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  • Matthias

    After winning an Internet reality show for YouTubers in which people compete to create the finest online content, he was crowned Internet Icon. He manages the Team Edge channel with his brother J-Fred and his friend and brother-in-law Bryan, and has a self-titled channel with over 5 million followers.


  • Ellie Louise

    Ellie Louise is a young British YouTuber who has a self-titled personal YouTube channel where she publishes videos on gymnastics, beauty, fashion, and fitness. She also hosts the Friday slot on the joint channel Seven Perfect Angels. Prior to joining this collab channel, the adolescent YouTuber was a part of the channel "Seven Funtastic Females," an all-girl cooperation channel with YouTubers including Madison, Lily, and Kalika that included girls of all ages. Ellie has essentially grown up in front of the camera, having been introduced to the world of social media at a young age. She began gymnastics at the age of four and quickly established herself as a natural in the discipline. Her parents sensed that their little child was exceptional because of her confidence, elegance, and composure while doing the exercises. Her parents then decided to film her and post the footage on social media. Her recordings began to acquire traction, and the little British girl quickly rose to prominence as an online celebrity. Ellie Louise's personal YouTube channel has over 116k subscribers as of June 2017, but the collab channel "Seven Perfect Angels" has over 2.2 million subscribers!

    Ellie Louise

  • Katrina Stuart

    Katrina Stuart is a well-known Canadian singer primarily known for producing and publishing versions of songs by artists such as Beyonce, Maroon 5, and Gwen Stefani on her self-titled YouTube channel. She also uploads her original songs and music videos on this channel. Stuart has also worked as a model and actor, appearing in short films, periodicals, and television advertisements. Stuart, a naturally charming performer since the age of four, had a boyhood aspiration of being a professional comedian. Thanks to her enthusiasm, devotion, and hard work, she has now arrived at the spot she has always desired! Currently, the Canadian beauty is a social media sensation as well as a mainstream media sensation. Stuart's YouTube channel has over 61k subscribers, which speaks something about her social media success. In addition, she has over 168k and 117k Instagram and Twitter followers, respectively. On a personal level, the artist is now involved in a relationship with a popular YouTube personality. Stuart, who was born and raised with her two siblings, likes spending time with her parents, siblings, and boyfriend.

    Katrina Stuart

  • Jaydan Armour

    Popular social media star whose his lip-sync and dance videos have earned over 56 million likes on TikTok. His jaydanarmour account has accumulated 2.5 million followers. He has posted videos with other internet celebrities like lilhuhofficial. 

    Jaydan Armour

  • Christina Kay

    The social media sensation is most known for co-founding the renowned YouTube channel Cyrus and Christina with her ex-husband Cyrus Dobre. They shared movies depicting various aspects of their lives. Christina Kayy is the new name for the channel, which now boasts over 3 million subscribers.

    Christina Kay

  • Tiko

    Animated music videos and gaming content for Fortnite are posted on the Tiko YouTube channel by the gamer and content producer, who is well known for his anthropomorphic fish avatar and voice-changing function. Over 6 million people have subscribed to him on the platform because to his videos.


  • Rhia Official

    TikTok sensation best known for her famous lip sync videos, particularly duets. On the app, she has over a million followers.

    Rhia Official

  • Sebb Argo

    Sebb Argo is a Mexican YouTuber best recognized for publishing parodies, reactions, challenges, and general vlogs on his self-titled YouTube channel. He is also popular for making collaborative videos with his boyfriend Dion Yorkie. Sebb, who is homosexual and shares his home with another young man, is a courageous person who strongly supports LGBTQ+ rights. He has created numerous romantic videos with his boyfriend and has shared the same with his audience without any feeling of regret or fear. The YouTube personality likes to shoot every moment of his life, especially the quality time he spends with his lover. Being openly gay, he serves as an icon to other youngsters who are confused about their sexuality and are nervous about coming out to their family and friends. Talking about the YouTuber's social media status, his channel has already earned around 350k subscribers as of today. Argo also has hundreds of thousands of admirers on Twitter, Facebook, YouNow, and Instagram.

    Sebb Argo

  • Grant Landis

    Alternative pop singer, composer, and guitarist who has collaborated with songwriters such as Brian Maher and Rich McCready on original songs. Later, he appeared on Lifetime's The Pop Game as a contestant.

    Grant Landis

  • Sexy Star

    Dulce Maria Garcia Rivas, better known as Sexy Star, is a Mexican Luchadora enmascarada, or a masked female professional wrestler. Garcia was born and raised in Mexico. She has learnt combat boxing and has studied communication sciences. During the initial stages of her career as a wrestler, she used the ring name Dulce Poly and won both the ˜Federacion Internacional de Lucha Libre (FILL) Women's Championship' and the ˜FILL Mixed Tag Team Championship.' Later, she joined ˜Asistencia Asesoria y Administracion (AAA) Worldwide' and made appearances as the masked character Sexy Star. She won the ˜AAA World Mixed Tag Team Championship.' She is also a three-time winner of the ˜AAA Reina de Reinas Championship.' Garcia was the first female to win the ˜Lucha Underground Championship.' She also won the ˜Gift of the Gods Championship.' Later in her career, Garcia unmasked herself and announced that she would be changing her profession to boxing and would use the ring name Dulce Garcia. She is married to boxer Jhonny González.

    Sexy Star

  • Tara Wallace

    Taranasha Wallace, aka Tara Wallace is best known for her appearance in the television reality show Love & Hip Hop: New York. The 35-year-old actress shot to fame in 2013 after getting an opportunity to participate in the fourth season of Love and Hip Hop: New York, which aired in 2013. This young starlet has immense fan following on social media. In just a few years, Tara has managed to garner a whopping 1 million followers on Instagram and 113,000 followers on Twitter. She has also been constantly in news for her on and off relationship with Peter Gunz.

    Tara Wallace

  • Phillip Phillips

    Phillip LaDon Phillips Jr., known in the music industry as Phillip Phillips, is an American singer who won the eleventh season of the American singing talent program American Idol in 2012. After his coronation song, "Home," broke all prior records, he now owns the record for the all-time best-selling song from "American Idol." Phillips has released three studio albums since winning the reality talent show: 'The World from the Side of the Moon,' 'Behind the Light,' and 'Collateral.' Two of his albums have been in the top ten of the Billboard 200 in the United States. He grew up listening to popular rock bands such as Led Zeppelin and performers such as Jimi Hendrix. Later on, he was influenced by artists such as Dave Matthews, Damien Rice, and John Butler. In both the United States and Canada, his debut album, The World from the Side of the Moon, was certified platinum. Many times, the singer has been nominated for Teen Choice Awards and Billboard Music Awards. He has been touring extensively around the United States and Canada, and has amassed a significant amount of fame in a short period of time.

    Phillip Phillips