Famous birthday by date
  • Machine Gun Kelly

    Born Richard Colson Baker, but best known as Machine Gun Kelly or MGK, he gained fame with Stamp Of Approval in 2006 and became known for his spitfire lyrics. He won the MTVu Breaking Woodie Award in 2012.  

    Machine Gun Kelly

  • Thea Kornum

    Thea Kornum is a Danish YouTuber and Instagram star, who came to fame with her YouTube channel named Thea & Crainer “ Minecraft, which mostly features her playing Minecraft with her boyfriend <a title='MrCrainer' href='/famous/mrcrainer.htm'>MrCrainer</a>. She started her channel in March 2017 and despite the fact that she has been active for just around a year now, she has garnered over 860k subscribers and 110 million views as of March 2018. Along with Minecraft, she also posts vlog videos and pranks regularly on their channel, which contains 315 videos and a playlist section. Thea Kornum is also popular on Instagram and has accumulated a huge following. Her most popular prank video is called ˜Thea Reacts to SSundee's Diss Tracks Against Crainer!!'

    Thea Kornum

  • Marshawn Lynch

    Marshawn Lynch is an American professional football player, a running back for the Oakland Raiders of the National Football League (NFL). He first became popular after Buffalo Bills drafted him in the 2007 NFL Draft. He belongs to a family where many members, including his uncle and cousins, played professional football. He himself started playing football as a young boy and played for his school and university teams. Although he was fully focused in his career, and made all efforts to make it successful, he had to miss quite a number of games due to his injuries and accidents. It is well known that running backs usually retire earlier than other positions because they wear down faster as they take the most hits as compared to any other positional player. However, Lynch looks quite fit even after playing professional football for so many years. When he first announced his retirement, his hometown players”The Raiders”convinced him not to retire and pursued him to play for them. His fans and experts believe that he will be successful with the Raiders, as he seems more determined after taking a year's break recently. He is also well known for his community services, which he does through his ˜Fam 1st Family Foundation'.

    Marshawn Lynch

  • Queen Isabella

    Queen of Castile and Leon who helped to reorganize the governmental system and brought the crime rate to the lowest it had been in years. She supported and financed Christopher Columbus' voyages to the Americas. 

    Queen Isabella

  • Amber Heard

    Amber Heard is an American actress from Texas who has starred in various movies in different and unconventional roles. She began her acting career with the sports drama ˜Friday Night Lights' and soon appeared in various small characters. Her breakthrough arrived when she was recognized as a supporting actress in several box-office successes, including ˜The Pineapple Express' and ˜Never Back Down'. She gained recognition from these movies and soon began to star as the lead actress. She has since been a part of several commercially successful films and has been noticed for her taut and convincing performances. Raised in Austin, Heard is known to have made her way through Hollywood through grit and determination as she came from a humble background. She is known for her spiritedness and never-say-die attitude as she had to battle a cancelled TV series, several unsuccessful releases, and many unfavorable reviews. Despite this, she has continued to be a part of many films and has earned many awards. Apart from films, Heard is an activist as well. She has spoken openly and raised awareness about domestic violence and sexual abuse.

    Amber Heard

  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan

    Jeffrey Dean Morgan is an American actor best known for his portrayal of the antagonist ˜Negan' in the zombie-horror series ˜The Walking Dead'. Born and raised in Washington DC, Jeffrey wished to be a professional ˜NBA' player when he was in high school. However, an unfortunate injury ended his basketball dreams. After college, he turned to graphic designing for a while, before deciding to give acting a shot. Soon, he arrived in Los Angeles. In 1991, he made his acting debut with a small role in the film ˜Uncaged.' He did small TV and film roles throughout the 1990s. In the mid-2000s, he finally started getting the recognition he deserved for his acting skills. He played major roles in a number of successful series such as ˜Supernatural' and ˜Grey's Anatomy.' His biggest career breakthrough came in 2009, when he played the role of ˜The Comedian' in the superhero drama ˜Watchmen.' In 2016, he began his stint as the main villain for the seventh and eighth seasons of the cult series ˜The Walking Dead.' His character in the series was universally loved.

    Jeffrey Dean Morgan

  • Willie Robertson

    Willie Jess Robertson is an American businessman, actor, author, hunter and outdoorsman best known as CEO of ˜Duck Commander' and ˜Buck Commander' and for his appearances in the A&E reality TV series ˜Duck Dynasty'. Born as third son of American pro hunter, entrepreneur and reality TV star, Phil Robertson, Willie, like his brothers, showed interest in their family business ˜Duck Commander' founded by Phil. He played instrumental role in expanding the duck call business into a multimillion-dollar empire and also launched a deer hunting merchandise under brand name ˜Buck Commander'. The Robertson family started an American reality television series ˜Duck Dynasty' in March 2012 that revolves around their life starting from family patriarch Phil to the youngest member. The series has garnered immense popularity over the years. Apart from the series, he has also featured in other TV productions like ˜Billy the Exterminator' and ˜Last Man Standing'. A devoted Christian and a member of the Churches of Christ, Willie many a times preaches Christianity to others. Apart from their views on Christianity, the Robertson men have also caught attention for their long beards while Willie is mostly seen with an American flag style bandana tied around his head.

    Willie Robertson

  • Joey Kidney

    Joey Kidney is a Canadian YouTuber who runs a self-titled channel on which he posts motivational videos that inspire people to find happiness in their lives. He also operates a side channel titled 'JoeyKidneyVlogs' on which he uploads vlogs concerning his day-to-day life. Till date, Kidney's main channel has earned over 637k subscribers and about 40 million views. His vlog channel has earned over 59k subscribers and about 2.6 million views as of now. Besides YouTube, the young Canadian is famous on Instagram and Twitter as well, with over 117k and 74k followers respectively. Kidney is also a writer who has authored many books. However, his books remain unpublished till date and are available as notes on his website joeykidney.com. On a personal note, the social media phenomenon is a goofy guy. He enjoys every moment of his life and likes sharing those moments with his followers. Kidney's aim is to inspire people to be happy and live their lives stress-free.

    Joey Kidney

  • Amanda Pierre

    Amanda & Jimmy's World, which she co-runs with her partner Jimbo-lee, is a YouTube channel where she publishes challenges, pranks, personal tales, and more. "Dead Boyfriend Prank" and "Calling Girlfriend Wrong Name Prank" are two of the channel's most popular videos.

    Amanda Pierre

  • Kaka

    Attacking midfielder who was born Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, he won both the the Ballon d'Or and FIFA World Player of the Year awards in 2007 as a member of AC Milan. He played for Real Madrid from 2009 to 2013 and began his long career with the Brazilian national team in 2002.


  • Kendall Rae

    Kendall Rae is an American YouTube star known for her thought-provoking videos on lifestyle, beauty, and other topics of public interest like astrology. Her content on true mystery and crime stories is overwhelmingly popular and much liked by her subscribers. She has also created a vlog channel named Kendaily, where she talks about the interesting happenings in her daily life. She is happily married to a man who gave up his job to help her launch her channels. Kendall plans to expand her YouTube channels, and also start a podcast with her husband in 2019. She is a nature lover and also loves cats and dogs. She also works towards creating awareness about sexually abused and exploited children. She often talks about childhood sexual abuse on her channel and encourages her viewers to take proactive steps to fight this social evil.

    Kendall Rae

  • Jack Nicholson

    Jack Nicholson is a legendary American actor who has been one of the biggest stalwarts of Hollywood for close to 6 decades and within that period he has delivered some of the most iconic performances that the world of cinema has ever seen. Nicholson initially started off as a stage actor and then became a B-movie star; as a result he decided to try his hand at screenplay writing thinking that he would never be able to make it in Hollywood. However it all changed after he delivered the screenplay for the movie ˜The Trip' and then managed to get a role in the film ˜Easy Rider' by way of the actors who were part of the cast of ˜The Trip'. Throughout his career Jack Nicholson has gone for a variety of roles and garnered a reputation of being one of the most versatile actors of modern times. Films like ˜One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest', ˜Terms of Endearment' and ˜As Good as It Gets' among others has immortalised him while he has also won the coveted Academy Award thrice to equal the record for most wins. Jack Nicholson is without doubt among the greatest that Hollywood has ever had.

    Jack Nicholson