angelic was born Sophia Montero, although she is better known by her mononym. She is a singer and dancer with over 1.8 million subscribers on her YouTube account, ThisIsAngelic.


  • Dinah Jane Hansen

    youngest member of Fifth Harmony, a girl group that was created on The X Factor's second season. She and the band split up in 2018 to focus on their separate projects.

    Dinah Jane Hansen

  • Sam Rybka

    Sam Rybka is an Australian acrobat and dancer who performs with her twin sister, <a title='Teagan' href='/famous/teagan-rybka.htm'>Teagan</a> Rybka. They rose to prominence after they participated in the seventh season of 'Australia's Got Talent.' Sam and <a title='Teagan' href='/famous/teagan-rybka.htm'>Teagan</a> are now professional acrobat dancers and provide training sessions all over Australia and the US. They are also associated with the 'YouTube' channel 'Squared,' which is owned by social-media stars and twin sisters Brooklyn and Bailey. Sam and <a title='Teagan' href='/famous/teagan-rybka.htm'>Teagan</a> own a 'YouTube' channel of their own, which has earned over three million subscribers. Their tremendous flexibility and flawless synchronized acts have helped them gain international fame.

    Sam Rybka

  • Meryl Streep

    Meryl Streep is a well-known personality in the Hollywood film business who needs no introduction. Streep is by far the most prolific and finest living cinema actress, and she is the most classic example of beauty with talent. She has ruled the stage and big screen with her incredible performance and top-notch acting talent since her debut in the 1970s. Her ability to bring the characters to life, as well as the finesse with which she handles each of them, is admirable. Streep's exceptional talent is evident in the fact that she has received 17 Academy Award nominations (winning three) and 27 Golden Globe nominations (winning eight), the most number of nominations by an actor in the history of both awards. Streep has portrayed a broad variety of characters throughout the course of her five-decade career, earning her the moniker "chameleon," in contrast to other actresses who want to have a distinct identity in their films. It's worth noting that Streep has able to play each of the parts convincingly and flawlessly, thanks to her diligent and arduous preparation, enthusiastic attitude, and attention to minute detail! Streep has had financial and critical success throughout her career, which spans more than fifty films and is still going strong.

    Meryl Streep

  • Queen KhaMyra

    Actress and model who has amassed a large social media following as a result of her various abilities. Her Instagram account has over 110,000 followers, while her YouTube channel has over 6 million views.

    Queen KhaMyra

  • Teagan Rybka

    Teagan Rybka is an Australian dancer and acrobat who is best known as one half of the popular Rybka twins. Trained at the ˜Debra McCulloch Dance Academy,' Teagan and her twin sister, <a title='Sam' href='/famous/sam-rybka.htm'>Sam</a>, have earned fame for their unique style that includes a blend of dance and acrobatics. They competed on the Australian talent show ˜Australia's Got Talent,' where they performed a contortionist act. The sisters have also developed interest in beauty and fashion. Teagan and <a title='Sam' href='/famous/sam-rybka.htm'>Sam</a> have emerged as social-media sensations with their ˜YouTube' channel, ˜The Rybka Twins.' The channel hosts their videos related to dance, acrobatics, gymnastics, fashion, and other interesting topics. It has garnered considerable fame and popularity for the twins, gaining them millions of subscribers and views. Teagan has gained a lot of followers on both her individual profile and her collaborative account with <a title='Sam' href='/famous/sam-rybka.htm'>Sam</a> on ˜Instagram.'

    Teagan Rybka

  • Lee Min-ho

    Lee Min-ho is a well-known South Korean actor and singer who is regarded as one of the most popular Hallyu stars today. He wanted to be a professional football player since he was a boy, but an injury he sustained in elementary school prompted him to give up football and pursue his father's goal of being an actor. After graduating from Konkuk University with a degree in Film & Art and joining Starhaus Entertainment, he began acting in modest roles on TV before obtaining his breakthrough role as Gu Jun-pyo in the TV series 'Boys Over Flowers.' He received multiple honors for the performance, including the Best New Actor (TV) award at the 45th Baeksang Arts Awards, as well as a lot of fame and popularity in Korea and other areas of Asia. The role served as a springboard for his developing career, which saw him play lead roles in a number of subsequent series, including 'The Legend of the Blue Sea,' 'City Hunter,' and 'The Heirs.' With flicks like 'Bounty Hunters' and 'Gangnam Blues,' this South Korean star has created a name for himself on the big screen. 'My Everything' and 'Song for You' are two of his musical endeavors.

    Lee Min-ho

  • Mega McQueen

    Mega McQueen is an American YouTuber who is renowned for his comic interviews, pickup videos, pranks, and other witty stuff. He also has a YouTube account called 'The Aqua Family,' where he uploads vlogs. Mega McQueen is a prominent emerging YouTube comedian with over half a million subscribers on his channel. His acts and pranks are incredibly entertaining and hilarious. His stuff using pickup lines from famous song lyrics is quite entertaining! In order to keep his audience's interest over time, the fun-loving YouTuber believes in creating fresh and engaging content. He's a pleasant guy who frequently works on videos with other YouTubers. His younger brother is likewise a well-known social media celebrity.

    Mega McQueen

  • Jake Clark

    In 2018, he released his debut single, "The Drive." On Spotify, it has over 100,000 streams. He was also an actress who appeared on The Talent Show on the Brat channel.

    Jake Clark

  • Anwar Hadid

    Yolanda Foster, a reality celebrity, gave birth to one boy, the youngest kid, whose biological father is Mohamed Hadid. He models as well, and he has a huge following on Instagram. He expressed his enthusiasm for music creation in an interview with i-D magazine.

    Anwar Hadid