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  • Lauren Godwin

    Lauren Godwin is a Musical.ly star who also enjoys a remarkable follower base on her Instagram and Twitter accounts. Her Musical.ly lip syncs are particularly popular due to her unique presentation style and the ability to get into the skin of different comedic characters with wild wigs and interesting outfits. She presents herself in different personalities in her many Musical.ly feeds and currently stands tall as one of the most popular American musers. Her viral challenges and obscure word tracks are most popular as they make the simple things amusing, making her account get featured on a regular basis. However, she first started her online career on Twitter and her first tweet was for her icon, Justin Bieber. She also maintains a regular presence on Facebook and Instagram which has helped to broaden her popularity scale from a successful muser to a popular internet personality.

    Lauren Godwin

  • Marcus Gunnarsen

    Marcus Gunnarsen is a famous Norwegian pop star, who along with his twin brother, Martin, has taken the music industry by storm. The Gunnarsen brothers' musical journey started much early in life. Life turned when they won the Melodi Grand Prix Junior competition. They not just won the competition but earned themselves a huge fan following as well. It was this overwhelming love by the fans and the response that urged the brothers to take up music professionally. Soon, the duo began making original scores and by 2015 came up with their debut album, ˜Hei'. They followed it with their second album ˜Together'. A music aficionado, Marcus loves creating new scores and music. He idolizes Justin Beiber, Bruno Mars and Jason Derulo and aims to emulate their success story someday.

    Marcus Gunnarsen

  • Sophie Turner

    Sophie Turner is a British actress who made her professional acting debut in ˜Game of Thrones', the immensely successful ˜HBO' fantasy television series based on ˜A Song of Ice and Fire', a series of fantasy novels authored by George R. R. Martin. Playing the role of Sansa Stark, a principal character since the first season, Sophie has found international fame and critical acclaim besides a number of recognitions like nominations for ˜Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series' and a ˜Young Artist Award' nomination for' Best Supporting Young Actress in a TV Series'. The immensely talented and beautiful star has also acted in the 2013 British drama television film ˜The Thirteenth Tale', an eponymous adaptation of Diane Setterfield's gothic novel published in 2006. Sophie has also been cast in ˜Another Me', a 2013 Spanish-British psychological drama thriller feature film, ˜Barely Lethal', a Kyle Newman 2015 American action comedy film, and ˜X-Men: Apocalypse', a 2016 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics' ˜X-Men' characters. Turner has also lent her voice to a couple of audiobook stories as well as hosted a mini-documentary series examining the impact of social media on lives around the globe.

    Sophie Turner

  • Martinus Gunnarsen

    Martinus Gunnarsen is a Norwegian singer and the twin brother of <a title='Marcus' href='/famous/marcus-gunnarsen.htm'>Marcus</a> Gunnarsen, better known as M&M. They are a Norwegian pop duo. They were first noticed when they competed in the Melodi Grand Prix Junior competition and won the 11th season of the event. They performed the song ˜To Draper Vann' which was an instant hit. The duo entered into a contract with Sony Music at the age of thirteen and has three hit studio albums to their credit. They have even published their biography and appeared in a documentary film and TV show about themselves. They have been honoured with the ˜Spellemann of the Year' award and have the distinction of representing their country in international song competitions. Their identical looks and dark blond hair style makes them the darling of their fans. Even though the duo has achieved international fame at a young age, Martinus remains grounded and is completing his schooling in his home town. His story is that of an ideal childhood for youngsters of today to emulate.

    Martinus Gunnarsen

  • Alan Rickman

    Renowned actor Alan Rickman, a former member of the Royal Shakespeare Company rose to fame with his portrayal of the Vicomte de Valmont in ˜Les Liaisons Dangereuses'. The versatile stage actor made an easy transition into films though for a while he faced the danger of being typecast as a villain actor after his portrayal of Hans Gruber in ˜Die Hard'. He did not posses the prominent features or the unsettling glint in his eyes which one normally associates with a villain, but he had something else that made him suitable for such characters. He had a personal aura of unpredictability and sophistication that made him the perfect choice for playing the suave villain in style. The fact that he became typecast as a villain actor after just one film is a testimony to the acting skills of this great artist. Over the duration of his long career, he also played comic roles and romantic leads. He also acted in television movies and his role of the monk Grigori Rasputin in the HBO production ˜Rasputin: Dark Servant of Destiny' won him a Golden Globe Award. He played the role of villain in several installments of the Harry Potter Franchise in which re-established his penchant for playing the evil guy.

    Alan Rickman

  • Chunkz

    Amin Mohamed aka Chunkz is a YouTube personality from England. He is widely known for the rap battles that he publishes on his channel ˜Chunkz.' He has also earned a massive fan following through his challenges and pranks in his #MANDM series. Chunkz is extremely talented and creative when it comes to rapping. His rap battles are so entertaining that hordes of new viewers are drawn to his channel daily. He is also a talented prankster who routinely participates in fun pranks with his fellow web sensations. Chunkz is a happy-go-lucky and caring individual. Till date, he has garnered almost half a million subscribers on his channel and is looking forward to grow his viewership further. His biggest dream is to perform on the stage with the renowned rappers in his country. Currently, he raps either solely or with other aspiring rappers like afcSharky, AJ Shabeel and LOAI. The squad frequently participates in rap battles.


  • Corbin Bleu

    Corbin Bleu Reivers is an American actor, dancer, producer and singer. He is known for his breakout performance in Disney's ˜High School Musical', in which he played the lead role of Chad Danforth. The actor has also appeared in Disney's ˜Jump In!'Corbin is also an accomplished singer, whose song ˜I Don't Dance', performed along with Lucas Grabeel, was ranked among the top 10 in Billboard Top 100. His first solo album, ˜Another Side' debuted at number 36 in Billboard 200. He has also performed in the Broadway production of ˜In the Heights' and ˜Godspell'. He has gone onto appear in TV series like ˜One Life to Live', ˜Psych', ˜Franklin & Bash' and ˜Hannah Montana' among many others. Bleu, along with professional dancer Karina Smirnoff, was the runner-up of the 17th season of ˜Dancing with the Stars'. The actor is also associated with charities like Starlight Children's Foundation and Make-A-Wish Foundation. He regularly contributes to the welfare of children and society.

    Corbin Bleu

  • Blanket Jackson

    Blanket Jackson is the third and allegedly the only biological child of late pop legend <a title='Michael Jackson' href='/famous/michael-jackson.htm'>Michael Jackson</a>. Born out of surrogacy, Blanket's birth has been the talk of the town ever since senior Jackson conceived the idea of having a ˜designer baby'. With Debbie Rowe not in the best of her health to conceive a child, Jackson had to look for other option which was IVF. After much deliberation, Jackson chose a latino American woman as a surrogate mother and was blessed with Blanket on February 21, 2002. Named Prince <a title='Michael Jackson' href='/famous/michael-jackson.htm'>Michael Jackson</a> II, the little boy was primarily known by his pet name Blanket until 2015, when he changed it to ˜Bigi'. Blanket was seven when his father passed away. Though he is not as social his other siblings, he makes rare appearances on and off, at events honouring his dad. Bigi is currently attending the Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, California. He leads a private life and has a normal teenage life like any other kid.

    Blanket Jackson

  • Ellen Page

    Ellen Grace Philpotts-Page, commonly known as Ellen Page, is a Canadian actress who portrayed the title character in the coming of age comedy drama film ˜Juno' for which she won the Teen Choice Award for Best Actress Comedy and the Independent Spirit Award. This role also got her nominated at the Academy Awards, the BAFTA, and the Golden Globe Awards. As a young girl she enjoyed playing with action figures and developed an interest in acting as well. Beginning her acting career at the tender age of ten, she went on to gain fame as a young and upcoming actress. She received her big break with her appearance in the 2006 superhero film ˜X-Men: The Last Stand' as ˜Kitty Pryde / Shadowcat'. In the ensuing years, she appeared in numerous other popular films like ˜Whip It', ˜Touchy Feely', ˜X-Men: Days of Future Past', and ˜My Days of Mercy'. She won the Vancouver Film Critics Award for Best Actress for her role in the 2007 drama film ˜The Tracey Fragments'. Also active on TV, she was featured in the CBC series ˜Pit Pony' and the Canadian television show ˜ReGenesis'.

    Ellen Page

  • Jagger Eaton

    Jagger Eaton is an upcoming skateboarder and the youngest ever X Games competitor. Born to Geoff Eaton, owner of the KTR Skateboarding School, both Jagger and his brother, Jett, started skateboarding when they were merely four years of age. When little children of his age were learning to sprint, hop and skip, Jagger Eaton was on a different level altogether. He made his mark in the sport in a short span and by the age of eleven had started competing as an amateur skateboarder. He has several victories to his credit and also has been one of the youngest to compete in several world-class competitions. Sports enthusiasts often claim him to have one of the best attitudes on the ramp. Such has been his skill at the game that Transworld Skateboarding magazine's, Blair Alley, called both Eaton brothers the future of vert skating. Apart from being a skateboard, Jagger Eaton has also appeared in television series and reality shows.

    Jagger Eaton

  • Ashley Greene

    Ashley Greene is an American actress and model, best known for her portrayal of Alice Cullen in the ˜The Twilight Saga' series of films. She has also earned widespread fame and recognition for her striking performances in the movies, ˜Skateland', ˜Summer Blood', ˜The Apparition', ˜A Warrior's Heart', ˜Wish I Was Here', and ˜In Dubious Battle'. Ashley, right from an early stage in her life, displayed traits of tomboyishness and daredevilry, competing with Joe, her elder brother, in taekwondo, and even going on to win numerous awards. Her boisterous and hardihood temperament saw her socializing with girls much older to her that eventually dented her sense of worth and self-confidence. Her mother encouraged her to attend modeling classes in order to boost up her self-esteem but her short stature put paid to her dream of becoming a model. For a while, she focused on doing commercials and advertisements but later on contemplated on becoming a public prosecutor. However, after attending a few acting classes, she made up her mind, once and for all, to become an actress, and relocated to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. After struggling for nearly three years, performing minor roles in low-profile TV programs and films, she landed the part of ˜Alice Cullen' following an extended auditioning process and never looked back after that.

    Ashley Greene

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt

    Jennifer Love Hewitt is a popular American actress, singer-songwriter, author and producer who shot to fame as ˜Sarah Reeves Martin' in the coming-of-age series ˜Party of Five'. She started off as a child actor in television and earned her first big break with the show ˜Kids Incorporated' on Disney. She also released her first album, ˜Love Songs, which established her as a singer-songwriter. After appearing in a number of movies like ˜Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit', ˜House Arrest' and ˜Trojan War', she appeared in a film that gave her a major breakthrough. She was cast as the lead character in the American horror flick, ˜I Know What You Did Last Summer' and also in the sequel, ˜I Still Know What You Did Last Summer'. Her other hit films include, ˜If Only', ˜The Truth About Love', ˜Garfield', ˜The Client List' and ˜Jewtopia'. She is mostly seen in American romantic dramas and is best known for her buxom build and her youthful, effervescent persona. Throughout her career, she has managed to draw the attention of critics and audiences galore due to her compelling screen presence and her choice of films. Acting apart, her personal life is also an interesting one. She has been romantically linked with a number of her co-stars and high profile showbiz men including Carson Daly, Joey Lawrence and Enrique Iglesias to name a few.

    Jennifer Love Hewitt

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