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  • Justine Ezarik

    Justine Ezarik is a YouTube sensation best known for her channel iJustine. iJustine is sinking in all-time stardom and never-ending accolades, with followers ranging from tech-geeks to people binge-watching merely for her quirky sense of comedy. iJustine has done it everything, from video uploads focusing only on technology and gadgets, such as the 'Google Glass review,' to videos like 'I want a cheeseburger,' which is the apex of all amusing rants. Justine rose to fame by inviting the public inside her daily life on 'Lifecasting,' and her relationship with her followers has only been stronger since then. It's no surprise that this young woman has over 3 million devoted fans who will go to any length to express their eternal devotion! Ezarik is living the ideal life, and her impressive list of accomplishments just goes to show how far hard effort can go you!

    Justine Ezarik

  • Jonas Bridges

    Jonas Bridges is a musical.ly star, YouNower, and social media superstar from the United States. His internet alias is more well-known. ˜WoahitsJonas'. He has earned well over 16 million views and 468K fans since beginning his channel on the live broadcasting portal YouNow in August 2015. This energetic kid, full of charm and charisma, is incredibly active on social media, sharing videos, images, and updates on a near-daily basis. His fame on YouNow has helped him gain 1.34 million fans and 141.8 million loves on Musical.ly, a music app. Bridges concludes all of his videos with the outro, Stay lovely, with the intention of reaching and helping as many people as possible. On Twitter, he has over 106K followers, and on Instagram, he has 592K followers. He has a secondary Instagram account with 182K followers that he uses as a backup to his first account.

    Jonas Bridges

  • Barron Trump

    Barron Trump is the son of Donald trump and <a title='Melania Trump' href='/famous/melania-knauss.htm'>Melania Trump</a>. he has achieved fame simply by virtue of having the ˜Trump' name attached to his. He is the only child of <a title='Melania Trump' href='/famous/melania-knauss.htm'>Melania Trump</a>, the first lady. Although he isn't officially active on social media platform, he enjoys huge popularity. From being captured playing soccer in the White House lawns, to being covered by the media for any other activity, Barron has certainly caught the imagination of the paparazzi.

    Barron Trump

  • Ruby Rose

    A former DJ for MTV Australia, she is a model and recording artist. In late 2012, she released her debut song "Guilty Pleasure." Milk and Honey Designed by Ruby Rose, her fashion label, debuted in 2010. In 2018, she was cast as Batwoman in the CW Arrowverse.

    Ruby Rose

  • DrLupo

    Associated Twitch broadcaster who is well known for broadcasting content from video games like Fortnite and Destiny. On the platform, he has gathered a following of more than 4.4 million users. Since its publication on YouTube in April 2018, his "Fortnite -" Hi Ninja!" feat. My Son" video has amassed over 16 million views.


  • Zonnique Pullins

    Zonnique Pullins, also known by her stage name, Miss Star, is an R&B singer who was once associated with the girl group ˜OMG Girlz' along with singers <a title='Bahja Rodriguez' href='/famous/bahja-rodriguez.htm'>Bahja Rodriguez</a> and <a title='Breaunna Womack' href='/famous/breunna-womack.htm'>Breaunna Womack</a>. The trio is known for popular songs like ˜Ain't Nobody,' ˜Haterz,' ˜Gucci This (Gucci That)' and ˜So Official,' which helped them gain a healthy fan base. As a part of this group, Zonnique also performed at the Scream Tour: Next Generation in 2011 which further helped to boost her popularity. Being the daughter of the Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter, Tameka Harris, Zonnique was exposed to the world of music at a very young age. Having inherited her mother's talent and passion for music, the little girl dreamed of becoming a singer from the time she can remember. Her mom not only guided her in the right path, but also provided her all the requisite support to build a successful singing career. Even though ˜OMG Girlz' disbanded in 2015, Zonnique has continued her successful career as a solo performer.

    Zonnique Pullins

  • Chester Bennington

    Singer who rose to popularity as Linkin Park's main singer. Hybrid Theory, the band's 2000 album, earned a Diamond certification. He shared the stage with Stone Temple Pilots as well.

    Chester Bennington

  • KingKennyTv

    English prankster who is well-known for the stuff on his KingKennyTv channel. His regular social media commentary and pranks have earned him a following there.


  • Tessa Violet

    Tessa Violet is an American YouTube personality, singer, and songwriter. She first gained prominence as a vlogger in 2009, when she won $100,000 for becoming the YouTuber with the most commented video. With more than a million subscribers, her self-titled channel is one of the 500 most-subscribed YouTube channels in the world. After achieving tremendous success as a YouTuber, Tessa expanded her range by plunging into music and released her own albums. Tessa also flexed her muscles as a songwriter as she penned down an entire album, titled ˜Maybe Trapped Mostly Troubled.'

    Tessa Violet

  • Fernando Torres

    Fernando Torres is one of the most popular footballers in recent memory, having risen to prominence at a young age. This gifted athlete had an ambition of becoming a soccer player, and his parents, although being from a middle-class household, supported that dream and guided him into the sport. His grandpa was a fan of the Atltico Madrid football team, and he introduced Torres to the club. Since then, he has aspired to be a part of it. He has always been dedicated to the game and has worked tirelessly to improve his skills. He took part in several contests hosted in his hometown and was accepted into the Atltico club at the age of fifteen. He blossomed into a fantastic player and a valuable member of the team. He quickly rose to prominence as one of the most well-known soccer players, and clubs from all over the world wanted him to join their squads. However, after turning down several similar offers, he chose to join Liverpool F.C., one of the most well-known football clubs in the world. This sports icon has had numerous dream come true moments, one of which being being a part of Spain's national team when it won its first FIFA World Cup.

    Fernando Torres

  • Fred Rogers

    Fred McFeely Rogers was a well-known television personality throughout the history of American television. Mister Roger's Neighborhood is a preschool instructional television programme that he conceived, hosted, and composed for. His polite and kindhearted demeanor made him a role model for America's youthful population. Roger's show aired for four decades, making it one of the world's longest-running television shows. Rogers was born into a family of artists, and he began learning music at an early age. He went on to host and write music for a number of children's television series. He switched to community television stations after a brief stint on commercial television, believing that commercial television could not serve the greater good. Rogers received the highest civilian distinction in the United States, the Emmy for Lifetime Achievement. Fred Rogers was placed 35 in TV Guide's Greatest TV Stars of All Time, and several structures and artworks throughout Pennsylvania are dedicated to his memory.

    Fred Rogers

  • Mustafa Yavuz

    Twitch live-streaming sensation with over 480,000 followers on his Hazretiyasuo account thanks to his gaming persona.

    Mustafa Yavuz