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  • DopeIsland

    DopeIsland is a popular Vine personality and has over 2.1 million followers on Vine. He is active over a range of social media. He posts very regularly, actively interacting with his viewers and fans. He has a strong sense of identity. His social media content attracts a variety of viewers. He is very interested in music including hip hop and other genres. His has a unique style and outlook, which is youthful and creative. He is confident and experimental in his work and the content he creates. His youth, ethnic identity and interest in music and fashion contribute to his popularity and the vibrancy of his videos and other social media content.


  • Rachel Platten

    Rachel Ashley Platten is a famous American singer and songwriter who is currently signed to Columbia Records. She is best known for her singles ˜Fight Song', ˜Better Place' and ˜Stand by You' as well as for her album ˜Wildfire'. Besides being an amazing singer, the talented lady also possesses a talent for songwriting. She wrote and sang the song ˜1000 Ships' that became a huge hit and was listed on the Billboard Adult charts. Interested in music since childhood, the Emmy Award winner had never thought that she would be such a successful singer one day! Well, the mission of Platten is to connect people through her music. The American star believes that bringing people together is the most important thing one can do in their life. Coming to Platten's popularity on social media, she is immensely popular on social networking sites like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. As of June 2017, the singer and songwriter has about 440k and 142k followers on Instagram and Twitter respectively. Besides this, she has over 949k subscribers on her YouTube channel.

    Rachel Platten

  • Jayden Siwa

    Jayden Siwa is a social-media personality who is better known as the brother of famous American dancer <a title='JoJo Siwa' href='/famous/jojo-siwa.htm'>JoJo Siwa</a>. Although his sister has played a major role in his rise as a social-media influencer, Jayden's talent cannot be ignored. Jayden has rightfully earned a modest fan base on various social-media platforms. His ultimate goal in life, however, is to be a baseball player. Jayden has also appeared on TV. He was part of a TV reality series. The parents of the Siwa siblings have sacrificed a lot to support their children's career choices.

    Jayden Siwa

  • Cher

    Born Cherilyn Sarkisian, she is known as the Goddess of Pop. Cher has sold over 100 million records and won Billboard's Artist of the Year Award in 2002. 


  • Luh Kel

    Lead vocalist of the St. Louis-based super group ProjecX. He's also known as LifeWLuhKel on Instagram, where he has earned more than 40,000 followers.

    Luh Kel

  • Evelin Bennett

    YouTube family vlogging star known as one of eight vloggers on the channel The Ohana Adventure. Appearing with her parents and five siblings, the channel has earned more than 1.7 million subscribers. 

    Evelin Bennett

  • Chicken McSarah

    Chicken McSarah is the online pseudonym of the popular American social-media personality Sarah Brady. She went viral on social media for a controversial post, which got her 'Instagram' account blocked. However, the account was later completely disabled. McSarah mostly posts about her favorite YouTuber duo: Ethan Dolan and Grayson Dolan, popularly known as the 'Dolan Twins.' She has created a couple of reaction videos on the twins' 'YouTube' posts.

    Chicken McSarah

  • Peyton Clark

    Peyton Paul Clark is a young American actor and singer, who gained stardom in 2014 for portraying the role of Garrett in the TV series ˜It's not me', also known as ˜I Did not Do It', aired on Disney Channel. He also earned critical acclaim for his performances in the popular TV series ˜Mild Mannered' and the drama movie ˜Windsor'. He appeared in ˜Code: 9,' a prank show on Disney Channel as well. In addition to acting, Peyton also loves music and sings well. When he was a child, he got an opportunity to sing ˜Charlie Brown' on stage with the rock and roll music group The Coasters. He has also performed in several regional productions of the play.

    Peyton Clark

  • Busta Rhymes

    Born Trevor Tahiem Smith, Jr., this reggae-influenced rapper gained recognition for his song "Woo Hah!" and became known for his rapid rhyming. He is also a founding member of the record label Conglomerate.

    Busta Rhymes

  • Mary Kate Robertson

    Mary Kate Robertson is an American blogger and social media star. She started hogging the limelight after marrying popular television personality <a title='John Luke Robertson' href='/famous/johnluke-robertson.htm'>John Luke Robertson</a>, who is part of the Robertson family that appeared on the famous American reality television series, ˜Duck Dynasty.' Mary gained popularity as a blogger when she started writing about her life and her family's struggles with Lyme disease on her blog, ˜The Little Duck Wife.' While her Twitter account has more than 30,000 followers, her Instagram page, where she uploads interesting pictures and videos, has gathered more than 692,000 followers.

    Mary Kate Robertson

  • Matt Terry

    Matt Terry is a British singer and songwriter. He was the winner of the 13th season of the reality talent show ˜The X Factor,' in 2016. His best-known song is his ˜Winner's Single' from ˜The X Factor,' ˜When Christmas Comes Around.' He has appeared in various songs as a guest singer or as part of the ensemble. His debut album, ˜Trouble,' was released through ˜RCA Records,' in 2017.

    Matt Terry

  • Boston Mikesell

    American YouTube star who videos about growing up with his twin brother. He has amassed over 30,000 subscribers on his Brock and Boston channel. 

    Boston Mikesell

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