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  • Zach Clayton

    Social media has revolutionized the way people connect with each other. A new development in social media is making it possible for people to webcast themselves live so that they can interact with others on a real-time basis. One platform that has made real-time webcasting popular is YouNow. It allows artistes to give live performances and politicians to address geographically displaced crowds at a single point of time. Many artists have taken advantage of this unique platform to improve their popularity. One such artiste who has grown popular on YouNow is Zach Clayton. He started developing interest in social media when he was a child and most of his family members including his father and mother are also into social media. Initially, he was attracted towards microblogging sites like Instagram and Twitter. But he later moved towards video based social networks. He started posting his comedy videos on YouTube and other social networks like Facebook and Vine. These channels quickly grew in popularity and helped in increasing his image.

    Zach Clayton

  • Yammy xox

    British gamer, vlogger, and blogger who primarily plays the game Minecraft on her Yammy YouTube channel. She has amassed over 2 million subscribers there for her Let's Plays and gaming commentaries. 

    Yammy xox

  • Angelic

    Angelic was born Sophia Montero, although she is better known by her mononym. She is a singer and dancer with over 1.8 million subscribers on her YouTube account, ThisIsAngelic.


  • Dinah Jane Hansen

    Dinah Jane Hansen is an American singer and songwriter who is famous for being a part of the Fifth Harmony, an American girls' group based in Miami. She is a TV personality as well and shot to fame with ˜The X Factor,' a British reality TV music competition to find new talent. She has also made appearances at the American Music Awards 2015 and WrestleMania 2016. She started singing when quite young. At the age of seven, she once sang the National Anthem in public. It was appreciated, and thus she started singing at various events. In fact, at the age of 11, she decided to pursue a career in singing. Her voice is powerful and dynamic, and often draws comparison with Beyoncé, a popular American singer. Dinah is acquainted with several music producers and songwriters like Kennedy Mailo, MsBrown, Trey Smoov, and Baby J Hansen with whom she often collaborates.

    Dinah Jane Hansen

  • Sam Rybka

    Sam Rybka is an Australian acrobat and dancer who performs with her twin sister, <a title='Teagan' href='/famous/teagan-rybka.htm'>Teagan</a> Rybka. They rose to prominence after they participated in the seventh season of 'Australia's Got Talent.' Sam and <a title='Teagan' href='/famous/teagan-rybka.htm'>Teagan</a> are now professional acrobat dancers and provide training sessions all over Australia and the US. They are also associated with the 'YouTube' channel 'Squared,' which is owned by social-media stars and twin sisters Brooklyn and Bailey. Sam and <a title='Teagan' href='/famous/teagan-rybka.htm'>Teagan</a> own a 'YouTube' channel of their own, which has earned over three million subscribers. Their tremendous flexibility and flawless synchronized acts have helped them gain international fame.

    Sam Rybka

  • Meryl Streep

    An iconic figure in the Hollywood film industry, Meryl Streep requires no introduction of sorts. The most classic example of beauty with talent, Streep is by far the most prolific and greatest living film actress. Ever since her debut in the 1970s, she has been ruling the stage and big screen alike with her tremendous performance and top-class acting capability. Her ability to bring to life the characters and the panache with which she deals with each of them is commendable. Streep's outstanding ability is profoundly visible from the fact that she has 17 nominations at Academy Awards (winning three) and 27 nominations at Golden Globe Awards (winning eight), which is the highest ever recorded nominations by an actor in the history of both the awards. Over her five decades long career, Streep has played a wide variety of roles, which has earned her the title of a ˜chameleon', much unlike other actors who have preferred a singular identity in their films. What is interesting to note is that Streep has managed to play each of the roles convincingly and with perfection; her meticulous and painstaking preparation, zealous nature and attention to minute detailing aiding in the effort! More than fifty films old and still going strong, Streep has garnered commercial and critical success all through her career.

    Meryl Streep

  • Queen KhaMyra

    Actor and model whose gained a strong following on social media due to her many talents. She has over 110,000 followers on Instagram and her eponymous YouTube channel has racked up over 6 million views. 

    Queen KhaMyra

  • Teagan Rybka

    Teagan Rybka is an Australian dancer and acrobat who is best known as one half of the popular Rybka twins. Trained at the ˜Debra McCulloch Dance Academy,' Teagan and her twin sister, <a title='Sam' href='/famous/sam-rybka.htm'>Sam</a>, have earned fame for their unique style that includes a blend of dance and acrobatics. They competed on the Australian talent show ˜Australia's Got Talent,' where they performed a contortionist act. The sisters have also developed interest in beauty and fashion. Teagan and <a title='Sam' href='/famous/sam-rybka.htm'>Sam</a> have emerged as social-media sensations with their ˜YouTube' channel, ˜The Rybka Twins.' The channel hosts their videos related to dance, acrobatics, gymnastics, fashion, and other interesting topics. It has garnered considerable fame and popularity for the twins, gaining them millions of subscribers and views. Teagan has gained a lot of followers on both her individual profile and her collaborative account with <a title='Sam' href='/famous/sam-rybka.htm'>Sam</a> on ˜Instagram.'

    Teagan Rybka

  • Lee Min-ho

    Lee Min-ho is an accomplished South Korean actor and singer, considered among the top Hallyu stars of the day. Although he aspired to be a professional footballer since childhood, an injury suffered during elementary school forced him to give up football and follow his father's dream into acting. Majoring in Film & Art from the ˜Konkuk University' and joining ˜Starhaus Entertainment', he initially did several small roles in TV before landing up to his breakthrough role of Gu Jun-pyo in TV series ˜Boys Over Flowers'. The role not only earned him several awards including Best New Actor (TV) award at the 45th Baeksang Arts Awards but also garnered him huge fame and popularity in Korea and several parts of Asia. The role proved to be a stepping stone to his burgeoning career that saw him performing in lead roles in several other series, most notably ˜The Legend of the Blue Sea', ˜City Hunter' and ˜The Heirs'. This South Korean heartthrob has also made a mark in big-screen with films like ˜Bounty Hunters' and ˜Gangnam Blues'. His musical pursuits include two albums ˜My Everything' and ˜Song for You'.

    Lee Min-ho

  • Mega McQueen

    Mega McQueen is an American YouTuber known for posting comedic interviews, pickup videos, pranks, and other humorous content on his channel. He also forms a part of the channel ˜The Aqua Family,' where he posts vlogs. With almost half a million subscribers on his channel, Mega McQueen is a popular upcoming YouTube comedian. His skits and pranks are extremely funny and entertaining. His content involving pickup lines from the lyrics of popular songs is totally hilarious! The fun-loving YouTuber believes in creating fresh and engaging content in order to maintain the interest of his audience over a period of time. He is a friendly person who often collaborates with fellow YouTubers to create videos. His sibling is also a popular social media personality.

    Mega McQueen

  • Anwar Hadid

    IMG model Anwar Hadid is the current sensation of the fashion world. Following the footsteps of his elder sisters “ Gigi and Bella Hadid, Anwar made his modeling debut in 2015. The son of TV star & former model, Yolanda Hadid, and real estate developer, <a title='Mohamed Hadid' href='/famous/mohamed-hadid.htm'>Mohamed Hadid</a>, has a massive fan following on social media. He has 1.3 million fans on ˜Instagram' and around 77.5 K followers on ˜Twitter'. He is the youngest heartthrob of his family and has women around the globe swooping over his charismatic personality. Although it has been only a couple of years since he launched his career in modeling, he has already worked with some of the topmost brands and magazines of the United States of America. His gifted height, dapper looks and chiseled body frame have made him the freshest inclusion in the IMG list of models. He has appeared on the cover page of ˜Teen Vogue' and is set to establish a career in the entertainment industry as well.

    Anwar Hadid

  • Jake Clark

    In 2018, he released his debut single, "The Drive." On Spotify, it has over 100,000 streams. He was also an actress who appeared on The Talent Show on the Brat channel.

    Jake Clark

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