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  • Maia Mitchell

    Maia Mitchell is an Australian actress and singer best known for her appearance in the children's television series ˜Mortified.' She is also popular for playing the role of Natasha Ham in the teen drama ˜Trapped.' Interested in the performing arts from a young age, Maia actively participated in her school stage productions as a student. Eventually, she began acting in local theater productions which gave her the confidence to pursue her passion further. She was just 12 when she came to the notice of talent agents who immediately recognized her potential and cast her in the role of Brittany Flune in ˜Mortified.' The success of the series ensured that the young girl received many other acting offers within a short span of time. After making a name for herself in the Australian television industry, Maia proceeded to make her television debut in the US with a role in the Disney Channel TV series ˜Jessie.' Soon she ventured into films as well and made her debut in the Disney Channel Original movie ˜Teen Beach Movie,' in which she was cast as a main character. She also contributed to the soundtrack album of the movie as a singer.

    Maia Mitchell

  • Madelaine Petsch

    Madelaine Petsch is an American actor who is best known for her starring role in the series ˜Riverdale.' She was born in Washington and spent the early years of her life there. Her parents were originally from South Africa, and they continued to visit their home country. Thus, Madelaine spent most of her childhood and adolescence hopping between these two countries. She had a flair for performing arts ever since she was a child. By the time she turned 10, she had already been trained in acting ad dance. She started auditioning while in high school, but her luck did not allow her to appear in any major mainstream role. She made her acting debut in the year 2015, when she appeared in a small role in the TV film ˜The Hive.' She then appeared in ˜Instant Mom' and ˜The Curse of Sleeping Beauty.' She gained fame after appearing as ˜Cheryl Blossom,' a rich spoiled girl, in the series ˜Riverdale.' Her performance helped her bag a few awards and brought her immense mainstream fame.

    Madelaine Petsch

  • Infinite Lists

    Caylus Cunningham aka Infinite Lists is an American YouTuber best known for the lists, challenges, reactions, trick shots, and flip videos that he uploads on his channel Infinite Lists. He also has a second channel titled ˜Infinite Lists 2' on which he posts gaming videos. Known for his clickbaiting activities, Cunningham is a YouTuber who usually promises his audience giveaways for subscribing to his channel and turning on the notifications. However, his videos are fun and interesting to the core and are entertaining enough to keep anyone engaged. His gaming videos are equally amusing and fun to watch. Besides YouTube, Cunningham is also active on Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram. Although he has achieved millions of subscribers on his main channel, he is committed to never getting complacent about his success. Despite publishing videos with clickbait titles and pictures, the American YouTuber is still much loved and admired by his viewers.

    Infinite Lists

  • Chad Alan

    Chad Alan is an American YouTube Personality who runs two channels on the platform and both of which has snagged the attention of the viewers quite substantially. His main channel features his passion for collecting dolls, toys, figurines and the second channel features his gaming persona. In the chadalantoys channel, Chad features his passion and hobby of collecting toys, where he also provides useful reviews, shares useful tutorials for creating self-designed costumes for specific dolls, DIY accessory making and vlogs defining his passion for the hobby. On the other hand, the gaming channel exclusively features gameplay of various Roblox games like Giant Survial, Work at a Pizza Place, Mini Games, Murder and Roblox High School where he gets to play silly role-paying games on the wold's largest social gaming site. Chad's gaming channel gamer Chad also features Minecraft gameplays. The videos are fun and suitable for viewers form all age demographics.

    Chad Alan

  • G Dragon

    Fashionable South Korean rapper who became a member of the group Big Bang, known for the hit singles "High High," "One of a Kind" and "Heartbreaker." 

    G Dragon

  • Louie Castro

    Louie Castro is a popular American YouTuber, who has a YouTube channel named ˜Louie's Life'. Castro kickstarted his journey as a vlogger when he created his channel in March 2014. In a short time, he accumulated impressive subscriber count due to his amusing storytelling techniques. After making his mark on YouTube, Louie expanded to other platforms such as Musical.ly, Instagram, YouNow, and Vine. He became popular on Musical.ly for his ˜story time' videos. Castro also actively engages with his fans through Instagram. His relationship with Louiie Meadows, another social media star, is often the highlight of his posts on Instagram. Louie Castro came out as gay only a couple of years ago and has since tried to address issues of gender norms through his channel. He frequently wears make up and dresses like a woman to challenge conventional standards. He has represented brands such as VCEE Beauty and Tarte Cosmetics. He currently resides in California.

    Louie Castro

  • Andy Samberg

    Andy Samberg is an award-winning American comedian, actor, musician and filmmaker. With the dream of featuring on NBC's long-running late-night sketch comedy show 'Saturday Night Live' (SNL), he initially founded the comedy group 'The Lonely Island' with his two friends, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer. He eventually became a permanent cast member on SNL and the trio popularized the segment 'Digital Shorts' on the show. As part of the show, he made a number of parody songs and worked with stars like Justin Timberlake and T-Pain. Samberg, who followed SNL alumni, Adam Sandler, as a role model, ended up working with him in movies like 'That's My Boy', 'Hotel Transylvania', and 'Grown Ups 2'. Apart from appearing in a number of films like 'I Love You, Man', 'Friends with Benefits', and 'Celeste and Jesse Forever', he also did voice acting for 'Space Chimps', 'Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs' series, 'Hotel Transylvania' series and 'Storks'. Most recently, he starred in the pop music mockumentary 'Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping' with Taccone and Schaffer, also acting as the producer and director of the film.

    Andy Samberg

  • Patrick Swayze

    Patrick Swayze was one of the most versatile actors that Hollywood has produced and the characters which he portrayed firmed his position in the film industry. His father was an engineer and his mother was a choreographer who owned a dancing school. Patrick developed an interest for dance and learnt dancing from his mother. Later, he joined other dancing institutions at New York to enhance his talent. He was also good at other activities like swimming, football and gymnastics. At New York, his first dance performance as a professional was for the ˜Disney on Parade' event. He then made a shift from dancing to acting and appeared in minor roles in television. Eventually, his potential for acting was recognized by people in the business and he got his break in the big screen. His first major role was in the film ˜The Outsiders' and gradually, he became a known face of Hollywood. The film ˜Dirty Dancing' can be regarded as a benchmark in his career as well as in Hollywood. He has always been passionate about dancing and in this film he played the character of a dancer. Patrick's exceptional performance in the film earned him a ˜Golden Globe Award' nomination. However, his career met with an abrupt stop when he was diagnosed with cancer, and it eventually resulted in his death

    Patrick Swayze

  • Matthew Taylor

    Multi-talented performer as an actor, singer, and dancer who became well known for his musical.ly account matthewrctaylor. He has earned over 1.7 million fans on the app. He has starred in the web series Baby Doll Records.

    Matthew Taylor

  • Samantha Grecchi

    Samantha Grecchi is a Canadian dancer, actress, singer and entrepreneur best known for playing the role of Stephanie on the television series 'The Next Step', which premiered on the Family Channel in 2013. In 2016, she made an appearance as Stephanie on another series, titled 'Lost & Found Music Studios'. She is also a business owner and is the director of the dance studio Epic Dance Company, which provides goal-oriented professional training in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Acro, Hip-Hop, Lyrical, and Contempoary. She runs the studio alongside her friends, choreographers Anna-maria Guida and Alessandra Masi, recreational teacher Olivia Trivisonno, and Hip-Hop teacher Tearrah Beals. Apart from her own studio, she also taught at various other studios. She ended on the 37th place for the Maxim Cover Girl position in 2018.

    Samantha Grecchi

  • Parker-McKenna Posey

    Former child actress who many remember as the lovable Kady Kyle on My Wife and Kids.

    Parker-McKenna Posey

  • Triggerwarningrat

    Triggerwarningrat or Noah Adams is an LGBT British YouTuber and Instagram star who gained fame for his music covers, vlogs, and posts on the social media platforms. His popularity rose considerably after he came out as transgender and being gay. Both lauded and trolled for these revelations, Noah has become a celebrity and a spokesperson for transgender and gay rights. While still trying to figure out himself, his place in the world, he has been using YouTube as a platform to also help other children and parents deal with the social pressures of coming out as gay or transgender. Although this might have been the reason for his recent rise in popularity, Triggerwarningrat is also a very talented singer and vlogger. His creative music videos like ˜I Don't Know My Name Cover', ˜Stand By Me Cover', and vlogs like ˜My Entire Coming Out Story' have been viewed millions of times. Probably one of top upcoming LGBT YouTubers in recent years, Noah has been an inspiration to young kids trying to figure out a way to come out to their parents and society. He was even featured in an exclusive Channel 4 interview.


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