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  • George Washington

    George Washington was the first President of the United States and one of the country's founding fathers. He led the Continental Army to victory against the Kingdom of Great Britain in the American Revolutionary War, saving the country from collapse at a critical time. George Washington was raised by his elder half-brother when his father died when he was eleven years old. He began his career as a successful surveyor at the age of fifteen, a vocation that tested him both physically and mentally, allowing him to lead a hard march to Ohio County to resist the growing French force. Later, when the American Revolution began, he was named Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army, which was under-trained and under-equipped. He won the battle by leading his soldiers from the front and capturing British troops in Yorktown. Following that, he intended to return home and live the life of a gentleman farmer, but he was convinced to become the United States' first President. He managed the newly formed country with firmness and caution for eight years, assisting in the establishment of stability and creating precedent. His presidency laid the groundwork for the world's main power, establishing him as one of America's greatest presidents.

    George Washington

  • Baby Kaely

    Can you guess the age at which Baby Kaely made her professional debut? At five and if this is shocking enough read ahead. Baby Kaely let the world know of her unbelievable talent at three, reciting songs word by word after listening to them on the radio. At an age when babies can hardly speak a sentence completely, Kaely was singing songs. This by itself gave a sneak peek of the legacy that the little girl was likely to create! At five, Baby Kaely became a hip hop artist who was known nationwide as she became the voice of young kids. Same year, she started her own YouTube channel wherein she posts original materials regularly. This apart, Baby Kaely has starred in Will I Am song, ˜Ghetto Ghetto'.

    Baby Kaely

  • Molly Brazy

    Molly Brazy hails from the United States and is a rapper. Her chart-topping singles 'More Facts' and 'Gang' have made her a household name. She became well-known after appearing on the 'YouTube' channel, which is owned by the independent American magazine '4sho Magazine.' This channel contains all of her music. Her music is a reflection of her difficult upbringing. Molly is regarded as one of the most polarizing individuals in American hip-hop. Her rebellious nature, as well as her penchant for weapons, have gained her a lot of negative attention. Molly was previously the center of a controversy when a video of her waving a gun at a toddler went viral. The debate received a lot of media interest. Molly launched her first mixtape in the midst of the commotion. On the other side, the mixtape was a big success.

    Molly Brazy

  • DynastyLoveYou

    Dynastyloveyou is a well-known Instagrammer who is recognized for her lovely and charming films that she shares on the picture and video-sharing site. She has an intellectual handicap as well as a speech impediment. Her brother, Papii jj, is also a well-known Instagrammer who is very supportive of her. Dynastyloveyou began to appear in public as a result of his encouragement. Her Instagram account currently has well over 300,000 followers. Dynastyloveyou, on the other hand, has a slew of detractors who have repeatedly body shamed her. Her brother has also been chastised for kissing her on the lips. Dynastyloveyou has also shared a few dance and cosmetics videos.


  • Steve Irwin

    A native of Melbourne, Australia, Stephen Robert Irwin exhibited an acute interest in animals at an early age as he grew up on a wildlife park owned by his parents. As early as the age of 6, he was already wrangling dangerous animals, like venomous snakes. As he became more familiar with Australian wildlife, Irwin began his formal career with wildlife, which involved trapping crocodiles and transferring them to his family's zoo for safe keeping. The family zoo was later given to Irwin by his parents, and he avidly developed the area, later renaming it the Australian Zoo. His enthusiasm for gaining knowledge about the Australian wildlife grew into his notable career as the Crocodile Hunter. His passion for wildlife landed him a popular television show that paralleled his courageous exploration of the Australian countryside and its myriad of animals and other creatures. Irwin also appeared on several major talk shows and starred as the center for several merchandise creations. His family, wife Terri and children Bindi and Robert were also involved in the wildlife effort. Despite his avid work with animals as well as his contribution to conservation, Irwin was considered most well-known for his enthusiastic personality. He has been described as having an unparalleled zeal for life that just made him and his work fun

    Steve Irwin

  • Drew Barrymore

    Drew Barrymore is an American model, actress, director, and producer who catapulted to prominence as a child artist as Gertie in Steven Spielberg's classic E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. Drew is the granddaughter of John Barrymore, and is a member of the distinguished Barrymore family, which includes a number of well-known stage and screen stars. She was always quite natural in front of the camera, even as a youngster. She survived her adolescent difficulties, which included drug and alcohol misuse, and went on to become one of America's most popular actors, demonstrating her worth in films such as "The Wedding Singer," "Music and Lyrics," "50 First Dates," and "Charlie's Angels." Flower Films, which produced the cult film "Donnie Darko," was formed by her and her co-partner Nancy Juvoner. She was named one of the 100 most attractive individuals in the world by People Magazine in 2007. A star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was also bestowed upon her. She has contributed $1 million to the UN World Food Programme as an advocate against hunger. Drew Barrymore is also the face of Gucci's jewelry collection and a model for CoverGirl Cosmetics. She has won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Television Film on several occasions.

    Drew Barrymore

  • Esssenccee

    esssenccee is an Instagram star from the United States who predominantly publishes dancing videos to her esssenccee account. Her Instagram account now has over 260,000 followers.


  • Robert Kardashian

    In the 1990s, he was the father of the Kardashian sisters, who represented O.J. Simpson in the trial of the decade.

    Robert Kardashian

  • Siena Mirabella

    Siena Mirabella is a well-known YouTube beauty guru. She operates her own beauty channel on which she posts beauty tutorials, fashion videos, hauls, DIYs and more. Known for her sassiness, Mirabella had acquired over 1.2 million subscribers and about 80 million views on her channel as of March 2018. The American diva has a large social media following not just on YouTube but also on Instagram and Twitter. As of March 2018, Mirabella had about 275k followers and 501k followers on Instagram and Twitter respectively. In addition, she has a considerable number of followers and admirers on Facebook too! Very few people know that she also had a short-lived online store named ˜Siena's Closet'. On a personal note, the fashionista is a fun-loving girl. She loves spending quality time with her dear ones. She also likes to cook frequently. Mirabella is supposedly single as of now. With her inherent talent and extraordinary beauty skills, she is sure to reach further heights in the coming future.

    Siena Mirabella

  • Devin Corwin

    Devin Corwin is an American social media celebrity who rose to prominence thanks to his YouNow live stream videos. He also has his own YouTube account, where he has a collection of videos. Devin's admirers adore him because of the way he speaks, which is frequently amusing. He's also made a number of videos in which he criticizes his fellow YouTubers. His YouNow account has over 150,000 followers, but his YouTube channel has yet to gain traction. Devin, on the other hand, has amassed a sizable fan base, which he attributes to his outlandish demeanor and looks.

    Devin Corwin

  • Cole Pendery

    Cole Alan Pendery is a pop musician and performer from the United States. He was once a member of the boy band IM5, but has since gone solo under the moniker RYDYR. Pendery, a native Texan, was first drawn to athletics rather than music. Following a concert with his school's choir in sixth grade, he got passionate about music and performing. He told his parents about his desire of becoming a musician two years later. He moved to Los Angeles in 2010 to follow his goal, and a month later, a talent scout approached him and informed him about an audition for a new boy band. He was accepted as one of the three founding members of IM5 after attending. The group quickly gained popularity among the youth and was nominated for multiple awards for their song and performance. After the band disbanded, RYDYR started a solo career and released his debut song, "Wonderful Life," in 2017.

    Cole Pendery

  • Lea Salonga

    Filipina actress best known for her portrayal in the musical Miss Saigon as Kim. In the Disney animated pictures Mulan and Aladdin, she also provided the singing voices for Mulan and Princess Jasmine.

    Lea Salonga