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  • Demi Lovato

    Demi Lovato is one of the rare performers who has managed to establish a strong presence in both the film and music industries at such a young age. Lovato has gone a long way in her artistic path, from being a simple starlet in a few Disney movies to being one of the most recognized singers and actresses of today. Demi has shown her talent as a wonderful vocalist with albums like 'Unbroken,' 'Don't Forget,' and 'Here We Go Again,' in addition to receiving critical praise for her appearances in films like 'Camp Rock.' Apart from the United States, several of her songs have been chartbusters, reaching the top of musical charts such as the Billboard 200, and are even popular in countries such as New Zealand and Syria. The actress credits her musical achievements to modern pop idols such as Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, and Christina Aguilera, who impacted her through their musical approaches. Without focusing only on her job and personal development, this celebrity is recognized for connecting herself with charity groups such as PACER, which advocates for the rights of children who have been bullied.

    Demi Lovato

  • Alfredo Villa

    Alfredo Villa, popular online by the name Prettyboyfredo, is a NBA 2K gamer who has his own channel on YouTube. In addition to the gaming videos, Villa is also known for uploading regular vlogs that are a mix of UFC games, pranks, challenges, social experiments, and much more. His most popular videos include: ˜Cheating on my Girlfriend Prank', ˜Angry Girlfriend Throws PS4 in Pool Prank' and ˜The Racism Experiment'. Because of his extremely interesting online content, the YouTube sensation has successfully garnered more than 3 million subscribers on his channel. Apart from YouTube, Prettyboyfredo's videos are watched on ˜Twitch' as well. The social media star has over 450K followers on his Twitch account. Besides these social networking platforms, Villa also has a huge fan base on Instagram and Twitter. About 654k and 194k people follow him on Instagram and Twitter respectively. It's not just name and fame that Villa has earned for himself, but sizable wealth too!

    Alfredo Villa

  • David Walliams

    David Walliams is an English comedian, actor, and author best known for his collaboration with Matt Lucas on the British character-based comedy program "Little Britain." For the past four years, he has also served as a judge on ITV's Britain's Got Talent. He started his entertainment career at the age of 24 and toiled for a few years before achieving the success he craved. After establishing himself on 'Little Britain,' he went on to become more well-known for creating and acting in two seasons of the British sitcom 'Big School,' in which he played chemistry teacher Keith Church. He also received praise for his depiction of Tommy Beresford in the BBC series "Partners in Crime." Walliams is a well-known children's book author as well. His works have been translated into 46 languages and sold in excess of 12.5 million copies. In the United Kingdom, he is the fastest-growing author of children's books. His writing style has been compared to Roald Dahl's, a writer he admires. He's also appeared in 13 films so far. Walliams has also been involved in charitable work, swimming and cycling to raise money for Sport Relief. In honor of his charitable endeavors, he earned an unique award. Mark Morriss, lead vocalist of The Bluetones, created a song called "Fade In/Fade Out" in recognition of Walliams' accomplishment.

    David Walliams

  • Tatum Dahl

    Instagram star and model who earned recognition by being featured in the music video for the band Why Don't We's song "Trust Fund Baby." She shares her modeling content with her over 90,000 Instagram followers. She has also earned representation from the Seattle Models Guild. 

    Tatum Dahl

  • Andrew Garfield

    Andrew Russell Garfield is a popular British-American Oscar nominated actor who became internationally known for his role in ˜The Amazing Spider-Man' film series, where he played the titular character. Garfield, who initially found success as a stage actor in London, made his film debut in the American war film, ˜Lions for Lambs'. Shortly after, he played the main role in the film ˜Boy A', which was based on a popular novel of the same name by British author Jonathan Trigell. He came to international fame in 2012 after his portrayal of the popular Marvel Comics superhero Spider-Man in the movie ˜The Amazing Spider-Man'. The film was a huge commercial success. He reprised his role in the 2014 sequel ˜The Amazing Spider-Man 2', which was a success like its predecessor, and became the ninth highest grossing film of the year. Following that, he played the lead role in ˜Hacksaw Ridge' which was quite appreciated. His role earned him an Oscar nomination for ˜Best Actor'.

    Andrew Garfield

  • Misha Collins

    Anyone whose life revolves around the masterpiece of a TV show ˜Supernatural' would know who Misha Collins is! The TV actor, who is regarded by many as underrated, has been leaving the audience open-mouthed ever since he got into the show biz! First stepping into Hollywood in the year 1999 before working small jobs as a carpenter and a woodworker, little did this man know just how much his talent would be appreciated by the masses one day! And if you're the special kind that has been on a binge-watching spree, then Collins's portrayal of angel Casteil is what you'd hail as the ultimate game changer! As if you didn't already have a list with all the boxes ticked that prove Misha's amazingness, here's another reason why this man is worthy of all love”he is also a philanthropist! Misha surely deserves to be crowned for his incredible performances on-screen and for even making us laugh till our tummies ache!

    Misha Collins

  • Maddie Orlando

    Oldest sister of YouTube sensation <a title='Johnny Orlando' href='/famous/john-orlando.htm'>Johnny Orlando</a>. She is popular on Instagram with over 330,000 followers. 

    Maddie Orlando

  • Shubble

    Shelby Grace aka Shubble is a YouTube gamer and vlogger. She is known for posting gameplay videos on her channel Shubble as well as vlogs and content related to pop culture on a self-titled channel. Known for her high-pitched voice and positive attitude, she is much admired for her friendly and chirpy personality. She plays a number of video games including Minecraft SMPs, The SIMS 4, and UHCs among others. In the past few years, she tried her hands at various jobs before becoming a YouTuber. Today, Grace is happy being on YouTube, sharing her talents and life stories with the world. She doesn't post any serious content on her channels and just wants to keep her audience entertained and engaged. She is the girlfriend of YouTuber Parker Coppins. Grace once admitted to her viewers that she has a very stubborn personality! Yet, she is a fun-loving, sweet, and charming girl with a good sense of humor. Like every other young woman of her age, she loves hanging out with her buddies, and of course, her partner. She also likes spending time with her elder siblings.


  • Amy Adams

    Amy Adams is an American actress who has produced an outstanding body of work over the course of her career during the last two decades. Adams initially wanted to be a singer and ballet dancer, but later on decided to drop the ballet in order to concentrate on dancing. She initially worked at dance theatres but later on decided to work in the movies and after struggling in the initial part of her career she struck gold with the Disney movie ˜Enchanted' that put her on the way to become one of the most recognisable faces in Hollywood. However, prior to that she had made a name for herself as an accomplished television actor by starring in such series as ˜Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and ˜The West Wing'. Amy Adams has also been nominated for the Academy Award four times in her career which goes to show her prowess as an actor of rare quality The portfolio of work that Amy Adams boasts of in her two decade long career can put many actors to shame.

    Amy Adams

  • Kyrah Edwards

    One half of the YouTube vlogging channel Kaelin and Kyrah alongside her high school sweetheart, <a title='Kaelin Edwards' href='/famous/kaelin-edwards.htm'>Kaelin Edwards</a>. They have earned more than 1.6 million subscribers by creating challenges, pranks, and other vlogs. 

    Kyrah Edwards

  • Lovely Mimi

    Lovely Mimi is the online alias of Vietnamese-American nail salon owner, reality TV star, singer and social media sensation Myha Thi Luong, best known for appearing on the VH1 reality TV series 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' in 2017. She is one of the leading nail artists of the country and is often fondly referred to as the 'nail architect' by her fans. She is also an Instagram star with 2.4 million followers who rose to fame for sharing videos of her imitating stereotypical accents of the Vietnamese nail artist, the African-American customer, the angry driver, and more. In September 2016, she released a hip-hop song titled 'We Don't Care' in collaboration with English boy band 5ive. It was reported in early 2018 that she would appear on the third season of the BET HER series 'From the Bottom Up' alongside author Angela Stanton, with whom she was co-writing her memoir, 'My Lovely Life: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly'.

    Lovely Mimi

  • Linus Sebastian

    Linus Gabriel Sebastian is a Canadian entrepreneur, tech reviewer, and YouTuber from Surrey, British Columbia. Starting his online career as a host for the technology channel of NCIX”the computer software and hardware retailer”where he was an employee at the time, he is now the founder and CEO of ˜Linus Media Group' that runs three YouTube channels geared towards tech-based content. The channels, ˜LinusTechTips', ˜Techquickie' and ˜Channel Super Fun' have accumulated in aggregate 6.1 million subscribers and 1.36 billion views as of June 2017. He was ranked 4th in the Inc. magazine's list of the ˜Top 30 Power Players in Tech You Need to Know', published on July 21, 2015. As of March 2017, LinusTechTips was at 5th spot among the top one hundred most viewed science and technology YouTube channels. In his article for Tubefilter, Inc., the co-founder of the company Joshua Cohen named the channel as being within the "top 1% of Google's preferred advertising channels" for advertisers in technology category. Sebastian also has a personal channel, ˜LinusCatTips' where he posts videos about his family and his two pet Bengal cats.

    Linus Sebastian

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