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  • Millie Bobby Brown

    Millie Bobby Brown, then eight years old, had recently moved to Orlando, Florida, with her family in 2012 and enrolled in an acting course to fill her weekends. She stood out right away, and a famous Hollywood talent scout took note. He told Millie's parents, "She has instincts you can't teach," and advised them to nurture her acting abilities. Millie began meeting with Hollywood's leading children's talent agencies when her parents packed up the family and went to Los Angeles. With her talent, she earned the role of Madison O'Donnell in BBC America's program, Intruders, in November 2013 after a home-shot audition film. The producers didn't even require a face-to-face meeting, as is customary! Millie Bobby Brown, the uber-talented kid actor, has outshined even professional performers with her controlled yet powerful performance as Eleven in Netflix's sci-fi drama series Stranger Things. 'She's going to be cast in a lot of things.' She is proven to be a big source of inspiration for youngsters and adults alike, from stylish fashion statements to music videos. She has almost 2 million Instagram followers and 423K Twitter followers.

    Millie Bobby Brown

  • Victoria Justice

    Victoria Justice is an American actress, known for her roles in several TV series. She appeared in the Nickelodeon series ˜Zoey 101', ˜Victorious', ˜The Naked Brothers Band' and ˜The Penguins of Madagascar.' She has since been seen in a number of theatrical releases like ˜Unknown' and ˜The Garden.' Victoria also has a successful musical career. She recored several songs for the series ˜Victorious' and the Nickelodeon musical ˜Spectacular.' She has also released several singles like ˜Almost Paradise' and ˜Don't Dream It'. According to Victoria herself, she is not at all interested in singing typical pop songs which she considers boring. She wants to sing something that is deeply meaningful to her.

    Victoria Justice

  • Twan Kuyper

    Don't follow your dreams, chase them are the prudent words of 21 year old Twan Kuyper. This athletic ˜drop dead' gorgeous Vine star and model has a message of perseverance and ambition for those admiring his success. With a net worth of 200,000 dollars, Twan Kuyper has been all over social media and is happily sailing through the television industry as well. Forbes has named him ˜The Future of Influencer and Brand Collaboration.' Possessing the typical traits of his zodiac sign Pisces, Twan is creative, passionate and generous. Setting an example of humanitarianism, he supports the ˜Charlotte and Gwyneth Gray Foundation to Cure Batten Disease' and ˜ChangUr'. He has acted in several television commercials and has featured in three films. He has proceeded on to endorse multiple brands working in collaboration with huge names. Yet he promotes only those brands that he truly likes. Twan builds an emotional connection in all his endeavors, he professes that it is his way of climbing the success ladder. With over two million followers he's already stomping through success.

    Twan Kuyper

  • Edwin Burgos

    Edwin Borgus is a well-known YouNow personality whose celebrity has migrated to other platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. Edwin quickly earned a place in his audience's hearts because to his outstanding 'YouNow' live streaming, which are regarded as uplifting and educational. His profession revolves upon his charm and sophisticated understanding of dealing with difficult themes at such a young age. Edwin is on his way to higher heights, with over 330,000 followers on YouNow and 91,000 on his Edtertaining YouTube channel, and he is certainly deserving of all things spectacular. Edtertaining is precisely what you need to get rid of all types of blues, from dramatic films like "A New Chapter" to videos and vlogs that will have you in splits for hours. Edtertaining is the perfect combination of encouragement and amusement, so go ahead and brighten your day.

    Edwin Burgos

  • Pierson Wodzynski

    Photographer and influencer who became best known for her self-titled TikTok account. Her clever character-based comedy sketches have helped her acquire over 2.4 million fans and more than 60 million Likes.

    Pierson Wodzynski

  • Royalty Johnson

    Royalty Johnson is an American Instagram star and entrepreneur. She is currently in a relationship with YouTube star and hip-hop artist <a title='CJ So Cool' href='/famous/cjsocool.htm'>CJ So Cool</a> (Cordero James Brady). Primarily known for her frequent appearances in her boyfriend's content, she has managed to accumulate fame on her own as well. She has 1m followers on Instagram. Johnson grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada and first came into the limelight with CJ's video ˜I Pushed Your Kid April Fools Prank!' After the video went viral, it catapulted both her and CJ into unprecedented internet fame. In July 2015, they recorded a recorded a reaction video together titled "Best of KingBach Vine Compilation Reaction."

    Royalty Johnson

  • Jeff Kinney

    Jeff Kinney is an American author, cartoonist, game designer, and producer who was born Jeffrey Patrick Kinney. He is most known for writing the 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' series, which includes titles such as 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules,' 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw,' 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel,' 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days,' 'Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Book,' and Kinney is also the inventor of the children's website Poptropica. He's also the creator of a number of internet games. He has also starred in and served as the executive producer of feature films based on his 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' series. The Massachusetts-based children's author also operates a bookshop and cafe. Jeff Kinney is a happily married guy and the proud father of two lovely boys.

    Jeff Kinney

  • Ashnikko

    Hip-hop recording artist who found an audience after releasing hits like "No Brainer," "Halloweenie" and "Hi, It's Me." The music videos on her official YouTube channel have been watched a combined 724 million times.


  • David Mazouz

    He played the young mute kid Jacob Bohm in the brief-lived Fox television series Touch in addition to being cast as the young Bruce Wayne in the Gotham television series. For that part in 2013, he received a Young Artist Award nomination. In the television film Dear Dumb Diary, he also portrays Hudson Rivers.

    David Mazouz

  • Claudia Sulewski

    Beauty and fashion guru who rose to popularity on the internet thanks to her massively famous YouTube channel, BeyondBeautyStar, which has over 2.4 million members. She demonstrated how she styles her short hair in one of her most popular videos.

    Claudia Sulewski

  • DaPandaGirl

    YouTube content maker best recognized for videos based on the Roblox game development platform. She engaged with her audience by organizing live build-off competitions on Discord.


  • Luara Fonseca

    Luara Fonseca, also known as luaraff on the internet, is a Musical.ly star. Her humorous films have made her a constant presence on the Brazilian musical.ly scene. The little beauty has more than 4.2 million followers on this platform. Fonseca also has her own YouTube channel, where she shares her musical.ly advice, as well as vlogs, tags, reviews, and other content. It's unusual for small girls to become comedians, but this Brazilian adolescent has accomplished this difficult challenge. She is a YouTube sensation in addition to being a celebrity on the Brazilian musical.ly leader board. Fonseca's YouTube channel has over 816k subscribers and over 45 million views as of February 2018. On a personal level, she is a delightful and amusing individual. She enjoys having a good time and spending quality time with her friends and family the majority of the time. This young musical.ly star is sure to rise to greater heights in the future because to her talent and talents.

    Luara Fonseca