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  • Notorious B.I.G.

    He is also known as Biggie Smalls and is widely regarded as one of the best rappers of all time. His debut album Ready to Die, released in 1994, cemented his status as an East Coast hip-hop icon and earned him a Billboard Music Award for Rap Artist of the Year in 1995.

    Notorious B.I.G.

  • Kevin Quinn

    Kevin Quinn is an actor and singer from the United States. He is most recognized for his role in Disney Channel's Bunk'd, in which he plays the athletic and charismatic Xander. Kevin spent the most of his adolescence playing basketball and, as a teenager, developed a significant interest in the performing arts. He went on to be one of the contestants on American Idol 12 and captured the judges' and audience's hearts with his innocent appearance and incredible talent. He turned his focus to acting for a while after that, joining a few theatre organizations and participating in various productions. Kevin was a regular competitor in school-wide singing and acting competitions, and he was one of the most popular students there. Kevin has already done multiple roles, making him a familiar face among family audiences, and he is also planning to release his first EP.

    Kevin Quinn

  • Tom Daley

    Diver who specializes in the 10-meter platform; he won two gold medals at the 2010 Commonwealth Games and took home the 2012 Olympic Bronze medal in the event. Also a synchronized swimmer, he won a bronze with partner <a title='Daniel Goodfellow' href='/famous/daniel-goodfellow.htm'>Daniel Goodfellow</a> in the 10m platform at the 2016 Games.

    Tom Daley

  • Areana Lopez

    Areana Lopez is an American competitive dancer. She gained fame as a dance member of the Abby Lee Dance Company Mini Team and went on to compete in the reality dance show ˜Dance Moms.' She has also danced with many studios including Onstage Dance Center, Dolce Dance Studio, and Just Plain Dancin'. Currently a dancer with K2 Studios in Apple Valley, Lopez is very talented when it comes to dancing. She is trained in various dance forms and can give a decent performance even without any rehearsal. The young artiste has been dancing from the age of two and has won a number of competitions till date. She has also done a few modeling assignments for her mother's dancewear company, Kandi Kouture. Raised alongside three siblings, Lopez is very close to her family members. She is a hardworking girl who makes it a point to devote enough time to her studies despite her busy dancing schedule.

    Areana Lopez

  • Asa Howard

    Asa Howard is an American social-media personality. He is popularly known as the boyfriend of <a title='Bailey McKnight' href='/famous/bailey-mcknight.htm'>Bailey McKnight</a> from the 'YouTube' channel 'Cute Girls Hairstyles.' They announced their relationship on Bailey's channel. Since then, they have been creating videos together for the channel. Asa has also featured in a music video by Bailey and her twin sister, Brooklyn. He is also active on 'Instagram' and 'Twitter.' Asa is a true follower of Christianity and has attended a Christian school. He has always been a bright student and has won many awards and certificates for his remarkable academic performances.

    Asa Howard

  • lowkeylina

    Angelina Sciortino, often known as Lowkeylina on social media, is an American TikTok celebrity and social media personality. Lowkeylina, a Chicago native, has always been interested in performing. She started dancing at a young age and went on to become a cheerleader. Her journey to internet celebrity began with an Instagram post. She developed a sizable following on the platform after creating and posting tumbling and singing videos. Her fame grew on other social media platforms as well. Her primary Instagram account has over 90 thousand followers, while her secondary account has over 25 thousand. She is a crowned user on TikTok, having over 860,000 followers and 80 million hearts. Lowkeylina also has a YouTube page where she uploads cover songs and various vlogs.


  • Mr. T

    Laurence Tureaud was most known for his roles as a "tough guy" on The A-Team, boxer Clubber Lang in Rocky III, and as a professional wrestler.

    Mr. T

  • Gotye

    Indie rocker whose smash tune "Somebody That I Used To Know" reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100. He has received several BRIT and Grammy Awards.


  • Brandi Maxiell

    Brandi Maxiell, born as Brandi M. Duncan, is an American reality television star who is best known for her appearance on VH1's ˜Basketball Wives LA'. She has also appeared on the TV shows ˜The <a title='Arsenio Hall' href='/famous/arsenio-hall.htm'>Arsenio Hall</a> Show' and ˜Access Hollywood Live,' and on the TV Series documentary ˜E! True Hollywood Story'. The reality TV star is also an entrepreneur and owns ˜Midway Salon & Suites'. Besides this, she is a social media star and has an incredible fan base on several social networking websites. Talking about Instagram, Maxiell has about 591k followers on the social media platform. She also has about 109k followers on Twitter. A graduate of the University of North Texas, Maxiell battled ovarian cancer after the diagnosis of the disease in 2007. After undergoing multiple chemotherapy sessions, the American reality star was declared cancer-free in the year 2008. Since then, she has become an inspirational speaker for cancer patients.

    Brandi Maxiell

  • Rebecca Trujillo

    Rebecca Trujillo is a YouTuber from the United States who rose to fame as Rocco Piazza's best friend and babysitter. Rocco Piazza is a well-known hip hop artist and scooter rider. Rebecca, who worked as the family's nanny for nearly four years, was featured in numerous of Rocco's vlogs. She'd also help the Piazza family with their vlogs. In June 2017, she decided to create her own YouTube channel. She made the decision to quit the Piazza family and concentrate solely on her channel. She began by sharing films about her personal life, then expanded to include other interesting tasks in order to attract a larger audience. Her channel grew in popularity as a result of her relationship with Rocco, and she quickly had a large number of followers. She currently has over 147k subscribers and over 6 million views on her YouTube channel. She also has a large following on Instagram, having over 100,000 followers.

    Rebecca Trujillo

  • Josh Tryhane

    Josh Tryhane is a YouTube celebrity from Canada who is renowned for posting amusing content on his self-titled channel about a variety of themes, including love advice, comedy, and product testing. Josh Tryhane Vlogs, his other channel, is also known for uploading vlogs. The YouTuber is smart, skilled, and hilarious, and he creates videos that are both appealing and engaging. The channel's biggest feature is that it is one-of-a-kind, which distinguishes Tryhane from other YouTubers. When it comes to his channels' popularity, both his self-titled and vlog channels are quite popular. Josh Tryhane's channel has over 790k subscribers, while Josh Tryhane Vlogs has over 29k subscribers. In addition, the channels are generating a lot of views! On a personal level, Tryhane is a huge party animal. For his videos, he frequently collaborates alongside his girlfriend and siblings. In his spare time, the YouTuber enjoys going on romantic dates with his lady love.

    Josh Tryhane

  • Abdullah Tauqeer

    TikTok verified celebrity and relatable comedic content producer who came to prominence by uploading videos on his atauqeer43 account. He has now amassed over 1.4 million followers on the site.

    Abdullah Tauqeer

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