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  • Mario Selman

    It's a rare gift to be a gifted singer at such a young age. Only a small percentage of people can master music at an early age. However, for those that do succeed, the widespread use of the internet in general and social media in particular opens up a world of possibilities. They can immediately broadcast their films and build a large fan base without having to worry about hiring an expensive agent who would eat up a significant portion of their earnings. Mario Selman is one such young artist who has made a name for himself on social media. He was a kid prodigy who shown exceptional talent at a young age. He began using social media to increase his reputation after receiving music training and emigrating to the United States from Chile, where he was born. In the year 2014, he launched a YouTube channel named after himself. However, because he did not update the channel on a regular basis, it was not a huge success.

    Mario Selman

  • Nidal Ajib

    Self-taught flipper and Skybound athlete who operates the Juju & Nidal YouTube channel with his brother Juju. By mostly releasing physical challenge videos, they have amassed over 800,000 followers to their YouTube channel. He's also on Instagram, where he goes by the handle nee.dal. By sharing videos of his acrobatics, he has amassed over 280,000 followers on the network.

    Nidal Ajib

  • Madelyn Cline

    Television actress who rose to fame after being cast as Sarah Cameron on the Netflix series Outer Banks. She has also made appearances on Stranger Things and The Originals.

    Madelyn Cline

  • Lexi Drew

    Former member of the group L2M, who released a debut single called "GIRLZ." was also a big hit for the trio.

    Lexi Drew

  • Samuel L. Jackson

    Samuel L. Jackson is one of the most illustrious Hollywood actors and has appeared in as much as 100 films in his career. He left behind a difficult childhood to become one of the most successful Hollywood stars. Abandoned by his father when he was a child, he also suffered from stuttering. But with determination and hard work he moved on to pursue a career in acting. His career kick-started with small roles in films like ˜Goodfellas', which put him in the spotlight and which earned him more prominent roles in movies like ˜Jungle Fever', ˜Patriot Games', ˜True Romance', ˜Jurassic Park' and ˜Pulp Fiction'. Since then, he has received several nominations and awards for his roles in films. Apart from his acting career, he was involved in the Civil Rights Movement and was politically active when he campaigned during the 2008 Democratic Primary for the-then senator, Barack Obama. He is also a humanitarian and started his own charity organization called ˜Prizeo' as a part a campaign to raise money to fight Alzheimer's disease. Jackson is known for his characteristic Kangol hats in his films and his ˜tough-nut' roles in action films. He is one of the highest-grossing film actors of all times. Besides being an actor, he is also an accomplished musician, who can play bass instruments.

    Samuel L. Jackson

  • Steven Yeun

    Steven Yeun, born as Yeun Sang-yeop, is a South Korean born American actor. He is famous for portraying the role of Glenn Rhee on the horror drama TV series ˜The Walking Dead' as well as of Sebastian on the series ˜The Big Bang Theory'. Besides television, Yeun has appeared in several movies and short films, such as ˜My Name Is Jerry', ˜Blowout Sale', ˜Mayhem' and ˜Okja', to name a few. Apart from this, the talented actor has done tons of commercials for high-end brands and companies like Apple, Milky Way and Best Buy. It doesn't end here! Yeun has also done cartoon and video game voiceovers. Possessing the passion for acting since college, the South Korean -American actor has worked hard to build a successful career and a great fan base. Despite being so popular, Yeun is a down-to-earth personality in real life. Coming to his social media popularity, the actor-singer has a massive fan-following on social networking sites. As of July 2017, Yeun has got about 3.6m followers and 1.55m followers on Instagram and Twitter respectively.

    Steven Yeun

  • Victor Perez

    Victor Perez is an American comedian, Instagram star, and YouTube star. He has gained fame for the comedic videos that he posts on his Instagram page, YouTube channel, and Snapchat account. Based in Las Vegas, Perez became active on social media in September 2016. Armed with natural charm and an engaging personality, he did not take long to garner a significant following across various platforms. He presently has over 650 thousand followers on Instagram. On Twitter, he is followed by more than 50 thousand fans, and on Facebook, by more than 500 thousand. He set up his YouTube channel in September 2016 and over the course of the following two years, the channel has attracted 182 thousand subscribers and about eight million views.

    Victor Perez

  • Nick Davis Weinstein

    On TikTok, he is a lip-syncing sensation with over 280,000 followers on his nickydaviss account. He has also incorporated humour into his channel's material.

    Nick Davis Weinstein

  • Jinger Duggar

    Jinger Duggar is an author and reality television personality from the United States. Her reality program, '19 Kids and Counting,' made her famous. She and her family made an appearance on the show. Duggar is her parents' sixth child. Jinger Duggar is the fourth daughter of the Duggar family, which has 19 children. With the documentary film '14 Children and Pregnant Again,' Duggar made her television debut. It was filmed when the family had 14 children. When the family became larger, the documentary film "Raising 16 Children" was made. All of the episodes in which the Duggar family participated were extremely successful, owing to the family's vast size and unconventional traditions. They are devout Christians who follow the tenets of Christianity to the letter. Duggar, like her brothers, was educated at home. She is a talented pianist who also enjoys taking photographs. With her sisters Jana, Jill, and Jessa, she co-authored the book "Growing Up Duggar: It's All About Relationships." She is presently starring in Counting On, a reality program that is a spin-off of '19 Kids and Counting.' Duggar appears alongside her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, on the show. Duggar is the mother of a two-year-old child. Her fans adore her for adhering to traditional values.

    Jinger Duggar

  • Jakob Delgado

    Jakob Delgado is a singer from Australia who is most known for being a part of the rock band 'In Stereo.' As part of the band, Jakob competed on the Australian reality show 'The X Factor.' After the show, the trio (now a duo) became famous, and Jakob began his career as a professional musician. He has previously performed as a solo performer. With his band, Jakob has released a number of EPs and singles. In addition, he has represented the band on numerous music tours and events. Jakob is a frequent user of social media. He has his own 'YouTube' channel where he posts cover versions of popular songs. Jacob's covers are also available on 'In Stereo's 'YouTube' channel.

    Jakob Delgado

  • Jane Fonda

    Jane Fonda is a dynamic actress who has received numerous important honors throughout her long and successful career, which spans more than five decades. The stunning and accomplished actress has progressed from merely being an actress to becoming a fitness icon, feminist, and political activist. Jane, whose father was the great actor Henry Fonda, was born to act, so it was no surprise when she announced her desire to work in movies. She used to watch movies as a child and act out the scenes with her brother, Peter, who would later become an actress as well. She rose to stardom in the 1960s thanks to a succession of hit films such as "Tall Story" and "Cat Ballou," which helped her forge her own identity as a Hollywood star separate from her father's. Her sensual charms and brilliant beauty won her the title of sex symbol. The talented actress, on the other hand, has never allowed the media stereotype her. She demonstrated to the world that she was a versatile actress capable of playing any character with the same level of commitment and precision. During her senior years, she remade herself as a fitness instructor, producing and starring in various exercise DVDs.

    Jane Fonda

  • Quentin Juneau

    He is a Canadian YouTube gamer who goes by the names HuskyMudkipz, Husky, or Mudkip. He primarily plays the popular game Minecraft. He is a friend of The Creatures and is a member of Team Crafted.

    Quentin Juneau

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